I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 462

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15. Ending – Seo Eana (5)

After all the eventful honeymoon was over.

Jaehyun and Seo Eana returned to Korea. This was because there was still a process of purchasing a newlywed house and furniture, and organizing necessary and useless things.

“… … yes This house will be the best place for newlyweds to live. The view is the best, and the amenities are excellent! Although the cost is very high… It won’t matter.”

The female employee said that and smiled a little. Somehow, the face is slightly red.

With Seo In-na’s eyes slightly sharp, she quickly glanced at Jae-hyun and the staff alternately. She planned to intervene if necessary.

“It certainly seems so.”

However, Jaehyun, who is insensitive, is not even paying attention. He was busy inspecting the house carefully and signing a temporary contract.

The house to buy was a special radar residence area famous for its tight security so that privacy could not be invaded on thousands of pyeong of land.

It was a place where you would have to be at the top of the S-class radar to enter. Residents are determined only after going through a number of complicated processes and screenings. It is truly a dream home.

However, Jaehyun was able to free pass without difficulty. Of course, this is because neither the Raiders nor the Gods have a higher reputation than Jaehyun.

Seo Eana just looked around while holding Jaehyun’s hand tightly. She wasn’t used to it, as she hadn’t had the experience of visiting her house yet.

The middleman, who was watching this, smiled and poked Jaehyun’s side.

“It seems that the wife loves her husband a lot.”

whispering voice.

However, it was also a story that could not be heard by Jaehyun and Seo Eana. Hearing enhanced. A superior radar’s ears are thousands of times more sensitive than those of a beast of prey.

‘… … How did know… ?’

Seo In-na blushed, but Jae-hyun learned something from Yoo Seong-eun for this time.

Jaehyun took a moment to look back on that moment.

– Because Ina’s personality is shy in everything. You should do better. you know what i mean

-But what should I do?

– You just have to pay attention to the little things.

-It’s trivial… … .

-okay! To put it simply, someone else’s wife seems to like her husband a lot! If you say… … .

‘… I didn’t know if I would actually use it. thank you CEO. love… … I don’t like it.’

“no. I met him because I liked him more. As you can see… … .”

Jaehyun smiled. He lightly tucked Seo Ina’s hair behind her ear.

“You are very pretty.”

In many ways, it was the skinship and dialogue that could be said to reflect Yoo Sung-eun’s taste, but Jae-hyun had no doubts because it was his teacher’s words.

But why?

“… … .”

Seo Eana was silent for a while, and finally let go of Jaehyun’s hand.

“… … I’m going to go to the bathroom for a minute.”

Slightly angry tone of voice.

Jaehyun tilted his head, wondering if he had done something wrong.

uh? It shouldn’t be like this.

‘CEO… … ?’

Jaehyun’s face is frustrated after losing the hand he believed in.

However, the broker who was watching this just smiled like he was cute.

‘No matter how much the hero who saved the nine worlds is still young.’

Jaehyun was still lacking in knowing a woman’s heart.

I think I need to study in many ways.

Jaehyun sighed for a moment as he thought about it.

Meanwhile, at that time.

Looking at the mirror, Seo Eana was busy lowering the corner of her mouth that couldn’t be calmed down. The action just before the reenactment.

How on earth did Jaehyun, who doesn’t know anything about women’s feelings, say such a thing?

I didn’t understand, but it didn’t matter.

It’s more important that you feel good right now.

“… … I like it too.”

Seo In-na spit out such a story with upbringing without even realizing it, and after about 30 minutes, she finally calmed down and came out.

Jaehyun asked if he was sick, but Seo Ina just shook her head.

Just like that, the contract for the house was completed safely, and Jaehyun and Seo Eana’s newlywed life began.

* * *

Meanwhile at that time.

“No, anyway. Leave Papi with me and go on a trip together? What’s happening!”


Poppy grunted and expressed his desire to follow the journey.

It also contributed to the fact that he didn’t like the connection between Jaehyun, who was like a father, and Seo Eana, who made a tasteless dish (?) for him.

The guy came back as a pure-blooded man who uncovered gold again, but thanks to that, he ended up with a pitiful treatment that he couldn’t follow on his honeymoon.

Of course, taking on Papi had to be Kim Yoo-jung’s job.

The place where Kim Yoo-jung sat complaining was Nine’s office, where they always gather. For several days now, this place has become a place where many complaints have been expressed, and it has become a scene of disaster.

This was especially true for Ahn Ho-yeon, Lee Jae-sang, and Park Seong-jae, who sat across from each other.

‘What should we do!’

Those who don’t even know the heart of a woman are Jaehyun, so… … .

The remaining three also watched and listened to the stories of the women who had gathered, including Yoo Seong-eun, Hella, Seo Ah-hyun, Kim Yu-jeong, and Ruina.

‘This is all because of Jaehyun!’

Ho-yeon Ahn always respects Jae-hyun, but this time he couldn’t help but resent him.

In the end, while choosing one person, the rest of the children’s minds were not organized, and it became a structure in which they suffered.



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In many ways, it was embarrassing for Ahn Ho-yeon, Lee Jae-sang, and Park Seong-jae, who were suddenly dragged in.

But what can I do?

Jaehyun was the guildmaster and leader of Nine.

Isn’t it their job to cover him… … .

“anyway! Leave this cute kid alone! It’s already been a few days, a trip… Will you have a good trip?”

Kim Yoo-jung spoke softly at the end, as if she had somehow lost her strength.

It was an action that immediately felt that many processes were omitted in the middle.

Ruina also muttered with her knees together.

“… Maybe, right? Our hotel is famous for being very nice, and there are hot springs… … There are plenty of facilities, so there are many things to enjoy.”

“Unlike Jaehyun-kun, happiness came in many ways. What a relief.”

Hella said that and took a sip of the tea. Kim Yu-jeong nodded her head, saying, ‘I will,’ with her slightly relieved face.

There are no regrets anymore, but the pain as if one side of my heart is still empty is still the same.

It was the same for the other two.

Thanks to this, they were fully immersed in their work.

… Of course, Ahn Ho-yeon and Lee Jae-sang are dying in the process.


You can see Kwon So-yul entering through the door from the back. She brushed her yellow hair and sat down in her seat.

“Why is the atmosphere of a mourning house like this? ok? Is there a man other than Min Jae-hyun?”

A girl who appeared from the start detonating a bomb.

In many ways, she was the savior of others.

Kwon So-yul seemed to be fine.

“Of course he is… … He’s a pretty decent guy than I thought, but it’s not good for you guys to be so sluggish. you know? Why has he been unable to make up his mind for so long?”

A word that Kwon So-yul said as soon as he arrived.

It brought other women to their senses quickly.

Anyway, the reason Jaehyun made a late decision was because he didn’t want to hurt them. That’s why they kept avoiding it, knowing that it would inevitably cause them deeper pain.

After making a hasty decision, Jaehyun honestly confessed his feelings.

“i know. What was he thinking?”

“It must be because he is such a warm person.”

Kim Yu-jung and Ruina smiled bitterly as they said that.

It’s unfortunate, but I can’t help it.

Isn’t it something you can’t do?

If Jaehyun wasn’t kind, he wouldn’t be considerate of them and would have easily decided as his heart went. Because they didn’t do that, their hearts grew bigger, but that was an ending that Jaehyun didn’t want.

Hella also agreed.

“You told me too. Jaehyun said that I will definitely be able to find a goal other than himself. So you don’t have to work too hard. He just said he would continue to help me.”

“okay. That’s our guild leader’s strength, so why are they all so downhearted? it’s not resolved anyway It’s not like he has multiple bodies anyway. Then we can share.”

Others smiled at Kwon So-yul’s story.

Park Seong-jae, Ahn Ho-yeon, and Lee Jae-sang, who were sitting on a cushion of thorns, barely came to their senses.

Anyway, thanks to Kwon So-yul, the pain went away. What if it wasn’t for her? They must have had to listen to the women’s complaints for a while and sympathize with them.

That time when I wanted to sincerely thank Kwon So-yul in many ways.

Kwon So-yul suddenly looked at Lee Jae-sang and said.

“Lee Jae-sang. you follow me I have work to do. Bring plenty of potions.”

a light smile. However, the self-righteousness hidden beneath it makes Lee Jae-sang tremble.

Although he is close with Kwon So-yul, it was because it was a difficult relationship to get close to. Although she is the target of comradeship, it is because recently, an unknown and strange feeling has sprouted.

Although the exact reason is unknown, Lee Jae-sang has recently been reluctant to be with Kwon So-yul. He knew he wasn’t feeling well, so he tried to run away.

“Where are you going? this.”

It didn’t matter.

He was grabbed by the back at once. Lee Jae-sang quickly put his hands together and muttered, looking at his eyes.

“Soyul? I’m not feeling well today… … .”

“You listened intently to the story of your junior. From now on, it’s senior’s time. I have something to tell my classmates. thickly. But if you suddenly run away.”


Kwon So-yul revealed his personality after a long time and lightly hit the table.

Of course, the destructive power was serious.

“Do you think I will be very uncomfortable?”

“… … .”

“Quack! Won’t you answer me?”

“… … huh. It seems that my condition has suddenly improved… … .”

Lee Jae-sang eventually succumbed to the force.

No matter how much he has attained the status of a transcendent, he is fundamentally a fighter-type raider. It is also because he has not reached the level of Kwon So-yul, who is born with fighting.

No matter how much he is evaluated as one of the weakest in the party, Kwon So-yul is an excellent radar. Even if he runs away, he will use his search skills to find him right away.

So to speak.

Is it a deep mire from which you can never escape?

“slough… … Ira. That’s exactly what Jaehyun said.”

“hey. what?”

Kwon So-yul fired at him, and Lee Jae-sang pretended to zip his mouth.

In fact, none of the members of Nine did not know that subtle feelings were brewing between the two.

Of course, it seems that they don’t really know. anyway.

The two of them have been attached for a long time and participated in events together. Graduating also became a catalyst, and our feelings for each other have become quite deep.

Lee Jae-sang is just aware of it as an unknown question or discomfort, and Kwon So-yul is annoyed that he avoids him.

‘… … Even if I die, I have to pretend I don’t know.’

Ahn Ho-yeon and Park Seong-jae thought of that at the same time and swallowed their saliva.

Now that the reenactment is over in many ways, the sub-couples are in a frenzy.

Those thoughts never got out of my mind.

So, after the honeymoon.

Almost three months passed.

The news that followed was shocking.

“… … what? already?! What the hell did he do! Inaya!!”

Kim Yoo-jung, who was on the phone with Seo In-na, screamed. Indeed, she had received shocking and unbelievable news.

“… … that is. That’s how it happened… … .”

Seo Eana smiled bashfully and said that over the receiver as if she was embarrassed.

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