I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 393

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Episode 393: Dungeon (3)

“Are you the enemy?”

I heard the voice of Frey, the lowly laid inmate.

Jaehyun nodded.

“That’s right.”

Jaehyun said so with respect as he does to other gods.

Kim Yoo-jung ate and laughed at her polite attitude, but Jae-hyun remained calm.

He just continued to talk while looking at God with his limbs bound.

“Frey. We know you can help us. I’m here to help. Get out of here.”

However, at Jaehyun’s words, Frey seemed a little taken aback. He pondered for a moment, then looked at Jaehyun’s expression and said.

“… … I also want to help you with my heart. but… Before that, I have one request.”

“Ask for it?”

“I need to get my sword back.”

Jaehyun let out a short exclamation and nodded his head.

The sword Frey is talking about. It is probably his magic sword that appears in mythology. A sword that comes out of the scabbard on its own according to one’s will and is swung.

It was the weapon that made Frey one of the strongest among the Aesir gods. Of course, it is a high-ranking item among the mythical classes.

‘Now the weapon must be taken away. There’s no way Odin would have imprisoned me here while giving me a weapon.’

Odin is thorough. He either took the weapon and hid it somewhere, or he most likely already had it.

Jaehyun sighed and asked.

“If Odin has a weapon, I can’t help it. My level is still not up to the level of Odin.”

Cold, but true.

It is true that Jaehyun has reached the 4th stage of divine liberation and has become the top predator. However, it was not yet to the extent of directly fighting Odin or fighting multiple divine beings at the same time.

Something that should be avoided even if there is a possibility.

It was always forbidden to be careless.

At that time, Frey looked at Jaehyun and said not to worry.

“Nothing to worry about. We already know where the weapon is.

Odin can’t even hold my sword in the first place. It’s a sword made entirely for me.”

A story that did not appear in mythology. Jaehyun listened.

Frey continued.

“The sword is probably in Asgard’s ‘Treasury of the Gods’.”

“The treasure house of the gods… .”

Jaehyun continued to think for a while at the somewhat familiar tone.

Meanwhile, Frey continued to explain.

“Yes. You’ll probably need a key to get there… Unfortunately I don’t have it now. First we have to find a way to get the key.”

Frey’s weak voice. Jaehyun, who quickly organized his thoughts, smiled.

The key to the treasure house of the gods. It was because it was an object that resonated very familiarly with Jaehyun.

Jaehyun nodded and raised an eyebrow.

He took a key from his inventory and held it in front of him.

“Is this the key you are talking about?”

“… … How do you have it… ?”

“How did you get it?”

Jaehyun responded to Frey’s bewildered voice.

Actually, he didn’t get this key to get it, he got it as a reward. When he was climbing Yggdrasil in the past, he encountered the Golden King.

At that time, Jaehyun saw the story of the golden king, and as a reward for freeing his soul by defeating him, he obtained this key to enter the treasure house of the gods once.

Thanks to that, I was able to use it in the right situation.

Of course, Frey was genuinely impressed, as he had no idea what was going on behind the scenes.

‘Did the adversary know that this would happen and even bring the key? Also, preparation is thorough. It deserves Loki’s choice.’

Jaehyun knew that he was giving me an illusion, but he didn’t show it. Anyway, now is the important time to survive.

There was no reason to waste time talking about pointless things.

“So, to sum things up, are you saying that we can retrieve your items from the treasury of the gods?”

“So it is. I’m sorry about this. But without that sword, I think I will become a burden to you.”

“All right. Then I will go. Do you know the exact location?”

Frey nodded and opened up her mana slightly to create a transparent thread. As if weaving, something takes shape as the thread is pulled out long.

It was an unmistakable map.

It was drawn with magical power and you can only see it for a moment, but that was enough for Jaehyun.

Even so, Frey added a detailed explanation.

“Valhalla of Asgard. If you go through the central staircase of the ‘heaven for the dead’ and go out into the garden, you will find a huge stone chamber.

Insert the key into the door engraved with the golden crow pattern there and turn it.”

“I will keep that in mind. See you then.”

“I’ll see you again!”


Kim Yoo-jung and Papi also greeted like that.

Jaehyun started walking again, thinking that he would like to emulate the cheerfulness of the two of them. Now he was going to head to the treasure house of the gods.

Of course, Jaehyun also had the idea to properly touch the treasures there.

If there is something useful, isn’t it the privilege of a warrior to steal it?

… … Well, I wonder if there’s another hero who’s been this weak.

* * *

“Looks like it’s not that easy to find a star in the far-off abyss.”



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A battlefield covered in darkness.

Even if you dare to call it Gyeonggukjisaek (傾國之color), the beautiful goddess muttered that while holding a sword.

The god, who roughly took off his helmet, clenched his fists and closed his eyes.


As the god of beauty and the head of the Valkyries, she had yet to fulfill Odin’s command.

Odin’s command is to secure the ‘Star of the Distant Abyss’ in time.

But it wasn’t easy.

In the first place, it was an object that could not be properly found even for a long time of 10,000 years.

A star in the far abyss.

A fragment of the beginning, an object that fell from the abyss of Kinnungagaf. It couldn’t have been that easy to find something like that in the first place.

Even that is Odin, so I’ve already found a few, and if it were others, I wouldn’t have thought of it.

Among them, two were found by himself in the past.

Even then, I searched through the nine worlds.

But I couldn’t collect all the items.

It was not something that could be obtained easily even after all the hard work.

Of course, Freya was well aware of this.

But she had to find all the pieces as quickly as possible.

Freya briefly stroked the brisinggamen hanging around her neck.

It was more precious than his own life, and it was a fragment of the soul of the one he had to protect.

Furthermore, recently Odin has spoken.

[You’d better find the pieces quickly. The magic to maintain your child’s soul took a lot of work.]

Odin’s meaning was clear. Freya gritted her teeth.

There was nothing he could do now.

I just go to the battlefield to protect my child and find the star fragment.

“Freya-sama, it would be better for you to die soon.”

A Valkyrie standing by Freya’s side spoke.

She had armor with luxurious decorations even at first glance. She was at least on the same level as Sigrun, whom Jaehyun had dealt with in the past.

Freyja had a rare gloomy expression. It was raining sparsely from the blue sky.

“Gunner… When the hell is Odin planning to return mine? You never really know what or how much you have to hold in your hands to be satisfied.”

“Lady Freya… .”

Gunner, Freya’s limb and one of the captains of the Valkyries.

He was silent as he watched his master’s lonely back.

All the top Valkyries, including Gunner, already knew.

Why did Freya follow dirty Odin’s instructions and join Ragnarok for him?

own child.

It was because he was threatened through the medium of his only child’s soul.

Not only that.

Lately, she has become like another family member. She lost her Sig rune.

adversary. If you look closely, he too was just trying to survive, but each other’s interests and values ​​don’t match.

That creates a strange gap between the two, resulting in tragedy.

Gunner knew that it was disrespectful, but he thought that the thoughts of the adversary and Freyja might coincide.

The recent events in Midgard.

From all the rumors he heard, he cared terribly for his family and his colleagues.

The lord in front of him now. like Freyja.

She saved countless poor people, young and weak women, and gave them light. She allowed them to stand by her side and cared for them to honor her merits.

Such was Freyja.

The one most worthy of the name of God.

Gunner certainly thought so.

‘It’s impossible to keep looking at the back like that forever.’

Gunner thought of his dead friend Sigrun.

Also, Brynhilte of the past. I thought of a colleague with whom I shared forbidden love.

The last is Freya’s strange fate.

He bowed his head in a calm voice, vowing to always fight by Freya’s side.

“It is windy. Please go in now.”

“… okay.”

The rain is gradually getting stronger.

A strong wind as if a typhoon is about to blow.

Whether it’s because of a simple whim of the weather, or something else. Whether it was a harbinger of an unpredictable tragedy, even Gunner and Freyja could not know.

* * *

Asgard was very large.

There was a place called numerous attractions, Odin’s palace. And the place where the Valkyries stay… This is because many places are concentrated in one place.

It is natural to reappear, but since I did not come to tour Asgard, I had to move in the most efficient way possible.

If it was only a gatekeeper or a soldier, he could easily subdue it, but if he ran into a higher god, he had to risk his life no matter how hard he was.

Besides, this is the enemy’s headquarters. It would have been better to abandon the idea of ​​letting the enemy fight one-on-one here.

[Kim Yoo-jung. Let’s talk telepathically from here on out. I think it would be best to be as careful as possible.]


At Jaehyun’s words, Kim Yoojung immediately answered and nodded.

It wasn’t too difficult to sneak into the robe, which concealed even the use of magic as much as possible. It was thanks to the robe that blocked out any sounds or signs.

In addition to that, Jaehyun is a magical genius.

It was no longer difficult for him to reproduce the enchantment on the robe and to cast several types of castings at the same time.

He made a higher version of the cognitive ‘Robe of Error’ he had made in the past, put it on, and slowly entered the interior.

By the way, they had just passed Valhalla and were passing through the garden Frey had told them about.

[Is that it?]

Along with Kim Yoo-jung’s telepathy, Jae-hyeon’s gaze goes to one place.

Where his eyes landed was none other than a huge stone chamber.

A huge door made of stone. Even a lock that can be turned by inserting a key under it. Jaehyun was sure.

That this place is the ‘treasure storehouse of the gods’ that Frey said.

That’s when Jaehyun started moving forward little by little.

Krrrrr… !

Along with the voice of a ferocious beast somewhere, a dark shadow fell from above the stone chamber. The gazes of Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung return at the same time.

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