I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 427

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Episode 427: The First Adversary (1)

“Adversary. I think he really wanted to see my face… Maybe not?”

“Loki… !”

It was Odin who reacted before Jaehyun. He was glaring at Loki with a red-colored, ferocious face, as if he had seen something he couldn’t see.

‘How was he able to get here so quickly? Hasn’t that guy weakened over the past year?’

If it was Loki in his heyday, it might not be possible, but it is difficult for Loki now to move like now. Space shift magic is bound to consume an enormous amount of mana beyond imagination, and no matter how good Loki is, this is undoubtedly difficult.

But Loki just shrugged his shoulders as if nothing had happened.

“Odin. There are a few things you don’t know about me and my adversary.”

Loki simultaneously unlocked the 5th level of Divine Power Liberation and the magic power.

A quality that he has never even seen Jaehyun properly dwells in his every breath. It’s hard to believe that Loki, who was called trash.

Even Jaehyun was gasping for breath.

Loki playfully took a step towards Jaehyun and said.

“The first is that I lost my power. That’s a lie.”

As expected of a fraudulent trickster, he was confident.

Odin’s brow wrinkled.

“Sounds funny! I saw it clearly when I imprisoned you in the dungeon. That your strength has already declined and is not enough to compete with me… !”

“That’s because I divided my power into multiple parts. It’s stupid.”

Loki laughed.

“At the time of the first Ragnarok. Before declaring defeat to you, I made clones and hid them all over the nine worlds. And right after the second hell began, I regained my original powers while taking care of my alter egos.”

“that… ! You wrote an insignificant number. Loki!”

said Odin with a roar. His face was on the verge of nearly exploding. He must have been even more angry because he had already played with Loki several times.

“I didn’t think of using humans like you to make Einherjar, so I don’t think that’s your story?”

Jaehyun made up his mind.

Simply put, the reason Loki was able to reach Odin’s throne so quickly is simple. After recovering all his strength, he quickly killed the enemy and joined them.

It’s easy to say, but it’s an absurdly difficult thing to do.

I don’t know, but it’s very likely that he consumed almost half of his mana for teleportation. Again, this could work against them.

Knowing this, Odin soon regained his original expression.

Anyway, their foolish resistance is meaningless now.

Didn’t he make it that way?

“No matter how hard you try, the prophecy has already been twisted. It means everything is over. He is no longer the antagonist of the prophecy, but a mere little man.”

“You too were born as a god, but you were nothing. Did you forget?”

“no… no. I was born as a loser to get everything in my hands. Those who live to rule! Loki… I will cut all ties with you here.”

“hmm… I don’t want to get into a fight with someone like you. what to do?”

After Loki crossed his arms and said that, he arrived in front of Jaehyun and whispered to him.

“Look. You haven’t remembered everything yet.”

“It was you half Esir who said that every day was far away and asked Zen dialogue-like questions every day. Don’t blame my understanding.”

“but… That’s right. So… … .”

Loki clenched his fists and began to channel his enormous magic power towards Jaehyun. I don’t know, but it’s quaint and cozy.

Magical power that even makes you feel at ease.

As it reacts with representation, intangible power begins to swell from it.

“Now the prophecy must have disappeared. I think you should know all the secrets too.”

―The 《Star of the Distant Abyss》 dwells in the user’s body!

―The 《Star of the Distant Abyss》 dwells in the user’s body!

―Memories and fragments from 10,000 years ago are played back to the user.

At that moment, along with an audible system message, Jaehyun’s vision flickered.

In endless darkness and darkness.

Jaehyun slowly fell into a deep sleep while listening to the clear voice of a man in an unknown situation.

A sensation floating in consciousness.

Along with that, his old past began to come back vividly.

Loki smiled.

“Then leave this place to me and have a good trip. my old friend.”

* * *

[10,000 years ago, in the beginning, there was an adversary.]

[It is the memory of someone dear to me, and at the same time it was also my memory.]

[The adversary was not two from the beginning.]

* * *

A room full of musty smell from being left for a very long time.

A book with a red cover is placed on a small desk.

As if possessed by him, I reach out and grab the book.

And feel it That these are the memories I’ve lost.

That there is something sleeping in this that I don’t know.

At the same time I think

What the hell have I lost

What is the existence of the heterogeneous memory that I have felt continuously?

The truth of everything is enshrined here.


Then, as I turned the pages, the book showed me the story of a boy.

No, that was my story.



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* * *

10,000 years ago, I was a small boy in my memory.

He was a weak human being, born without holding anything in his hands.

He admires heroes and loves the stories of gods, giants, and elves.

A child who wants the artifacts of the dwarves.

He was nothing more than a small human being.

At that time, the Nine Worlds oppressed humans.

because it wasn’t strong. Because there was no outstanding technology. They had no hesitation in ignoring humans.

Humans didn’t even want to fight against them, and I didn’t like that.

why? why don’t you resist?

Because they are stronger?

Is it simply because he was born as a weak race called humans?

‘I will prove it. That even humans can do it.’


Back then, everything was determined by strength, and I had a goal.

Unite all humans, gather my forces, and dare to face the Aesir gods, giants, elves, and dwarves.

Let’s create an environment where we can respect each other and live peacefully.

Because of that, I worked hard every day. Because I had a dream, I trained myself without giving up.

At that time, I had no name.

A long time ago, humans weren’t even allowed names.

That’s why, one boy was an extra A who always struggled to be strong.

no one would have expected

That it wouldn’t take long for that extra to go beyond a supporting role and become a lead role.

* * *

After long training and hard work.

Finally, I attained the status of a human body and became a transcendentalist.

It was. He gained divinity and was formally recognized by the Æsir and became a god.

The first name given to me was Henir.

* * *


Contrary to what appears in popular myths, I was human.

But this meant nothing.

Even though he gained divine status in a human body and gained Asgard’s approval. They didn’t acknowledge me.

Anything like my name was fine.

I already knew

Why did they give me the title of god?

Because they had to be the supreme and purest beings.

So, I have been ignored by them as a thorn in their eyes and at the same time as harming their legitimacy.

The Aesir just coveted my power. The country did not acknowledge its existence itself. I got a name, but I got a name that was only half of it.

It was deplorable.

I came this far because I had a dream.

I trained to the point of dying to come this far, and I have been growing by constantly working hard to transcend the species called humans.

In an instant, all of that was denied with the unfamiliar word of their legitimacy. It was completely incomprehensible.

After thinking and thinking and thinking.

I fell into a deep, deep void.

No matter how hard I tried to attain the status of a god and reach the realm, in any case, I was not recognized as a human being and could stand shoulder to shoulder with other races.

All the things I believed in and ran until now felt useless.

The story of a boy who read heroic stories and had a dream.

Maybe it could have ended there.

However, in the end, I didn’t give up.

if there’s anything i can do I thought that if I could change my perception of people little by little, little by little, I could do it.

Become the hero I dreamed of, and be able to remain in someone’s memory.

Since then, I have fought countless battles, settled wars around the world, and prevented the seizure of rights. If I contribute even a little to the peace of the nine worlds, they will recognize me. believing so

However, this wasn’t easy.

Despite my efforts, the values ​​of the narrow-minded race toward humans did not change easily.


The first time I met ‘him’ was while dealing with the civil war of Kairin, the king of the dwarves.

“You worked hard. Henir. As expected, you have tremendous power for a human.”

“… okay. If it helps, that’s enough.”

But even with help, they always added the word – to human subjects.

Strong against humans, clever against humans, human… .

I couldn’t understand

Why do we always have to attach meaningless modifiers?

As an existence, can’t it be recognized for its value?

It’s funny, but to me, who was most proud of being a human being, the limitations I was born with came back to me and made me suffer.

Does anyone know if I keep doing this?

It was when I thought so.

what he was talking about

“Hey, you are really great. Were you incredibly strong? Especially when he defeated the red dragon, he was genuinely impressed… !

Especially that huge ice magic! There must be a technical name, right? If you don’t have it, I’ll make a cool one right away… … .”

“done. Well, if you’re thinking of adding the same thing to the human subject again… Let’s go.”

I replied coldly, but he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

He put his hand on my shoulder and said calmly.

“no way… what! You may have your own circumstances, but I don’t feel that you, as a human being, are great, I just think that you are great.

In the first place, Odin and I are the only gods stronger than you in the Aesir.”

Then he reached out his hand and asked for a handshake.

He was a youthful looking boy with impressive red hair.

“I am Loki. what is your name?”

“… Henir.”

I felt warmth for the first time in their clasped hands.

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