I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 418

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Episode 418: Twilight (2)

When Jaehyun saw the gate to Asgard, numerous soldiers were already blocking the area.

It was probably expected that Jaehyun would attack this place in reverse and head to Asgard. However, to Jaehyun, their plans did not hold much meaning.

squeak. squeak.

Some of the many soldiers standing in Jaehyun’s way fell. It was a swordsmanship that was close to divine. It was natural.

Jaehyun’s sword. This is because the intangible sword has now awakened all five consciousnesses.

‘Intangible sword. That derivation would be Frey. That was really unexpected.’

It was just a few days ago when Jaehyun learned the two remaining expressions. After the sparring with Loki, she was reflecting on her own swordsmanship.

* * *

“… adversary. How are you learning the intangible sword?”

“… How do you know about the intangible sword?”

It was strange.

It was a situation where we were questioning why each other knew about the intangible sword.

When Jaehyun asked about it in detail, Frey scratched his head and suggested it.

“How about sparring with me?”

That’s how the sparring proceeded, and Jaehyun encountered a disparate situation there.

intangible sword. He saw him wield the same sword he wielded.

‘It’s a strange thing. This must have been Balak’s intangible sword… Besides, even Balak couldn’t master all five ceremonies. But why does Frey… ?’

“That’s the original swordsmanship I made.”

“… yes?”

“Before, I thought it was so much fun to float my sword in the air, so I made a few sword techniques. Can something like this happen? Can something like that happen? With that in mind, he continued to handle the sword. And then… … .”

“Before you cut your mouth, just summarize the main points.”

“… I just happened to make it.”

Frey proudly declared so. It was absurd, but Jaehyun was naturally happy. Even if it wasn’t, he was the one who was thinking about sparring with Frey.

However, I did not expect to see direct benefits in this way.

I just wanted to learn something in Dalian, but there was something I could learn more systematically than I thought.

Jaehyun said with a smile on his lips.

“i look forward to.”

“… … Did you just say something?”

“The fate of the world is at stake.”

It was annoying, but Frey faithfully taught me to recreate.

His teachings, unlike Loki’s, were effective. As the creator of the intangible sword and the master of non-stop explanations, he quickly taught Jaehyun the art of the sword.

The end of the intangible sword. The fourth and fifth expressions at the end.

It was too difficult for a human to digest, but the effect was certain. It’s not about hiding it again. A sword that paradoxically reveals itself and draws an ink painting. That was the pinnacle of the intangible sword.

Thanks to.

Each and every enemy that came to Jaehyun now was nothing more than a toy. A one-sided slaughter began as dozens of enemies were swept away by one of his swords.


It didn’t slow down at all.

The distance is shortened in an instant. A highland soon appeared in front of me.

‘That gate. The road to Odin’s throne… It came right in front of me.’

Jaehyun felt his heart beat like crazy.

What is Odin thinking and waiting for him?

I don’t know, but my body was moving fast.

The gate is slowly closing. Someone must have noticed Jaehyun’s movement and tried to close the gate.

Along with his thoughts, demonic beasts came flooding in from all directions.

“Do you know how to let things go the way you want them to?”

―Active skill 《Ice Chain Lv 5》 is activated.

Jaehyun smiled and quickly killed the monsters around him with ice magic. Now, it’s not that difficult to push enemies like this with a chain.

Jaehyun quickly arrived at the gate, summoned Nidhogg’s fangs, held them in reverse, and inserted them into the gate.

Parts Tsutsu!

Gate let out a terrible scream and slowly began to expand its small mouth. There was a slight crack in the gate with a crackling sound.

It was proof that someone was forcibly opening and closing the door.

Jaehyun didn’t care. He has enemies coming over there anyway, but he’s no different than going over there and killing Odin himself.

There was nothing to see here.


And finally, Jaehyun succeeded in opening the gate by forcefully expanding it.

Along with that, something unexpected happened. The door of the gate was completely closed.

‘I thought I’d prepare something… I never thought I’d close the gate.’

Jaehyun, who was sent to Asgard along with the light, frowned.

It seemed that the pre-planted formula had worked, in case an outsider forcibly broke through the gate. Jaehyun quickly grasped him and pushed his body into it.

gate. At the end of the senses of that disgusting transmission, it was none other than the remaining soldiers who could not be transmitted.

Jaehyun smiled.

“After all, hunting is a sheep hunting.”

It was a number that seemed suitable for warming up against Odin. Even at a glance, they looked like thousands of people, and though they were weak, they had dignity. There was no meaning to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun immediately deployed the flame magic.

―Active skill 《Prominence Lv 5》 is activated.


The surrounding heat and magma began to engulf the enemy in an instant. Odin’s minions are quickly swept away.



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Jaehyun, who was watching the scene, continued to use magic as if it was still not enough.

Quaang! Quaang!

like that.

It only took a few minutes for Jaehyun to clear out thousands of enemies.

It was to prove that Frigg was not wrong in thinking that he had the stature to dare to stand side by side with Loki and Odin.

“Now then, Odin… where are you?”

Jaehyun took a step. for the last of the last.

* * *

The magic that Jaehyun activated a while ago. In the aftermath of the frenzied storm, the momentum of our allies continued to rise.

In addition, the appearance of various races continuing to improve.

Jaehyun closed the gate and the enemy didn’t increase any more, so the current situation could be said to be even better.

However, even in such situations, variables always exist.

One of them is Valkyrie. It was also Lota and Hildr, the Valkyrie who stood on Odin’s side. In addition to that, there are countless battlegrounds of the Valkyrie, the commander-in-chief.

A number close to twenty.

Each of them had reached at least the 3rd stage of liberation. A few were poisoned by Jormungand and Nidhogg, but their spirit was still strong.

Rota, Hildr, and many other Valkyries said as they saw Freyja facing swords with them.

“I’m sorry for dealing with Freya-nim like this.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help it.”

Numerous Valkyries said that and aimed their swords at Freya in unison.

They were by far the best among the soldiers Freya had raised. A level comparable to Sigrun and Gunner. That is why the rank of captain was conferred.

‘All the other soldiers are already fighting. It would be difficult to expect support from my side. I have to take care of this alone.’

The number of enemies is great. They were also those who were once his own soldiers. Freyja realized that the time had come for him to risk his life.

No matter how much she is, she is not enough to deal with dozens of high-ranking Valkyries. It was an unavoidable situation.

Her status is around the 4th stage of liberation.

However, there are dozens of enemies only those who have reached the third stage. It’s a fight that can’t be a game.


However, Freya aimed her sword.

A person who has lived fiercely to protect his child. Because she is like that, she can be more aloof than anyone else in front of her death.

Freyja shouted with a determined expression.

“come. I will not look after you with the affection of a priest.”


“I will go.”

A myriad of Valkyries rushed at Freya at the same time.

“Mrs. Freya!”

The groans of the Valkyries who were dealing with the enemy on the other side burst out. At that rate, Freya would surely die.

She must know this and go to battle.

Feeling their eyes blurring, they looked at the leader who stood at the very front.

A god who always had the dignity of a valiant monarch who never fought behind the scenes.

I will not leave a single stain on her death.


Enormous magical power burst out from Freya’s upright shoulders and elegant white wings.


Swords collided and sparks rose.

Dozens of swords intertwined with each other, coveting the fabric behind them. A tense situation where they can cut each other at any time follows.

The path drawn by the sword was beautiful beyond all else, but what they shared with each other was not light sword dance. The sword that covets death has the scent of blood.

Fishy, ​​sometimes chilling, and tragic.

“Mrs. Freya, are you sure you have no intention of changing your mind?”

At that time, Rota in front stopped his sword for a moment and asked. Her hands were shaking slightly. Freyja smiled faintly.

“No, that is impossible.”


“If I asked you the same thing, wouldn’t you give me the same answer? You are Odin’s, and I am me. We just go the way we want each other. It didn’t go well. There is no one who can speak.”

At Freya’s words, Rota gritted her teeth. In the end, the battle between the priests was a tragedy, and it was a fate that had no choice but to run into a deeper abyss.

Chaeeng! visor! Chaeeng!

The battle continued for several minutes like that.

The wings were cut, and the blood splattered. The funeral ceremony collided with each other and emitted a roar. It was a fight that looked awesome even at a glance.

Freya took the lives of several disciples in the midst of that. The number of soldiers approaching about ten. Each and every one of them was a captain.

She is fighting beyond her limits.

the mistake he made.

for penance for it.

But in war, in the end, there was always a winner.

Freya. The proof was that two swords were flying into her abdomen.

‘I’m done here too.’

Freya had a hunch about her own death.

There was not enough stamina to block both swords.

Here he will end his life.

Freya closed her eyes for a moment.

I dreamed of reuniting with my beloved child. It was a very long dream.

10,000 years of time. He lived like an idiot, looked at a dream that could not come true, and ran.

If you knew in your heart that the end would be a tragedy.

‘If I die, I want to see your face again… … .’

It was when she thought so and tried to accept the swords of the two disciples.


Huge dark clouds began to form that covered the sky, and a cry that overturned the heavens and earth was heard.

It belonged to the dragon no matter what anyone said.

Then, the swords of the enemies stopped, and the voice of an unknown gender resonated deep in the brains of those on the battlefield.

Dragon language.

[Who the hell is this fight for?]

All the gazes of the shocked soldiers on the battlefield turned upward.

The shadow of the wings coloring the sky black stands out.

The dragon’s voice continued.

[Someone died. someone survived But if even the living are not happy, what are the struggles and tears for?]

At that moment, a voice rang in Jaehyun’s ears.

―<<Fafnir II>> activates the exclusive skill <Revived Memories>.

―All dragon memories are temporarily unlocked.

While using magic on the battlefield, Kim Yoo-jung’s hand stiffens for a moment.

she muttered, looking up.

“… … Yongyong… ?”

[I am Fafnir. I will punish Asgard on behalf of all dead dragons.]

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