I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 399

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Episode 399: Ruina (1)

There are many types of transmission magic in the nine worlds, but among them, the most outstanding and high-level magic was <Dine Teleport>.

Basically, it is very difficult to transmit people by specifying coordinates, but in addition to that, the number of people increases?

Naturally, this is because a high-level understanding of arithmetic expressions is required.

Those who can do this are very few among those who use magic. At least in the human world, Midgard, it was nowhere to be found.

That’s why everyone simplified the process of calculating complex formulas and coordinates by using the medium of ‘transmitting stones’.

However, there is a girl who evacuated Jaehyun from Tyr and Thor by casting this magic.

A familiar, now longing face. An elf who broke away from being a girl and became a pretty cool woman. It was Louisa.

Jaehyun had a smile on his face.

“… I guess you didn’t listen to my advice in vain. Louisa.”

“of course! These are the last words Seo Bang-nim left!”

“… … West?”

I heard Kim Yoo-jung’s booming voice, and she briefly entered the world of deep images.

I heard from Seina. Elf world. There is a woman in Alfheim who called Jaehyun ‘Seobangnim’.

I haven’t checked the reality with my eyes yet, so I thought so… .

I never thought that such a new rivalry would appear in my eyes.

“You are also a bad guy.”

After a while, a sharp curse word escaped from her mouth.

But I don’t know if I know that kind of heart. Jaehyun tilted her head, and only greeted Louisa when she met again.

“In the meantime, how? How have you been?”

“sure. 10,000 years… … It was such a long time, but I managed to persevere even though I was lonely somehow. Did I do well?”

“okay. what.”

Jaehyun scratched the bridge of his nose as if embarrassed.

“Good job. You’ve had a lot of trouble.”

while saying so.

From somewhere, the voices of others began to be heard.

“oh! Is that the husband of Louisa-sama you mentioned before?”

“wow! I guess it’s true! Louisa-sama’s face is red!”

“Ehehe. You have been looking forward to it for so long!”

The teasing tone of voices. But Louisa affirmed as if it were natural.

“then! This is the groom I was talking about.”

“What about these kids?”

Jaehyun asked, looking at the elves who were young even though they pretended to surround him. Ruina answered with a small smile.

“They are the survivors of that day.”



After saying that, Ruina asked the children to move away because she needed to talk for a while. Frey, Kim Yoo-jung, and Jae-hyun walked slowly to Ruina’s terrace.

Upon arrival, Ruina began to tell what had happened.

“At first, it was difficult to live alone. Jaehyun should live… You said that, but even that was too much for me. Jaehyun-nim probably knows very well that being alone is a scary thing.”

“… okay.”

“In the meantime… During the war, I was able to find the hiding place of the elves who had fled and made shelter first.

Although it wasn’t Alfheim… I thought I could start all over again here.”

Louisa said that the place Jaehyun and her friends were sent to was not Alfheim, but Vanaheim, and that it was a hidden ruin nearby.

A place whose exact location is unknown because of a special barrier.

Jaehyun nodded.

“so… As I said, you were holding out while protecting your people until I defeated Odin.”

“That’s it. how is it? Is it like a wise mother?”

“… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung remains silent. Frey looks at her and for a moment her mouth is itching. She looked like she wanted to ask something, but she had a face that made her wonder if this place would turn into a grave.

Jaehyun expressed his sincere gratitude to Ruina.

“Luna. Anyway, thanks to you, I barely survived. If it wasn’t for you, I would have overdone there again. Maybe they’re all dead.”

“I know. So, marry me here later… .”

“You’ve been 10,000 years old, and you still come out like that? The elves are all handsome and tall. Why are you only doing this to me?”

Jaehyun kept ignoring him, but in the end, he had no choice but to say so.

Ruina said “huhu” again and laughed lightly.

“Those people are not Jaehyun. Well, it seems that there are a lot of people with romantic feelings around, but… It’s like the fate of a person with ability, so I understand.”

“… … I don’t know what you’re talking about anymore.”

Jaehyun shook his head.

Kim Yoo-jung suddenly asked Ruina.

“Luna… did you say My name is Yoojung Kim. As you can see, I am helping Min Jae-hyun.”

“nice to meet you. Yoojung.”

Ruina and Kim Yoo-jung briefly exchanged greetings, and Frey quietly raised his hand from behind to reveal his name.

He was as quiet as when he first met Jaehyun, but he didn’t seem to want to show his frivolous tone to others.

Wouldn’t it be better to reveal it rather than hide it like that?

The thought came to my throat, but I barely held it in. Perhaps, to God, face is more important than I thought.

Hey, Jormungand is a strange case. None of the other gods were frivolous. There were some belligerent ones, but it was probably only at the level of intimidation and awe.

Jae-hyun owns the whole volume of the humor book with Jormungandr, who was flicking his wicked tongue after publishing the 40th humor book.

He trembled for a moment, recalling the more terrifying figure of Hela.



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After a while. Jaehyun changed the topic moderately and said.

“Ruina, I will ask you the most important question first. Why the hell were you there?”

“It’s because I heard that Jaehyun-nim started moving slowly.”

“… what? where?”

Does Ruina have any information?

The one who did not belong to the Anti-Aesir Alliance was Ruina. She was always a variable by representation.

However, Jaehyun was completely convinced by the answer that followed.

“Yggdrasil told me. Jaehyun is here.”


“yes. Elves are friendly with spirits and trees. There is even a story that Yggdrasil was the first to conceive an elf.”

are you right If that’s the case, I understand.

Yggdrasil is basically a world tree.

It was a tree no different from the mother of elves.

Therefore, Yggdrasil’s influence must have played a role in the ability of those hiding in closed places to move around and gather information.

Jaehyun was Joo Eok.

“Even if you don’t, I was thinking of finding you. I want to ask you for help.”

“I know.”

Louisa smiled as if she knew from the beginning. bright smile.

For some reason, my heart broke a little. How much effort did she have to practice for 10,000 years to practice that smile? That thought came to me all of a sudden.

Jaehyun knows. Even with empty words, she couldn’t say that she had an easy life.

No matter how strong the spirit of the elves, even if the sense of time was different from other races, this was the same.

Recalling the face that shimmered in front of his eyes when he was still young, Jaehyun smiled warmly.

“You have suffered. Louisa.”

Because of that, Jaehyun had no choice but to say that. And with all her heart, she begged her.

“You already know. again… War is coming. and… I will end this war once and for all here. I need your help here.”

In response to Jaehyun’s words, Ruina responded by tapping her chest as if she were rather excited. Of course, compared to her self-assured attitude, there was still a little bit of that of a child.

“Do not worry! I’m not the old Louisa either! Actually, I’m not as good as Jaehyun, but she’s become very strong… It probably won’t be a burden.”

In fact, the power flowing from Ruina had already passed the 3rd stage of liberation.

Even if it didn’t reach the level of reproduction, that level was already not inferior compared to other scenes. So, he must have been fine even in the aftermath of such a big movement magic a while ago.

Jaehyun was satisfied with the realization that a new force had been added.

For him who failed to persuade Valkyrie, joining the elves now could have been a good enough second-best solution.

After Jaehyun had a conversation with her, he decided to stay here a little while to take a break.

The skills and talents of the elves here. If you don’t check things like that in advance, you won’t be able to play an active part in the war afterwards, so I thought it would be a good idea to check the training of the elves early on.

“Then let’s take care of ourselves for a few days.”

Ruina winked and gave Jaehyun a coy look.

she said casually.

“As much as you like. Would you like to use the same room?”

“That’s done.”

Jaehyun shook his head.

* * *

That night.

Jaehyun was looking around Vanaheim.

The world that was first conquered by Odin in the past.

Everything is already an unquenchable flame. In other words, the sight constantly burning with the flames of Surt… It was enough to shock him.

The anti-Aesir forces have spoken before.

The Aesir stole Surt’s flame and attacked Vanaheim in the past, and as a result, the place was almost turned into a sea of ​​fire.

Jaehyun realized that those words were never lies.

the sight you see now. This was because it was not considered a land that could be revived even with empty words.

The reason the elves were able to settle down and hide here was thanks to a ruin that even the Æsir hadn’t discovered.


Jaehyun cautiously stepped around and walked forward.

Because he felt that someone was following him.

‘He’s a strong guy.’

Jaehyun thought so and quickly activated his magic.

Then, when he drew his sword and turned around.


“Wow. This is too dangerous.”

A familiar face appeared in front of him.

Red hair and mysteriously shining red eyes. This was the thin, handsome face he had met at the Milles School Festival in the past.

“Is it easy? adversary.”


The head of Van Aesir, who had not appeared before his eyes for a while, suddenly appeared here.

“What are you doing here?”

“Beyond that, I don’t have anything else to say.”

He poked Jaehyun’s side with a natural smile.

Jaehyun let out a sigh as if he couldn’t do anything about it.

“At that time, I was grateful for saving Yoo-jung. … shit. After all, you can’t have bad luck.”

“Haha thank you. I’m the type of person who hears such stories often, so it doesn’t really hurt me!”

Loki said so in an infinitely calm tone.

However, it only took an instant for the atmosphere to change completely.

“one thing. I came to you because there is something you absolutely need to know.”

Jaehyun listened.

It seems to be a night to hear unusual stories.

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