I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 408

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Episode 408: Trickster (2)

The first time Jaehyun doubted his identity was when he awakened to his godhood.

In a confrontation with Heimdall, a desperate situation in which Hela was dying.

Jaehyun awakened his unique skill, Divinity Usurpation.

moment of crisis. He heard the voices of his colleagues and family, followed by the voice of an unknown being.

After that, he gained rank and awakened his power.

I don’t know, but Jaehyun knew one thing for sure. The mysterious voice I heard then. The fact that it had a big impact on his awakening.

After the incident was resolved, Jaehyun sighed and thought.

heard at the time.

Who was the owner of the voice I heard when I faced the giant of mana?

‘But I couldn’t answer at the time. Because there was no clue.’

However, the next moment was a little different.

The voice I heard when I first opened the Red Moon Plateau Field. It has conveyed its intentions a little more clearly.

‘Do I need the power to protect everyone?’

At that time, the voice asked like that.

When Jaehyun answered yes, he gave strength.

It was of course a dangerous force that could destroy the representation, but he eventually succeeded in enduring it and making it his own.

It was.

The voices he heard from the world in his own image were there to make the representation stronger.

There were three keywords.

Dwell, and a mysterious voice. Awakening.

Whenever he reached his limits, Jaehyun heard his voice.

without question. And he came back stronger.

identity of the voice.

Jaehyun was convinced that the purpose of that voice was his own growth.

And now, a situation has arrived where a clear answer can be obtained. Loki. Because there was a person in front of me who knew everything.

“Loki. Did you plant an alter ego in my ego? That’s why you gave me strength every time I fell… … .”

“Wait a minute! I asked the question first! hmm… Well, there’s nothing I can’t answer first, so let’s talk… I’m not the owner of the voice I’ve been hearing. Its owner is a worthy owner who can handle you.”


“okay. But I can’t answer more here. This is unavoidable. We’ll find out anyway in the near future. That too, by yourself.”

“… I can’t.”

After reorganizing his thoughts, Jaehyun pondered over the answer to Loki’s question this time. It’s a pity he can’t clear his own doubts.

But maybe there’s a reason Loki comes out like this.

There are restrictions on the disclosure of information. You must be in such a situation.

Of course, I wondered what restriction was blocking Loki’s mouth, but… It is impossible to ask this. Because of this, Jaehyun passed on the situation by thinking about the answer.

First he thought

A few fragments that he remembered while opening the second field magic this time. It was too distant to be considered her own.

However, Loki said a moment ago. How far did you get your memory back?

‘That’s right, these memories… Is it all mine?’

Where the hell does this memory originate from?

There wasn’t much to know. But there was no need to worry.

Isn’t there someone in front of you who can tell you the answer? At least if it was Loki, he would have told himself about the clue.

I’m sure it’s because I asked this question first.

It’s a pity that I didn’t hear the answer to the question earlier, but… .

Jaehyun shook his head and stopped thinking.

“I saw some memories.”

Jaehyun quietly opened his mouth. After that, she was able to talk comfortably as if she were talking to a very close friend.

“All I remember were three. The first was the memory of Freyja and her child, whom she had seen at Mimir’s Well in the past.

The second is the past… So, it was me standing at the forefront of the war 10,000 years ago, and the last one… … .”

At that point, Jaehyun had no choice but to stop and look at Loki. Loki seemed to be urging him to speak.

Jaehyun made eye contact with him.

“It was a memory of me drinking with you in a shabby bar wearing strange clothes.”

Loki’s pupils narrow. Jaehyun’s words continued.

“Loki. What are you to me?”

“… … I am.”

Loki’s eyes began to tremble more than ever.

Soon after, his lips began to open slowly.

* * *

“… That’s how Tyr lost his life. In the process, it seems that the second star of the distant abyss was also stolen by them.”

“In the end, it came to this situation.”

Odin calmly answered Hugin’s report, sat on the throne, and closed his eyes for a moment.

Even Hlidskalp, who is said to contemplate all of the nine worlds, cannot know the actions of the opponents and those related to them.

It is also unknown what purpose they started the war with and why they made the worst decision to kill Tyr first.

However, one thing is certain. Now the worries about the excessive intervention of the divine power are gone. They also showed their will to fight an all-out war against them.

I don’t know why their movements, which were passive to the war, changed… … .

Now was not the time to retreat. Haven’t you already told the people of Asgard?

I will achieve a perfect victory in this war, and I will finally succeed in my long-cherished plan to put all nine worlds under my feet.

There is nothing more to worry about at this point.



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Odin just perfectly accomplishes what he sets out to do.

as it always has been.

In the process, the deaths of Tyr and Heimdall were just happenings.

To Odin, the presence of two gods is a usable hand. It was nothing more and nothing less. How many people in the past jumped into the fire without hesitation at their command.

The higher he climbed to the top of the world tree and the higher and higher fame he gained. There will be many who want to become his subordinates.

They will sacrifice their lives in madness, and once again Odin’s name will become a myth and spread throughout the nine worlds.

Power was like that. What do you want to hold in your hands?

That’s what being strong meant.


‘In the process, the first step is to change the destiny that has been determined, even if it is to annihilate the distant star of the abyss and something with power corresponding to it.’

There are two pieces of stars in the far abyss that have already been stolen by the adversary. It was now difficult to neutralize the prophecy as easily as he had planned.

‘The power of fate is tying me up more than I thought. The adversary continues to deny me. Kill me, bring me down from here.’

Odin couldn’t admit it. The existence of the adversary and the death of oneself.

How did you get to where you are today?

From just an ordinary god to the highest peaks of Asgard.

He dedicated his eyes to Mimir and hung upside down from the top of Yggdrasil for nine days, creating his current self. He traveled all over the place I looked at the high places.

and reached So this seat.

“It is mine.”

he will never be defeated

To do so, it was necessary to erase the prophecy.

There is only one way left now.

As expected, the work could not proceed.


Of course, you have to sacrifice something else.

Did you say equivalent exchange?

What if something else with the same value was offered as a sacrifice, or if a formalized formula of magic could be built?

As a magician, Odin will be able to invoke transcendental magic, such as reversing time or neutralizing prophecies.

The star fragments of the distant abyss, which are lacking, can be replaced in that way.

‘If that’s the case… The adversary of the prophecy will no longer be my opponent. What he has is only the power itself called destiny.’

“An antagonist of prophecy.”

Odin remembered him and gave a small smile.

“No matter how strong you are, you won’t be able to stop me this time. Because you change one huge flow, you are just a small stream of water… … .”

* * *

“I am the head of the anti-Aesir coalition, and I am what is called a trickster. In a word, he’s an incredibly handsome guy.”

Loki held out his chest and said confidently. Jaehyun glared at him like he was going to kill him.

“… You know I didn’t ask for that, right?”

Loki was startled by his bloody words, but soon came to his senses and accepted the words. But it wasn’t the answer Jaehyun wanted.

“I have something to tell you. adversary.”

Suddenly, Jaehyun wrinkled his brow at Loki’s attitude as he smiled while saying that. therefore. Are you going to get lost without answering the question now?

I’ll listen to the answer this time. Thinking so, Jaehyun paused for a moment as he was about to speak. It was because Loki came up to him before he knew it and put his hand on his head.

support position… .

A grotesque sound echoed in my head as if there was microphone noise.

Jaehyun shook his head in surprise. Loki was away again.

“This is all I can give you. That should be a good enough answer. Of course not right away… … Trust me.”

“I’d rather trust a passing dog.”

Jaehyun was sarcastic, but Loki neatly ignored it and replied.

“For now, let’s think about dealing with the Aesir gods. you can be stronger Of course you know that, right?”

“of course.”

“From today until the war begins, I will make you stronger than I am. So that you can kill Odin even if I become a bait.”

“… … what?”

Jaehyun was dumbfounded and asked in response.

Although he was speaking naturally, Loki’s words were too absurd. When he slayed Odin, he thought he would get his help.


You’ll be the bait, so tell yourself to kill Odin?

Doesn’t it mean that you want to do all the cool things and fall for it?

“It’s thick.”

“Ugh! He’s the head of the anti-Aesir coalition, but he still has a habit of talking… !”


At that moment, Loki’s jaw snapped. It was because Jaehyun’s fist hit him directly.

Jaehyun sees Loki’s deceased face as he pours his magic power.

he said with a confident expression.

“First, you should explain that you are qualified to teach me.”

“… Did you eat one of these?”

The trickster immediately straightened up and looked at Jaehyun’s follow-up. The attack is standard, but there are irregular patterns mixed in.

Is it true that the growth of the adversaries is something they built up on their own?

Loki’s eyes, looking at Jaehyun’s attack, were colored transparent gold.

The color is exactly the same as that of reproduction. Two pairs of pupils face each other.

It was a truly bizarre landscape.

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