I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 417

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Episode 417: Twilight (1)

Twilight descends.

Cold air and silence fill Odin’s throne.

By now Midgard would be at war. Perhaps Thor is holding back his adversary, and the rest of the Valkyries are also fighting for themselves.

‘Freya’s betrayal was expected. It was like a ticking time bomb that was about to explode. It’s not something to be embarrassed about just because it exploded.’

Odin was infinitely calm. The adversary is strong, but no matter how hard it is, they will not be able to overcome Thor and come this far.

The target he should check now is rather Loki.

It was a guy who might soon reach his very eyes.

“Now, time is on my side. Loki… and the adversary. What can you do? What can be changed is just your insignificant roles.”

“Do you really think so?”

At that time when Odin muttered while thinking so.

A man appeared before Odin’s eyes.

Hugin. A crow that left the battlefield a while ago.

He appeared directly in front of Odin.

“The lowly servant will ask the master first.”

Hugin asked in his usual calm voice.

“What is your purpose?”

It was not a question that one could dare to ask the ruler, Odin, about the crow. However, he asked with sunken eyes without even a hint of agitation.

It means that it was meant to be this way from the beginning.

Odin looked at Hugin carefully and replied calmly.


“Is everything?”

“Yes. It’s all about getting your hands on it. To do so, I need proof that I am the loser of the world.

okay… It means that ‘that sword’ must be held in my hand.”

Hugin said with a self-deprecating, forced smile.

“As expected, what you want is different from what I want.”


Odin let out a bitter laugh.

“What on earth is so important to me, the feelings and wants that a minor creature like you have?

You also believed in me and followed me. During the last tens of thousands of years and aeons of time. isn’t it? Why have you changed your mind now?”

“Because that wasn’t what I wanted from the start.”

Hugin’s story baffled even Odin, who prided himself on knowing everything. Why is he talking like this?

If so, what is the real reason you followed yourself until now?

Hugin quickly added a reason.

“… … I followed you because I believed that holding everything in my hands would bring me peace. But it wasn’t like that. You are a plunderer, and you have been greedy, not peace.”

Hugin was calm. His eyes contain emotions for the first time. He had lifted the magic that had been controlling his emotions.

The cost of that was horrific and painful indeed. right after the magic is lifted. All the emotions he remembered began to vividly come back to Hugin.

It interlocks with memories, sometimes with remorse,

sometimes with sin,

sometimes with pain,

Sometimes it came with compassion.

The mistake he had repeatedly made while following Odin for eons of time.

Now, as a burden, it weighs him down. Hugin didn’t do anything other than deal with it.


Memories of the past committed, as well as the memories and painful times that Jaehyun must have experienced before returning someday in that time line… … .

“It can’t be funny. Just having feelings makes a person so weak.”

“Because of that, I forbade you to have feelings. Emotions are just a useless variable for not only you but also many people who follow me.

Emotions, in the end, only bring disaster to people.”


Hugin cut off and took a step forward.

“It has already come from you. Odin.”

“It is disrespectful. Hugin. my crow Now, you know very well that these words have no meaning. then.”

Odin raised his hand to let go.

“As the owner, I will take you.”


A twisted spear rod pierced Hugin’s heart.

Just like before, a fountain of blood gushed out.

However, even at this moment, Odin did not guess.

What Hugin had left for the adversary at the very last moment of the end.

How big of an impact that will bring in the battle later.

* * *

“Yeah I know. That your sisters sacrificed and continued to work hard even in hell.”

“great job. really. Soon this story will come to an end. Will your names appear in the epilogue? Probably. I will make sure to do that.”

“therefore… Won’t you help me one last time? Just like when we first promised.”

* * *

The light goes out.

All living things in the nine worlds slowly begin to lose their powers. Like oiled torches hanging on the wall, people’s lives become weeds and shimmer.

An afterimage created by casting deep shadows. In the bizarre landscape, raiders all over the world felt that their power was slowly draining away.



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He had the strength he deserved to be equipped as a person who opposes him. Until now, it has been fighting against God.

But now even that is beginning to blur.

There will be no way to revive the dying embers anywhere in the world anymore.


The end was now approaching.

At that moment, even those who did not have the Nornir System felt it.

They say that their time is running out, and that all fortunes depend on the adversary.

Seo Ina muttered as she looked at the sky where the heavy snow continued to fall despite the darkness.

“… Jaehyun… … Will it be okay?”

“don’t worry. That’s Jaehyun Min.”

Kim Yoo-jung took the word, and even Ruina helped.

“You’re my husband, so of course he can do it!”

Along with him, the eyes of the two women simultaneously turned to Ruina. The gaze that glared at Ruina was unusual.

The comrades who slashed the enemies from behind whispered.

“I guess it’s Jaehyun… If you come back, you will have a lot of trouble?”

“Isn’t that true?”


However, even at that moment, they had to face the far-off sight of enemies coming like clouds again. It was indeed a look worthy of the name of disaster.

At last the world was dyed in twilight.

* * *

The battle between Thor and Smir was one-sided.

No matter how much Thor was attacked by Hrungnir in the past and was unable to use 30% of his magic power properly, his basic level itself was not comparable to Smir.

Asgard’s strongest. The one who is closest to the spot.

Because that’s the brain god Thor.

However, Smir continued to block his attacks and just endured calmly. Thor sighed as he watched him come out with a defensive attitude.

He slung the hammer over his shoulder and said.

“You’re not having fun either. Do you mean to fight to protect like your father? But all of that was crumbled.

What the hell is the meaning of what you want to protect?”

What does it mean? Yeah, I’m not sure.

Smir held the spear again with a faint smile. Several of them have already been broken, and their bodies are full of bruises from being beaten with a hammer.

worst case.

Indeed, we are facing the worst of evils.


“It didn’t mean anything.”


“Didn’t you send the enemy forward?”

At Smir’s words, Thor swung his hammer again as if he was dumbfounded. A wild thunderbolt that made a whooshing noise dug into Smir’s abdomen and caused his blood to gushing out.

“Even if the adversary gets to where Odin is, he will never be able to achieve what he wants.”

“At first you called your adversary a mere human being.”

Smir suddenly raised his head. He raised all his ranks to the limit and looked at the enemy in front of him.

Thunderer. Thor is the strongest being.

Although its power was lowered by Hrungnir, there is no doubt that he is the one at the top of Asgard.

However, Thor had one more meaning to Smir.

the one who killed his father

It wasn’t a good meaning, but on the contrary, it was helping him to the limit. he was calm

“Actually, the adversary was weak. So there were times when he doubted himself.

But he continued to get up and walk. He was faced with losing himself every moment, but he wanted to grow faster.”

Smir laughed.

My past self and Jaehyun seemed to suddenly overlap.

At first, Smir was guarding the great ruins under his father’s orders, but he never intended to let the weak opponent inside.

so i tried to return it. Even with a show of force.

But then, the adversary said.

[You have to get out of there.]

I have to go inside, so get out of there. Looking back now, the adversary was more courageous and outstanding than he thought.

Even though he was several times stronger at the time, he did not know that he would rise up like an adversary. He just sat there, desolate after his father’s death.

However, it was not an adversary.

He got up and walked.

Little by little, I began to achieve things that I thought I could never do.

From the beginning, the opponent was such a person. Smir smiled faintly.

“The adversary is strong. Odin, Loki, and you, who were called the best gods, rose faster than anyone else.”

“What do you want to say… !”

“Anyway, Thor. Do you think Odin will defeat him?”

“This bastard dares… !”

For Thor, it was an insult to his father and all of Asgard. Furthermore, it was a remark that insulted his existence.

My mind has changed. I’ll sort it out quickly. Having made up his mind, Thor charged at the enemy with his hammer loaded with thunderbolts.


Then, the moment when he was about to gather the thunderclouds from the sky and strike them down.

“I will tell you one thing.”

‘what… The atmosphere… You said it changed?’

A strange thing happened.

Smir. An unknown, intangible power emerged from him, who was nothing more than trash, and began to bind Thor.

It was an embarrassing thing for him.

can not understand.

What kind of situation is this?

“This spear was made by grinding my father’s whetstone.”

“no way… !”

“okay. It’s like something stuck in your forehead. Also, this spear is made to kill only you. It’s an item that weakens the electric shock and takes away its mana by reacting with the whetstone on its forehead.”

“That sounds funny. See, you can’t beat me I am… Asgard’s Thor, far higher than you! That is my name!”

Thor gritted and gnashed his teeth. He opened his rank with the intention of getting away from Smir at any moment and drinking him.

However, as a result, this ended up in vain.

‘what… They say they’re producing at least the same magical power as mine… ?’

It was because Smir was exerting power almost equal to his own.

Smir smiled and put all his energy into the hand holding the spear. Even at first glance, the level of magic equivalent to that of Thor from a moment ago.

The reason why such a thing was possible was simple.

It was a few days ago, when he found Darren.

[The mark of sacrifice… You mean engrave it?]


Smir went to Darren and asked him to engrave the mark of sacrifice.

Daren’s reply was cold.

[What crazy things are you talking about! Don’t you know how dangerous the ‘imprint of sacrifice’ is? You will surely die if you use it! It means you can’t come back!]

[Know. Like I’d die if I used it. However… … someone has to do it Don’t you know that it’s a war?]

[Shit! I want you to make me a weapon to kill me with my own hands… … Me too, but I think the adversary will tolerate that!]

[The adversary will think. and you will understand That the choice I made was the best. Even knowing it, you will be sad and suffering.

How is it? Darren. If you’re that human, wouldn’t I, Smir, be worth the sacrifice?]

mark of sacrifice.

It was an imprint that could emit more than three times the power and magic power that it could produce, instead of burning up and using up all of its life in an instant.

Smir engraved it on his spear. He used his father’s whetstone to sharpen his ends, and now he can finally face Thor to see the ends.

“Damn the giant bastard!”

Along with blood, swearing poured out on his face.

Thor tried to level the ground to get out immediately, but Smir held him tight so he couldn’t move. Then, slowly began pushing the spear into his body.

“What are you doing! If you do this, you will die too! not knowing that… … Cool!”

Thor sighed again, and blood sputum poured out. Smir was also slowly breaking down. The enormous height of her body was shaking as if it would collapse at any moment, and the veins around her eyes were bursting.

The eyesight is darkened.

However, Smir’s eyes were filled with only aloofness.

‘The adversary. go ahead And somehow… End this hell. I’m sorry I left for Helheim first.’

I didn’t feel any pain.

adversary. I was really happy to die for him.

Even at that moment, Mjolnir’s lightning strike burned his skin again and again, but he did not show it.

If only I could get him forward, forward.

Even if he died here, he wouldn’t feel unfair.

At the last moment of the end, Smir thought.

Just as his father had saved himself through death in the past, now he has to help someone move forward.

“Come with me, Thor. To Helheim.”

‘Father, you must have felt this way too.’

With that voice, Thor screamed.

A smile that Smir had never seen before, a very bright smile.

“shit… !! you… !!”

It wasn’t long before the two giants fell to the ground.

No one was out of breath.

However, there was no one here who did not know that it was a war.

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