I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 405

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Episode 405: Requiem (2)

《Eyes of the Forbidden Adversary》.

The first time Jaehyun noticed a change in himself was after the last ordeal.


In the fifth trial with the giant wolf, Jaehyun was able to raise his level even further.

It paved the way for Mimir and Loki to grow beyond what was foreseen when they first designed the Nornir system.

It was something the other anti-Aesir forces never expected, but Jae-hyeon finally succeeded in reaching it.

His greatest weapon is none other than his will to overcome his past and grow. Because he was what he was.

Because of this, Loki had said it when he encountered Jaehyun in the past.

[You are strong, but you can still become stronger. Compared to the you I knew, I’m far short of you.]

In fact, I couldn’t quite understand the meaning of what he said.

It’s just that he and Loki had something in common, so when he saved Kim Yoo-jung, he consumed one of his precious powder. That was all her Jaehyun knew.

However, it was not that important to Jaehyun. The moment he realized that he had to become stronger, the moment he felt that he had something to protect, he had already decided.

We need more than the growth rate expected by others.

You have to reach the state even if you take risks faster.

The result was this.

You might think it was just a change of eyes, but that was never the case.

Now, in Jaehyun’s eyes, Tyr’s attack was read very slowly and clearly.

The class is different.

Time begins to flow infinitely slowly as if you can feel the words. It was just a sensation, but by no means nothing.

On the contrary, it is the outpouring of talent that is shockingly far away. Even now, his eyes were reacting with Jaehyun’s magical power, raising his level even more.

―Activate the active skill 《Magic Power Detection》.

Detect the magic power that was activated afterwards. This perfectly read the movement of the enemy, the magic to be used later, and the direction the tip of the enemy’s sword was facing.

However, Jaehyun was not satisfied.

more, more. faster.

As Jaehyun thought about that, he kept a cold expression toward Tyr, who was swinging his sword like crazy. In fact, Tyr was no longer in his right mind.

“Adversary… ! this bastard! never! never… I will not forgive… !”

He had already been hurt by Jaehyun. Because of this, the shame of being attacked by humans twice filled his brain and prevented him from making a rational decision.

Of course, Jaehyun was facing a better situation.

It is not difficult to know that the pattern becomes simpler as the enemy panics and gets excited. The first thing to be taught in the radar world.

That was calm.

Unfortunately, however, common sense of radar like this would not work for Tyr. As a predator, he is one of the gods who have reigned not only in Asgard but also the whole world.

Of course, it couldn’t be easy to recover mentally in a situation where you were under overwhelming attack.

It was only natural that I had never experienced such a situation in the first place.

“It’s nothing.”

Jaehyun saw the surroundings turned into his field before he knew it.

The appearance of Jaehyun with his huge sword on his back was like a yaksha. A feeling of pressure as if they would rush in at any moment and cut off the enemy’s throat.

That stopped Tyr’s sword for a moment.

Jaehyun slowly looked around.

“Your proud troops can’t even come this far. I got some good information.”

“Don’t be ridiculous… ! Even if you don’t have an army, I… !”

“Shut up.”

At that moment, a sense of incongruity began to spread throughout Tyr’s body.

It was because of Jaehyun’s tone of voice that he felt familiar with someone’s personality and astonishing pressure.

Jaehyun smiled and waved his hand lightly.


Before Tyr’s body could even react, he was pinned to the wall.

It was just the release of mana and power. But Tyr couldn’t react. It was because the basic power itself was at a level that made no sense.

Only then did Tyr realize that something was wrong.

‘How on earth can an adversary generate such power?’

* * *

“I knew the adversary was strong, but… I never thought it would be like that.”

Idun, who got out of the garden before he knew it and stuck behind Nidhogg’s back, said with a small mutter. She was completely overwhelmed, barely taking her eyes off the sight of Jaehyun and Tyr fighting.

Nidhogg was no different.

He was astonished to see Jaehyun easily deal with enemies even on the field.

Even if he couldn’t properly handle all his powers, he was also a person who had reached the 5th level of liberation.

It is said that he is one of the strongest predators of the nine worlds, and a figure like a counterweight that dares to balance right under Odin, Loki, and Thor.

however… .

‘The current adversary… Even if I face it, I can’t guarantee it. Can I win?’

The adversary has grown to such an extent that even he cannot guarantee victory.

Even when fighting Fenrir, I thought it was about the same as him… It was more than expected.

The appearance of the adversary who used field magic and used all of his equipment was several times stronger than Nidhogg thought.

Now really little. If I become a little stronger, wouldn’t I be able to reach his level?

Odin. To that lofty, disgusting name.

[It must be a little… If only I could do a little more… … .]

“okay. Perhaps the adversary can kill Odin.”

Idun has responded so well. She smiled and watched the battle of the dead unfold before her eyes from behind Needhog.

Giving them light blessings and buffs was the best she could do. Even if they are gods, not all gods are strong.



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Idun is a being who has risen to the present position by building his own dignity. Combat was too far away for such an existence.

‘In the case of Nidhogg, it counts so ignorantly. Even if you pass… … .’

Idun raised his head and moved his gaze to the field where Jaehyun and Tyr battle continued. The field, where the red moon rose, was covered with the power of reappearance.

field of adversaries. I had only heard of it in words, but now the form is intact. The adversary will soon be strong enough to rival Odin and Thor.

And he should do his best to grow plants for him. Idun nodded, satisfied with his role, and suddenly glared at Needhog.

“Do you have to return the garden to its original state? Understand?”

[…] … Oh, I know.]

* * *

For Jaehyun, including the anger of Hrungnir. Skills and abilities that can be used against various Aesir gods. There were new artifacts and more.

In addition to its action, at the point of opening up to the field of the person himself. Naturally, Tyr had no choice but to be his opponent.

But Tyr’s brain couldn’t even think of the wagon.

The accident was stiffened in the pushed combat situation. It is a grand battle when oneself shines forever. In other words, it was time to deal with many enemies and allies.

In one-on-one like now, as long as there is no field magic, it’s only slightly better than Heimdall. It is nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, even taking all of that into account, the adversary who pushed himself like this at once was strong.


With the sound of stones falling, Tyr stood up again. Jaehyun was still watching him as he was.

It’s a nonchalant expression, as if it doesn’t matter much what he does.

It reminded him of his master, Odin.

Even though his place was taken away, he finally followed because he had to admit his skills.

Odin had that much meaning to Tyr.

Overwhelming authority, power. The only being that everything touches the sky.

But why? Insignificance in front of me.

No, a human who shouldn’t be exuding the energy of a loser like him.

“… let me hold his hand You want to kill Odin, right? Then maybe I can help… !”

Because of this, Tyr had no choice but to say that in the end.

Even though Odin is his lord anyway, isn’t he the one who truly serves with loyalty?

I don’t want to admit it here, but if I stick to Jae-hyun’s side, I could be able to take a place in Asgard as well as myself.

They won’t be able to ignore their own power… .


the moment you think so.

The sword in front of me danced again. Tyr’s pupils narrowed.

It was because he saw clearly that something was flying in the air.

That… no way?

By the time he thought about it, he was sure. That his arm was flying in the air right now, and that the opponent had attacked him with a long sword.

After all, he only had one arm. It was because his left arm had been eaten by Fenrir in the past. Thanks to this, Tyr’s rationality was completely blown away at this point.

Jaehyun sighed softly as if driving a wedge into it.

“I don’t forget Nothing should be forgotten.”

Why? Jaehyun had to face the deepening sadness as he spit out those words. The blood on the sword, the sticky air, and the red moon added to his madness.

Unlike the first time he activated the skill, Jaehyun had intelligence, but it was different from usual.

His way of speaking, his actions, his cold fighting style… .

Not only that, but even memories derived from somewhere.

Jae-hyun applied his strength to the sword again, not even knowing where the pieces of memory flowing in now came from.

Chow ah!

The ensuing illusion sword strikes Tyr directly. The sharp sword cut through the opponent again and again. As if to show the will to make life no longer possible.

The sword did not have an expression like its owner, but it slaughtered the enemy in a pale manner.

“ah… iced coffee… !!”

Tyr, who suddenly lost both arms and was on his knees, looked up at Jaehyun and was furious. He has now lost all his cards.

He could no longer engage in battle, and there was no guarantee that he could win against Jaehyun.

Curse is all he can do here.

All you had to do was tell your opponent that you could never defeat Odin. Of course, Tyr knew best that it was futile.

However, in Jaehyun’s eyes looking at him, there is still a sense of awe.

I didn’t feel any fear or emotion.

“What are you afraid of?”

Jaehyun asked as he looked at Tyr, who was trembling in fear for the first time in his life. The enchanted power and the remoteness in his eyes contain the insignificant body trembling in Tyr’s fear.

He seemed to feel no emotion.

“Odin, or else… Is it me?”

Tyr felt himself being sucked into a deep abyss.

Jaehyun smiled in front of him.

“It is me.”

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