I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 447

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Side Story 9. Reconstruction of Vanaheim (1)

Returning to the ‘Mist Garden’, Jaehyun’s face was filled with great annoyance and clear anger.

It was because Nidhogg had abandoned it in Niflheim on the edge of Ginnungagaf, and it was a lot of trouble to find the way back alone.

Of course, I somehow managed to retrace the way I came and come back using <Magic Sensing>… … I couldn’t deny that it was annoying in many ways.

Jaehyun’s face crumpled.

When he returned from Ginnungagaf, he must have been able to guess that he had already killed Ymir’s alter ego through his magical powers and sense of godhood.

Nidhogg is a dragon. He couldn’t have even noticed that much.

But you don’t come to meet me?

‘This poisonous lizard child… … .’

Jaehyun’s gaze turns to Nidhogg, who is eating the crops.

Fortunately, I haven’t noticed it yet. He’s also a no-nonsense guy.

Jaehyun clenched his fists as he barely endured one more gradation of anger.

It was necessary to be ready to wield it whenever the right time came.

Jaehyun hid his feelings and waited and told them.

“I came back.”

Returning to the mist garden, he greeted me with a calm voice, just like when he first stepped out.

In a way, it was hard to believe that he had fought against an opponent as tough as Odin.

You could tell by the tone of his voice.

He killed Ymir without revealing his power.

Even if it was only fragments, it was something others could not have imagined.

“… … Jaehyun!”

“Min Jaehyun!”

While drinking tea, Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na hurriedly ran out and shifted their gaze to him.

As expected, they were worried to their heart’s content.

Fortunately, Jaehyun’s body was fine.

Both of them looked happy because they were both worried about whether they were hurt or hurt inside.

I knew he would come back, but the decisive battle with Ymir.

Even so, the possibility of deep wounds could not be ruled out.

Moreover, to make matters worse, wasn’t it difficult to meet him?

The reason was simple.

Jaehyun and Ymir.

It was because of the fight between the two transcendental beings of Ginnungagaf, a tremendous divinity erupted and the surrounding demon beasts were infested.

This is because witch beasts also become stronger and more vicious when they consume such divine powers or magical powers.

It is impossible to hold on while blocking this, and it is not helpful to Jaehyun.

Of course, Nidhogg was focused on Jaehyun’s love story, so he didn’t care about him.

It was like that in many ways.

Jaehyun calmly threw his eyes at Nidhogg to Kim Yoojung, Seo Eana, Lee Doon and Ahn Hoyeon for a moment.

“Everyone said they trusted me a lot, so you guys seem pretty worried?”

“You say that?”

“… … It was bad.”

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo Ina said so, and Ahn Ho-yeon shook his head.

Idun looks at the situation with interest.

It was to the point of doubting that if there was at least some popcorn, they would be eating it together.

“Haha! Did you bring back the shards? Adversary, I thought you would definitely take care of things… … !”

“Nidhogg. I don’t know about the other guys, but I have something I need to talk to you about. Would you mind giving me a moment?”

“… … ? Haha! I don’t know what it is, but what an adversary is asking me to be alone. What is this, Nidohog! It can be said that he must have recognized the value of a great poison dragon.”

Nidhogg said excitedly, but Idoon whispered softly to the other three.

“be careful. That’s typically a precursor to hitting someone. You quietly call them out into the backyard and beat them up.”

“We suffered a lot too. It’s called sparring, but that’s… … For sparring, it was hell.”

Ahn Ho-yeon agreed and swallowed his saliva.

Let’s recall the past, dizzying memories passing by.

It was not something I could bear with my sober mind.

– In order to fight properly, shouldn’t you guys work hard too?

-Ahn Ho-yeon. You’ve lost your shoulder What if you lose your sword in a fight like that? I will lightly beat you with a wooden sword, so engrave it on your body.

– No matter how peaceful the world has become, demons are still seething, right? But why are the skills the same? Isn’t that proof that you didn’t train hard enough? Will this be a big deal? I need to get disciplined again… … .

‘Ahhhh… !’

Ahn Ho-yeon let out an internal scream. Of course, I wasn’t happy.

‘… … Jaehyun is too rough I might really die… … .’

Other things are different, but the way reproduction itself inflicted pain was dangerous.

not to get sick

In other words, it is not enough to hit them so that they do not get hurt, so even if they are injured, they somehow treat them with Sacrifice and continue sparring again.

If it’s not the devil, what is it?

The members of Nine were already familiar with such battles, but probably not Nidhogg.

‘I wish you the best of luck… … Needhog.’

Ahn Ho-yeon prayed for the rest of the poisonous dragon, who became the Hogu.

One, what can you do?

For now, I just hope that Jaehyun’s anger will subside a little by sacrificing Nidhogg.

After all, in the past myths, sacrifices were made to calm the wrath of the gods.



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To the extent of sacrificing Nidhogg, they weren’t particularly regretful either.

FYI, there was no one here who wanted to dry it.

It can only be me!

While working with Jaehyun, these thoughts naturally permeated the minds of his colleagues.

It was corrupted in many ways, but the members of Nine were not aware of this fact. Because it has already permeated… … .

“Then this way to Nidhogg… … .”

Jaehyun called Nidhogg for a moment and went to the warehouse full of agricultural tools and raised his fist that he had hidden behind his back.

thud! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… !

Explosive sounds that cannot be hidden even with the silence are heard one after another.

It probably started.

“… … Can’t this be covered up even with Silence?”

“… … The warehouse looks like it’s going to break, is that okay?”

Lee Doon asked Seo Ina as if she was worried, but the goddess of youth only answered with a refreshing smile.

“It’s just one more thing for Needhog to do. what. I just thought the warehouse was old. Thanks to the adversary, there will be a brand new warehouse?”

Horok Idun just said that as if he didn’t even care.

Ahn Ho-yeon swallowed his saliva.

‘As expected of Jaehyun and the other gods, you can’t break it… I could really die.’

Well, it was before the storm.

In addition, the guy who was rumored to be obtuse.

It was at this point that Ahn Ho-yeon started to notice a little bit.

* * *

“Kreureung… … anyway it is Where is the sudden knock like that… … adversary. Do you not even have a benevolent heart?”

“Would you like to chat in the warehouse a little longer?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Nidhogg became a killer.

Lee Doon smiled and changed the subject.

“By the way, if you defeated Ymir’s Fragment, did you finally get it? A shard of primordial ice.”

“yes. of course.”

As Jaehyun spoke, he took out the crystals he had stored in his inventory and showed them.

A crystal that emits blue light like a sapphire. It still possessed terrifying magical powers.

The divinity was also finely mixed, and besides that, new powers were shining little by little.

As it was said to be able to easily put down the flames of Surt, it felt natural.

“surely… Can you feel the energy of the beginning? That stuff we knew was right. I’ve never seen it before, but it’s one of the fragments that make up the world.”

Idun smiled wide like spring.

Jaehyun replied as if he was happy.

“Then we should start slowly. Give this to Freya, and now you will have to rebuild Vanaheim.”

“good. let’s go everyone We also want to see Vanaheim redecorated.”

“Let’s go.”

Jaehyun nodded and said, and his colleagues also stood up.

The movement to rebuild has just begun.

* * *

The road to Vanaheim was not particularly complicated.

Now that the world has become free from interfering with each other and movement between worlds, it is possible to move naturally if you become a being with such a class.

In many ways, it was convenient as a representation.

By the way, all of Nine’s colleagues decided to join Vanaheim.

Because of this, Lee Jae-sang, who is usually immersed in research, and other members have decided to help with the reconstruction.

It’s a handful, anyway, since more is much better, it’s probably natural.

Jaehyun thought so and greeted Freyja, who came out to meet him.

“reappearance. sorry for me I never thought it would be such a difficult mission. This is a great favor.”

“no. I also enjoyed it after a long time.”

Freya was quite burdened.

I didn’t think it would be that difficult, so I asked Jaehyun to do it, but things got a little twisted.

I had to compete with Surt and fight the fragments of Ymir.

No matter how you think about it, it was hard to see that it was an easy task.

Of course, Jaehyun told her from the bottom of his heart.

‘It’s been a while since I felt like I was able to relax properly. It wasn’t bad.’

It had been a moment when his body had been feeling sore lately, so he felt alive again rather than feeling like he was taking care of something particularly bothersome.

Raiders have meaning only when they live on the battlefield.

Maybe it was natural.

“Anyway, this is a fragment.”

“this… The primordial ice fragment… … .”

“With this, you will be able to put out Surt’s flames. Let’s start right now. There is no reason to delay.”

Jaehyun lightly injected divine energy into the debris.

Then, wow. I began to feel the magical energy inside the small revolving sphere, and it soon took on the shape of a small sphere and began revolving inside.

Soon it starts to work on the hot flames that fill the surroundings.

A flame that begins to die down as soon as it touches it.

Ssssss… … .

No matter how great Surt’s flame was, he had lost his power.

It was not difficult because there were some shortcomings to be compared to Ymir, the first giant.

“The flame… It’s fading away!”

The Valkyries waiting nearby cheered.

Jaehyun’s colleagues also reacted the same way.

“As expected, Jaehyun is different… … .”

Ahn Ho-yeon agreed with Lee Jae-sang.

“It’s an object with magic and power that is unbelievable even at first glance… How can you make it so easy… … It would be better to avoid sparring if at all possible.”

“You say that?! It wasn’t for a day or two that I almost died while fighting Min Jaehyun… … .”

“… … Because your skills are improving. that is… … I’m fine.”

At Kim Yu-jung’s words, Seo In-na responded and looked at Jae-hyun with a smile.

Louisa wasn’t much different either.

“Me too! Please train me! Honestly, it’s okay even if it hurts… … .”

Jaehyun sighed and pretended not to hear.

First of all, putting out all the flames was the most important thing.

For a while, Jaehyun, Freya, and Valkyrie continued to go around trying to put out the flames in Vanaheim.

Finally, around the time all the flames are extinguished, Jae-Hyun comes back. breathed out and said.

“Well, now the fire of the giant who messed up the land is somehow gone… … Now, the rest is just cultivating the land and turning it into suitable land for construction and farming.”

It was then.

“Ah! Adversary! I’m here! Ha ha ha ha ha!!”

A familiar shorty voice came from behind.

Jaehyun raised his eyebrows as he looked at those who were virtually slaves.

It was because countless groups of Dwarves had arrived in Vanaheim from afar.

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