I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 413

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Episode 413 Thor (1)

The aspect of the battle that started was initially equilibrium, but even this was enough to instill fear in people.

Even those who had burned their will to fight became infinitely weaker in the face of enormous force.

The wizards were stunned by the corpses strewn in front of them while setting barriers, and the martial arts that dealt with the demons protruding from the surroundings were also suffering from all sorts of fear.

First Fimbulbert. When the severe three years of winter came, they already knew. After all, my body has to protect itself.

However, since they were weak, they tried to rely on Jaehyun.

Even knowing that it could come as too much pain for him, he just found people in the cradle to protect him.

Of course, Jaehyun told the raiders to protect their own lives, and it was true that a calm fire was burning for them as well. couldn’t deny that.

But a battle against such an overwhelming enemy?

They had never imagined such a landscape and a formidable enemy.

I was afraid because The weight of the two letters of death.

It pressed both of their shoulders, and even their breathing was disrupted.

‘help me… … .’

Just like that, the number of people who were scared one by one continued to grow.


It was a time when everyone was thinking that way and trying to get hold of their magic tools and weapons.

“Everybody is now.”

Jaehyun’s voice began to resonate clearly throughout the battlefield.

The appearance of enormous power pouring out of both golden eyes.

“If we don’t take one more step now, everything is over. Do your best. So as not to embarrass yourself.”

Along with that, Jaehyun took out his secret weapon right before fighting Thor.

gold eyes. The world seen through both eyes was filled with all sorts of blue threads.

Where to slash can inflict a fatal blow to the enemy or cut off the enemy’s supply line.

Everything was clear to his eyes.

The power of his newly acquired eyes was that he could see very brief fragments of the future.

Jaehyun sighed and smiled.

‘Odin. If you oppress the world and other races with that petty force.’

―Active skill 《Frenzy Storm》 is activated.

―The user’s personality is perfect! You can use all the effects of your skills!

―Shows skill information!

[Active skill]

Name: Storm of Madness

Class: Mythic

Raises a frenzied storm and swallows everything in the nine worlds.

When activated, temporarily grants an ally a ‘Passion’ buff.

*Consumes 20% of total horsepower per use.

*The power increases whenever the number of people caught in the storm increases.

*caution! The longer you hold it, the greater the consumption of magic power, and it causes a mana rebound, so special care is needed.

[Passive skill]

Name: Passion

Rating: S+

Gives courage to all allies and puts them in a ‘Passion’ state.

Increases attack power and active skill effects by 40%.

*This is a skill that is automatically activated when a maddening storm is active.

* Whenever the number of people receiving the buff increases, the caster’s body is strained.

* Effect amplification is limited for some skills.

‘I will trample on your things with your strength.’

Jaehyun’s two golden eyes radiated light. At the same time, Thor’s hammer struck precisely with the longsword of the myth of reappearance.

Jaehyun deployed his magic with his other hand. Then, as if to explode, he pushed his divinity.

―Active skill 《Frigid Spear Lv 5》 is activated.

cold window.

A long stretch of ice wedged itself right into Thor’s stomach and pushed him all the way. It was spectacular even to look at.


However, the overwhelming strength that could not be expressed in such words was clearly reflected in everyone’s eyes.

‘A cold window. Originally didn’t exist… It’s the first magic I’ve ever created.’

Jaehyun completely opened his eyes and fully realized the essence of his power. It originated from Odin, but Jaehyun completed it in a completely different way.

Rune language. With the threads of the language underlying magic, he wove his own story. Unraveling this, he finally created a new magic.

The Spear of Cold is a magic that is created by transforming the frozen earth, at least reaching the level of a myth.

The essence flew quickly and hit Thor’s ribs.

Thor stood up from his seat in shock, staggering.

It’s a strange thing.


‘It’s more than I thought. I didn’t expect this either.’

However, he was Thor, one of the greatest gods of the Æsir, with a strong sense of war. For him, the current situation was a blessing.

For him who enjoys fighting, fighting was both his reason for life and his goal.

“Okay let’s go against… ! If you come out like that, then I too… !”


At that moment, Thor’s face turned. Jaehyun came up to him before he knew it and put his fist right in his face.



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Handfuls of blood sputum spilled out and scattered on the floor.

Jaehyun walked across the barren land with eager eyes and began to approach Thor in front of him.

The composure and overwhelming momentum felt in each step seemed to quickly cool the surroundings like thin ice.

No, it was real, not a feeling.

―Active skill «Frozen Earth Lv 5» is activated.

Because Jaehyun is moving forward while freezing everything around him by activating the frozen ground right now.

“A reason to listen to you.”

At that moment, Jaehyun’s atmosphere suddenly changed and turned into that of a loser.

“I don’t have one.”


It was the next moment when an explosion sound was heard.

* * *


As Odin’s wife and the goddess of the earth and family, she was also a prominent presence in Asgard.

A goddess with the unique privilege to sit on Odin’s throne, Hlidskalp.

Because that was the phrase that qualifies her.

However, just because she is Odin’s wife doesn’t mean she’s in that position.

She also possessed great strength.

Although not to the extent of Freya’s Valkyrie army, she was one of the supreme gods of the Aesir.

And Thor is a being with more power than her. He was truly a being of a different class.

however… … What’s going on?

Now, Frigg is holding the most shocking scene of his life in his eyes.

It was the image of Thor being pushed by humans, a weak race.

Is this even possible?

I knew that the adversary was strong. But I never thought of it to this extent.

What is a species?

So far, she has thought that it is the boundary that separates each person’s line. I thought it was a natural limitation.

From the beginning, Frigg believed that beings like himself, who were born as gods, were supreme and pure, and that they should live in the highest position ruling over the lower ones.

Power is a word that exists only for the gods.

I believed so.

“What the hell are you… What is it? What on earth is in it?”

Frigg was in shock, and his brain was like that. However, there was no answer. Jaehyun just watched Thor as he rose again.

It was to the point where I felt resolute in the appearance that never allowed gaps. Frigg sighed and quickly cast his powers on him.

greedy eyes.

It was the authority that raised her to the highest position, even though she was relatively weak compared to other top-level gods.

A magic that is essentially the same as the Insight Eye, which accurately identifies the opponent.

This is, of course, Odin’s lost eye.

No, it shouldn’t have meant much to Jaehyun, who had the eyes of a divination opponent, but Frigg judged that Jaehyun, who was fighting Thor right now, wouldn’t have the time to respond to his own magic.

absolute operation. To use the power to neutralize all magic. Because Thor, the enemy right now, won’t be defeated so easily.

‘… … wait, this… ! What the hell is this power?’

Consternation gleamed in Frigg’s eyes.

Soon, her body begins to tremble, and her expression gradually stiffens.

As if she had seen something she couldn’t see, she was frowning at Jaehyun, who was generating magic. According to her own eyes, the adversary… I will never lose to Thor.

How, how the hell is this even possible?

“Thor! Back away now!”

Suddenly, I screamed like that, and I thought, Oops. What skill did Jaehyun use a moment ago? It was not something that could be dismissed as a familiar magic I had seen somewhere.

What a mad storm.

He used Odin’s main weapon.

But why isn’t he taking any risks?

Thoughts followed quickly, and conclusions were immediately reached.

The reason was clear.

“Adversary… ! Could it be that you have reached it? In Odin’s case… !”

Jaehyun smiled faintly at that. Along with him, Thor, who had been lying down, got up from his seat and sighed with an angry expression.


A massive electric shock strikes Mjolnir, revealing it towards Jaehyun. Thor met his eyes and smiled.

“You’ve become many times stronger than before. It is interesting. very… So much fun!”

Madness dwells. Could it also be inherited from his father, Odin?

Thor, uninhibited by the overwhelming power of reappearance, began to charge at him. He kicks the ground and stamps his feet.

Then, raise the hammer that the electric shock is raging high.

Frigg, realizing the mistake he had made, shouted again.

“Stop! Thor!”

But Thor couldn’t hear her words. He was an unstoppable force and was a typical strong and weak predator who was easily swayed by his desire to win.

No matter how powerful Frigg was, he didn’t have to accept everything she said. At least that’s how it has been in my life so far.

“die… ! Adversary!”

In an instant, Thor’s hammer hits Jaehyun’s head directly.

Unlike just a moment ago, an attack with power that is infinitely close to full power.

However, after watching the flow of the attack with a bored expression, Jaehyun reacted briefly at the last moment.

That was all.


With a huge explosion, Jaehyun put his magic power on his sword to the limit and struck Thor’s hammer. However, he did not stop there.

―Active skill 《Thunder God’s Power》 is activated.

―Active skill 《Thunder God’s Chain Lv 5》.


In the silence where everything in the world seemed to have stopped, Jaehyun opened his mouth. The enemy’s attack was accurately blocked by his longsword, and the frozen ground was just pure white light.

Thor’s expression darkened slightly. It was a shocked face.

‘The opponent is the power of the Thunder God. I knew that I was using my authority. but… this is unexpected If it’s the same power, my proficiency will be much higher… ! What the hell is this?’

The chain of the God of Thunder activated by Jaehyun accurately ensnared the enemy’s sword and began to slowly push Thor’s body away. In the battle of brute force, that Thor started to be pushed back.

“It seems Hrungnir is still angry with you even after he is dead.”

Jaehyun laughed coldly.

―Passive skill 《Hrungnir’s Rage》 is activated.

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