I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 450

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10. The purpose of life (2)

I don’t know, but I think there are many people who are curious about the contents of the 78th volume of Jormungand’s father-in-law gag.

Let’s reveal a little bit about it:

-Do you know what a bull says when it steps on a cow’s foot?

-It’s just a cow shot. Yes. ha ha ha ha!!

Jaehyun thought that no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t spit out that garbage-like gag in this situation.

In fact, it was a high gag that I couldn’t even say easily even if it wasn’t in this situation, but the situation was not good in many ways.

Hela was approaching her, and this was a signal no matter how you look at it.

It is a story that even Hella has a heart for him.

‘what? I think my popularity is at its peak these days. Is that something that comes very rarely? Peak of popularity? What?’

No matter how ordinary a person is, they say that a time when they are overflowing with popularity comes at least once in a while, and it seemed that such a time had come for me as well.

Of course, Jaehyun thought he was ordinary, but this was no different from deception.

It is Jaehyun who ate Idun’s golden apple as a snack and strengthened his body to the limit.

Moreover, he was handsome even before the original, so the fan club that secretly admired him was very famous around the world.

Even so, the reason he doesn’t know this well is because he’s busy with work, but also because Jae-hyun himself is completely insensitive to dating and doesn’t know much about a woman’s heart.

It is Jaehyun who has no mediocre love experience in the past.

Because he had a hard time even living day by day.

Looking back, there were times when he received a business card asking him to become a celebrity or an actor, but Jaehyun thought it was a different world and stubbornly refused.

In many ways, this was due to the fate that Odin and the others were bound to, but it was true that it was frustrating anyway.

“Hella. Calm down for a moment. You are losing your senses because of the loss of your sense of duty. So please… … .”

“What? I thought that too, and one month, two months. I’ve spent dozens of days Didn’t it fade though? i know? That your presence is too much for me than I thought?”

The influence of Jaehyun on Hella was at an inexplicable level.

Because it was the reason for its existence in the first place.

Also, because he was like a hero who saved himself.

He opened the beginning of the great epic, and he is even the existence that put an end to it.

This also means at least the influence of the existence of representation on Hella.

Of course, as Jaehyun, I couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

However, Hella also pondered for a long time and finally confessed her feelings.

Therefore, it was morally wrong for Jaehyun to avoid it.

Even when she is having a hard time, she doesn’t show it and goes inside.

That’s why Jaehyun couldn’t help but pay more attention to Hella’s words.


“There is no use in raising your voice. Of course, other women also like Jaehyun. But what good is it? You mean do what you want? What are you going to do when I say I’m going after Jaehyun? You don’t mean to dry it, do you?”

Hella looked at Jaehyun with an expression as if he was about to say something with one mouth.

It’s an outsider.

Jaehyun realized that he was facing a dangerous situation.

That’s why you let out a sigh with your head down.

“It’s not good to sigh at a woman’s confession.”

“Thanks for the advice.”

Damn it, he added a little, which is a secret.

Jaehyun decided to properly ask Hella about what had happened.

“You like me… … I understand that. But what do you plan on doing? The other kids were all chasing me. Can you afford that?”

“It doesn’t matter that much, other than it’s possible. once you do whatever you want. Because that is what I have to do now.”

For some reason, Hella’s expression was relieved. Jaehyun has now become a face that says to be whatever it is.

I wanted to keep it a secret from the other kids, but it must be meaningless.

Anyway, when it all went into my ears, it was a joke.

Now he has no choice but to let the water flow and see if he can survive the mighty rapids.

“thank you. for liking me like this But now I… … .”

Jaehyun looked at Hella as he spoke.

Hella, as expected, had a cold expression.

Damn, I guess not this time either.

Jaehyun thought about it and shook his head.

It was then.

Hella approached and gently embraced Jaehyun’s shoulder.

Jaehyun lifted his head, and then Hella’s eyes stood out. A dainty horn appeared.

His appearance was tantamount to proof that he was fully equipped with his dignity.

Hella said with a slightly sorrowful gaze.

“Anyway, the purpose of my life has been decided now, so know that. My goals don’t change easily. From the moment I was born, I had to focus everything on you, and Jaehyun needs to take responsibility for me.”

“… … yes.”

Jaehyun had no choice but to say that as if he couldn’t do it.

If there was another way, Kim Yoo-jung and Seo E-na.

And it must have escaped somehow during Ruina’s time.

* * *

It didn’t take long for Jaehyun to dig Baekcheol and return.

Didn’t Hella, the best guide, accompany him in the first place?

In the first place, his power level is already unmatched.

There was no difficulty in collecting ore enough with bare hands.

“I didn’t expect you to come to me so quickly. thank you.”



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“I, Freya, the representative of the Valkyries, also express my gratitude to you. adversary… No, I should call you Min Jae-hyun from now on.”

“No big deal. By the way, it looks like it already has a rough appearance.”

Jaehyun said while looking at the scenery of Vanaheim that he had returned to.

Quite a bit has already been restored, and new buildings have been put in.

There were improvements in quite a few areas, except for the construction of houses using white iron, which was insufficient.

For example, it was effective that the road was laid first.

In order to move a lot of materials and other goods, it was necessary to move the road first.

Not everyone can use space movement magic, and aren’t dwarves bad at magic?

In the end, this process was necessary for them to interact easily.

In any case, there were improvements in various areas besides the roads.

All existing temples worshiping Odin were destroyed, and now, a new myth with the records of Jaehyun’s battles so far has been written in its place.

The story of the adversary.

Henir’s story.

And there was the story of Jaehyun, who reached the pinnacle as a human and killed Odin.

This was enough to make Jaehyun’s heart flutter.

That the fight so far was not in vain, and that what he had accomplished was not an illusion. He can be found here.

You can be here because the fruits of your efforts have been achieved.

That fact was enough to evoke a sense of uplift in them.

“Min Jaehyun… that is… … What happened? When I go digging for white iron.”

“uh? uh… … no?”

Jaehyun was visibly lying.

This was quickly discovered by Seo Ina.

“… … It is a lie. What happened… there was Jaehyun is bad.”

“No, it’s not like that… … .”

When Jaehyun blurted out his words, this time Ruina smiled faintly and followed Jaehyun and asked.

“so. Did you add one more person? What happened? Please tell me! yes?!”

“Did you already know?!”

Jaehyun said that in a loud voice without even realizing it. As a result, the atmosphere quickly cooled.

I thought it was impossible, but in the end, let’s realize that even Hella was handed over to Jaehyun.

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo E-na’s betrayed gaze reached her.

But as if it couldn’t be helped, the two soon laughed.

It was a smile mixed with despair.

“under… … This has gotten harder.”

“… … huh.”

“As I said before, Mr. West! It just turned out like this!”

“Be quiet for a moment. Let me think… … .”

Jaehyun sighed deeply, crying. There was no end to this.

Unless you find a way, something can’t be solved.

‘I need to find a sharp number.’

Jaehyun sighed as he recalled this. It didn’t seem like it would be easy.

* * *

“Jaehyun? So who will my daughter-in-law be?”

Returning home, Jaehyun sighed again as he heard his mother’s old nagging for the first time in a while.

These days, everyone is interested in Jaehyun’s love story.

In many ways, he hadn’t decided anything yet, but he felt that he was asking for answers about too many things.

It’s bound to be burdensome for Jaehyun.

Lee Seon-hwa understands his son, but he knows that taking too long is not polite to everyone.

That’s why I call my son and tell him the same story.

“Mom likes Hella… Yoo Jung or Aren’t they both the best bridesmaids? Ina is nice too, but I can’t turn into a cat.”

It seemed that the mother was satisfied with Hella’s charm of turning into a cat.

‘If you hear this story, you might say that Ina and Ruina are also learning polymorph. She said she would become a cat… She has to get it out of her ears somehow.’

It can be complicated in many ways.

Even if it’s a small happening, it can be a pretty difficult situation for Jaehyun.

It’s pretty quick to be in the middle of a bunch of women, but even the worst situation happens when others are scrambling for you?

If that happened, Jaehyun might suffocate and die.

“mom… Actually, that’s what I don’t know. I know this is indecisive, but I don’t know how I feel yet… … . Since the war has just ended, wouldn’t it be good to think about something after a little more time has passed?”

“What if emotions change during that time?”


“People’s emotions change so easily over time. Son, my son is so handsome and handsome, I don’t know, but maybe other people would have left if he had been thinking about it for so long? A woman’s heart is delicate.”

“… … .”

Jaehyun briefly looked back on the period he was worried about.

Jaehyun, who has just become an adult.

After the first war ended, about two years passed again in the second year of high school.

I spent almost 4 years with Seo Ina and Hella, and a longer time with Kim Yoojung.

Ruina also spent a short but intense time together.

Was it too long for you to make your own judgment?


There was plenty of time. Jaehyun himself kept avoiding this.

I was just running away with cowardly excuses, hiding behind them and saying that I wasn’t ready yet.

No matter how you think about it, this was wrong.

In the end, an action that could hurt everyone. Jaehyun didn’t want that either.

That means you have to make a decision eventually. His heart leans toward one place.

“all right. Now I’m trying to decide. Thinking for too long is dangerous and frustrating. I’m really sorry for the other kids.”

“okay. So, can you tell your mom a little bit? Who the hell is her son’s future wife?”

Lee Seon-hwa’s eyes twinkled uncomfortably.

Jaehyun took a deep breath, and soon a determined voice came out of his mouth.

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