I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 457

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14. The end of the myth (2)

In the beginning, there was a world where nothing existed.

The only thing that exists is the land covered with fire and ice, and Kinnungagap, a world of nothingness itself, with nothing in the middle.

Finally, only the distant abyss and its fragments existed.

The heat of the giant called Surt collided with the chill of Niflheim to create Ymir, and the world finally pulsed.


The being who would later ascend to the highest god had established himself as the absolute by killing Ymir.


It became a great wall and shield that surrounded Odin, and countless others were born from Ymir’s corpse.

Odin molded the world with his corpse.


In the middle of the empty space, leaving only a very small fragment of space… … .

It was finally passed on to the adversary under the name of ‘The Plateau of the Red Moon’.

Again, it aimed at Odin, the supreme god, as it had done at Ymir.

Jaehyun, the day Henir killed Odin as an opponent.


A myth has been extinguished.

It was the moment when another myth began, and that was enough to get someone’s attention.

for example… … .

* * *

present again.

Jaehyun, who arrived home drunk, was horrified to see Loki running away.

Because the plan to sneak in went awry.

For reference, the one I talked about earlier is none other than Hella.

She is now a demigod, and Jaehyun’s wife… … She was the one who became one of them.

“Hella… ? Please pause. It was not my will.”

“Um… It’s been a while since I’ve seen you use respectful words rather than flat words. Did you know that we took turns waiting for you to come?”

“… … I had no idea… … .”

Jaehyun muttered something like that, but to no avail.

After showing a cold smile, Hella escorted the sinner (?) into the house.

There, he saw the daughter with the little horn, who was already soundly asleep.

Then, with a crackling sound, other people from upstairs began to appear one by one.

“Min Jaehyun! Do you know what time it is?!”

First of all, the first person to be revealed was Kim Yoo-jung.

She was wearing a white dress that showed off her neckline, actually because she had a musical appointment with her today.

Of course, on a day like this, it was a problem that Loki bullied him so much that things got twisted in many ways.


However, Jaehyun, as always, was not so sorry.

In the past, there were quite a few times when Kim Yoo-jung didn’t show up because she forgot to make an appointment.

Jaehyun let out a small sigh, saying that nothing has changed even though he got married again.

“… … It shouldn’t be too late. I already have one. Then I feel so sorry for Hella.”

“Ah~ Actually, are you worried about Ina-nim?”


Ruina, who was playing around with Seo Ina’s words, froze.

Her eyes were still cool even after years had passed.

But Louisa was not frightened.

Now, at least within that cold air, she realized that there is a warmer warmth.

And to be honest.

“… It’s true.”

It was true from the beginning, so I couldn’t say anything.

“Anyway, I am innocent. Loki said he has his own troubles. So, since I listened… … .”

“You don’t have to listen, do you?”

Kim Yoo-jung asked while making a gesture as if to bruise.

Of course, the meaning of that was only a little sulking about not going to play with him, and deep down he understood Jae-hyun’s behavior.

‘Recently, listening to Loki, it seems that there are a lot of mysterious gates coming out here and there… Could that possibly be the cause?’

Hella and Seoina. And it was a story that the rest of the members also heard.

However, Loki asked Jaehyun Hansako to keep it a secret.

The gate that turned black never told Jaehyun, and he told him to contact him as soon as it was discovered.

It seemed to be related to him, but those who couldn’t figure out a clear reason couldn’t help but worry.

Loki just talked like he always did, like a joke.

-no way. Wouldn’t it be fun if I told you everything? In the first place, isn’t it what you all hope for that peace to last?

-don’t worry. ‘That way’ I’ll take care of everything.

-You mustn’t say anything to the enemy.

like that.

Loki continued to tell only meaningful stories.

Maybe that’s why I begged for a drink with Jaehyun today… … .

“Ugh… dad… … !”

Hela and Jaehyun’s daughter, who woke up before he knew it, were embraced by him.



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Seeing this, the other women’s faces brightened as well.

If you see a child who is not yet a few years old rubbing his eyes and smiling like a child, and hugged by his father, everyone would probably have that expression.

Jaehyun said as he hugged his daughter.

“Min Ha-yoon. Were you listening to your mother?”


“You can’t lie! You said you don’t want to eat carrots today, right? You must have decided not to lie to your father… … .”

As Hela tickled the daughter’s feet while talking, Hayoon dug deeper into Jaehyun’s arms.

Then he suddenly raises his head.

“… … Smell of alcohol.”

“Because both of them were wrong. Shall I apologize to my mother for today?”


Jaehyun smiled as if he was satisfied with Hayoon’s voice.

Hella sighed as if she couldn’t help it.

Kim Yoo-jung, Seo E-na, and Ruina looked at each other and raised their small, determined fists.

Of course, it will take quite a long time to understand the meaning… … .

It seemed that he had to decide that it was not an issue that could be easily passed on.

It will be especially so at night.

* * *

next day.

Jaehyun yawned while looking at Kim Yoojung sleeping next to him, then got up from his seat.

Numerous skills that allow me to maintain my condition even without resting.

They were the power of representation.

Jaehyun stood by the window and thought for a moment.

‘Loki guy… He’s hiding something.’

The conversation I had with Loki yesterday while drinking.

Recalling this, Jaehyun sighed slightly.

When the myth comes to an end, and the bonds of bondage disappear.

Jaehyun thought everything was over.

But one thing was overlooked.

Not all monsters had disappeared yet, and monsters with blind aggression were still a great threat to humans.

Recently, if not to the level of the previous Red Gate, quite large gates have often appeared.

No matter how much I thought about why this was happening, it was a reproduction that I couldn’t figure out.

But isn’t that what Loki, who drank yesterday, was talking about?

-Hmm… Whatever it is… … yes?! What if we keep sending monster armies to that level? Are you going to start a real war? this … … child!

… … .

‘I must have heard the name… I don’t remember.’

There was one name I couldn’t quite remember.

The reason is unknown.

No matter how much Aegir’s alcohol is, Jaehyun’s memory is already alien.

It was clear that he, in the state of transcendence, did not remember.

Loki… … .

The guy completely erased his memory.

The reason is?

“Of course it must have something to do with me.”

“… … Mmm. what are you doing? Write! Why don’t you come over here and use an arm pillow?”

“Oh, wait… thinking about something hey. But how old are you and do you still use arm pillows? Not even Hayoon.”

“Are you reaching your father?”

With Kim Yoo-jung’s words, Jae-hyun covered the blanket again and dedicated his arms as if he couldn’t do it.

“anyway… It’s tricky… … Do you know that my father-in-law is harassing me like this?”

“ok! But you said you could do more?”

“but… If you are a father-in-law, you can’t even do that… … .”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but nod his head thinking of Yoojung’s father.

It was because he was a person who would do anything for his daughter’s happiness.

Jaehyun and Min Ha-yoon.

Wouldn’t it be shocking to think that way every time you see your own daughter?

much less

At this rate, it was only a matter of time before the house would become noisy… … .

As Jaehyun thought about it for a while, Kim Yoojung came close to him wriggling and kissed her on the lips.

Seeing this, Jaehyun pulled her into his arms and seated her on top.

Suddenly, Kim Yu-jung, sitting on Jae-hyun’s boat, averted her gaze with a slightly reddened face.

“hey. Don’t provoke me in the morning.”

“no. It’s not… Aaaagh!”

Kim Yoo-jung screamed, but did not ask anyone for help. It’s an undercover operation.

Jaehyun thought so.

Screaming for nothing.

Jaehyun thought so and pulled the arm that had wrapped around Kim Yoojung.

* * *

About a month has passed.

Unsurprisingly, the word peace takes a long time to prove its weight.

It is because it collapses the moment it is revealed that it poses even the slightest threat, but more than anything else, it is because of the variable that bursts out without any sign.

Regrettably, representation now lies in front of such a variable.

“Loki, it’s been exactly one month since that child disappeared. Did you guys hear anything?”

First of all, Fenrir and Jormungandd asked questions. it was hell

[I don’t know.]

[You’re such a free-spirited person… .]

[I don’t know Loki. It must have disappeared somewhere again.]

For reference, the last one was Hell.

It was a natural reaction, since she had not the slightest bit of respect for her father.

Jaehyun sighed and scratched his head.

“Where the hell did this kid go?”

The last thing I said while drinking. It kind of bothered me.

He never said anything about being sick, but what the hell happened?

After thinking about it for a while, it was time to ask the others about the guy’s whereabouts.

“Ugh… !!”

Jaehyun started breathing heavily as he held his head in a sudden headache.

This was kind of odd.

That he, who has a transcendent body, suffers from headaches.

All the more so because it didn’t make sense in the first place.

“… Jaehyun!”

Seo Eana’s voice felt like a faint hallucination.

this is weird

Jaehyun felt goosebumps at the feeling of incongruity running up his spine.

He quickly looked around, but there was nothing that could harm him. So what is this pain?

Jaehyun’s headache got progressively worse, and that was the moment he finally clenched his fists.


Only then did Jaehyun feel that something was wrong.

It was because he had no choice but to notice that there was something he had been missing.


The name he had hidden through magic now came to mind.

Also, I began to guess why he had disappeared.

“Loki… He might die.”

After Jaehyun said that, he got rid of the headache and stood straight up.

The group looks puzzled. This was especially true of Jaesang Lee.

“Why Loki… ?”

“There is a dangerous man. A lot of that too.”

Jaehyun nodded as if he was convinced.

“You all have to listen carefully. black gate. Have you ever seen one?”

All of them made faces of astonishment.

Jaehyun finally found out about the fact he had been keeping quiet about.

Jaehyun laughed. How many days have you seen their reaction?

They already know about the Black Gate.

“I think I need to leave for a while.”

After Jaehyun said that, he put on his coat.

The way he walked out of the guild office even looked spleen.

“What happened… Is it because?”

“… … .”

It was at that moment that an unexpected name came out of Jaehyun’s tightly shut mouth.

It did not take long for dark clouds to hang over the peace that had been so fleeting.

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