I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 63

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Chapter 63 Voyage (2)

“Unbelievable… a Themed Dungeon appearing in an amusement park?”

Seo Ah-Hyeon muttered as she watched the amusement park change with a captivated expression.

Either way, the atmosphere had changed significantly from a moment before.

The overgrown grass, broken tiles, and mechanical parts filled the area, making a chill run up her spine.


Ah-Hyeon burst into laughter at the ridiculous reality in front of her.

A Themed dungeon, which she’d only learned about at school, suddenly appearing?

The probability of getting caught up in a sudden dungeon gate appearance was about 0.6%, according to the National Statistics Office. On top of that, the probability of being stuck in a Themed Dungeon, unable to leave, was 0.0003%.

To think it would happen to her…. What the heck.

Let’s not calculate. Whatever.


It was a short and heartfelt exclamation.

Ah-Hyeon was surprised, but she had to find a way to leave somehow.

She coldly looked around at her surroundings and analyzed the situation.

“If I can’t clear the Themed Dungeon, I can’t leave. Coming in from the outside is also impossible. That means… there’s no other way out but to clear the dungeon, huh?”

As she stood there thinking, she suddenly encountered an unexpected person.

A guy around her age, standing alone on an empty street and checking his smartphone.

In such an emergency situation, he didn’t seem flustered at all.

It was as if he knew what was going to happen.

“… He’s strangely calm, that guy. What kind of guy is he?”

As she observed him, JaeHyun moved and started heading somewhere.

Ah-Hyeon didn’t hesitate, following him while maintaining a certain distance so that she didn’t get caught.

‘If you can walk around leisurely in a place like this, you likely know how to get out of this Themed Dungeon. I’d better observe for now. Also, I want to see how active raiders fight.’

Even if he looked to be around her age, if he could remain here by himself, he must have been an active raider at the very least. In JaeHyun’s case, only his face looked young as his body was quite big.

Ah-Hyeon quickly made her decision.

She was also an aspiring raider.

However, she had awakened her auxiliary skill before her combat skills.

《Mind Acceleration》

It was an explosive skill that instantaneously accelerated one’s thought processes.

Truthfully, it didn’t work very well in situations like this, where she had to do things by herself.

‘If I can get help from someone, it’s definitely better.’

But going up to that guy and asking for help was also a problem.

What if he was a bad guy?

She didn’t know what he would do to her.

‘In the worst-case scenario, I might die.’

As Ah-Hyeon was evaluating him, JaeHyun quickly arrived in front of the Viking ride.

The ride looked creepy, as if a ghost would suddenly pop out of it.

And then…


Soon, his figure completely disappeared in a flash of light.

‘Wh-what? Suddenly…!’

Ah-Hyeon was flustered when JaeHyun suddenly disappeared before her eyes.

When using a portal, there was usually a few seconds of delay. In contrast, the system had transported him so quickly.

What on earth happened?

But there wasn’t time for her to think about it for too long.

“Hu-uh! My body!”

The light that had swallowed JaeHyun a moment ago began to swallow her as well.

She freaked out and stepped back, but the light only flashed brighter.

The light began to cover her whole body.


A curse burst from her lips without her meaning to.

Her consciousness quickly drifted away.

And a few moments later…

When she opened her eyes, she was on a deck with her hands bound.

Synchronization Rate 9%… 24%… 98%… 100%.

Character synchronization has been completed.

You are Rosskva, a warrior that survived a Viking invasion.


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Proofreader – Harley


‘Out of all those people, why was she the one dragged here? Crap.’

JaeHyun sighed as he watched Seo Ah-Hyeon flinch.

‘Seo Ah-Hyeon is clever. If I get careless, I’ll be in danger.’

As he thought, Ah-Hyeon was pretty demanding.

A genius with an IQ of more than 150, she was someone who was good at reading people.

In the past, JaeHyun heard several stories about Seo Ah-Hyeon.



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For example, she gave advice to the guildmasters of small and medium-sized guilds. She used the names of guildmasters to get things, which caused resentment, and she ignored her captain’s orders during a raid, causing the raid to fail.

Everything seemed to be caused by her 8th-grade syndrome.

A very talented 8th grader at that.

‘Crap. Crap.’

JaeHyun looked at Ah-Hyeon, or Rosskva, while swearing internally.

He didn’t like the fact that the person he had to rescue was someone with 8th Grade Syndrome, but there was nothing he could do to change things.

There was no way to change one’s role while in a Themed Dungeon.

“Really. Everyone around me is all kinds of crazy.”

Still, JaeHyun decided to think positively.

‘Seo Ah-Hyeon will be a great help in clearing this dungeon. I can’t get rid of her right now anyway. It’s better for me to make use of her.’

Moreover, the only person who managed to clear this dungeon in the past was Seo Ah-Hyeon.

And she managed to achieve that with a non-combat related Unique Skill.

Of course, even if the skill was quite powerful, the achievements gained by the third-year middle school student were shocking.

As he was thinking, he heard the sailor’s rough, deep voice and unique accent.

“Keuhahaha! I can’t believe you jumped onto the enemy ship, even when it would have been better for you to hide in a rat hole!”

“Such a fool!”

“I’m going to kill you!”

JaeHyun smiled at them and inhaled.


JaeHyun dashed toward the enemy, regulating his breathing.

After checking with 《Mana Perception》, they were all at the level of pawns.

The Active Skill 《Mana Weapon》 has been activated.

JaeHyun gathered his mana, clenched his fist, and threw a forceful punch.



Using 《Mana Perception》 once again, he detected what the enemy’s next skill was going to be and avoided it.

After that, he used his limbs to break the enemy’s center of gravity and throw a punch.

The enemy’s movements were quite slow.

They were much slower when compared to ordinary cadets, let alone HoYeon.

JaeHyun dodged half a step faster, just as Yoo Sung-Eun had taught him.

He remembered Yoo Sung-Eun telling him that, when dealing with several enemies, that technique was particularly effective.



Creating a forcefield to parry a sword, he immediately threw a punch into the other’s face.


With a scream, the Viking fell into the sea.

A smile spread across JaeHyun’s face.

Just then.

A Viking that looked more powerful than the others took a step forward and shouted.

“L-let’s attack him together and kill him!”


The eight Vikings screamed and rushed at JaeHyun simultaneously, attacking JaeHyun all at once.

It looked chaotic, but their movements were smooth as they filled in for each other’s gaps.

However, to JaeHyun—who was strengthened by several passive skills and level ups—everything looked slow.



JaeHyun took a half a step forward to completely dodge the enemy’s sword, then began to counterattack with his fists and kicks.

The slashing blades couldn’t reach JaeHyun’s body.

While neither side had the advantage for a while, JaeHyun started to get the upper hand.

He either dropped them into the sea or made it impossible for them to fight.

“This isn’t too bad.”

This was the Themed Dungeon 《Neverland in Ruins》, an A-rank dungeon.

However, considering its classification, it hadn’t gotten very difficult yet.

The problem was that five dungeons had to be cleared one after the other. However, at the current rate, it wouldn’t be a big problem for JaeHyun.

He had brought enough potions and other equipment.

Moreover, there was no way he would lose to such a slow Viking.


With a shout, JaeHyun shot straight forward and disappeared from the Vikings’ sight.


Before he knew it, he had grabbed the enemy captain’s neck and rammed it into the deck.


A hole appeared on the ship, fragments scattering everywhere.

Soon, the ship would be filled with water.

The hurried Vikings would break formation and JaeHyun would be able to knock them down more easily.

Meanwhile, the sailors that witnessed the captain’s death began to scream.

“You… you punk! I don’t know where you came from, but don’t think the great Aesir will forgive you for your sins!”

‘Come to think of it, there are historical records that the Vikings actually worshiped the Aesir. Thialfi’s memories… are they related somehow?’

JaeHyun responded with an evil smile.

“That’s none of my business.”

A moment later. The enemy ship slowly started to fill with water.

Just then, Ah-Hyeon—who’d been unconscious with her hands and feet bound—flinched.

JaeHyun approached her and smiled.

Looking closer, he saw that Ah-Hyeon’s eyes were half open and watching him.

“Why don’t you stop pretending to sleep? Are you Rosskva?”

“… You caught me. You’re here to save me, right? Since you’re playing ‘Thialfi.’”

Ah-Hyeon stressed the word ‘playing’ more than necessary.

This was implicitly leaking information.

She was also an Awakened person that came in from outside, not an NPC.

At the same time, Ah-Hyeon was moving her eyes quickly and examining JaeHyun.

She wondered if he was going to try to hurt her.

Worried over how she would get out of that situation if he was going to.

JaeHyun smiled when he saw her actions.

“That’s right. However.”

In an instant, his expression grew fierce.


JaeHyun punched the mast she was tied to.

Ah-Hyeon looked at JaeHyun in surprise.

“If you try to figure out my intentions so awkwardly one more time… You’re going to die.”

Right after she heard those words, Ah-Hyeon’s face stiffened.

JaeHyun was aware that she was watching him while she was pretending to sleep.

He was an unusual person.

All of her senses clearly told her that she should be wary of him.

“Think carefully.”

JaeHyun warned her, untying her from the mast.

The ship was almost full of water and was about to sink.

It was an urgent situation, one where a few minutes of delay could kill them.

Fortunately, they were almost at their destination.

JaeHyun hugged Ah-Hyeon’s waist and jumped.


Returning to his ship, he smiled slightly and let go of Ah-Hyeon.

“We have a lot of things to talk about. I hope you can be of help.”

“… I’ll try.”

The two looked awkward as they tried to talk to each other.

In the midst of that, there was only one thought on Ah-Hyeon’s mind.

‘This person…what kind of person is he?’

You have succeeded in clearing the first BIG 5 quest 《Thialfi’s Resentment》.

Transporting to the field.

Calculating the reward.


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