I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 453

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12. Fever

“Wait! Everyone, please gather before listening to Jaehyun’s story!”

Before Jaehyun can speak.

It was none other than Hella who cut off his words.

She looked around with a very sad expression.

“Jaehyun-kun, I’m sorry, but would it be okay if we talk for a while first?”

“… Eh?”

Kim Yoo-jung’s bewildered reaction.

Even at first glance, it seemed that the matter had not been agreed upon beforehand, but Jaehyun nodded his head first.

In any case, avoiding the seat was not difficult.

If you have something to talk about with them.

And if it comes from Greek, it won’t be a problem if I express my opinion a little late.

“All right. Anyway, please end it peacefully.”

“Do not worry.”

Hella clenched her fists like a spy with secret orders.

Because she had to protect her love somehow, the current Hela was a desperate goddess of victory.

Of course, it wasn’t that different from other people.

Everyone seems to be interested in Jaehyun’s every move.

It was a situation that should have been burdensome in many ways, but Jaehyun was extremely calm.


Jaehyun opened the door, moved away for a while, and sat down on a bench outside.

To be honest, I could have listened to my colleagues as much as I wanted, but I didn’t because it wasn’t polite.

The more he became a god, the more his rank accumulated, the more Jaehyun restricted himself.

In order not to forget who he was as a human being. It was also in order not to break the promise with the people who trusted him.

“by the way… What the hell is Hella trying to say?”

As I sat on a bench and stared blankly at the sky, an accident bit my tail before I knew it.

No matter what you think, there is no easy option.

No matter what Hella says, someone will be disappointed and not convinced.

I also knew Jaehyun.

But what was the reason for leaving?

Because I trust her anyway.

Jaehyun believed in her who stayed by his side for a long time and endured without revealing her emotions even though it must have been difficult.

To the point of being irresponsible.

‘Anyway, let’s wait. He must have something in mind.’

Jaehyun thought about that and closed his eyes for a moment.

The end of autumn, when the cold winds are starting to blow.

As winter approached, the white breath that broke from Jaehyun’s mouth made him forget for a moment that he was the highest god.

That alone was good.

Jaehyun fell asleep for a while with his eyes closed.

When I wake up, I desperately hope that everything will be resolved.

* * *

After Jaehyun left, Hella let out a small sigh as she looked at everyone who had been forcibly summoned (?).

First of all, it was because it was a priority to explain his plan to them.

“First of all, I want to ask you something. Are there any women here who don’t like Jaehyun?”

“… … .”

“As expected.”

Silence replaces the answer.

no one likes him

So, it arrived much earlier than the scheduled time.

I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I hadn’t had affection for Jaehyun in the first place.

It was a part that showed how sincere the people gathered here were.

“As you know, Jaehyun seems to have made up his mind. in other words… You have chosen one person, and you intend to date that person.”

“also… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung let out a sigh. Louisa also helped.

“ha… Something has come.”

“… … I’m a bit worried. Hella, you are strong too.”

Seina’s eyes flashed.

It was such a terrifying law from ancient times that it was a love affair.

Hella waved her hand and appealed that she was not the enemy.

“It’s not because I’m your enemy.”

“… … So are you going to back off?”

Seo Ina said in a slightly benign tone. However, Hella’s continued words were enough to embarrass them as a group.

“Sorry, but that’s not it either.”

What do you mean?

It seems that Hella is showing a little step back, and I wonder if even one person is lessened, but this is restored to its original state.

No, isn’t that a refusal to give up on a sure representation?

Even Kim Yoo-jung sighed. Louisa’s expression seemed to catch on to something.

She didn’t know why, but somehow she was sure of what Hella would say next.



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The reason for this is, of course, everyone’s affection for Jaehyun.

That’s what allowed Ruina to know the reason for Hella’s judgment!

After gathering everyone together for a while, Hella finally made her best move. this unknown story. In other words, she talked about the conclusion of the love story.

“Listen carefully. We will not give up on Jaehyun. Not even one person.”

“… … ?”

Seo Ina was the first to ask questions.

“yes? what the story is… … .”

Next was Kim Yoo-jung,

“Dara doesn’t give up on everything… After all, Hella has the same idea as me!”

Hela couldn’t bear to deny it.

your own conclusions. It was literally because no one here gave up on reenactment, and it was to change his mind.

* * *

-Are you really good at it?

A vaguely unknown voice is heard.

I sat down on a bench and fell asleep for a while and dreamed.

A very short dream.

However, it was only natural that the contents of it came to mind clearly.

Isn’t it me who grew up as a mythical being and couldn’t forget anything?

Anything must be remembered, and contemplated as an observer.

That was one of the roles that I, now the supreme god, had to play.

‘I still can’t believe it. The fact that I am Henir and the fact that I saved everyone. Killing Odin, and even killing Ymir, who was the beginning of the world in the end.’

Nothing was easy.

That is why what I achieved by overcoming my wounds was never something that could be disparaged.

Performance is not achievement.

People called me a hero for saving humanity, no, all the inhabitants of the nine worlds, and made a song for me.

He praised Jaehyun, who became a god from a human being.

Some of the hymns of the world have become for me, others for my fellows.

I was proud of it in my heart.

However, it is also true that no matter how much I am, in the end, I am nothing more than a love object for someone.

People who like me… … .

In fact, I knew that there were many.

‘Of course I didn’t expect it to be this much… … .’

I also knew that there was no point in pretending not to notice.

Soyul noona said something before.

-Don’t fool your heart any more. Other kids have it harder.

-… … yes.

-that is… hmm. Maybe you are the hardest.

In passing, I felt great gratitude.

In fact, Kwon So-yul took care of two female juniors, but it was me who worried the most.

She was deeply concerned about the person I was.

It’s because I’m a whole person who suffers from not being able to make a choice.

Others may have a hard time too, but in the end, I am the one who has to accept everyone’s feelings.

Someone’s feelings, someone else’s feelings… … She knew from a long time ago that when they swirl and create vortices and collide, the person I am ends up wandering.

so it was said

Stop making decisions now.

‘I know. That I’m stupid.’

I know better than anyone that the past, when I didn’t even know my feelings, is foolish.

But in the end, I made up my mind to handle everything in the present and made a decision. I won’t back down any longer.


-You can come now!

Upon receiving the text from Hella, I immediately stood up.

Now is the time to build a fence.

‘It’s love.’

Climbing the stairs, I keep thinking.

I ponder and consider what kind of emotion it is.

Love is sometimes talked about as if it were nothing.

At other times, it is portrayed in a mournful and desperate way, as if one would die without it.

Again, sometimes it remains in the heart like a stigma that cannot be erased.


“I’m here.”

“Jaehyun-kun, please sit down. First of all, don’t say anything yet. as it is.”

“yes? Oh yes… … .”


Why does Hella react like that?

Maybe it’s because I’m afraid to listen to my heart?

If that’s the case, that’s understandable.

No matter how you think about it, it hurts to be rejected by the person you love.

What if I get rejected by the person I have in mind right now?

Likewise, you will have a heartbreaking experience.

It would be nice if it just passed like a fever for a moment, but maybe not.

No, it certainly won’t end like that.

Because I am afraid of being hurt by someone as much as the kids who loved me.

“We are going to talk about it first, but please listen to the story first and decide. whatever it is.”

“All right.”

First, nod your head. Wouldn’t it be polite to listen to whatever they were talking about?

Moreover, this is nothing compared to the long time I have been thinking about.

… … Thinking so, I tried to listen to the story that continued.

whatever story you hear. Even if they rejected me, I listened with an understanding mind.


“We all decided not to give up on Jaehyun. So, you have to take responsibility for everything until the end!”

What incomprehensible story leaked out of Hella’s mouth?

I looked around feeling dizzy at the news that could not be accepted in Korea.

The question is, why did I end up in this situation?

But even more strange things followed.

“… … As long as I don’t hurt anyone, that’s enough. It’s a bit unfortunate that I can’t monopolize it, but it’s not like it’s stolen anyway.”

“Oh, it’s an inevitable choice. Apparently, all the enemies are strong… … Anit! That doesn’t mean I’m not confident, but anyway!”

“I was in favor from the beginning, so it’s okay!”

Moreover, what is surprising is that no one denied the words of Hella.

I felt dizzy in an instant.

At best, I made up my mind with all my strength, but now the story of coming is saying everyone to choose?

“no… Are you guys doing this after making me a choice impediment?”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Judging by the fact that no one answered my question, it seems like everything was sincere.

No, was such a thing possible in Korea in the first place?

No matter how much I have memories of the days of Henir, now I am Min Jae-hyun.

I was born in Korea and have lived for decades.

By the way, do you want to be with multiple people?

Perhaps noticing my confusion, Hella whispered softly.

“Because it has already been decided. Stop giving up.”

Of course, that didn’t help at all.

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