I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 414

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Episode 414 Thor (2)

The Wrath of Hrungnir.

It was the second mythical skill that Jaehyun had acquired in the past, and it was the reward obtained after clearing the Trial of the Giant.

A skill that is particularly effective against the Aesir god.

Increases all stats, including attack and defense. It was a skill called fraud, and one of Jaehyun’s secret skills.

This helped Jaehyun achieve feats as an adversary.

Until now, every time I dealt with various Aesir gods such as Modi, Magni, and Tyr. This skill helped Jaehyun perform better against them.

However, there was another time when this skill showed its greatest efficiency.

It deserves the name of Hrungnir’s Wrath.

The effect was amplified against Thor, the target of the massacre of the giants.

When Jaehyun reunited with Smir later, he briefly recalled the additional explanation of the skill he had told him about.

[The effect of 《Hrungnir’s Rage》 is maximized against Thor, who annihilated the giants. It is the power given for revenge. However… … How you handle this is up to you.]

Smir said it was up to him how to handle this skill.

Jaehyun pondered for a long time, repeating what he meant. not an easy time. However, Jaehyun found an answer.

‘It must mean using force to move forward. Just because the power for revenge is nothing but an empty shell.’

It didn’t matter if it was correct or not.

Jaehyun felt that Smir’s story was helpful enough just to remind him of what strength is, and that it must be used in order to advance.

Jaehyun lifted his head and looked ahead.


The thunder god, the god who killed Hrungnir. The person responsible for turning Jotunheim into a sea of ​​fire was right in front of his eyes.

Also, as you can tell from the name of the skill. The effect of Hrungnir’s rage is maximized several times when it targets them.

To put it simply, Jaehyun meant that he had a completely opposite-s*x relationship with Thor. Thor seemed to have noticed this too, and gritted his teeth.

“You have the power of a dirty giant.”

“You’ll soon find out who the dirty one is.”

Jaehyun lightly countered Thor’s words, and let the divine attack pour out again without capturing it.

Jigsaw Jigsaw!

Exactly like Thor’s thunderbolt. No, the added magic power radiates bright yellow light and wraps around Jaehyun’s whole body.

A release close to awe. Even the atmosphere around him was completely annihilated.

How the hell is that even possible?

Jaehyun’s colleagues looked at him in astonishment, but he remained calm.

He is just making a calm expression while accepting all the gazes focused on him.

Thor put his strength back into the hand holding the hammer. It was because I thought that the adversary was not an opponent to be taken lightly.

‘Adversary… Are you saying that killing Tyr wasn’t a fluke?’

But even so, there would be no reason for him to lose.

Tyr was called the god of war, but he was not very strong in one-on-one combat.

It’s good at lightning strikes, and it doesn’t mean much to Thor, who has tremendous power.

Moreover, there are times when you hide it like that from yourself.

If you use that power well, you can get what you want.

The adversary will never be able to triumph over himself.

Thor said with a bitter laugh.

“Adversary. I can’t understand. Why are you scumbags struggling? Living under Odin wouldn’t be bad either.

Why are you risking your life to protect your humble life?”

“You call that a question? You were crazy too. Like Loki.”

“Speak such arrogant words only after defeating me. That’s what you’re going to do now!”

With his words, Thor erupted with a momentary force of his own.

mighty rank. He pulled out his maximum power at once and started to open the field. He wore a mischievous smile.

“I have something to tell you. God at the top of Asgard. You do not know what Odin’s purpose is.”

“… purpose?”

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

A sense of incongruity felt at the same time as Thor’s words.

However, before Jaehyun could figure this out, Field swallowed him and Thor in an instant.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I realized something was wrong.

* * *

A bloody wind blows.

Raiders in oil-slicked iron armor are fighting in their respective positions, making up for each other’s shortcomings.

The most outstanding are, of course, those who are called S-class raiders.

Also, they were Jaehyun’s colleagues.

As if they would not spare the enemy in front of them, they were doing their best to catch the enemy somehow. The same was true of the dwarf and elven armies.

In fact, they were not very close, but in the present situation, it was not the time to discuss such trivial matters.

Moreover, the frenzied storm triggered by Jaehyun boosted the momentum of the allies at once. Nothing else caught their eye now.

You just have an enemy to take down, and you hunt him down. Radar’s primal instinct keeps leaking out, revealing fangs at enemies.

“Luna! How many people fall that way! Stop it!”


It was a collaboration between Kim Yoo-jung and Ruina. They had become quite friendly.

The other co-workers are also now open-minded, and our relationship with each other is quite good. Now it’s to the point where I can rely on my back in an emergency.

It was encouraging.

However, the situation was still not good.

number of enemy troops. because it was too much.



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‘… No matter how many times I kill it, it never ends. This is dangerous.’

Ahn Ho-yeon bit his lip. This is not good at all.

The number of soldiers in the enemy camp continued to increase. If the battle is not ended quickly, the number of soldiers will continue to increase.

Even at this moment of thinking beyond the gate, an unbelievable number of troops were still pouring in mercilessly.

On the other hand, the number of allies does not increase even if each individual shows an activity of 1 per 100.

‘It can’t be like this.’

Kwon So-yul pursed his lips and looked around.

I didn’t expect the number of enemies to be this high, so the formation of the allies was collapsing pretty quickly.

It couldn’t have been anything to worry about.

The most difficult is, of course, Valkyrie. Their soul-fighting swords disrupted the movement of their colleagues, and since they pursued their opponents to the end, there was no option to avoid them without blocking them. It was truly astounding power.


“Valkyries… I wonder what these guys should do.”

Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul exchanged words like that.

Seo Ina also agreed.

“… surely. Valkyries are annoying. … Especially if it’s a captain’s level Valkyrie.”

“There is a limit to supporting with the power of potions. I don’t think it will be easy.”

Lee Jae-sang also helped.

just a few minutes. Little by little, as time passes, the allies gradually begin to be pushed back. The enemy’s offensive continued to get steeper, and Jae-hyeon and Thor were sucked into the field magic.

However, it is difficult for ordinary human raiders to continue fighting here.

On the other side, the venom of Jormungandr and Nidhogg, the root of the tree summoned by Idun. Also, the knights of each race are slaughtering the enemy… .

The enemies were clever and tenacious.

They are concentrating their forces to break through the blockade in the direction where the weakest humans are. At this rate, it was only a matter of time before it was pierced.

‘What should I do?’

Ahn Ho-yeon pondered what he would have done if Jae-hyun was in the same situation. The answer does not come easily. He is he, and he himself is himself.

So, of course, conclusions such as reproduction cannot be drawn.

But it was because he was always the one he could trust by looking at his back. He recalled his reappearance in an even more desperate situation.

―The passive skill 《Sword of Faith》 is more activated.

―Blue and white are burning to the limit.

Ahn Ho-yeon continued to slaughter the enemy while breaking the wall every moment. The movement of cutting down one enemy with each breath made it hard to believe that it was human.

Hell and Hela also open the door of the dead and lead a large army of the dead to fight. However, even so, Valkyrie was strong.

“shit… ! If this continues, I will be pushed… !”

So, it was around the time that their forces began to slowly decline.

Out of nowhere, overwhelming magical energy suddenly erupted, and numerous large armies began to rise above the friendly camp.

It was a landscape I had seen before.

One day, the day when the name of the adversary began to be known to the public.

Those with pure white, transparent wings floated in the air, holding swords, fluttering like cherry blossoms in full bloom.

At once, the eyes of allies are focused on that direction.

“They… !”


A muffled voice broke out among the humans.


Milles School Festival. The disaster that drove them to hell at the time had arrived here.

However, if there was one difference from then, it was that they were allies now.


At that moment, the name of hatred erupts from Frigg’s mouth in the enemy camp.


She finally made a decision after much thought.

He changed his mind and became an ally. to join the battlefield.

The brisingamen that always hung around her neck was no longer to be found.

She has already decided to accept it.

that their child died.

‘Because I can’t come back. Even now, you have to hold back the mistake you made yourself. That would be the only atonement I can make.’

Believing so, Freya changed her mind and stood on the battlefield.

Once again, he put on a bloody iron helmet and came here with a number of Valkyrie troops loyal to him, not Odin. To end this hell.

It was in order to reach the place where the enemy should reach.

“Prepare the entire army.”

Freya exploded with enormous magic and shed something that I don’t know if it was blood or tears. Her determined voice broke out.

“From now on, we will subdue the wicked Odin and set the world right.”


A wild roar erupted, and as if the Valkyries standing behind Freyja had hit it, they rushed at the enemy at the same time.

“What is this!”

“Calm down! The enemy’s momentum… !”


The sword draws a trajectory and begins to sweep away enemies.

A sword for soul mate with a sword for soul mate.

The two swords collide in the air, canceling out and opening a path for allies.

Finally, the tide turned.

Freya raised her sword vertically and made a vertical line.

Then she slowly swung her sword down and down.

“The sword of death.”


It took an instant for hundreds of Valkyries in the enemy army to be reduced to ashes.

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