I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 434

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Side Story 2. Muspelheim (2)

A huge iron gate located in the deepest part of Muspelheim.

It is built with a special material never seen before that does not melt at all even in the scorching heat and can easily withstand the scorching heat.

Jaehyun sighed and touched the door for a moment.

The color is a bluish gray with a hint of red.

It weighed well over thousands of tons.

Hey, I wonder if that would be meaningful to Jaehyun now.

“It doesn’t melt even in such a hot place, and it doesn’t even rust… … After all, he said he used good material, but it’s ridiculous.”

“That’s right. I’ve seen Surt’s Gate a few times, but it’s amazing. I wonder if a door or barrier like now is needed in a place like this where even gods don’t look for it, but… … .”

“Thanks to that, I thought I was dying trying to find my way. ha… … Why are you hiding the path so delicately? plaguy!”

Kwon So-yul sighed.

Of course, it was only natural that it took her quite a while to find this door.

Ruina’s help also played a significant role in this.

In many ways, if it wasn’t for their efforts, it would have taken several times longer.

Jaehyun made a good decision.

“Seobang-nim, did I do well?”

“uh? uh… … .”

After answering appropriately, Jaehyun quickly finished preparing to open the door.

“There is nothing to procrastinate on. Shall we go in soon?”

“Whoa… Can I not go in?”


Kwon So-yul’s story was lightly ignored.

Jaehyun immediately stood in front of the huge door with his party and started pushing it away.

Even with light force, the door was as light as a feather.

Also, there stood the strongest giant, surpassing the Hrungnir that Jaehyun thought.


The giant, whose whole body was covered in flames, had already risen from the throne and was ready to welcome guests.

Nearby, two red dragons sit beside his throne.

All of them were docile, perhaps obeying Surt’s flames.

Jaehyun took a step towards him and smiled.

Then, Surt, who had closed his eyes, suddenly spoke while holding a huge greatsword.

[Henir. Are you finally here? It’s the first time I’ve seen it in person like this.]

“okay. It was like that 10,000 years ago, and it is like that now.”

Jaehyun stood in front of him, answering calmly.

After all, the pressure was not a joke.

Surtur was a giant with a golem-like outer shell and a stubborn-looking beard.

Should I say that I can understand why the franchise inspiration came to me?

As expected, the main body and the dust are different.

‘Shall I lightly feed you one for now?’

Jaehyun thought about that and lightly released his magical power.

Hella, Kwon So-yul, and Ruina were all frightened.

“Jae, Jaehyun… ? What is this all of a sudden… … !”

“hey! this crazy… !”


Three people who knew they would fight.

However, I never thought that they would hit me as soon as we met like this, but I thought that Jaehyun surpassed their thoughts.

Either way, the situation was dangerous.

‘It’s gone. We have to run away.’

Why do they think so?

The reason was simple.

‘If you get caught up in it, you’ll lose!’

… because I knew very well that

To make matters worse, it was because Surt, too, was holding his own long flame greatsword while watching Jaehyun.

Even in the midst of that, Jaehyun continued his magic without being intimidated at all.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―Artifact 《Mythic Longsword》 was created.

―Active skill «Leap in the air».

Jaehyun didn’t hesitate.

He jumped up in the air in an instant and twisted its trajectory as he watched the sword being raised towards him.

Jumping in the air is a skill that comes in handy at times like this.

To embarrass the enemy in a fleeting moment.

However, Surt did not take it lightly.

With its massive size, it began to follow the speed of reproduction.

Even though Jaehyun didn’t show his strength in earnest, this was a great achievement.

Next, Surt’s huge longsword and the mythical longsword of reappearance.

The two swords clashed, creating a deeper and more powerful flame than usual.

The noise that fills the room rings in your ears.

Excluding Hella and Ruina, who were already covering their ears, only Kwon So-yul suffered.



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“Ugh… This is why I didn’t want to follow you!”

But it was already too late.


The earth’s axis shattered and magma surged through the cracks in the stones.

Jaehyun asked with a cold expression.

“I will ask you about Surt.”


Contrary to the solemn tone, it was the time when Surt started to be pushed back by Jaehyun, who gradually revealed his dignity.

Worst case, you could be cut in one blow.

But he is not at all agitated.

However, he is not the only one who is not shaken.

“Why didn’t you participate in the second Ragnarok? If only you had helped, Smir wouldn’t have died.”

A glimmer of light began to form in Jaehyun’s red eyes.

“Unless it is for a good reason… I think I can’t stand it.”

It was only then that Jae-hyeon and his party knew for sure why he was angry and why he had suddenly rushed and pointed his sword at him.

It’s already past, but Surt.

What if he participated in the second war?

Many others could have lived longer.

That’s because Surt’s military force was already proven and acknowledged.

Because his existence in the myth itself was nothing less than awe.

But he didn’t fight.

With the butterfly effect, countless Valkyries and humans. And Smir, the giant who succeeded his father’s will, died.

Its remains were scattered atop the lofty peaks of Jotunheim, but reappearances could not understand it.

Why did this bastard shut himself up here and ignore the war going on at his feet?

The guy who said he participated in the first war out of boredom, why the hell this time?

Then, Surtur replied with a faint smile.

[well. Master of the new nine worlds. Try knocking me down to open my mouth.]

It didn’t mean that there was a reason.

With a satisfied expression on his face, Jaehyun showed his teeth towards Surt.

“It must taste like cutting after a while.”

Chae Ae Ae!

The spark between the sword and the sword soon subsided.

Jaehyun slips and divides the sword, and then lands on the floor.

As Surtur rolled on the ground and lava gushed out, Jaehyun quickly froze the ground with his magic.

Then, he puts magic into his sword, and simply shoots the concentrated magic to cover his vision.

[Impossible number!]

Surt’s high voice burst out.

However, what Jaehyun was really aiming for wasn’t just landing or attacking with a sword strike.


What followed was “Flash Bomb”.

The magma on the ground roared once.

Jaehyun smiles.

This was a very useful technique to obscure the giant’s view.

‘It reminds me of the past. It was a skill that helped me when I was nothing.’

In the past, Jaehyun had memories of using this Flash Bomb well.

For example, in the fight against Nightshade, I made him blind.

During the freshman hunt to stop Goo Jain, he blocked his sight to show him his worth.

At this time, Jaehyun used this skill well.

‘At the time, the old man… Even dealing with him was too much for me.’

It was an ignorant time when he had no idea about the fate surrounding him.

For Jaehyun, at that time, it was a time when he was more devoted to changing the fate of the past.

But little by little it started to twist and change.

The meeting with Hella, and the crow that he believed to be his father.

His encounter with Min Seong-oh made him that way.


It was a time when I was lost in thought.

The two dragons next to Surt fired their breaths at Jaehyun.

It must be to clear the smoke and attack Jaehyun at the same time.

In fact, the range was very wide.

… … Of course, if Jaehyun was always slow, it would have worked.

[It’s fast.]

“Unfortunately for you.”

Suddenly, Jaehyun appeared from behind and neatly cut off Surt’s left arm.

The blood-stained earth was soaked with moisture, bringing out Surt’s old voice.

Jaehyun didn’t hesitate and continued to move.


Poppy, who appeared to help Jaehyun, transforms into a gigantic figure.

effect of gigantism.

The grown-up guy blocked Jaehyun’s way and lightly blocked another breath.

It was an activity worthy of a dragon with excellent magic resistance.


Jaehyun was already preparing a blow to end this fight lightly.


After catching my breath, I immediately lead the sword I swung.

Jaehyun immediately condensed his mana and summoned a huge spear.

It could be a bit dangerous to use here, but if you downgrade its power, it would be effective against Surtur.

―You have succeeded in producing 《Degraded Gungnir》 through 《Formation of Magic Tools》.


The spear used by Odin and Wannadaz.

A weapon that weighs on anything.

This was the spear Jaehyun copied from him at the very last moment.

A skill acquired while enduring his attacks.

It was also the most suitable technique to hold Surt responsible for not participating in the war at the time of the 2nd Ragnarok.

Jaehyun sighed and took a deep breath.

Mana quickly rushed into the window with a giggling noise.

The deflagration clears.

Once again, Surtur’s gigantic figure is revealed.

Jaehyun shoots the spear without stopping.

Surtur was seen raising the sword, but Jaehyun already knew.

“It’s too late.”



The hated spear of Odin hit Surtur right where it had missed his heart.

shoulder dead It wasn’t an instant death, but of course this was enough to drive him.

Jaehyun’s skills are still not rusted.

Hey, thanks to the constant hunting of demon beasts, it was only natural that those senses were maintained… … .

Jaehyun asked as he walked through the dusty fog.

“Now, you deserve to hear it. Why didn’t you join the war?”

[Cool… ! Awesome too… … .]

“It’s been acknowledged.”

Jaehyun laughed.

“I got fed up with that stuff and I’m tired of it now. Hurry up and open your mouth.”

[…] … Right. good night. Let me tell you. Why did I not participate in the war in the past?]

“There is one more. I also need to explain why I didn’t put out the flames in Vanaheim. I mean, as needed… … .”

Jaehyun smiled coldly and said while aiming the longsword of Shinhwa at Surt’s neck.

“I might have to kill you.”

So, won’t the lights go out somehow?

Jaehyun added, smiling.

It was a nice smile like a handsome face.

… … Of course, what was contained in it was far from refreshing.

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