I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 432

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Nevertheless, the world

… … therefore.

It is said that the world escaped the end thanks to the activities of the ‘Adversary of Prophecy’.

* * *


The three-year heavy snowfall that covered all of the nine worlds has safely stopped.

Yggdrasil, which rises in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, has maintained its fresh appearance as the World Tree itself, where Odin’s demonic power no longer extends.

Although not gone, Yggdrasil was no longer considered a bad omen.

Afterwards, various humans, as well as various races, acknowledged each other’s existence and finally decided to live and interact together.

It lost its name and past. A person who has reached the level of a god as a small human. It was thanks to a hero named ‘Henir’ and ‘Min Jae-hyun’.

What an affluent-looking family home.

A soft voice resounds as he reads a fairy tale.

A huge house like a palace that looks well over 2,000 pyeong.

The story of a woman who is innocent but has matured a little begins to be heard.

It’s a story that’s been around for quite some time now.

Even though many years have already passed, exchanges between the nine worlds are still continuing, so I keep reading it.

The essence of the story was this children’s book.

This is Henir.

In other words, it was a proof that the new existence of reproduction maintained the equilibrium of each world well.

In many ways, it couldn’t be anything but a great thing to say that it was achieved by someone who had attained status as a human being.

“Anyway, my daughter. When I hear this story, I focus like this. Do you like this story that much?”

a smug smile.

I couldn’t see the woman’s face properly, but her warm voice as she read to me with her child on her lap was dripping with affection.

Then, soon, the small-sized girl spat out an admiring voice and said hi-hee with a small smile.

“of course… ! That would be too… This is your dad’s story!”

At the child’s innocent laughter, a woman presumed to be the mother tangles her hair.

The child loves to sleep, and soon shows signs of falling asleep.

It looks like his head is spinning wildly.

I was killing time by reading fairy tales because I was so stubborn that I was waiting for my father to return late… It was just a chance to breathe.

The pretty exhausted woman tilts her head and thinks of her husband.

“Anyway, why isn’t this person coming?”

The woman’s face is still not revealed.

It was then.

Along with the sound of the doorbell ringing, there was a loud voice from outside, as if someone had been drinking heavily.

Ha, it’s a start again.

Thinking so, the woman carefully laid the child on the sofa and went out the door.

Then, there is a certain human who existed at the beginning and end of a story… … .

Now there was a myth that became an unforgettable story woven into a fairy tale.

Jaehyun Min.

He smiled awkwardly, dragged a young man with bright red hair in a headlock, and started making excuses while laughing haha.

Anyone could see that he was embarrassed.

“No, that… Loki Sometimes this guy begs for a drink like this. Aegir’s liquor was so amazing, so I was going to visit for a short while, but… … .”

Egir’s alcohol makes it possible to get drunk even if it is a god.

In other words, it had no meaning in front of Jaehyun and Loki.

At least as long as there are these two. Also, as long as Odin is gone, it’s safe to say that there is no force to keep them in check.

“Come in. first.”

A woman with a cold voice.

Loki smiled heartily as he tightened his arms around Jaehyun’s neck.

The guy is already wearing a suit suitable for a modern man when the Midgard patch was over.

A dazzling outfit like an idol that goes well with her red hair.

The fact that there was no sense of difference at all was surprising in many ways, but the woman in front of me just smiled coldly.

“haha… !! Because it’s you too… … Hiccup! Isn’t this friend the hero who saved the nine worlds? Well, there is no one who dislikes drinking a little, but he was very intolerant, so I played with him… … ! how is it? You can always say thank you!”

Loki’s confident words made the woman’s face harden even more.

She said.

“Then thank you for bringing my husband. Goodbye.”

“ok? that is… I was going to sleep here today and finish the hangover… … .”


Loki, who felt the seriousness of the words repeated twice, spoke fluently.

“Oh right. Jaehyun, I didn’t tell you, but something urgent has come up, so I’ll have to go. Enough then.”

“Hey, hey! Loki! Wait, if you run away, I will die… !”

However, unfortunately, Jaehyun’s empty cry never reached him.

It was because Loki had completely disappeared through space leap before he knew it.

Once he was gone, no one could catch him or find him.

As a representation, it is unavoidable.

‘Whoa… … .’

Jaehyun held his breath and cautiously stepped inside the open door.

I try to ignore the chill I feel.



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The reason was simple.

The thing he feared the most at times like this was none other than his own wife!

If Loki had been there, I would have been less scolded… … .

All the more, if the daughter had been awake… … .

“Then shall we talk?”

At the cool tone, Jaehyun had no choice but to reply with respectful words.

“… yes.”

Saying that, Jaehyun couldn’t help but wonder when this good woman became like this when she married him.

The story of Jaehyun, who was about to graduate seven years ago, was quite long to summarize.

Incidentally, his love story was the same.

* * *

Seven years ago, Jaehyun created a new guild.

The name is ‘Nine’, just like when the circle was first founded.

It was a name built in the sense that the number 9 was sacred in Norse mythology, but it was already quite famous around the world, so it was a bothersome name.

It was actually cumbersome to change the name all over again now.

In order for the name of the guild established by Jaehyun to be firmly embedded in people’s minds, it is necessary to hit it into their heads like this.

Anything familiar was the best.

For reference, the members of the guild were as follows.

Jaehyun, Kim Yoojung, Seo Eana, Ahn Hoyeon, Lee Jaesang, Kwon Soyul, Lee Jaesang, Seo Ahhyun… …

Other miscellaneous deities.

Everyone played their part and worked to balance the world, so it was a sound guild where everyone played their part.

There was no reason to be obsessed with money anyway, and there was no big worry because other radars couldn’t be careless.

It is mainly active in clearing dungeons that cannot be defeated.

There wasn’t much of a role other than loafing around.

but… … .

As Jaehyun receives a request, the story of Norse mythology begins again beyond the final chapter.

The first step was the sudden arrival of the head of Valkyrie.

It was from Freya.

“I’m sorry for coming so suddenly. Henir.”

“no. Rather, please call me Min Jaehyun from now on. The name is more convenient now. what.”

“okay. do that.”

Freya took a sip of her tea and nodded calmly.

Jaehyun put his hands together and bowed to Freyja.

No matter how much she is currently living as Jaehyun, isn’t it the girl she met in the past when Henir was in the past?

It was only natural to respect her, who was once the head of Valkyrie.

“What more than that? After hearing the story roughly, I heard it was about a battle… … Wasn’t Valkyrie no longer involved in battle? I know that his army has already been disbanded.”

It was as he said.

The countless number of Valkyries who followed Freya were freed.

All constraints were gone for them, and there was no longer anything to worry about.

All the troops were disbanded, and it was because she cared for me to return to my hometown and work.

As there is also a land called Vanaheim, which is also the hometown of Freyja and Frey, it seems that a solid road has unfolded in the future in life.

However, she also said that she did not know that there would be a problem here again.

“Vanaheim… Our hometown was burned by the flames of Surt during the First War. I tried quite a bit in many ways to restore it, but in the end I had to come to one conclusion. To put out this flame… … .”

“We have to convince Surt, the giant of flame… … That’s what you’re talking about.”

Jaehyun quickly understood.

Hey, isn’t it the flame of Surt that cannot be extinguished by normal means?

It has the power to melt the ice of Niflheim.

It was the flame of the giant’s power that brought the first Ragnarok close to its end.

Incidentally, a fragment of the long sword of the myth of reappearance.

This too is the dust of Surt.

Judging by the fact that it had such power, after digesting it and lowering the temperature of the earth.

In the end, it was best to directly persuade Surtur to create a land where people could live.

Demanding that the flame be extinguished and making it be accepted.

One, Muspelheim. In other words, the land of Surt was an unknown place that Jaehyun had never properly visited.

The land of Muspelheim in many ways.

In other words, the unknown does not mean that there are no risk factors.

However, Jaehyun nodded without hesitation.

“I will meet Surt in person. I thought we should meet at least once anyway, so don’t worry.”

After Jaehyun said that, he remembered the past Surt and himself were entangled.

During the raid of the amusement park-themed dungeon called BIG 5, where he only fought with small fragments, he had barely won by fighting the dust of Surt.

‘Are you going to meet that body now? A real fight will ensue. They say he’s a very aggressive and filthy hot giant.’

Just when you thought there was nothing left because a story was over.

Jaehyun suddenly realized that another story started suddenly.

When you think that all the stories have come to an end like this.

Because once again, Shinhwa was calling itself by name.

Jaehyun was worried.

Which of your guild members should you take with you to spread rumors that you took them well?

It was good as long as there were people who were good to pamper them.

It is also an important condition not to quarrel with each other.

After thinking about it for a while, among those who returned from their mission outside the guild office.

Jaehyun chose two people to accompany him on the trip.

The number of people was as follows.

Kwon So-yul and Ruina.

These were beings that would help you find your way or move between dimensions.

Although it lacks combat power in many ways, this is not a problem.

‘Anyway, if I can’t convince Surt, I’ll just have to defeat him.’

In the yard where even Odin had already been defeated, there was nothing for Jaehyun to cover.

The power to change fate.

In the end, with the power that Verdandy had imparted to him, he finally defeated Odin and changed his fate.

With everyone’s hard work, he finally made it.

Will Surt be a threat to Jaehyun?

Of course, Jaehyun didn’t relax as much as he had been active as a raider for a long time, but he knew that the possibility of Surtur overpowering him was extremely small.

“Let’s go.”

“… … You took me every time you found the way. What kind of navigation am I?”

Kwon So-yul grumbled as usual.

Jaehyun seemed to think for a moment, then nodded his head.

“I can’t deny that… And honestly, if it wasn’t for that ability, I wouldn’t be able to join our guild while receiving that salary. senior.”

“… … that’s too much Are you ignoring the senior just because you’ve become Gap now?”

Despite her scolding, Jaehyun lightly ignored it.

I knew how to deal with her now.

“It can’t be. I always respect seniors. That’s why I’m asking you to go with me like this.”

“If you can’t speak. If you say you won’t go anyway, you’ll drag it by force anyway. is not it? It’s okay if it doesn’t fit.”

“When did I hit you again… … .”

“Do you think you don’t know that all the kids are beating up in the name of training?!”

Hmmm, Jaehyun cleared his throat.

Louisa smiled bashfully as if she liked Jaehyun’s proposal.

“I like wherever you go! Do you know if we go together? It’s a fleeting moment when this feeling of love sprouts! I’m still Seo Eana, but I’m confident that I won’t be pushed back by Miss Kim Yoo-jung at all!”

“… … Let’s stop talking bullshit and let’s go. Not much time. They say Vanaheim is burning. If you rode for 10,000 years, there would be nothing left. Everyone get ready.”

“ha… Got it.”


like that.

Adversaries of prophecy, Henir, Min Jae-hyun.

The adventure story of a mythical being called a human being called by three names has begun again.

only for a very short time. I don’t know if it’s a moment, but I hope this story will be fun to read.

A writer who wrote a story that does not know whether it is a tragedy or a comedy decided to postpone the end of a world a little longer.

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