I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 442

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Side Story 6. Ruina (2)

“A little while ago, that… … Didn’t it suit me?”

After Ruina let out a hearty cry, she finally fell away from Jaehyun’s arms.

Even so, the hand clenched at the waist remained the same, but the torrent of emotions seemed to have subsided a little bit.

Truly, the emotions poured out like vomiting.

Maybe it was natural.

It was a time that passed quickly for Jaehyun.

For Ruina, it was a time that flowed slowly and slowly like hell and seemed like going crazy several times.

Moreover, at the end of that wait, there was no one he loved.

Exactly, she couldn’t give a definite answer to her heart.

From Ruina’s point of view, it was something that was on the verge of madness.

What if the person you’ve wanted for a very long time is right in front of you, and that person stops loving you?

What if that happens?

If you hear such a story directly, how many people can endure it.

This is what Ruina is great at.

Even in the middle of that, I laughed, and I laughed again so that Jaehyun wouldn’t be sad.

Jaehyun thought.

‘Maybe Ruina was the most considerate of me. It must have been difficult for her… … Because she tried to endure it somehow. Every day must have been hard for her… … .’

Even in the midst of that, he continued to revive the elves.

Louisa was such an existence.

An honorable elf who never forgets the favors he has received.

Jaehyun asked after separating her for a while.

It was a very fundamental question.

“Luna. Why do you like me so much?”

“Do I need a reason?”

“huh. At least for the stupid me.”


It was Jaehyun who had never thought of himself that way, but now he couldn’t think of anything more to express.

Doesn’t it look like I’m confused among many people and can’t make up my mind?

To be honest, even Jormungandd had been teased before.

-Henir, you are indecisive… Do you like cereal?

… … .

‘At that time, I really wanted to kill him.’

Jaehyun quickly got out of his crappy thoughts.

Then, I quietly watched as Ruina in front of me breathed in and exhaled for a short time.

Ruina’s story soon continued.

“that is… … At first, I wasn’t too interested in it, right? But I wonder if I was a little interested in that strange black hair… I thought everyone else looked like that, but it didn’t. Moreover, you healed my wounds and saved me in the end… … .”

… … Surprisingly, there were many reasons.

Jaehyun managed to correct his mind that was about to get a little dizzy.

Louisa smiled softly.

“You made me live. That’s enough, that’s probably the same for others. Miss Seo Eana and Miss Kim Yoo-jung… … And maybe even the one person who has been by your side and protected you every time… … . Not everyone will give you a great reason.”

just because it’s good

That’s all.

Ruina said so, but Jaehyun felt that he was not at ease.

Because I heard something strange at the end.

“… … What did you say at the end?”

“yes? What do I say?”

As Ruina let go of her pretense, Jaehyun pulled her hair and grabbed her by the shoulder.

“No, you know what I said at the end!”

“Because it’s just nice… ?”

“Not that!”

“Ah, then I don’t remember either. I really don’t know.”

“… … The guy who remembered me for 10,000 years forgot what he just said? Are you asking me to believe that?”

“sure! In my eyes, the West is the former?”

“… … .”

Jaehyun felt that he had no talent to overcome Ruina with words, and started recalling the story he had just heard.

―And maybe even the one person who protected you every time by your side… … .

Jaehyun was a little dazed.

The existence that kept my side… ?

Does that person even care about you?

“Surprisingly, am I really popular? … .”

Jaehyun muttered that, and Louisa smiled again.

He had a serious expression on his face, yet he didn’t know how good my face was.

He just thinks that he was recognized by all the residents of the Nine Worlds because he was active as a raider and an adversary.

It really couldn’t have been more embarrassing.

* * *


“Oh my, Hella. Why?”



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“Oh, no. Suddenly that sneeze… … .”

reenactment house.

Hella, who was sitting in the living room and having a conversation with Seonhwa Lee in the fairly spacious house, sneezed.

Has the power weakened?

It was Hela who suddenly felt that her power was weakened compared to the past, as she became completely independent of her main body, Hel.

‘… … But anyways. To the point of catching a cold like this… … It’s probably because Jaehyun worked too hard.’

No matter how much it is, the recent work load of reproduction has been excessive.

It’s good to work as an adversary, but recently, didn’t he say he would take care of the work with Surt?

You can leave that much to the Valkyries… … .

I thought that it was all right to go out and look for work.

Therefore, the condition for the manifestation of a unique skill is ‘not to lose anything anymore.’ was… … .

‘Well, if you think about it, it’s thanks to him that I survived, so I should be grateful… … .’

Hella nodded her head thinking small.

In the past, when Heimdall first appeared on the ground and attacked the closed city of Daegu.

She prepared for her extinction and used magic.

It was a very urgent situation, and I thought there was a possibility for him, the opponent.

He was prepared to make sacrifices and ran.

At that time, Jaehyun succeeded in awakening the unique skill he had been thinking about.

Loki’s [Divinity Usurpation].

This finally responded to his will to ‘lose nothing’ and led Jaehyun to a higher level.

Finally, he was able to survive.

‘Anyway. It’s selfish.’

“Hella, so how has Jaehyun been lately? Are you popular with girls?”

Jaehyun’s mother

Lee Seon-hwa is asking her about his love story.

I was curious because my son had never said anything like that before.

In my heart, Kim Yoo-jung, Seo E-na, and recently seen Ruina… … .

Everyone liked Seonhwa Lee.

‘You must have a lot of questions about this and that… … .’

Hella nodded as if it didn’t matter.

Lately, whenever Jaehyun wasn’t around, she often came to talk with Seonhwa Lee.

When I was a cat anyway, the house I often visited.

It was a little bigger, but it was a familiar place to her.

“yes. Jaehyun is loved by everyone. So don’t worry too much.”

Moreover, she had gotten so close with Seonhwa Lee recently that she even asked her to call her Hella.

He is a semi-divine being… But it doesn’t mean much anymore.

I was thinking so.

While thinking about it, Lee Seon-hwa suddenly asked Hella about it.

“By the way, Hella, are you not interested in Jaehyun?”

“… … four?”

Hella asked such a question without even realizing it.

Her voice is mixed with a little bit of metal and even out of tune.

What is this sound?

Hella had to take quite a long time to understand this.

Lee Sun-hwa was still smiling at herself.

Two curious eyes.

“I-I’m going to stop because I have something to do… … .”


Hella carefully got up from the sofa, then stopped abruptly.

Lee Seon-hwa’s voice had the power to make even that Hella pause.

she was calm

“Have you already checked all your schedules with the other guild members? Lots of time to talk. Today, I prepared a lot of snacks and drinks to talk until dawn… … But if you go away from here, I will be a little sad… … .”

“… … All right… … .”

Hella sat back down and clenched her chin as if she couldn’t do anything about it.

For some reason, Jaehyun and Lee Seonhwa are like that.

I thought I was taking care of myself too well.

It’s a bit unfortunate, but what can I do?

Your own personality is like this.

Hella couldn’t help but let out a small sigh.

Until the next day, Hella shared love stories between Lee Seon-hwa and Jae-hyun, and before long, Jae-hyun called.

It was to tell them that a message had come from Surt, and that they had to leave for Niflheim again.

Anyway, you’re a human who doesn’t give you a chance to rest.

Hella thought so and gnashed her teeth.

I don’t even need an adversary anymore anyway.

He thought like a cat, but he thought he would use a sacrifice, so he kept his mouth shut and followed without a word.

* * *

After the blue gate opens, Jae-Hyun and the rest of the party arrives.

In other words, Ahn Ho-yeon, Seo E-na, Kim Yu-jeong, and Hella arrived in Niflheim together.

A hazy water mist blocks peripheral vision.

However, it is just a familiar sight to them.

They’ve been here several times already, and they’ve done a lot of work.

This was especially true for Jaehyun.

By the way, what?

There were people who welcomed the group.

Nidhogg and Idun.

The guys called for Jaehyun as they ate golden apples one by one in their hands.

“Ah! It’s here!”

“Wow! adversary… Henir… ? reappearance? Anyway, here you go!!”

I already feel dizzy.

However, since they are the two people who know the geography of this place best, Jaehyun started going there as if he had no choice.

Seo Na-na and Kim Yoo-jung muttered softly behind them.

“so… You mean you haven’t decided yet? him?”

“… … huh. Maybe it will take another month… ?”

“Eh… … .”

Jaehyun had to pretend he didn’t hear the conversation between the two.

Now, it was more important to welcome Nidhogg and Idun, who were reunited after a long time.

“hello. everyone.”

At that moment, Nidhogg spoke cautiously, hiding his massive size and covering his mouth with his claws.

“So who?”


“The story of who is your bride among them… … .”

… … Seeing Needhog, who had become like the old lady she likes, Jaehyun gave Idoon a small resentful look.

Probably because it was most likely her who made him this way.

Meanwhile, Hella waits behind for a while.

I was startled by Jaehyun’s calling, Neet! Let’s go. I just shouted.

Is it because of the mood that the party members feel strange as a group?

Jaehyun couldn’t help but shake his head.

‘At times like this, work is the best.’

Jaehyun, first of all, according to the message from Idun and Surtr.

He decided to listen to what he had to do in Niflheim.

“Let’s go to our garden for the first time in a while and talk! It is not a matter to be dealt with urgently!”

Idun talked excitedly, and Nidhogg told a silly joke.

“Haha, of course, what you have to do is go get this, Adversary… !! This Nidhogg will give you an ordeal… … .”

“Shut up Nidhogg! That’s your job!”

Nidhogg couldn’t say anything at Idun’s voice, and he was in the same situation as Jaehyun.

In many ways, it felt like my mental strength had already been consumed.

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