I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 397

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Episode 397: The Moment of Reunion (1)

Jaehyun was hurrying to get out of Asgard.

There is nothing more to do here.

He did the best he could.

He persuaded Freya with all his heart and even gave her time to think.

It’s safe to say that you’ve done all you can.

‘… … I thought… .’

But this was a mistake.

Apparently Freya didn’t believe in herself. The gloomy aura felt from behind and the reverberation of the faint magical energy surrounding it.

Just as doubts were brewing, a voice came through telepathy.

[Tracking is on.]

Frey suddenly said that while climbing the stair landing to get out of Asgard. Jaehyun nodded.

[Probably Freya’s subordinate. At least two of them.]

Jaehyun bit his lip. Kim Yoo-jung said with a nervous expression.

[Anyway, I think we have to fight at least once. Running away like this is virtually impossible… … .]

[okay. It looks like we’ve already arrived nearby. In order not to get caught by the tail, you have to catch it here.]

As Jaehyun said that, he passed through Valhalla and started going down the spiral staircase of Yggdrasil again.

There was a presence blocking their way.

As expected, they were Freya’s subordinates. Two captain-level Valkyries. If it was a reenactment of the past, it would be an enemy he would not dare to deal with.

Jaehyun smiled and opened his magic as if he couldn’t help it.

“I think there are too many to kill at least three.”

In front of him were Gunner and Eir.

All of them were Freya’s loyal Valkyries, and their skills were so outstanding that they had attained the rank of captain.

At least the elite among the elite who have far surpassed the 3rd stage of liberation.

It was clear that they were not good people to deal with in a situation where they had to fight without making a sound like now.

It was impossible to advertise to the other gods that they were in battle.

If you do that, the Aesir gods, including Thor, may come and surround you. At most, he could come all the way here to persuade Freyja and die.

Jaehyun analyzed the situation while thinking over and over again.

The number of enemies and allies. Fortunately, there are more allies. But it’s never an easy opponent.

With pure skill, I could be more than capable of dealing with both, but… … The situation was now. It was all over if you made too much noise.

‘There must be a reason why Freya sent only this amount of troops. Probably to keep his brother, Frey, from getting caught.’

The biggest thing Freya and Jaehyun had in common was that they took care of their own family.

Perhaps she didn’t intend to make a big deal out of it, so that Frey could get out safely. Freya most likely decided that she only needed to get rid of herself, Kim Yoo-jung, and Papi.

“You guys, I won’t kill you if you get out of here.”

Jaehyun said so, but Gunner and Eir shook their heads.

“I know you are strong. And I’m sorry I dared to point my sword at Frey… . However, even so, we can never disobey Freya-nim’s instructions.”

“You guys have changed a lot too. Do you think your brother will be able to get the child back this way?”

“I do not know. But if your lord wants it, we just comply.”

Even at Frey’s words, they didn’t waver at all.

Jaehyun let out a deep sigh.

―Active skill «Great Silence Lv 5».

Great Silence.

As an upgraded version of Silence, it was a skill that prevented the sound from leaking out to the surroundings as much as possible. It was a magic that prevented the magic reaction from leaking out quite well, so it was optimal in the current situation.

However, there is a downside that the duration is less than 10 minutes, so it is necessary to clear the enemy as quickly as possible.

“Then, according to chivalry.”

Having said that, Gunner and Eir simultaneously straightened their swords vertically, then lowered them vertically. The sword that is expressed along with him.

It was familiar.

‘Chuhon sword… . As expected, the swordsmanship that the Valkyries use is almost the same.’

Jaehyun thought so and changed the trajectory of the enemy’s attack with the sword he took out through the image of the magic tool.

A black mythical longsword held in the hand for granted. Although it can be used for a long time, it can boast a fairly high efficiency, so Jaehyun has been a weapon that has been frequently used recently.

The soul sword bounces off and vibrates as it hits the wall.

But it’s still fine.

There will be no sound leaking out. Isn’t this Asgard?

No matter how hard you try, the building won’t collapse easily. Moreover, it is even more so if it is near Yggdrasil, which is close to the center of the world.

“Then, it is my turn this time.”

After expressing all sorts of passive skills, Jaehyun opened up his fight.

Kim Yoo-jung gave him overflow and other buffs.

Frey also started to assist him, following behind him.

His movements were slow because he had not been released from prison yet. Still, it wasn’t too bad.



A faint moan escaped Gunner’s mouth at Jaehyun’s sword.

It was because the sword hit and a tingling pain rose up in his wrist.

In fact, it was natural.

No matter how many times Jaehyun is using multiple skills at the same time, he has now completed the 4th level release.

Less 3 steps. In other words, it is true that he has become a full-fledged mythical being. It does not reach the realm of reproduction. That’s because it was the rule of these nine worlds that the 1st level and 1st level display an excessively large difference.

Sending the first two people away, Freya thought. He himself is obviously in an embarrassing situation. Also, she wants to do things right in a quiet line.

In such a situation, can I afford to show mercy to Jaehyun?



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‘No, it can’t be.’

There is no chance of winning unless there is a majority.

Presumably, Freyja knew this and had two of her favorite Valkyries attached.

Because you know it’s best to do that.

An existence that is said to be a god of heaven and earth, who is on par with Tyr on the battlefield. That was Freya.

A person who is superior to Tyr in terms of skill and popularity.

Freya’s authority was truly enormous.


‘If I can’t become an ally, I will kill you.’

Jaehyun was also in a situation where he had his heart set.

There are things you must protect.

In such a situation, do you feel sorry for other people’s lives and sympathize with them?

Jaehyun wasn’t an idiot enough to do that.

that’s not wise

Just live desperately for yourself and get what you want in your hands. That’s enough.

For a quick surprise attack, Jaehyun activated ‘Shape of Magic Tool’ again and changed his weapon.

What he held in his hand was Tyrbing. It meant to finish the battle quickly.


―The mark effect of destruction activates!

Gunner stepped back a couple of steps and tried to let go of his sword, but ended up getting cut at the tip of the sword. That was exactly what Jaehyun was looking for.

“That will hurt quite a bit.”

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow. Gunner had a shallow cut, and still couldn’t understand why he said such a thing.

The next moment, I realized why Jaehyun was so confident.

“why… The wound spreads… !?”

Shallow cuts continued to spread to his abdomen and arms. And it was because I could clearly feel it spreading to my legs and waist.

This was an issue that could not be easily overlooked.

source of this power. It was obviously the technology of a certain tribe that had already died out.

Gunner gritted his teeth.

“Dwarf… Did they join the anti-Aesir forces… !”


“I won’t let go. Even if you try to wipe it all out… .”

As he said that, one of Gunner’s wings fell to the ground.

It was because Jaehyun approached and cut off one of her wings.

Blood splattered and floated into the sky, then dripped down and soaked the floor. Gunner’s expression hardened, and Jaehyun smiled.

“That doesn’t work. You will too… I’m touching people inside my fence. I don’t like it.”

Jaehyun said that and cut off the remaining wing as well.

Valkyrie. It was because one of the sources of their power was their wings.

They were not self-made beings.

Those who have become transcendental beings with their talents, that is, the status they have shared in their bowls.

Therefore, Jaehyun is cutting off their wings in order to remove the power derived from those wings.

Kim Yoo-jung watched his battle in amazement.

‘It’s a completely different move than when dealing with Sigrun… !’

He already knew that Jaehyun had reached the 4th stage of liberation. But even she didn’t expect it to be this much.

I never thought that a difference of just one level would bring such a difference in results… .

‘Well, the difference between the A-class and S-class radar was as great as it is now.’

It was the same in the past radar system.

The difference and treatment between A-class and S-class radar was the difference between heaven and earth.

It was a little easier when you think about it that way. It’s easier to understand that it’s deeper because it’s the stage that Jaehyun has achieved now.

“I will not forgive you!”

Eir, who watched Gunner’s wings fall to the ground, charged at him holding his sword.

But this time, Jaehyun evaded the attack as if nothing happened.

‘It’s definitely slow. I’ve grown up.’

Jaehyun summoned Nidhogg’s fangs this time, and while holding the sword in reverse, cut Eir’s Achilles tendon and other tendons.

Then, looking at the faces of the two people who couldn’t move properly, he said.

“I will ask again. Should I kill you here?”

Jaehyun was giving him a chance now. Eir and Gunner are now feeling fear.

They were clearly feeling the power of a gigantic destiny that they could not dare to resist.

Naturally, the subject was representation.

He was in control of their life and death.

He didn’t even use any magic.

He just completely defeated them with his pure movements and sword.

For the two of them, who were worthy of being the captains of the valiant Valkyrie, it was quite a disgrace.

However, they were Freya’s knights.

Even if her Valkyrie felt the fear of death, she would never give in.

“Kill him.”

“We are not afraid of anything.”

“I don’t want to kill you.”

Hana Jaehyun shook his head and said that. The effect of the Great Silence still remained for five minutes.

But the reason he bothered to wait was very simple.

Freya. It was because she thought it would be best for her to let them go here if there was any way to convince her at all.

In the case of Sigrun, even if it was a situation where there was no choice but to kill it, it is not now.

If you put your mind to it, you can kill it anytime.

However, if they were sent here alive, wouldn’t she have a different opinion?

But the answer that came back was enough to disappoint him.

“I get it roughly… It looks like you want to convince Freya-sama, but you won’t get what you want.”


Then die. Saying that, Jaehyun raised his sword high.

It was then.


With a huge explosion, the barrier of the Great Silence that had been created was completely broken. The magic surrounding it like bulletproof glass is shattered and scattered into the air.

The voices of two people with him.

“no wonder. Something is going on here, I said.”

“That’s right.”

Two men appeared in front of Jaehyun, and his body stiffened.

There were two Æsir gods who hoped not to meet.

Thor and Tyr. They looked at Jaehyun with sympathetic expressions.


A low-pitched curse escaped Jaehyun’s mouth.

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