I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 43.5

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I Obtained a Mythic Item

Project Update:

Dear readers of I Obtained a Mythic Item,

This is a message from Lyze, the editor of IOMI’s translation at Reaper.

Rest assured, this is not bad news. We are NOT dropping the novel.

I’d like to start off by thanking all of you readers for all your support up till now and hope that you will continue to look forward to and enjoy reading this novel here. This is going to be a project update with a bit of explanation for the recent lack of updates as well as future plans for releases.

Having started offline university a few weeks back, my expectations of being able to find the time to work on the novel were proven wrong with constant examinations and other real-life requirements. My slump was worsened by the fact that I had and have been suffering from depression during all this.

Part of why the project hasn’t been given to another editor is all the attachment I have for this novel, having given it my all since chapter 1 to give you all the best quality possible so that the novel could be truly enjoyed for the gem that it is.

I still yearn to achieve that in the coming chapters, but I felt that notifying you all was long overdue. 

I will be returning to consistent updates and even aiming for daily releases (until I catch up on the big stack of chapters already readied by the translator) after my finals end on the 17th of June.

I will also be spending that time building up a backlog so that the series does not suffer in the future again due to any personal issues on my end.

Thank you once again for your patience with me and for your support,


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