I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 Voyage (1)

The Themed Dungeon 《Neverland in Ruins》 has appeared.

A special item will be awarded once five consecutive dungeons are cleared.

Special quest 《BIG 5》 has been obtained.

[Special Quest]


This is the Themed Dungeon 《Neverland in Ruins》. Clear the dungeon by raiding five rides in this place, namely the BIG 5.

Difficulty: A

Reward: Thialfi’s Thunder Steps(S)

Remaining Time: 23:59

Failure Penalty: –

As soon as the quest window came up, a sudden darkness fell on the amusement park.

It was still only 3pm, but it was already as dark as if it was late at night.

The surroundings looked vastly different now.

Damaged, rusted rides were scattered everywhere, while broken tiles and holes were all over the ground.

Goosebumps covered his body, and a strange sense of disharmony gradually filled him.

JaeHyun narrowed his eyes.

“It’s exactly as I remembered. They said that the Themed Dungeon appeared at exactly 3pm.”

JaeHyun knew quite a bit about the Themed Dungeon that appeared in Neverland, thanks to the news report that he’d watched before his return to the past.

The news said that when the Themed Dungeon appeared in Pangyo’s Neverland, the surroundings changed, and the five popular rides called the ‘BIG 5’ had to be cleared.

First, the Viking, the absolute powerhouse of amusement parks.

JaeHyun already had almost all the information about the BIG 5 and had prepared for them.

Of course, it was impossible to confirm all of the information about the Themed Dungeon through news articles, and there were some parts he couldn’t remember clearly.

‘Forgetting some things can’t be helped. I didn’t memorize everything that happened before returning.’

Variables had to be dealt with using overwhelming force or quick judgment.

Fortunately, it might be easier than expected to clear this dungeon.

In the first place, the person who cleared the dungeon in the past was an aspiring raider who was still only a third-year middle school student.

Seo Ah-Hyeon.

The person who originally acquired the hidden piece of this dungeon, and later died in a power struggle among guilds.

That was why JaeHyun decided to get 《Thialfi’s Thunder Steps》 instead of a different hidden piece.

‘It wouldn’t be good to forcefully take someone else’s item. After all, you can cause problems in interpersonal relations that way. But this one is different.’

In the end, Seo Ah-Hyeon died without using her power properly.

The cause of her death was her bragging about the item and its abilities to others in her excitement.

‘Even if she has it, she’ll only die. It’s better for me to have it.’

That was his conclusion.

After organizing his thoughts, he looked around.

He saw the shadows slowly swaying.

Monsters began to appear.

However, JaeHyun didn’t pay them any attention and walked towards the Viking.

A street lined with stalls selling cotton candy and hotdogs or offering shooting games to play.

In front of him stood an old Viking in all its dignified glory.

Would you like to begin clearing Viking, the first ride among the BIG 5?

“Ok. Let’s go in, shall we?”

Transporting the user into the Viking dungeon.

Change the ending of this story.

As soon as the system alert rang, the surroundings started to gradually change.

A bizarre and spooky dim light devoured JaeHyun.

And soon after…

“… I somehow got here, but…”

Coming to his senses, JaeHyun mumbled as he looked at the moving waters and smelled the salty air.

“Is this the Themed Dungeon I’ve only heard about?”

* * *

Themed Dungeon.

A special dungeon that could only be cleared by playing a designated character and completing the story as if it were a novel.

Unlike most dungeons, they appeared outside and were known to form in a manner that resembled the area they suddenly appeared in.

The contents of Themed Dungeons were very diverse.

For example, being born as a good-for-nothing prince and changing the opinions of everyone around you to become king.

Born as the youngest son of a swordsman, one learned that magic and took full control of the family.

A military fan possessed a king of Joseon and developed the country.

The one JaeHyun was in was 《Neverland》, an amusement park.

That meant it was a Themed Dungeon related to the rides there.

In other words, it was no longer an amusement park…

It was already a dungeon.

Synchronization rate 7%… 20%… 97%… 100%.

You are Thialfi, a warrior who survived a Viking invasion.

A voice rang. JaeHyun furrowed his brow.

All kinds of information swirled in JaeHyun’s mind, not giving him the time to organize his thoughts.

The character he had to play from that moment on…



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Information related to ‘Thialfi’ flowed rapidly into his mind.

With a burning pain, his body tensed, and he found that he had trouble breathing.

‘… I’m Thialfi?’

There was a strange kind of pain.

By the time the pain stopped, he heard an urgent cry ring out around him.

“Get a hold of yourself, Thialfi! Are you ok?”

You have obtained 《Thialfi’s Resentment》, the first quest in the 《BIG 5》.

[Theme Quest]

Thialfi’s Resentment

Thor, the God of Thunder, coveted Thialfi’s quick feet. He kidnapped Thialfi’s younger sister, Rosskva, and kept her hostage to keep him under control.

Become Thialfi and rescue Rosskva to get rid of his resentment.

Difficulty: B

Reward: Passive Skill – 《Commander’s Cry》

Failure Conditions

Rosskva’s death

Thialfi’s death

Failure Penalty: Unable to return to reality.

A large amount of information rushed into JaeHyun’s head.

A person’s whole life was etched into his mind, and he learned new things.




And… Thor.

“Heuk… heuk…”

JaeHyun barely managed to come to his senses and smiled slightly.

He had just succeeded in fishing out the exact information he needed in that ocean of knowledge.


Translator – Rainypup

Proofreader – Harley



[The servant of the Thunder God Thor from Norse Mythology and the fastest runner in the nine realms.]

[Originally a human, he lost his family because of the Vikings.]

[The only family he had left was his younger sister, Rosskva.]

[He hated the Aesir, like Odin and Thor, since they were worshipped by the Vikings.]

A portion of the information constantly leaked through and began to explain the quest to JaeHyun.

Thialfi and Rosskva.

Their story appeared in the Norse mythology his mother had read to him when he was younger.

That story began with Thor.

One day, Thor headed to Jotunheim, the realm of the giants, to test his power.

On his way to Utgard, he stayed at a small cottage for the night.

A farmer and his wife lived there with their two children.

The older boy was Thialfi. The younger girl was named Rosskva.

Loki, who accompanied Thor, killed the goats pulling the chariot they rode on and gave the meat to the farmer’s family as thanks for letting them stay for the night.

However, Thor spread the goatskin on the floor and said,

[No matter what, throw the bones on top of this skin.]

However, Thialfi, who was very hungry, broke a bone and sucked on the marrow.

The next day, Thor cast a spell on the bones to revive the goat.

But there was something wrong with one of the revived goat’s legs. The goat was limping.

Thor angrily approached the farmer’s family.

[Why didn’t you listen to me?]

The farmer’s family trembled before the anger of a god and couldn’t answer.

Eventually, Thialfi came forward and admitted his mistake.

[I’m sorry. I was so hungry, I couldn’t help myself… I’m really sorry.]

In return for forgiving him, he took the boy and his sister, Rosskva, as his servants.

And then he continued heading toward Utgard.

“… Something’s strange. It’s different from the mythology that I know.”

JaeHyun grew confused as the rush of information clashed with what he knew.

Originally, the farmer’s family—including Thialfi—didn’t hate Thor or the Aesir.

However, they were obviously the enemies in Thialfi’s memories.

He hated the Vikings that had destroyed his village and killed his family.

“Well… It doesn’t matter which side is right. I’m in a hurry to clear the dungeon.”

JaeHyun quickly decided and got up.

On top of the moving deck, he looked around with his red eyes.

‘The ship is almost the same size as one of the Vikings’ ships. Did they steal it? It’s about a medium-sized one… still sturdy. The sails aren’t torn anywhere. The masts and deck aren’t burnt or broken anywhere. This is doable.’

After analyzing the situation, JaeHyun recalled the quest he received.

The main goal of the quest was to rescue Rosskva, Thialfi’s sister, and go back home.

That meant…


The sound of two ships colliding rang out and people started shouting.

JaeHyun’s face crumpled into a frown as he saw the broken bow of the ship.

“Thialfi! This is not the time for that! Get a weapon! The enemy ship is coming!”

The NPC’s voice rang out once more.

JaeHyun immediately ran toward the enemy ship they were confronting.

He felt nauseous due to the constant movement of the ship, but now was not the time to care about such things.

If he didn’t finish off the enemy right now, the quest would fail.

If that happened, he would be trapped there forever thanks to the quest penalty.

‘First, I have to wait a while before I look for Rosskva.’

No matter how difficult a Themed Dungeon was, it was impossible for a dungeon to be designed to kill a player right from the beginning.

Once things weren’t so urgent, he could focus on other things.

The ship shook, the sound of swords clashing coming from up on the deck.

“I’m not sure about anything yet, but please take care of things here, Frederik.”

Frederik was the name of a sailor in his twenties, who had been talking to JaeHyun a moment ago.

Someone who willingly participated in his plan to usurp a ship to rescue his younger sister.

“W-wait a minute! Thialfi!”

JaeHyun ignored his words, quickly jumping over the railing and boarding the enemy ship.

The reason was simple.

The ship he was on would break if he freely used his skills there.

“How dare you! You came to our ship by yourself! Show us what you’ve got!”

“Get rid of them all!”

The harsh words from the sailors rang through the air, and countless swords rushed toward JaeHyun.

But JaeHyun didn’t pay them any mind.

He looked surprised and didn’t look away from a certain area of the deck.

“What? Why is she here?”

It was strange.

A moment ago, he had used the employee of Neverland to make an announcement.

The place was dangerous, so everyone should have escaped.

So why was she here?

“… Seo Ah-Hyeon.”

The person who originally received 《Thialfi’s Thunder Steps》.

She was also in the dungeon and had even been captured by the enemy ship.

As if knowing that JaeHyun was confused, the system alert rang out.

You have found Rosskva, Thialfi’s younger sister.


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