I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 443

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Side Story 7. First Ice Fragments (1)

Unfortunately, Nidhogg couldn’t find out who Jaehyun’s bride was.

I’ve only heard that it hasn’t been decided yet.

Anyway, like the original owner of an indecisive personality, I thought that he was procrastinating work this time too.

‘I mean, don’t let the boy act too boldly!’

Poison smoke leaked out of the dragon’s nostrils.

It was a habit that Nidhogg often did when he saw something he didn’t like.

It was then.

Idun’s harsh voice echoed through the Mist Garden.

“you… de… Hog… … !! I told you not to poison the sacred garden!!”

[…] … that, that… … Mi, I’m sorry.]

Nidhogg hastily apologized.

There was no other way out.

Because he had been helping Idun grow the vegetable garden for the crime of ruining the flower bed in the past.

… But is it right to be pampered like this?

Anyway, goddesses are all arbitrary.

‘I can’t help it… … .’

Nidhogg sat down next to Jaehyun, thinking about that.

The huge dragon’s shape passed over his head and changed into a pretty handsome face.

Idun sighed and let go of his luck.

“Sit down first. I think we should talk while we have tea.”

“thank you.”

Jaehyun said with respect.

Nidhogg was able to speak comfortably.

I had run into him several times in the past when I was in Henir, and I had competed with him.

However, it was a bit difficult for Idun to do that.

Jaehyun took a sip of the tea in front of him.

It felt like a warm feeling, a mood that I hadn’t felt before.

Now that I’ve come, I’m proud of the golden apples growing taller than I am.

Idun smiled and looked at Jaehyun’s gaze.

“That’s the tree you grew during your ordeal. Did you grow up well?”


In the trial of Idun in the past, he was tasked with growing a golden apple tree.

I suffered quite a bit then.

The trees all grew and became giant trees in the last day at the end of the wait.

If he hadn’t waited, the tree wouldn’t have sprouted even the tiniest seedling.

All of these ordeals were like that.

It made me constantly ruminate.

He continued to help Jae-hyeon grow as an adversary, a perfect and close-to-perfect existence.

In that sense, trials for him were nothing more than to stand against Odin.

Perhaps a suggestion of a small direction to move forward in life.

Maybe there was an ordeal for that.

‘Of course, it may be a leap.’

Jaehyun laughed.

After a moment of silence,

A boy with gray hair came with him.

Ahn Ho-yeon looked at Idun and asked.

“Idun. They say you have to head to Niflheim to extinguish Surt’s flame that remains in Vanaheim. Did you find a way?”

polite question.

Idun smiled like a bright spring day.

“that’s right. Adversary’s friend… Was it Hoyeon? Anyway, it’s as you say. We found a way! but… … It’s the hard way. I don’t even want to recommend it. Because Henir, or Jaehyun, has suffered for a long time. What’s more burdensome here… … .”

“You mean now? It’s new.”

Then, Jaehyun jokingly interjected and laughed.

It was a pretty bright expression, but Idun was a little surprised by that.

It’s a situation where you could get caught up in trouble again… … .

Why does he go so far for others?

‘Well, it was like that from the beginning. Ever since I was called Henir… He didn’t live for himself. He took care of the gold and paid no attention to expensive silk or Aegir’s wine. just… to keep. That was all.’


Idun remembered the image of Jaehyun in the past, no, as Henir’s antagonist.

I also remember the appearance of the adversary who declared that he would kill Odin.


A brave man who came back alive from the cracks of hell. So is his warrior.

Idun couldn’t help but think that he was an amazing person.

But, except for one thing.

‘Looking at a woman like a stone is a bit… … .’

Gold is a virtue, but why are there so many people who love themselves?

Idun enjoys whispering love like a schoolgirl walking on a spring day.

He also quietly cheered for the love of the adversary.



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But, such a stupid figure… … .

Lee Doon looked at Kim Yoo-jung, Seo E-na, and Hella for a while, then clenched his fists.

“What are you doing? You have to explain. what am i supposed to do.”

“Oh, okay. Well, first of all, Surt’s flame. A great chill to extinguish it. In other words, the source of ice itself is needed.”

“It’s cold… … However, even though he had already used the frozen ground or a technique that was several times stronger than that, he was fine. Where can I get more chill than that… … .”

“Why did you tell me to come to Niflheim! The reason is here!”

Idun smiled mischievously.

It was after she calmly took a sip of tea.

“It’s using the fragments of an existence that exists in Niflheim. But this is something no one can easily get away with. Also, those who are bound by the rules of the world cannot even touch it.”


Jaehyun tapped the roof of his mouth and repeated the words lightly.

There were countless destinies and their laws that moved the world.

Of course, it is the fate that was foretold among them, and Jaehyun broke it and opened a new world.

So that all beings can live a life with an unknown future.

But the case of discipline is different.

It still works, and it was restraining them to some extent.

In the past, Ratatosque had said this after accidentally encountering the reenactment of the end of the Second War.

[Kyu-kyu, discipline is a hee, force derived from the primordial existence that created the nine worlds while supporting the pulsating world! Momomo, you can turn everything back to nothing, or you can replace it with a greater power!]

To put it simply, discipline is bound by the rules of the nine worlds.

In other words, it applies to all beings born according to the laws of the natural world, and prevents them from escaping from them.

However, reproduction is different.

“Adversary, you are fine. For you, who have already returned to the past with the power of the three Norn sisters, the rules that move the world along with the pendulum of fate have definitely been broken. To put it bluntly… … It can be said that only you can do it.”

“What exactly should I do?”


Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

I knew it. Does that name come out?

One who cannot be left out when one thinks of the existence at the beginning of the world, the rule of the beginning.

Jaehyun already expected that there would be a story about him.

Idun was calm.

“You have to meet that fragment from now on. Then, use the ice crystals he has to extinguish all the flames in Vanaheim.”


It was a name that anyone who knew Norse mythology could not know.

The beginning and end of everything. primordial giant.

‘Ymir. An existence born from the heat between Niflheim’s fog and Muspelheim. Certainly, with the power he possesses, he will be able to break the law and possess even greater power. It might be possible to put out Surt’s flame.’


Poppy, who had come with her, lifted her front paw as if it were so.

Jaehyun nodded.

This meant that a more detailed explanation was needed.

Idun immediately followed.

“Jaehyun, as you know, Surt is the only giant with the power of a flame so powerful that he can even burn himself. Even the power of Odin, who prospered in the past, is so great that he can’t touch it. However, he lost almost all his powers due to an incident.”

Jaehyun’s voice sinks coldly.

“The first war. It must have been Ragnarok.”

Jaehyun said so, and both Seo Ina and Kim Yoojung nodded.

Hella was adamant.

“The Ragnarok that happened in the past was a disaster itself that devours everything. If you were Henir, you would know. How tragic those times were.”


“… … I know what happened in the kingdom of Ruina and the elves… … .”

Seo Ina nodded in agreement.

Kim Yoo-jung sighed heavily.

“As expected, nothing goes easily… … Apparently Odin was the son of a bitch… … Huh!”

Suddenly, Kim Yoo-jung spoke and covered her mouth tightly.

Why is that?

When Jaehyun looked at her with a questionable expression, Kim Yoojung quickly turned her head away.

There seems to be a reason, but I’m not really sure.

It’s probably not that important anyway.

But there is someone who didn’t miss the timing.

It was Seoina.

‘… … Now, Jaehyun has become more careful in front of him. Yoo-jung too.’

It seems that the date that day has changed the relationship between Jaehyun and Yoojung a little bit.

Recently, Louisa has also been messing around.

She didn’t say anything, but she was a little nervous.

‘… no. Now is not the time to care about that… … .’

The story of Idun continued in front of her.

“Before Ragnarok, Odin accidentally found out that fragments of Ymir still remain in the world. So he tried his hand at getting rid of it but failed because he thought. If he’s a power he can’t handle, let’s lock him up deep down in the open-mouthed abyss.”

It was only then that Jaehyun realized the decisive reason why he had to solve it.

Why Surtur was so powerless.

“My own barrier. In other words, go through it to Kinnungagaf, the space between Niflheim and Muspelheim, and meet the fragments of Ymir.”

“that’s right.”


He was born with a much greater influence of the cold.

In the past, Odin needed his body as a material for the creation of the world, and killed it.

Even though Odin was able to kill Ymir in a surprise attack, he was the only one.

Dealing with the Fragments of Ymir won’t be easy.

‘That’s why Idun stopped it. I know it’s dangerous.’

The same goes for Surt.

But now, Jaehyun had no intention of hesitating.

Peace had finally arrived after a long struggle, and it was unacceptable to leave imperfections in the way.

Jaehyun stood up from his seat and said.

“It won’t take long. Needhog. Can you lend me your back?”

“why? do you want to fly? It’s annoying… … .”

“My barrier was almost completely broken when I fought Odin in the past. So, you don’t have to go to the border between Muspelheim and Niflheim. You can’t even teleport there.”

“Ah, it’s annoying… … I get it. No, wait, then you don’t have to take care of the flower beds. It might not be as bad as you think… … .”


Nidhogg scratched the back of his neck with a shy smile.

He quickly took the lead and led Jaehyun’s party.

“… Come on, let’s go! To hit a fragment of Ymir or something!”

Of course I can’t help it, but he didn’t forget to whisper in a small whisper.

Anyway, it was a cute dragon.

Poppy lifted her feet, slightly jealous.


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