I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 454

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13. Whereabouts of Love (1)

“Stop giving up! The women here are going to try to take away Jaehyun-nim somehow, no matter who he connects with right now… … Because they really don’t know what they’re going to do in the process. Truly walking time bombs! … … That’s it!!”

“… … Does that include Louisa and you? He talks too sweetly for something like that.”

Jaehyun muttered that half-excited.

Ruina answered, covering her mouth with both hands.

“omg! Did it look like that? But to what extent am I serious?”

‘… … So, that’s dangerous.’

Jaehyun lost his mind in an instant. What the hell are you even doing?

They are people who can be loved by anyone, anywhere.

But why do they want to do that because of themselves?

common worldview.

Why do you want to love yourself even to the point of destroying that?

I still don’t understand it well, but it was a problem that Jaehyun was worried about.

After thinking about it for a while, Jaehyun honestly confessed all his thoughts.

“It’s embarrassing to say this, but all of you are pretty, talented… … No matter who you connect with, you can have a good family and live well. But why are you tied up like this because of me? It could just be a passing feeling. That’s because I’m still young… … .”

“… … There is one thing, you are mistaken.”

Seo Eana, who had been waiting for Jaehyun’s words to finish, spoke.

She had a slightly angry expression, but the coolness made even Jaehyun take a step backwards.

“… We are not forced to like you. The story itself about being tied up doesn’t work.”


When Jaehyun asked in a bewildered voice, this time Kim Yoojung sighed and put her hand on her waist.

She approached Jaehyun and stared at his face.

Then she said with a smile.

“You’re skinny and handsome, but don’t you have any desire for women? It’s not something I’m going to say, but isn’t this enough for everyone? If you say thank you to the folder even now, they will accept it, so you can do it!”

“… … Kim Yoo-jung.”

“The conversation with the others has already ended. Jae-hyun. You know, you’re dangerous. Now that I’m the supreme god in name and reality, I’ve decided to spend the rest of my life spying on you. I won’t let you go if you hurt other women, so know that!”

“Hella, even you… … .”

Even Hella said that, and suddenly, Jaehyun was Seo Na-na and Kim Yoo-jung.

It became a picture that embraced both Ruina and Hela.

“Are you really okay with that? Don’t you have the confidence to be nice to everyone at once?”

“You’re doing well, I didn’t expect it. you stay right there We’ll figure it all out. Or, by any chance, did you like someone other than us?”

Kim Yoo-jung spoke in a voice full of intent to kill, and Jae-hyun shook her head involuntarily.

It really wasn’t, and if I said the wrong thing, it wouldn’t stop with a few beatings here.

“All right then. … … Anyway, among these, there will be someone you like the most, and after that. Again, there is only the next one. then i like it all It was a decision we made because we thought it would be better because we wouldn’t have to take you away either.”

“that’s right! It’s common in Alfheim! It’s common for the world’s most outstanding men and women to have multiple spouses. Rather, there are very few countries that do not!”

“At least in Midgard, it’s a problem because it’s not like that.”

It really is.

Except in the Middle East, does polygamy make sense?

However, Louisa’s thoughts did not seem to be so.

“What! Blame yourself for bewitching us all!”

Jaehyun was at a loss for words at Louisa’s irresponsible declaration.

but… On the one hand, it wasn’t that there was no feeling of relief.

It was hard for anyone to give up, and it was so hard that my thoughts changed every day.

First of all, Kim Yoo-jung.

He gave up his life twice for himself.

In the second situation, he even threw himself into knowing he was going to die. He used Soul Link to bring Jaehyun back to life.

Seo Ina is next.

She has proven her love for herself by fighting to the limit.

‘Song of the Dragon Slayer and Tragedy’ of Yggdrasil, one of the worst floors.

There, she never forgot Jaehyun.

A name etched into a stone wall.

Min Jaehyun, Min Jaehyun, Jaehyun… someone you can’t forget.

That was enough to make Jaehyun’s heart agitate.

The third was Ruina.

The royal family of Alfheim.

As a direct descendant, she was the only variable created by Jaehyun.

The existence that he intervened from the past and changed the fate, and he saved.

And with a loving heart for Jaehyun, he waited for himself with the elves for 10,000 years.

Even for elves with a different sense of time, this is nonsense.

Surely, countless emotions were worn out, and disbelief in love continued to plague her.

Stop here now. Let’s stop the first love that was like a fever.

Countless times, such temptation must have resonated in my ears.

Still, she persevered.

And in the most dangerous moment, he reunited with Jaehyun and expressed his feelings without hesitation.

It wasn’t something anyone could do.

The last one is hella

A guide and guide who was born only for himself.

I was able to be confident that the bond I built with her through the five ordeals was deeper than anyone else.



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At first, I thought it was just watching from a distance, but… … .

But it wasn’t like that. Hela’s fight with Heimdall. At the moment of desperate crisis, she wanted to die, entrusting her future to Jaehyun.

to save him.

It is strange that no question arises here.

Was Hella’s sacrifice only to complete her mission?

Is it to save the opponent, or if not, a weak human named Min Jae-hyun? Was it to save a person with potential and put him in front of the highest being?

If you ask me now, I have no choice but to say that I don’t know.

maybe it was then What made Hella completely open her heart to him?

Jaehyun knew that all four of them had their own circumstances.

Therefore, it was painful to know that if I chose someone else, someone else would be hurt.

It cannot be said that his indecisiveness was by no means devoid of innate nature, but it was also not intended.

Ruina and Hela were the first to recognize the nature of this reappearance.

That’s why I’m making this suggestion.

Wouldn’t it be more peaceful to have them all together?

of course.

“… Is there no doctor for me?”

Kim Yu-jung replied with a smile on her face.

“There can be no such thing, right? Shall we play rock-paper-scissors and at least make a piece?”

Hearing the fresh voice, Jaehyun hesitated and started to backtrack.

No matter how much I love them, I didn’t want an ending that ended in pieces.

But the women didn’t seem to think so.

An approaching shadow casts a deep shadow over Jaehyun’s face.


Seo Ina finally locked the door.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t run away if he wanted to run away, but Jaehyun knew very well that if he did, things would get worse.

“Guys? for a moment… … .”

Of course, they didn’t listen to Jaehyun at all.

Then, for a while, Jaehyun’s screams rang through the inside of Guild Nine’s building.

After gaining godhood and becoming a transcendentalist, the scream was also an extraordinary representation.

* * *

“So, you mean you picked them all? Wow~ My son is talented!”

Jaehyun’s mother

I was the first to hear this news. Lee Seon-hwa acted as if she was surprised inside, but she knew the truth because she had already heard about this plan from Hela.

The contents sent by Hella, who has become accustomed to smartphones.

It was like this.

-We decided to share Jaehyun. I think it will be difficult for everyone to give up.

‘He’s my son, but he’s so handsome.’

Lee Seon-hwa was happy inside.

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo E-na are the same.

Aren’t Ruina and Hella also favorite children?

She was the one who thought that as long as she had the ability, it didn’t matter how she connected with anyone.

It would be even better if I didn’t have to worry about unnecessary things again.

cancer don’t

However, Jaehyun only grumbled the whole time.

“No, but it is… … I’ve made a decision at best, but what the hell do you know about people’s hearts? why?”

he sighed.

“And I didn’t pick or choose all the kids, they decided to share me? At first, they just make pieces, and then they say who has them… My son almost died.”



Jaehyun, who was buried on the sofa, raised his head for a moment at Lee Seonhwa’s low voice.

Then Lee Seonhwa smiled and stroked his hair.

“Did you have a hard time worrying about it?”

“… … .”

“They all made that choice for you, so don’t hate them so much.”

Jaehyun kept his mouth shut for a moment before answering with his head bowed.

“i know. That is why it is more difficult.”

“They must have been anxious too. If you connect with someone, the other person will eventually be abandoned… I must have been afraid that the relationship would not be the same as it used to be. You have to understand that.”


“and… … .”

Lee Seon-hwa smiled broadly and spoke the last words.

“Mom thinks it would be nice to have a lot of grandchildren, but… How did you become a god, so you don’t have to take care of your son?”

Jaehyun’s face heated up.

Then he shouted louder than ever with a reddened face.

“Oh, no. It’s still just dating!”

Jaehyun jumped up from his seat and crawled into his room before he knew it.


Is it because of the mood that the sound of closing the door is louder than usual?

However, Lee Seon-hwa only smiled and drank tea, as if her son’s appearance was just cute.

It was a tea leaf that I had picked up in Idun’s Mist Garden not too long ago, and it smelled really good.

“by the way… When the kids come at once, I have to tell them who to take good care of… ?”

* * *

Meanwhile, Jaehyun was locked in his room and was manipulating his smartphone for a while.

Recently, she is posting on a dating-related bulletin board she frequently visits.

“Is this enough?”

He mumbled and posted a post. The title was ‘I received a confession from many women (4 people) at the same time. What should I do?’.

It was a title that really smelled of deception, but Jaehyun was really distracted and didn’t know it properly.


A comment immediately followed.

Don’t touch me and get out! shout! couple out!!

N-nim, this is a love gallery…

That’s right, but I don’t accept seals.

ㄴ Such a shit… If this bastard doesn’t get verified, I won’t trust him

What do you do with a love gallery? All the guys in love don’t come here hahaha

B crazy haha ​​that’s right too

Jaehyun got annoyed at the joking comment, so he replied.

(Author) No, it’s because it’s a really serious problem! Everyone has seen me for a long time, and I’m close with them, but I don’t know what to do. It’s in trouble if things go wrong!

What do I know?!

Oh, there are many women attached to such an indecisive guy. Are you a god in your previous life?

ㄴSince ancient times, there is only one most perfect way at times like this. Shall I tell you?

Jaehyun was a bit suspicious of who wrote the last comment, but he replied in a secret comment anyway.

(Author) What is that method?

That’s not what you mean If you choose one person anyway, you will distance yourself from the others and you will end up trash. something like that

ㄴ No, even the garbage… Well, it’s similar.

ᄂ If that’s the case.

The guy who was commenting paused for a while, then left with the last comment as follows.

It’s okay to become the trash you have.

Jaehyun screamed in agony.

(Author) No, there are all these bastards…

-The target is logged out.

“Such a dog… … !”

Jaehyun swears and clenches his fists.

I don’t know who it is, but if I get caught, I’ll separate the flesh from the bones.

Unfortunately, even if he was the supreme god, he couldn’t find the guy who made fun of him in the comments and ran away.

It’s something neither Kwon So-yul nor Hella can do!


On the other hand, beyond the scream of Jaehyun.

A red-haired young man who had just logged out smiled.

“Does this make the decision a little easier?”

It was a thin face that looked playful even at a glance.

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