I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 426

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Episode 426: A New Prophecy

– A new prophecy is born.

[Odin wins the second Ragnarok, and all wars end at this moment. The adversary will never be able to do any harm to Odin.]

[All living beings on the ground will obey Odin, and in any case, they will not be able to harm him.]

[The adversary is killed by Odin here.]

“Give up. adversary. You have no choice but to die at my hands.”

Finally, Jaehyun couldn’t meet the limited time.

I should have killed Odin in time and prevented the change of the prophecy, but in the end, I couldn’t resist Odin’s last move.

In a situation where everything could possibly end, Jaehyun pondered.

‘What should I do from here?’

Jaehyun, no.

What should I do now?

The story of one person, Nara, who has been running to the death to kill Odin. Will it come to such a miserable end?


“I can’t do that.”

I refused Odin’s words to give up.

Sometimes gods and giants. There is one common story I heard whenever I met other races.

[There are times when humans are overly stupid.]

Because you don’t give up when you know that giving up makes it easier.

Humans are weak and stupid.

But that’s what I know is human’s greatest strength.

Grab the sword and unleash the 4 types of intangible swords again.

Demon spirits rising from the mythical longsword.

The weapon engraved with the imprint of counterattack against the enemy’s attack emits light.

The harmony of black and white begins to target the enemy again.

However, this was to no avail.

Not a single attack hit Odin.

Odin’s body has risen to a transcendental level due to black magic. Almost all of the wounds seem to have healed.

In a situation where I was wondering if I would be able to win with all my might, to make matters worse, I couldn’t even launch a powerful attack like I did earlier.

Because I put everything I had in the previous attack.

You can’t make an attack like that again.

Able to know. That the chances of me losing are too great.

Nonetheless, you must go. from now on.

Even if I run away from here, nothing will change.

food. Without realizing it, I burst out laughing at that moment.

A prophecy that has kept me up until now. It is now completely denying the existence of me. What does that mean?

Naturally, there was only one.

i die

undoubtedly, definitely.

But, nonetheless.

“You are laughing.”

visor! visor!

I swung my sword.

Of course, my attacks are completely unaffected by Odin. The power of prophecy, because it now protects Odin, not me.

The opposite case is different. After recovering his body, his attacks are now far beyond their limits.


He had already been beaten several times, and the dizzying sensation of having his organs ruptured continued.

“… Dirty, it hurts.”

Even in a tragic situation, I just keep doing what I have to do. The brain becomes clearer than any other moment.

fight, fight

kill Odin.

That goal was the driving force that kept me moving until now… It didn’t matter if I was no longer an opponent.

The one who took everything from me, the one who might take it away now.

If you put him in front of you and give up just because the attack doesn’t work… What will become of all those who believe in me and fight now?

I’d rather die here for them.

Because I thought so from the beginning.

After gaining a reputation and becoming a slightly better person, I am.

‘Cause I’ve always believed that

when you thought so

My will is reminded again.

As if smelting steel, the hot fire in my heart slowly goes through the forging process and hardens me. Even though the body is screaming weakly.

Oddly enough, I’m not afraid.

Even as I vomit blood, I open my mouth.

“Because I will die anyway. Are you asking me to give up here?”

I can’t erase the smile that leaked out of my mouth without my knowledge.

Odin’s expression hardened. He also seemed to have an intuition that I would not give up until the very end.

I gave him the best words I could.




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“In the end, you gained rank and gained the power of a god… … Even so, you were nothing more than a foolish human being.”

“Even if you say that now, I was just a human from the start. I am.”

tweet. He spat blood sputum violently and looked beyond the blurred vision.


Odin brushed his beard and began to approach me.

A ragged, one-eyed old man baring his teeth at me.

“I would like to thank you for making me happy until the end.”

He began to speak on his own, and my mind gradually began to be pushed out into the distance. know. This is dangerous.

Primal instincts were warning.

If I don’t dodge this attack, I will die.


“Kill it.”

The exact opposite of the words to save me was coming out of my mouth.

And the next moment.


A familiar man appeared with an explosion.

“The adversary.”

I turn my head with all my strength to face the man calling me.

“I think he missed my face so much… Maybe not?”


I really didn’t know that the day would come when I would be so happy to hear that raspy voice.

* * *

“Now stop struggling! There’s nothing you guys can do! How many times, how many times have I not told you!”

The resurrected Thor shouts with an angry voice. The power he possessed was truly enormous.

With one stroke of lightning, all lights went dark for an instant. In the meantime, all the races of the nine worlds fried with electricity are entangled with blood.

The smell of iron wafted from the rusty weapons and thickly soaked blood.

The darkness below was thick, telling them how long the current battle had taken.

“There is not much time left. If it takes more time, Jaehyun will be in danger… … .”

It was Hella’s words.

Even while she was doing her best to deal with Thor, she was worried about Jaehyun.

Was this the best She was the one who had thought about it several times.

It may have been a decision to sacrifice representation.

No matter how much he is an adversary, even if he is destined to die if he loses the battle. Could it be that I put too much burden on him?

Kill Odin.

Wasn’t it asking too much of humans in the first place?

twice, three times… … I thought about it hundreds or thousands of times.

But it was he who put the focus on that concern. It was a reenactment.

[I’m leaving. That’s why you chose me anyway. I also hate running away.]

Hella knew that there was warmth in those cold words.

Of course. Even at the beginning, just before Hela sacrificed herself. It is Jaehyun who opened her divinity to save her.

A person who pretends not to be altruistic, but is more altruistic than anyone else.

A person who knows how to serve people.

that is reproduction

That’s why Jaehyun is afraid in his own way, but that’s what he said.

Hella gritted her teeth. It was Fenrir who accepted her words.

After killing the others, they joined to face Thor.

[Hella. Don’t be afraid.]


[It’s something that can’t be done without him anyway. It’s not that our hearts aren’t hurting. In the name of God, he was sent to settle the war that had been waged against humans.

But don’t we also have our own work to do?]

“… … Yes. that’s right. Now we have to do what we have to do. Thor in front. He is an outrageously powerful foe.”

[I need that stupid guy to deal with him.]

[Huh! did you call me Fenrir?]

Jormungandr jumped out before I knew it and slyly licked his tongue.

Fenrir growled and nodded.

[Yes. Thor is vulnerable to your poison. With your help, I could bet even the slightest possibility.]

[Well, that’s right.]

[Then go.]

[Haha, I see.]

After saying that, Jormungandr quickly moved to the front line. Fenrir also followed him and confronted Thor in the front row.

At the same time, Fenrir jumped forward and began to block Thor’s hammer with his whole body.

“Did you come here to die? Fenrir?”

Looking at Fenrir, Thor sneered.

Quaang! Quaang! Quaang! Quaang!

Several rough hammer strikes were heard. Fenrir looked back and shouted.

[No matter how much I am, I will not last long! Allies of the Adversary! you must do it! Join forces with Jormungand and defeat Thor and the enemy!]

In the midst of the worst of the worst, Fenrir’s voice was delivered accurately. He was the first to react to Ahn Ho-yeon.

He quickly looked at Jormungandr, who tore open his mouth and secreted venom from it.

Jormungandr looked at the members of Nine.

In a fleeting moment, the strategy became clearer than ever.

While Fenrir blocks it, Thor continues to attack with venom. If you can succeed in that, you can find victory.

“let’s go!”

At Kim Yoo-jung’s words, everyone nodded.

Traditionally, radar is a way to grow when life is on the verge of danger.

One day, the story Yoo Seong-eun told them was helping them to move forward with their strength.

[Thor… You will die here.]

Fenrir, who opened his angry mouth, said so. Thor snorted.

“You seem to think you can deal with me because you have a lot of numbers, right?”

[Does that seem like the only reason?]

“Otherwise what? miracle? If that’s what you want, you’d better get rid of it. Because now I’m perfect no one can stop me! Even if… Even Odin… !!”


Once again, black lightning struck Fenrir’s body.

Strengthened by the aftermath of black magic, he is already in awe.

The fragments of Hrungnir’s whetstone were also wiped clean, so there was nothing to offend him. No matter how many there were, he could only be seen as a pyramid to Thor.

In fact, it would have been.

… But, why?

What made you feel the chill at the return of Fenrir, who was moaning in pain?

[You are the enemy. Those who stand by him overlook the power they possess. look into their eyes Thor… Do you see them as people rushing to die?]

“… what!”

Thinking so, Thor turned his head, and his teeth sank into Thor’s shoulder.


“Where is the shallow water!”

Thor didn’t even turn his head, hit Fenrir with his elbow and sent it flying away.


After hitting the wall several times, Fenrir groaned and collapsed. Support from others was difficult.

Nidhogg was weakening the enemy’s forces so that no one could come near.

When Thor, who clicked his tongue, turned his head and saw the adversary’s allies. For an instant, his pupils trembled.

Huge magic power and air waves flying towards him now. It was because it was far beyond the limits of what humans could produce.

At the end of it was a woman breathing heavily.


The little girl had blonde hair and green eyes, but was clearly human.

Seo Ina. She took all of her magical powers and created a huge sword.

At that time, Fafnir, flying at full speed in the air, let out a breath.


The wildly rising flame soon permeated the sword Seo Ina received.

Tsutsutsutsutsu… !

A sword dripping with purple venom begins to slowly rush towards Thor.

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