I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 420

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Episode 420: The Crow’s Memory


In the very distant beginning of time, there was a crow watching over a man who was hung upside down from Yggdrasil.

A creature that didn’t even have a name yet.

Every day he contemplated an old man hanging upside down.

As if it were their daily routine.

The crow watched the old man from the spot without missing a single day.

So about 9 days.

After patiently hanging upside down on Yggdrasil, the old man eventually learned the language of magic. You have succeeded in awakening the rune language.

At the same time, he became interested in a small creature that never left his side and watched him.

He gave the crow a name.

An old man with a magical language. Giving a name to Odin meant that he had some dignity by transferring some of his magic power.

In that way, the crow, which was nothing more than a minor thing, gained its status for the first time.


It was then that the name first came into being.

At first, the old man looked at Hugin and said.

“I am your master from now on. My name is innumerable. Wodanaz, Woden, Wotan, Weda… … However, the name that will climb to the top of the nine worlds and hold everything in its hands is Odin. Thank you for serving such a master.”

An evil god who wants to obtain all the knowledge of the world. He was Odin.

Jae-hyun was able to be sure that the memories that were vividly drawn before his eyes in the sense of sinking into the water were Hugin’s past.

It was then.

Hugin looked at Odin and spoke with his back straight.

“This is a presumptuous question to the owner, but… … Odin-nim, what are you trying to put the nine worlds under your feet for?”

“For the rest of all things.”

“rest… Can it be considered peace?”



Jaehyun laughed. Words most incompatible with Hugin leaked out of his mouth. To be honest, I couldn’t feel too good.

It was natural.

He was the one who killed his family and his mother. It was he who broke his reappearance. But why does Hugin look like that?

Is it possible to say such a thing with such a calm face?

I couldn’t understand. I didn’t even want to understand.

But continuing to look at those memories is just…

It was because he thought that if he could see even a little bit of that fragment, it might be easier to deal with Odin.

Yes, that’s all.

Hugin betrayed Odin and for some reason is helping himself.

‘Use whatever is available. That’s for the best.’

Jaehyun already knew. For what reason did he show me my memories in this way?

To make himself kill Odin.

There was no reason for other personal feelings to intervene in that clear fact.

You can’t do anything if you’re still obsessed with the bad feelings you had before returning.

Jaehyun thought that in order to protect the present, it was necessary to put aside memories of the past for a while.

“All right. I will be your servant. The peace you just said… Please guarantee me that.”

“I promise. Hugin. my crow.”

My first memory was that it all ended.

It was the very next moment that the second memory was played back.

* * *

“With this, I declare throughout the nine worlds that I have risen to the top of Asgard, and that I will take everything in the world into my own hands. I solemnly declare that I will do everything in my power to realize Asgard’s old ambition.”

In front, you can see various gods, including Tyr, bowing their heads. Odin had won the war for control of Asgard.

Eventually, Tyr was abdicated, and Odin became the new power.

In the process, even though Hugin is not a god, he gains immense power and power. The best treatment was guaranteed to Odin, and he was able to develop his own power.

It was at this time that Hugin founded his own minority in the name of assisting Odin.

Turning people deprived of emotions, including Joo Won, into crows, and spreading a religion that worships Odin based on this. It was all planned at this time.

Of course, since he was Odin who pursued a blood and blood policy, he never allowed others to train large armies, but Hugin and Freya were different.

Hugin was my trustee in the first place, and Freya was able to catch her weakness and use it. He didn’t have any reason to limit himself.

Then one day.

Odin summoned Hugin and gave him one of his powers.

“The power to control your emotions, I will give you this. It will be of great help in my future missions.”

“thank you.”

Magic, or authority, that can erase the emotions of others, including one’s own.

But Hugin never used it on himself.

I don’t know why, but it was because I felt that I shouldn’t do that.

Thousands of years passed like that, and in the first Ragnarok, Odin didn’t get the result he wanted. He’s got at least a few worlds in his hands.

He really didn’t have all the world hegemony he wanted.

Still, Odin did not give up. Immediately after the war ended, he began preparing for the next war.

It started, of course, by defeating the antagonist in the prophecy of the three Norn sisters. The antagonist naturally reproduced.

Hugin was to be killed.

“Hugin, you should know. How dangerous the adversary is. How great is the power of prophecy. If it creates a huge wave and starts to come crashing down, Asgard could collapse too.

So I’ll give you a mission. Keep an eye on the soon-to-be-born adversary, wait for the power of the prophecy to dissipate, and then kill him.”



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After asking Munin, a crow who can control memories, to erase all memories of Jae-hyeon’s father, Hugin took his place.

It is memory manipulation.

After that, he meets Lee Seon-hwa, Jae-hyun’s mother. And she lived with Jaehyun.

Every day, as Odin had instructed, torturing and tormenting him. He spurred his wings to break as fast as he could.

But why?

The burning wick in Jaehyun’s eyes was not easily broken.

Beating himself day after day, he never lost himself. I just throw my body to protect my mother with my eyes wide open.

It aroused new feelings in Hugin.

A feeling that is still unknown. For over 10,000 years, while helping Odin by his side, feelings he had never felt before. Since then, it has been gradually born.

For a while after that, Hugin stopped hurting Jaehyun and Lee Seonhwa. Because he didn’t want to do that.


Why do you have such feelings?

Hugin thought.

‘… … Are you saying I’m shaking now? Even though it was a direct command from Odin, are you avoiding it because you don’t want to keep it?’

It was a Hugin that had never been like that before.

Even when Munin, the raven who had been bestowed with the power of memory, was retrieved by Odin for blasphemous thoughts. Even when it was granted to himself, he did not know what the hell emotion was.

But now, why did he hesitate and not follow his orders?

Hugin conceded.

that you are being held back by something.

‘We have to push harder.’

Hugin gritted his teeth.

From then on, he inflicted more and more severe violence on Jae-hyun.

Although the adversary was not aware of his power now. After that, it could be a threat at any time. For peace, someone must die.

That was his conclusion.

One, why?

as time goes on.

All of these actions raised questions. With the idea of ​​futility, he questioned Odin’s thoughts for the first time. Is this really right?

Why should I oppress them?

Is this really for peace? … .

“Odin told me. Peace is something you can achieve by putting everything under your feet. but… I really don’t know. this… Is it really the right thing to do?”

“What the hell is this… !”

Jaehyun was astonished at his self-deprecating and grumbling expression.

Now that I have come, I have no pity. How on earth did he think of killing his mother and himself when he thought of such a thing?

I was just curious about that.

“I can’t help it… .”

It was then that Hugin’s voice continued.

Afterwards, he decided to use the power that Odin had given him.

It was a magic that erased his emotions.

Along with that, thoughts of Hugin resonate in Jaehyun’s head.

[There must be one leader to stabilize all worlds. The world is covered in war every day, and there is only one way to end it.]

[The overwhelming loser holding everything in his hands.]

[If that is done properly, there will be no problem.]

[The world will find peace… So, how far is this?]

“It is just a sacrifice of a cow for the sake of the great.”

Hugin thus extinguished his feelings. Then he saw a man smirking in front of him and said,

“Jung Woo-min… did you say There is something you must do.”

And he killed Jaehyun’s mother and Jaehyun.

That was the memory of the first time line.

* * *

The third memory was relatively recent.

He was reading in Asgard’s old central library. He got information about the first big deficit.

And I recall one fact and one forgotten name.

“okay. □□□, if he was the first adversary, he might be able to do it. Maybe you can be the main character of this story.”

A name that doesn’t sound right to Jaehyun.

However, Hugin continued.

“Odin’s way… It didn’t go well.”

A disrespectful word for Odin’s crow. But his will remains unchanged.

It’s like just stating the truth.

Jaehyun was taken aback by the words without any emotion.

What the hell does this mean?

Hugin’s real goal is just… Was it peace?

nine worlds.

Was it just the end of the endless wars everywhere?


Hugin was still in front of Jaehyun, who returned to reality with a burning sensation in his brain.

However, his appearance was more blurred than before.

“how… … .”

“I am already dead. adversary. You have to do what you have to do from now on. I will ask neither forgiveness nor pity from you. So you do what you have to do.”

As Hugin said, he was already dead. What Jaehyun can see right now is just a form of thought.

While feeling dizzy, Jaehyun spat out the words with difficulty. There were clearly bloodshot eyes in both of his eyes.

“Of course. you are trash The one who killed my mother and me.”

“That’s enough.”

“You bastard… !”


Hugin interrupted Jaehyun’s words.

“That every story has an ending, and that the villain and the good are determined by victory or defeat.”

Having said that, Hugin lost one of his arms and handed something to Jaehyun with the hand opposite the fluttering hem of his dress. It was a key in an unknown transparent shape.

―You have acquired the artifact.

-<??? The key of ?” reacts with the user.

The key was automatically stored in your inventory. It’s locked so you can’t easily get it out again. But it felt like a must-have item somewhere.

Jaehyun shivered like an aspen tree, then clenched his fists.


He hit Hugin right in the face.

Just like that, Hugin became a shadow and scattered. Jaehyun recalled the memories he had seen earlier and the key Hugin had given him.

After thinking about something for a moment, Jaehyun shook his head.

‘Everything must be thought of after this hellish war is over.’

Jaehyun thought so and opened the door.

The air mixed with the cool magic power. From there, Odin’s throne slowly revealed itself.

“You’re here. The antagonist of the prophecy.”

Odin’s chilling voice fell from the throne.

Jaehyun laughed.


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