I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 402

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Episode 402: A Star in the Distant Abyss (1)

“To all the inhabitants of Asgard. Now, I, Odin, will waste no more time, and I will make sure to show our might to the insolent adversary.”

Odin’s majestic voice echoes through the lofty ceilings of Asgard.

Bifrost. Following the fierce shouts that begin pouring down the rainbow bridge, we see those responding to Odin’s voice.

All eyes were focused on Odin. However, Odin showed no sign of hesitation.

An unwavering voice began to resonate through the loudspeakers outside the palace to the people of Asgard.

“The adversary’s throat will be hanged in Asgard, and all forces involved in it will be annihilated. I, Odin, solemnly declare here.”

With lofty pronouncements, wild voices burst forth in madness. They had the appearance of almost fanatics, but they had become loyal dogs following Odin.

“Odin! Odin! Odin!”

“I believe!”

A voice calls out Odin’s name. All kinds of stories that are heard in an instant resonate around the world.

All Aesir gods. And even the beings in the slums who have already been brainwashed by his ideology are urging him to start a war.

For some reason, Freyja didn’t attend, but she was famous for not attending public events like this.

There was nothing wrong with not attending.

If you suddenly say that you will attend, you will only cause misunderstanding from others or raise suspicions that you have other plans.

“We will put the whole world under our feet. Heimdall’s death, which gives us justification enough to dispose of the adversary and the profane anti-Aesir coalition.

Somehow I will hold them accountable for killing our gatekeeper.”

Odin said that in a cold tone, then looked around.

This is it. The fact that it is the power he has achieved so far is bound to give him such a feeling of uplift at times.

cheers from below.

A crowd full of madness and voices chanting their names.

He came all the way here to make it resonate all over the world.

Every time he looked into the mad eyes of those who blindly followed him, Odin looked back on his achievements and was satisfied.

He was born with the blood of an iron-blooded lord.

Odin ruminated calmly.

‘The adversary is a dangerous being. He has already shown us his character through numerous battles, and the entire throne of Aesir has already become an enemy that cannot be ignored.

However, he is overlooking one thing.’

that war is not fought alone.

As long as she has her own soldiers and Freya’s Valkyrie.

The adversary can never win an all-out war against Asgard.

No matter how much it is per hundred, thousands to tens of thousands of soldiers rush at one?

Even Odin could not overcome such a situation.

So Odin was confident of his victory. He already had his army in his hands, he thought he could not be defeated by a ragtag.

‘The Prophecy of the Three Norn Sisters… This time, Odin will prove it wrong.

No prophecy can change me. That I will always stand right here.’

The power of prophecy that protected reappearance has disappeared. But Odin was not going to downplay it. Wasn’t he also the one who reached the pinnacle of Asgard with the power of prophecy?

Of course, the power to protect the opponent has disappeared, but the prophecy will try to devour itself at any time.

torrent of water. It seems difficult to stop the flow.

It’s something that might come in the form of an ordeal.

However, overcoming even that is the final task to unite the nine worlds given to you. Odin thought so.

Also, to do so, the best hand you can.

Even that, he was sure of.

‘There is only one way to reverse the prophecy.’

Odin’s cold ridicule spread throughout Asgard.

‘I will obtain all the stars of the far-off abyss. Then I will reverse the prophecy, and once again I will rise to the top.’

A star in the far abyss.

If you collect all of them, or at least eight out of nine, you can twist the prophecy of the three Norn sisters with your own power.

be able to protect yourself

Also, as long as he is alive, Asgard will not be defeated in the second Ragnarok.

Odin was the one who didn’t do anything he couldn’t do as he wanted.

Truly a positional god.

The one at the top of Asgard.

There’s nothing he can’t do.

Even then, Odin believed so firmly.

* * *

One of the places where the stars of the distant abyss are, of course, is Niflheim.

This is the place where Idun’s Mist Garden is located, a world that Jaehyun has visited before. A place where ice and cold chill fill all four seasons.

Jaehyun knew that he had to move slowly and quickly get his hands on the star in the far abyss.


How much is the value of the prophecy of the three Norn sisters?

What was it that put Odin on the throne and chose himself as the opponent?

In an unknown situation, he saw his comrades. They look at themselves as if they are ready at any time.

Jaehyun laughed. He himself has so many worries, but they really trust him. Maybe he’s more than himself.

If so, isn’t it the role of a leader to respond to them?

It was when Jaehyun was thinking about that and planning a strategy.

The voice of the caster who made me doubt my ears was heard from the TV set opposite the mustard-colored sofa in the room where I was sitting.

The screen the TV was projecting was Freiburg, Germany.

[iced coffee… About 20 minutes ago, gates suddenly occurred all over the world at the same time, and numerous monsters are rampant… All of those ratings far exceed what we’ve seen before.



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At least S-class… No, they are supposed to be more than that. just dangerous What more can I say?

Disaster… The mythical beings have arrived… .]

[The adversary revealed at Yeonhwa Guild. In Jaehyun Min’s interview, the story that the radar has been able to grow beyond its limits turns out to be true, and the more mature radars are blocking it.

It’s at least taking a breather, but there is still a lot of controversy in some quarters about how long it can last… … .]

The voice of the caster who went to the scene was no longer heard.

It was because the monster with its huge jaw wide open tried to swallow his body. Everyone closed their eyes tightly. Just when the worst was about to happen.

A familiar voice from the TV reached Jaehyun through the magic stone.

[Min Jae-hyun! Black robes, we’ll take this one. So you do what you can!]

[okay! I’ll try to survive here somehow.]

It was the voice of Balak and Camilla.

The screen showed Japan this time in order to quickly deal with the accident.

It was the same voice that came from there, the voices of those who had accumulated so far.

[Now I’m dirty too! Jaehyun Min! Don’t worry about this!]

Moriya, who had grown stronger by pioneering further grounds, was there.

There is fury in the screaming voice.

[thanks. As a result of trying to be strong, I was able to come this far. You will be able to do even better!]

Jaehyun felt his heart beat faster than ever.

All the radars in the world are not looking only at you.

Now I have to look ahead.

It was the best achievement he had achieved by taking on the role of a villain.

* * *

Jaehyun delivered a video he recorded with his camcorder to Yeonhwa. There was something truly shocking about it.

He handed the file to Yoo Seong-eun and said.

“After I leave for Niflheim, spread this video around the world. That’s why I’ll be back as soon as possible… Please bear with me for a little while.”

“of course. I’ll try my best. But are you okay? Of course, your colleagues will help you, but… … It’s not easy anyway.”

“i know. But it is something only I can do.”

“Jaehyun-kun… .”

Even Park Seong-jae, who was standing next to him, darkened for some reason.

Of course. The words Jaehyun told them a while ago.

Because its contents were truly shocking.

[From now on, I’m going to get the star of the distant abyss in order to pressure Odin. The reason he cares so much about fate… … It’s because I’m afraid of it after all.]

At Jaehyun’s words, the others couldn’t say anything.

Because I thought he was absolutely right.

This is Yoo Seong-eun, who has heard the story from Jae-hyun and Hella.

Raiders that have recently become stronger beyond S-class. And although the raiders who have gone beyond A and become S-class are good at blocking the demons, there are things that even they can’t do.

killing Odin.

It is something that can only be reproduced.

He is the antagonist of the prophecy, and has already grown beyond comparison with them.

Now, radars in other countries have no choice but to rely on Jaehyun’s performance while minimizing human damage. Jaehyun smiled at Yoo Seongeun with a worried expression.

“I have no intention of sacrificing myself. because you will win You are holding out somehow.”

Why? A smile came out of Yoo Seong-eun’s mouth.

Has his disciple grown up to be this dependable before he knew it? As she thought about that, she felt a lump in her chest.

… Park Seong-jae, whose heart was already tender, was wiping his tears with a pink embroidered handkerchief. Jaehyun left the guild thinking that he was a little bit awake.

* * *

Jaehyun first contacted the dwarves and asked them to train weapons that human raiders could use.

Except for Slave No. 1 and No. 2, he asked for cooperation from all the Dwarves in Nidavellir.

Darren readily accepted his offer.

He knew that the end was coming.

Although he had recently reclaimed a land stained with the blood of his ancestors, Darren was determined to keep his promise.

Feeling deeply grateful, Jaehyun asked them to speed up. Now, a really hell war is not far away.

Ragnarok. With the end of everything approaching, all you can do is stand against him and kill Odin.

That’s it.

It can be put together in a very simple sentence, but it was never easy.

Jaehyun calmly cleared his mind. Then he took out the Draupnir and injected magic into it to open the gate.

The green gate exploded, and the door to Niflheim opened.

Jaehyun set foot there.

His colleagues were also there.

At that moment, Jaehyun already noticed.

One of the Aesir gods awaits them in Niflheim, and that being is the god of war. I mean Tyr.

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