I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 410

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Episode 410: Trickster (4)

loki is trash

From now on, I will punish such scum… … !

After reaching a satisfactory conclusion, Jaehyun continued the next day. Also, the next day, he was spending his daily life being beaten by Loki without a doubt.

Now I’m a bit unfair, but I have pride. She didn’t even want to ask what to do first. For some reason, in front of Loki, Jaehyun had a corner where he became a little childish.

‘You act childishly, as if you were a child. me too.’

Jaehyun thought so and looked at the monster in front of him.

Loki. He was also many times stronger than he thought.

‘No matter how distorted it is… How could you fight me with a sword like that? Are you crazy?’

No matter how you look at it, the sword he uses is no more than a C to B grade.

However, he himself is engaged in battle with a mythical long sword and other weapons.

It was a decision I made because I was not an opponent that I could put mercy in my hand anyway.

However, as a result, it was himself who was pushed back.


Jaehyun shook his sword and grabbed Loki’s shoulder as he grinned. A situation where the wound is quite deep and it is difficult to continue the battle.

But today I decided to try a bit more. He looked forward, holding the sword in the opposite direction. You can feel your breathing gradually getting better, and your lungs feel tense.

Loki in front is crossing his arms, as if asking him to try it if he wants to. Before I knew it, the black reverse summoned. Jaehyun gritted his teeth.


Mana explodes and becomes a catalyst, raising the divinity to its maximum efficiency. Jaehyun used his injured right hand to activate Meteor and drop a falling rock.


However, Loki avoided all of Jaehyun’s attacks with near-swift movements. It was an incredibly nimble move.

Jaehyun was frustrated, but he was sure that something was hidden inside.

‘Hel told me the other day. It’s all just an illusion.’

Hel had told me that all the magic Loki is showing now is illusion-type magic. That meant that there was a way to destroy it after all.

After reconsidering his thoughts, Jaehyun decided to take out the method he hadn’t wanted to use because it was dangerous.

It is to deal with the enemy using the greatest weapon you have.

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».

―The magic surrounding you is broken.

There was one reason Jaehyun hadn’t used absolute arithmetic until now.

When using absolute arithmetic, what if not only this illusion magic but also subspace is broken?

If his power reached the subspace composed of magic, he would be damaged by Loki.

Up until now, he hadn’t taken any damage because the battle had taken place within subspace, but after destroying it with magic, it would be meaningless.

Perhaps in the worst case scenario, you will be put in a situation where you can’t move and get hit by Loki, and if you made a mistake, you could lose your life.

Of course, considering what Fenrir said, it seemed that Loki valued himself.

I’ll probably try to control my strength as much as possible so that I don’t die. In the yard where I have to deal with Odin right now, I can’t control my power, so I can’t kill my opponent.

No matter how crazy Loki is.

‘… Perhaps?’

However, if there was no reason to carry it separately, it was Jaehyun who did not prefer to go out without taking risks.

Jaehyun was basically a bit conservative.

It was because I had been active as a radar for a long time, so I had focused on surviving. Why don’t they say that when you get older, you get more scared?

It was even more so for Jaehyun, who was engaged in a dangerous job.

“Anyway, the magic seems to have broken properly. hmm… I thought it would be like this, but is it okay? This could hurt you.”

Loki smirked.

I mean, it was clear. If you don’t, you’ll get hurt, but can you handle it?

Aren’t you too weak to handle your own power?

However, Jaehyun did not think of this battle without thinking.


Jaehyun’s eyes were colored with gold, and a demonic spirit dwelled in them.

“I don’t know, but I want to give you another slap in the face.”

“Isn’t that a bad idea? But can you? I guess… It looks like it will be hard!”

Loki leaped. It’s amazing how you can move like that in the air. Jaehyun also responded.

It uses, draws out, and manifests the enormous magical power that permeates its eyes. At the end of such a process, Loki’s movements are gradually revealed, albeit very faintly.


At that moment, Jaehyun succeeded in blocking Loki’s attack for the first time. After Loki got away from Jaehyun before he knew it, he clapped his hands.

“It’s quite good!”

Contrary to what he said, however, Jaehyun’s expression wasn’t very good. With a cold face, he held the sword in his hand and poured his attacks to the limit.

“Aren’t you full yet?”

“Hey, did you get caught?”


Once again the two godheads collided.

A huge noise covered the subspace. Now, the enemy’s movement is gradually getting stronger.

Jaehyun’s colleagues were also receiving personal training from other anti-Aesir forces, and their goals were becoming clearer again.

The death of Odin and the fall of Asgard.

It was the victory of the second Ragnarok.

* * *

‘A guy is a guy after all. That child of the enemy… He must be a madman.’

In fact, they were fighting calmly, but Loki was also quite flustered. The first time he felt strange was also when Jaehyun maintained a warlike attitude in front of him.

At the time, he maintained an infinitely light attitude towards himself.



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Just like the person he knew.

It was a very nice thing for Loki.

The next time I was surprised was when Jaehyun used black and white flames, close to ink.

At the time, I was genuinely surprised.

In the past, I wondered if Jaehyun’s growth was slow… .

‘It wasn’t like that.’


The swords of the two collided and sparks ignited.

Then, the cracks began to slowly go to his sword.

It meant that Jaehyun’s attack was effectively working against him.

I’m glad

He sincerely thought so, but Loki didn’t express it. I just deal with Jaehyun with the same mischievous expression.

“Adversary. Can I tell you something fun? In fact, I already knew you would have those eyes.”


Jaehyun, who stepped back while biting his sword, tilted his head and asked again.

It was such a difficult word to understand.

Did you know you’d have the eyes of the adversary?

Loki, how are you?

‘Well, if you think about it, isn’t it strange?’

Loki was a god with many secrets to himself.


He wasn’t nicknamed a con artist for nothing, and the anti-Aesir faction had hidden many secrets from Jae-hyeon until now.

As for representation, there is nothing special about it.

‘I don’t know why, but I don’t have time to worry about it anymore.’

“I think you have a reason for saying that.”

“okay. A matter of course.”

Loki smiled and showed the same two eyes as himself.

“From now on, there will be about a week left until the Aesir moves. From there, a long war that no one can stop will begin.”

“It’s surprising.”

“You will absolutely need the power of that eye to kill Odin.

In addition, it would be better to use the fragments of the two distant abyss already collected.”

Use of the star of the distant abyss. and the power of the eye.

There were still many stories that Jaehyun didn’t know well.

In fact, even when I first got the Star of the Distant Abyss, I had the idea that I would be able to use it.

However, since even the anti-Aesir forces did not know the specific method, Jaehyun was still holding back on using it.

However, I would have thought that Loki would have held the key.

There was nothing bad about Jaehyun.

Wouldn’t it be like using the things you risked your life for?

It was something that Jaehyun couldn’t help but be happy with.

“First of all, let’s start with training to properly handle the eyes.”

With that said, Loki began to teach in earnest. As Jaehyun listened closely to his story, he couldn’t help but feel that his realm was expanding every moment.

In addition, why did Loki become such a monster?

“… crazy. You really can’t explain it backwards.”

why what… Because Loki had no talent for explanation. The reason why the realm of reappearance was expanded was because he perfectly understood Loki’s words.

‘It reminds me of a professor’s boring lecture I used to listen to… … .’

It was a truly traumatic lecture.

Jaehyun sighed deeply and waved his hands as if he couldn’t help it.

“I can’t help it. look only once You learn while getting hit.”

“Don’t hold me accountable later?”

With Loki’s playful words, the couple started fighting again.

* * *

A shabby Asgard slum where the dusk has settled.

A man is seen walking down the street wearing a shimmering robe of black shadow.

He was a familiar face. A cold, cold expression and a fur coat wrapped around the shoulders.

It was Hugin the Crow.

“Now the end is really near.”

Recently he witnessed the deaths of Heimdall and Tyr.

I haven’t personally seen Tyr’s case, but he’s unmistakably the opponent. It must be the work of Jaehyun Min. Hugin had no choice but to admit it.

adversary. Now he is unstoppably strong.

Incidentally, Freya also smelled about the child.

The first time he talked to Odin about it, he left the door open and removed the security system.

He thought and thought again.

“What is it that I do not wish for?”

Hougin murmured as he looked at the cold slum where white breath leaked out.

I saw the poor people who could not eat properly and the wild animals that came down from the mountains in search of food.

At first, he himself was like that.

It was nothing, just a beast.

However, because I was lucky, I became Odin’s limbs, and I was able to come to my current position.

loyal to him Always for those who want to have everything in their hands.

No one can deny that.

However, Hugin was not without a goal.

Again, his goal was overly clear, and it constantly tested him.

Also, now he had a clear idea of ​​where he was supposed to stand.

In the past, he himself had spoken to Heimdall.

He could never be the main character. He’s just an extra.

Hugin knew.

Extras in the novel are infinitely short of passages to be devoted to.

A story has value when read as an old story.

Because no one other than the main character can lead the story to the end.

Extras are always extras. can’t be the main character

However, those words were by no means applied only to Heimdall.

himself too.

‘Yes, I will be no more than an extra 1 at the end of this story. But that fact won’t change my behavior.’

Hugin passed through the slums, grabbed an item, and left quietly.

It was one of the items that Odin had been searching for so long, and taking it out recklessly meant that Hugin, the crow, would betray Odin.

It was.

Hugin now intended to risk his fate on Jaehyun’s natural destiny.

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