I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 438

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5. Kim Yu-jeong (1)

A few days later, Jaehyun is still replaying the memory of that day.

An active appearance that was quite different from Seo In-na that I have seen so far.

This was very irritating to Jaehyun, who had been building a wall with his relationship.

“… … My head hurts.”

I have a headache.

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t come to a conclusion on what to do.

But what disturbed him more than that was today’s schedule.


Jaehyun swallowed his saliva.

Let’s carefully pick up the vibrating smartphone, sure enough.

The pure white screen of a smartphone with a familiar name on it comes to mind.

[Kim Yoo-jung: Didn’t you forget today’s promise?]

[Kim Yoo-jung: Why is there no answer… ?]

[Kim Yoo-jung: Even if you don’t like it, come out. You can do that once.]

three characters to follow.

The content is jumbled and somewhat unsettling, but one thing is certain.

That there is a promise between himself and Kim Yoo-jung.

Even the fact that if you don’t go out on this, bigger things will happen later.

Jaehyun thought for a moment.

What should I do?

‘Kim Yoo-jung… … .’

A girl who was one of his goals after his regression.

A childhood friend, a child who tried to sacrifice himself twice in his place.

Because of this, I had no choice but to be cautious several times.

I’m afraid I’ll hurt her too soon.

It was because I was afraid that we would grow apart again and become less uncomfortable than others.

To that extent, Kim Yu-jung was a precious friend to Jae-hyun.

Although he had never imagined becoming a lover, it was undeniable that she was a big part of Jae-hyeon’s life.

“ha… … .”

Jaehyun sighed, washed up, and straightened his hair.

I was about to touch my hair, but I suddenly remembered what Kim Yoo-jung said in the past.

-hey. Can’t you just lower your head once?


-uh. just… look down on that! You used to go there so often!

– Hey, is it okay? How many times better is my hair showing on my forehead?

-no! I just want to see you!

I couldn’t figure out why he said that.

Jaehyun thought for a moment.

Strictly speaking, today was a date with Kim Yoo-jung.

Not too long ago, he was in a state where he was completely distracted by a kiss with Seo In-na.

Wouldn’t it be right to at least adjust a little to what she wanted?

I thought it was the minimum courtesy, but Jaehyun shook his head.

‘Let’s not misunderstand. What if you do it for nothing? Then it will only give you hope.’

I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Everything was decided, so his indecisive disposition had not yet been cured.

As if he couldn’t help it, he opened the closet.

Wearing black slacks and a white shirt, slacks and a black blazer with a set-up.

After all, this dullness suits you best.

With that thought in mind, Jaehyun picked out his clothes and undid one of the top buttons on his shirt.

The head is moderately turned over at about 6:4.

Wear comfortable walking shoes.

It was a monochromatic black shoe that didn’t shine much, so it was Jaehyun’s preferred shoe.

“Shall we go?”

After looking at the clock on his smartphone, Jaehyun stood up.

After taking a deep breath, open the door to the outside.

and… … .

There was already Kim Yoo-jung waiting for her.

“hey! that… You don’t have to reply… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung was standing in front of my house.

Anyway, Jaehyun let out a deep sigh.

Then he remembered that he hadn’t responded to her texts.

just twenty

Even though they became adults, they were still two very awkward people.

That moment is so funny that I try to burst into laughter.

Suddenly, Kim Yoo-jung blocked Jae-hyun’s laughter and made her eyes wide open.

She said the following while holding Jaehyun’s hand, not his wrist.

“today… Will you match me?”



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* * *

A baggy gray hoodie, bobbed hair, and a gym uniform worn under a skirt.

Citrus scent sprinkled over clothes with a slight lunch room smell.

It was the image of Kim Yu-jung that Jae-hyun remembered in the past.

The days when we were still friends. I remember a certain time when we could talk about anything without hesitation.

Kim Yoo-jung was an invaluable friend, and this was a core proposition that still does not change.

But what’s the mood like right now?

Jaehyun suddenly looked at Kim Yoojung, who was walking in front of him while holding his hand.

Hair with the hair neatly placed on one side to reveal the neckline.

Even more shocking was her outfit with her so-called goddess hair.

Pure white clothes with small flower patterns, about 2cm in diameter.

Even the healthy body that stands out under it, revealed in the midst of training… … . Jaehyun couldn’t help but turn his head.

It was unavoidable.

It was a gaze that did not suit my friend, so I couldn’t erase my thoughts.


Why do you feel this way?

“This way. The food here is so delicious. Especially Curry.”

“ah… huh.”

After Jaehyun answered dubiously, he avoided his gaze and entered the shop where Kim Yoojung guided him.

There were also few staff.

It was the same with Seo Ina, but they seemed to want a quiet conversation with him.

Heck, even Jaehyun himself would have done that.

“Two crab curries, please!”


“You like crab meat. right?”

“huh… what. yes.”

Jaehyun nodded.

In the past, he was very fond of crabs.

To the point that I couldn’t eat it.

Kim Yoo-jung remembered this and ordered a curry that Jae-hyun would like.

For some reason, Jaehyun’s actions caught him like a thorn in his chest, making him a little uncomfortable.

After Kim Yoo-jung ordered two crab curries, she looked at Jae-hyun.

Jaehyun continues to fail to make eye contact, just pouring water and setting spoons.

Gradually, Kim Yu-jung’s expression hardened.

As she sees Jae-hyeon pouring water, she suddenly asks.

“It’s been a long time since I came out like this. right?”

“I know.”

“… … Sorry. I insisted on meeting you so suddenly.”

Kim Yoo-jung’s sudden words.

Jaehyun suddenly raised his head and looked at her.

And then ask

“… Why so suddenly?”

“When I met Ina… that… … Did you decide to go out with me?”

Since it was a totally unexpected question, Jaehyun didn’t say anything for a moment.

However, she had a bad expression, probably misinterpreting the meaning.

He starts muttering with a cold face.

“I guess so… … Because Ina is pretty If I had been a man and not a woman, I would have moved on as soon as I saw it. Haha, it’s rather strange that I finally passed. Because you’re so insensitive… If I hadn’t done this, it would probably have continued after ten years… … .”

“wait for a sec.”

Jaehyun hurriedly stopped talking because he thought she would shed tears if she heard more.

After thinking about it for a while, he shook his head and said.

“I haven’t said anything yet. It was even more like dating.”

“Eh… ok?”

Kim Yoo-jung makes such a sound without even knowing it and starts to blush.

My cheeks reminded me so much that I wondered if it would explode.

Jaehyun sighs as he looks at this.

“… … Of course you’re right about that. But Ina told me. At least after meeting everyone else, if you still like yourself the most, can’t you date her?”


On that day, Seo Eana said after giving Jaehyun a ‘cowardly kiss’.

-… … Jaehyun, I have a request for you.


-… Whether it’s Yu-Jung or Ruina by chance… … I want you to make up your mind at the end after meeting all the kids.

-Isn’t that bad for you?

-… … Cowardly, once is enough. and… It’s okay because I’m pretty confident.

Seo Eana was obviously considering others and hiding her feelings.

That’s why I haven’t said anything about dating yet.

How much meaning does such an act have in the yard where they even kissed.

It doesn’t even know how to reproduce.

But at least her warm heart was conveyed properly.

Jaehyun laughed.

“hey. so… do you really like me?”

“… … uh.”

The food was served while Kim Yoo-jung hesitated for a while.

She brushes her hair and says.

“Let’s talk about it later… It will cool down. let’s eat.”


* * *

Youjeong Kim.

In fact, she had already given up on everything before meeting Jaehyun today.

It wasn’t that I didn’t love Jaehyun.

Again, the feeling was so deep and so huge that even he couldn’t handle it.

When I always dream, Jaehyun appears.

However, there was a moment when the content of the dream gave her a little trouble.

For example, Jaehyun abandoning himself… … .

Even though I finally ended up in a relationship, I broke up and distanced myself from myself.

Such feelings were unfamiliar to Kim Yoo-jung, and were enough to arouse fear.

So I thought maybe I should give up.

I wonder if Ina would be more suitable for Jaehyun.

I had just inadvertently thought of it.

It was not a proper judgment that had nothing to do with his true intentions.

However, such a false heart was destroyed by Seo Eana’s warm consideration.

She asked for judgment at the end and gave Kim Yoo-jung a chance.

But what should I do?

Kim Yoo-jung also does not want to give up Jae-hyun.

I want to use her consideration more.

Sensing this, Kim Yoo-jung swallowed her tears, ate all the curry, wiped away the tears that could not flow, and asked.

“you… Then why do you keep avoiding my gaze? from earlier.”

“Ah, that… … .”

Jaehyun couldn’t answer right away when he asked why.

Kim Yoo-jung got a little playful and asked him.

“I thought you were sorry for coming out with the intention of kicking me out… … .”

However, contrary to the idea of ​​trying to say it coolly, it was not easy.

His voice trembled with tension, and Jaehyun’s gaze towards him intensified his anxiety.

In the midst of that, the silence given by Jaehyun was tearing her heart apart.

It was then.

“no… that is… … under. really. I didn’t want to say anything for fear of getting hurt.”


When Kim Yoo-jung was about to get nervous again, Jae-hyun’s voice continued.

“I don’t think you’re the one I used to see… what is it. I was a little perplexed. I don’t think I’m the kind of person who always wears a skirt over gym clothes and borrows my own clothes.”

“That means… … .”

“… … okay! It was because I became conscious of becoming like a woman before I knew it.”

After Jaehyun said that, he struggled with shame.

On the contrary, bright flowers bloomed on Kim Yoo-jung’s expression.

‘You were conscious of me? Jaehyun Min?’

Kim Yoo-jung’s heart started beating loudly.

This was something that was difficult to bear.

Because she didn’t have many opportunities to feel these feelings.

Moreover, she found out.

It means that Jaehyun is being ashamed of himself.

I was so happy that I couldn’t help but, without knowing it, her eyes turned red, and soon, as if tears were pouring down, small drops formed on the white dress.

Jaehyun said in an embarrassed voice as he pulled out a tissue and held it out.

“Hey, hey! I just held back and told you what if you cry?! That makes me look like a bad person.”

“No, that… glad.”


When Jaehyun tilted his head with a bewildered expression, Kim Yoojung snatched the toilet paper and grinned.

A fruity scent slightly flowing from the transparent wet cheeks.

It felt like it was piercing my nerves.

Kim Yoo-jung smiled and said.

“And you are bad.”

I tilted my head, but Kim Yoo-jung quickly continued.

“So I need to hang out a little more today.”

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