I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 64

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Episode 64: Flahndier Mansion (1)

‘What the hell are you doing to be so strong? You look the same age as me… … .’

Seo Ah-hyun looked at Jae-hyun for a long time, as if he could not understand.

A youthful face, as if he hadn’t turned 20 yet.

However, its strength was enough to compete with the current radar level.

‘Honestly, I can’t judge how strong I am because my skills aren’t enough… Anyway, I think it’s pretty strong. It must be at least equivalent to a B-class radar.

… … But how is that possible?’

As an awakened person, Seo Ah-hyun is also taking lessons to become a radar.

of course. I’m struggling a lot thanks to being a martial artist that doesn’t match my skills, but my skills are overwhelming among my peers.

His skills are recognized to the extent that he is already scheduled to enter Milles Academy.

Together. Even her.

I couldn’t read a single movement of Jaehyun earlier.

Seo Ah-hyun has studied for a long time about radar movement and mana management.

Moves for attacks and evasions, smooth movements that lead to natural linkages, and more.

Jaehyun was doing it all smoothly beyond his current radar.

even he

‘To come to such a position with the magic world radar… … What the hell is that person?’

Acceleration of Acceleration was activated to infer the identity of Jaehyun, but no conclusion was reached.

That he’s an outrageous monster, that he’s the same age as himself, that he’s a wizard.

That was all I found out.

At that time, Jaehyun, who was leading the way, stopped walking and looked back and asked with a disapproving face.

“What are you staring at? Are you going to leave?”

“Oh, no… … .”

When Jaehyun grumbled, Seo Ahhyun had no choice but to apologize.

What if I hated him here and got dumped in a dungeon?

Then you’ll really die.

“Me but… … How old are you… … ?”

Seo Ah-hyun’s attitude towards Jae-hyun has changed to an extremely respectful title.

However, his reply was cold.

“Seventeen. But why are you curious about that?”

“Ah, Annette! I thought it would be inconvenient when we were together if we didn’t decide on a name.”

“what. That’s it. How old are you?”

As if he was already guessing his age, Jaehyun was talking casually.

Well, it was like that from the beginning.

“sixteen. It’s 3 of them. … … Can I call you brother?”

“You can call me anything. please be useful Otherwise, I will throw it away.”

“yes… … .”

‘What the hell is this person?’

I heard that all the talented people among the raiders have eccentric personalities.

Heo Woo-dae looks fine, so why is he such a twisted personality?

And the most annoying thing about it.

‘Good hair. It was easy to roll and eat, but… … What should I do?’

The problem is that Jaehyun is too quick-witted.

You can tell by the fact that you start to curl into his face as you talk.

Jaehyun knows exactly what his advantage is and knows how to use it well.

In fact, he looked like he could survive even if he abandoned himself.

Anyway, now I had no other option but to bow down to him.

‘Of course, whenever the opportunity arises, I will escape by myself.’

But apart from that, I planned to abandon him anytime after that.

If there is a chance, I want to fall as soon as I escape the dungeon.

However, it’s still just waiting for a sharp number to come out.

I think Suddenly, Jaehyun came up with a creepy face.

“What skill did you say you had earlier?”

“that is… … It’s such a skill that makes me handle the sword better.”

In fact, Seo Ah-hyun has a D-class skill called 《Beginner Swordsmanship Adjustment》.

It’s a skill that doesn’t live up to its name, but it’s a decent level to cover up moderately.

Even if you’re an Awakener, if you’re a 3rd grader, it’s more likely that you haven’t mastered the skill.

‘That it’s useful must have been proven with this.’

There is no need to disclose your unique skill «Thought Acceleration» here.

If you do, you might get caught on your feet or be taken advantage of at a crucial moment.

Seo Ah-hyun sang a small joy.


Jaehyun’s answer, which came back, was so cold that it was like ice.

“It wouldn’t be just like that.”

“… … yes?!”

“I hate lying.”

Jaehyun looked down at Seo Ahhyun with a meaningful expression on his face.

She returned his words with a slightly puzzled look.



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“I really am. It’s a D-class skill called 《Beginner Swordsmanship Adjustment》… … .”

“Of course it could be. But I already know what skills you have.”

“I will… … The rule of the Aesir system is that you cannot see other people’s skills… … !”

“Thought Acceleration”. unique skill. It’s a skill that makes time seem to have slowed down momentarily, while accelerating the user’s thinking.

It is a skill that is mainly used for command purposes in combat situations, but it is the most efficient skill to analyze and read the opponent’s mind.”

Seo Ah-hyun’s face stiffened at Jae-hyun’s continued explanation.

That’s not a lie.

From the beginning, he already knew all the skills he had.

‘But how? Well, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be able to answer even if I ask… … .’

What should I do?

As I shuddered and wrapped my arms around my arms, I heard his voice again.

“You stay here. and i will die here Well, good job.”

“Now, wait a minute. I was wrong! that’s right. It’s just like my brother said. The skill I have is 《Thought Acceleration》.

I’ll tell you everything else, so please don’t leave! If I leave it like this, I will 100 percent die!”

“A person who, just a moment ago, was full of thoughts of taking advantage of me. What should I see and believe? I think you looked at me too easily.”

“That, that… … I will do anything!”

“Are you doing anything?”

A smile spread across Jaehyun’s lips.

As if he had been waiting for this answer from the beginning, his expression was infinitely bright.

Jaehyun smiled softly.

“Then write the contract.”

“… … yes?”

At the unexpected words, Seo Ah-hyun’s pupils became the size of a lantern.

What is this all of a sudden?


Are you asking for money?

“Don’t worry, I’m not asking for money. I’m just trying to make sure you don’t betray me. Of course, I will need your help a little in the process.”

An unknown goose bump ran up his spine.

Seo Ah-hyun was able to understand Jae-hyun’s words after just a few minutes.

When she saw the contract, her impressions were twofold.

One is that that person doesn’t trust others to the extent of being serious.

… The other is that it would have been much better to ask for money.

* * *

Geeing… … !

―The designated target 《Ahyeon Seo》 will be changed to subordinate status.

―Because it is dependent on the contract, it will not be destroyed even after clearing the quest.

Jae-hyun looked at Seo Ah-hyun, who was crying with a satisfied face.

A little while ago, he copied a unique skill from Gu Jain. I activated her «brainwashing» and restrained her.

Brainwashing magic has two effects.

One is to lose the will of a weaker target than oneself and control it at will.

The other is to hand over some of the body’s control under mutual consent, as it is now.

The latter case is called <Subordinate>, and when this magic is invoked, the two people who made the contract become a master/servant relationship.

‘I may swear that it is inhumane, but this is a safety device.’

Jae-hyun remembered most of Seo Ah-hyun’s evil deeds before returning.

Like an unrestrained colt, he was an enemy everywhere, probably.

Trust and protect such a person in a dungeon full of life threats?

Frankly, it was too much of a risk.

Because of this, Jaehyun invoked «Brainwashing» by contract and put restrictions on her.

“Still, this is good enough. It’s not like I stole your mind.”

“… … but. I can’t feel good when someone else is inside my head… … .”

“Then, did you break the contract? I didn’t force it. You stamped it.”

“… … I will work hard.”

I say this, but in fact, there are no serious conditions in Jaehyun’s safety device.

The conditions are as follows.

1. Seo Ah-hyun (B) cannot do anything that harms Min Jae-hyun (A).

2. Seo Ah-hyun (B) must follow the instructions of Min Jae-hyun (A).

3. Min Jae-hyun (A) guarantees the safety of Seo Ah-hyun (B) until the clearing of the theme park dungeon 《Ruined Neverland》.

4. Seo Ah-hyun (B) keeps the details discussed with Min Jae-hyun (A) strictly confidential.

After all, it was a contract that Jaehyun would guarantee Seo Ah-hyun’s safety.

There was no way Seo Ah-hyun could refuse this contract now that her life was in danger.

“Do you have a plan to attack the dungeon?”

“Now relax. Because we signed a contract anyway.”

“… … no. For the time being… … .”

Seo Ah-hyun was still afraid of Jae-hyun despite the contract that guaranteed her life.

‘Was I too harsh?’

Jaehyun thought about that for a moment, but then shook his head.

This young boy is destined to die playing around with various guilds in the future.

A person whose specialty is getting excited and messing around even if he is released a little.

It’s best to deal with it like this, even if it’s a little forced now.

“Where are you going next? The system says there are still four more quests left.”

“’The Haunted House’. You hear it first.”

When Jaehyun spoke calmly, Seo Ahhyun took a step backwards in fright.

‘It’s no use looking at it anyway. I can’t even run away because of the dependent effect.’

However, Jaehyun silently watched her without speaking outwardly.

Seo Ah-hyun opened her eyes wide and trembled her lips.

“… … A haunted house?”

“why? scared?”

Jaehyun replied with a smile.

Seo Ah-hyun replied back with an angry face.

“Oh no! It’s not that, I don’t like being surprised… … .”

“That’s it.”

“ah! It’s not… … Shall we?”

Seo Ah-hyun couldn’t finish her words. This is because Jae-hyun, who used 《Stealth》, hid his presence.

No matter where he looked, Jaehyun was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly, I felt a chill on the nape of my neck.

“I-over there brother… … ?”


Seo Ah-hyun fell forward at the sight of Jae-hyun suddenly jumping out from behind.

It was a joke, but her complexion was pale. It’s because I was quite surprised.

“Was this a bit harsh? I’m sorry.”

“That, it’s okay because I was just surprised… … bet?”

It seems that the words were strangely changed at the end.

Jaehyun didn’t care much.

Anyway, it was the dungeon she cleared alone before returning.

That said, the fear inside is at a level that Seo Ah-hyun can adapt to.

“I will come in. Get ready.”

“Come on, wait a minute. First, take a deep breath. Hueup, ha… … That’s Okay!”

“To be noisy. Then go in.”

―We begin the second 《BIG 5》 Haunted House.

―Synchronization rate of 4%… … 20 percent… … 92 percent… … 100 percent.

―Synchronization with the character is complete.

―Your role is 《Horror House YouTuber》.

―Discover the secrets of the grotesque mansion, record the video on your camcorder, and escape.

Before Jaehyun could finish reading the explanation, his face became dazed.

Horror Haunted YouTuber?

Are you referring to those who take videos by looking for places like the ruins and ruins?

“What role is your brother?”

“I heard that I am a horror haunted YouTuber?”

“… … I’m a cameraman… … ?”

He didn’t have time to answer Seo Ah-hyun’s words while whispering.

Again, a white halo of light began to engulf Jaehyun and Seo Ahhyun.

Dizziness and foreign sensations that you can’t get used to no matter how much you experience them.

―You have arrived at the haunted house.

―Get out of this mansion without breaking the rules.

―Some skills are sealed.

Soon, the light was consumed by the darkness and suffocated, and the two suddenly came to their senses.

And then came the heavy male voice.

“It’s been a while since you’ve had a guest.”

Jaehyun felt a chill run down his spine.

When I looked up, a middle-aged man with a hooked nose and a rough impression was standing in front of me.

I was out of breath.

The violently pulsating heart trembled and warned.

The man in front of me is dangerous.

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