I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 424

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Episode 424: Song of the Stars (1)

Everyone has probably learned it at least once in science class.

A celestial body that emits light by itself with its own internal energy radiation is called a ‘star’.

Unlike stars, satellites, comets, etc., they do not shine by reflecting other people’s light.

It is a star because it burns with its own energy, sacrificing itself.

However, even among humans, such people sometimes exist.

Those who can shine on their own and show off their abilities at any time.

For the Nine members, that was Jaehyun.

Jaehyun looked like a hero to them.

Always when they are having a hard time, when they are in danger, when they are at risk.

He came to help them.

Even if it was for their own benefit, their feelings for Jaehyun, which had already deepened, did not fade.

But because of that, I was mistaken and set a limit for myself.

I drew a line and blamed myself for not being able to cross that line. It means that only Jaehyun can do something.

It was an obvious mistake as a radar.

Go to the battlefield with the confidence to win. hunt witches

Even though that is the virtue of Raider, they have already lost to Jaehyun. He was satisfied with the mere fact of standing with him.

Unfortunately, it was none other than Kwon So-yul, one of the two weakest members of the team, who awakened this.

Because these are.

“let’s go. This can be happen?”

I had no choice but to stand up.

We couldn’t let the weakest member take the lead.

“sorry. sister. I was too weak.”

Kim Yu-jung said that and stood by her side. The same goes for Eana Seo and Hoyeon Ahn. They were able to check each other’s hearts again at this moment.

Jormungandr exploded in a high-pitched voice, apparently impressed.

[Awesome… ! this deep friendship… Thor Nenom is something you will never have… … !!

This Jormungandr has something to say in this situation! Do you know why her sister gets scared when her sister gets married?]

“What bullshit are you trying to do?”

[Because it will be ‘executed’! I will help my adversary’s allies to execute you!]

“To say such bullshit in a situation like this… ! What a crazy bastard!”

Thor growled in genuine anger. It seems that Jormungandr’s puns are unmatched, intangible anger.

Nine’s colleagues, as well as Freya and Fenrir, smiled.

In the battle that follows, they will never be defeated.

“Now really… This is the final battle.”


Hell and Hela, who came running, paired up and opened the gates of hell.

Numerous dead were pouring in, and they began to move forward through the black lightning. They rushed at the enemy in waves as if they had will.

Aaaa… !!

The undead monsters summoned by Hell and Hela entangled Thor’s body and restricted his movements so that he could not move.

“this… Things like pyramids!”

Incomprehensible, Thor clenched his fists. As far as I know, witch beasts do not listen to opponents with an overwhelming gap.

No matter how much the sorcerer is Hell and Hella, the words to run into a high-ranking self are the same as to die again.

But why do they run towards you without hesitation?

Moreover, he was an unmistakable predator. Yet they do not appear to tremble in fear.

‘No, that’s not it. At first, I was obviously terrified. but… Everyone’s mood has changed because of that woman.’

A woman who dared to start walking towards her on a subject with an absurd level.

Kwon So-yul’s movement changed their appearance.

However, it won’t make any sense. What will happen from now on is just… .

Because it’s just your own slaughter.

“If you want to die so early… I will come from my side!”

Thor drew out a thunderbolt at once and burst his magic power.

Parts Tsutsutsu!

The undead magic beasts that were clinging to the good water were fried by the lightning strike.

Their mournful screams echo throughout Midgard.

Then, Thor continued the battle. The ally’s camp is a brainstorm that contains even the flames bursting from Mjolnir. It also starts rushing right towards one person.

Soyul Kwon.

It was because of the good judgement that it would be better to eliminate the person responsible for advancing the morale of the enemies first. Thor laughed bitterly.

“It’s already late! None of you dare to match the speed of my lightning strike… .”

It was then.


Along with the sensation of an electric current, Kwon So-yul, who was standing in front of him, disappeared.

No, actually it didn’t go away.

just… It was just replaced by someone else.

―Active skill «Change».

―Active skill 《Soul Link》.

Kim Yoo-jung was standing there.

She accurately blocked the attack directed at Kwon So-yul. After she switched positions with Kwon So-yul, she dispersed the power with Soul Link.

At that moment, they recover their physical strength again with Jae-sang Lee’s potion.



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Now, the power of Jae-sang Lee’s potion is more effective than any elixir. Now, if they didn’t use an attack with the power to kill them instantly, it was useless.

Of course, I can’t last long against Thor, but… .

If you can make a gap just for a moment, there is always a possibility. It was something Jaehyun used to say often.

“We have no intention of killing you alone.”

Kim Yoo-jung resisted the fear and smiled. At the same time, the soldiers of the allied formation began to spread out all at once. Thor surrounded by dust.

All that was left to him now was their concentrated fire.

It was.

When stars that can emit their own light gather, it becomes a song.

* * *

I used to say it all the time in the past.

Fairy tales, TV, movies, etc… I want to be a cool person, just like what appears in various media.

But why?

When I was only ten years old, I had my dreams stolen from me.

Because reality is crueler than I thought.

Even after becoming an Awakener, that ability is lacking.

Because I couldn’t get into a good guild.

poor again

Because the background is not outstanding.

Bringing all the reasons, I spent all my past life comforting myself. Because that was the path that hurt me the most.

However, I came to the realization that it was entirely my responsibility to rise above that.

The people who have been by my side and the trust they have given me. faith.

Everything changed little by little and brought me to where I am now.

What, what the hell has changed that has allowed me to come this far.

Constantly sinking to the surface, I asked myself, and I found the answer. However, the answers I heard were always vague and kept testing me.

It’s difficult to understand.

I also do not understand everything surrounding me, the situation.

If there’s just one thing that’s clear, if it’s to protect the precious thing I have, I’ll just move forward.

Wouldn’t that be the way to live a slightly simpler but clearer life? Because someone once told me so.

yes someday

… … I can’t remember who said that at the time.

someday, someday

In a very fleeting moment, I remembered the back of a guy who was stronger than me.

he told me Opening my eyes, I have a greater talent.

That’s why it’s a very fleeting moment, even if it’s a moment when your heart stops. I can put off the death itself for a while.


I opened my inventory.

There was a golden potion there.

It was packaged in a luxurious glass bottle, but it was an item that you could tell that it was a special product even at first glance. I know this is the best outcome under the circumstances.

Bite on the stopper with your mouth, open it as it is, and pour it into your heart.

Momentarily, a feeling of heat in one side of the chest slowly begins to spread. It was the first time for me to feel the heterogeneous now feeling from the chest.

Yes, of course not.

This is a potion that even I have never used before.

―Use the 《Super Recovery Potion》!

―Your body starts to regenerate rapidly!

At that moment, I am on the border between life and death. I was able to open the door to life again.

Feeling the potion quickly restore my body, I reflexively gripped my sword.



I just swung my sword.

At that moment, I thought again. I won’t die anymore

* * *


I am a dagger that draws a sharp trajectory. Watching Nidhogg’s fangs, he then repeated his next attack route.

Odin’s shoulder and the sword that crosses his thigh are clearly contained in the two golden pupils. It was driven by instinct, but it was the product of constant effort.

“Big… ! what is this… !”

Odin’s bewilderment erupts.

Yes, such a reaction is understandable.

Now I have deferred death once.

A potion given to me by the chancellor when he said he had only one older brother.

He used the Super Recovery potion to recover his pierced heart.

Made by collecting the sap of a tree that only grows in Idun’s garden. The item you were told to use at the last moment when you infiltrated Asgard in the past.

But at the time, with Ruina’s help, I was able to stop using this potion… .

As a result of all those factors combined, we were able to obtain the present result.

“Obviously the heart… It must have been pierced!”

A look of astonishment lingers on Odin’s face. The first stutter I’ve ever seen.

It’s funny.

If you just die and come back to life, wouldn’t you be able to enjoy that child’s reaction to your heart’s content? If so, well, dying and coming back to life. Maybe once in a while is fine.

I then switch swords and activate magic.


With less than a minute left, I had to do the best I could.

Activates Overdrive to double attack power, and activates Cold Blood, which temporarily voids emotions, minimizing Tyrbing’s penalty.

Then, after activating all kinds of buff magic, it slowly rushes towards the enemy in front of it.

The passive skill bursts out, revealing fangs at the enemy.

adversary. It seems that this is the reason that raised me in the first place.

All of those things wrapped around me and started to explode.

“Hugin told me.”

At that moment, for some reason, I couldn’t help but tell Hugin the last words he whispered to me.

“Every story has an ending, and the villain and the good are divided into wins and losses.”

The magic power contained in my sword harmonizes black and white and holds light. An ink-and-wash painting unfolds and creates a magnificent view.

Watching the air waves rise, I stood calmly.

“I’m sorry, but you are the villain.”

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