I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 68

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Episode 68: Flahndier Mansion (5)

―The user’s body enters a forced sleep state.

―From now on, we will go to the cutscene.

When you come to your senses and wake up from your dream. The two were in prison.

A prison with iron bars and graffiti on the walls that appear in typical medieval novels.

Seo Ah-hyun grumbled with the sound of a ball man.

“under… … In the end, it turns out like this. Somehow, Alfred gave that uncle a bad impression!”

“It seems that we underestimated the ability of the dungeon to interfere. Forced sleep.”

It was unexpected.

The pattern of forced sleep with “cutscenes” was completely unexpected.


In other words, an event scene means a section in a video game in which players cannot interact.

To put it simply, it restricts the player from moving on their own in a specific scene.

Gamers can do nothing but watch these cutscenes.

like. Just like Jaehyun did just a moment ago.

“For now, getting out of here is the first priority. Let’s organize our thoughts.”

“yes. Even if it’s not the case, I just activated «Thought Acceleration». Wait a minute.”

After a while. Seo Ah-hyun used her skills to quickly grasp the situation.

Jaehyun listened to her words and started looking for a way to resolve the situation.

The summary of Seo Ah-hyun’s words is as follows.

Now this place is definitely a dungeon, judging from the dampness and dampness, and there are traces of torture left inside.

Also, to escape the prison, you need a key to the outside.

Of course, I don’t even know where the key is.

“About this much. I’m not sure if it will be of much help.”

“what. That’s enough. Let’s move on and figure out the rest slowly.”

After saying that, Jaehyun got up from his seat.

“What are you going to do?”

“Iron bars. You don’t have to destroy this one.”

“But it’s not something that can be broken by force. And if you get hurt… … .”

Ignoring Seo Ah-hyun’s words, Jae-hyeon stepped forward and opened her magic.

His fists were surrounded by a thin, blue membrane, and soon pierced through the bars.


At the same time, thanks to the magic «Silence» deployed with the opposite hand, no sound leaked out.

It was possible because of the fast casting speed.

“My brother is really… … no. done. I am tired of being surprised.”

“Then please shut up. I have a lot of work to do.”

After Jaehyun said calmly, he looked around.

The door to the upper floor was locked. It seems that there is a device like before.

‘Anyway, I can’t do it with my own strength. As Seo Ah-hyun said, I must have a key.’

The moment I thought about it for a while.

king king!

Out of nowhere, a dog ran towards Jaehyun and started barking.

As a Golden Retriever, it is still small in its young growth stage.

The color was slightly paler than a normal object.

Like the dog you saw in the hallway portrait. The dog’s eyes were bright.

king king!

Jaehyun tilted his head and lifted the dog without ignoring it.

Seo Ah-hyun was frightened. He seemed to be the type who was afraid of dogs.

“Now, wait a minute! Do you know what that dog is and touch it carelessly?”

“The watchman guarding the prison… … it’s too small for And look at this.”

Jaehyun lifted the puppy up so Seo Ahhyun could see the front.

Then the key in the dog’s mouth came into view.

“This… … key?”

“okay. It’s probably the key to going upstairs. I think this guy is also trapped here.”

The keyhole I checked a while ago and the caliber of the key the dog had brought were exactly the same.

Jaehyun got up with the dog wrapped around his waist.

With the intention of escaping from this mansion with him.

However, Seo Ah-hyun objected and said.

“But taking a dog is too risky. If you even bark… … .”

“are you okay. If I put the Silence on, there will be no sound leakage.”

Jaehyun was stubborn.

Seo Ah-hyun had no choice but to nod.

I can’t resist because of the dependency anyway, so there’s no other way.

‘Does he like dogs?’

Seo Ah-hyun got goosebumps inside that Jae-hyun had that kind of side.

I just talked about myself a little while ago.

Are you trying to do a sage cosplay now?

“Let’s go outside. I’ll go first, so be careful not to make noise.”



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“Do not worry.”

king king!

Just as he was about to move, the dog lightly bit Jaehyun’s hand and looked at Seo Ahhyun.

Her complexion darkened for a moment.

Jaehyun smiled and said.

“It seems that you are hated not only by people, but also by dogs.”

“ah! brother!”

Jaehyun with a dog on his side took the lead, ignoring Seo Ah-hyun’s angry words.

When the basement door of the mansion was opened, a staircase leading to the upper floor was revealed.

And the moment you take a step.

―A new quest has been forcibly accepted.

―I accept the order for 《Diary of Flanders》.

A new quest has been accepted.

* * *

[Sub Quest]

Diary of Flanders

Go to Count Flanders’ room on the 4th floor of the mansion and read her diary.

Difficulty: B

Reward: Unlock skill restrictions in themed dungeons

failure condition

1. Death within the time limit

2. If you can’t clear the trials of each floor

Time limit: 1:59:59

Suddenly, a sub-quest was accepted.

Flanders Diary.

From the name, it was unusual, and it seemed that it probably had a lot of close connection with the secret of this mansion.

In the first place, if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t bet on a big reward like unlocking the skill limit.

After a small nod, he started walking again.

Jaehyun didn’t talk to Seo Ah-hyun any more.

The whole truth will be revealed once you get to the 4th floor anyway.

There was no time for leisurely conversation here.

That’s how I go up to the upper floors of the mansion little by little. Suddenly, I felt a terrifying magic power from behind.

Jaehyun quickly opened his magic and looked back.

However, there was not an enemy, but a human figure in the form of a fluid.

Jaehyun had only one impression when he saw it.

“… … Ghost?”

At the same time, Seo Ah-hyun chewed her lips briefly as if she was reluctant.

Jaehyun began to take a closer look at the translucent ghost in front of him.

“It’s a familiar face somewhere… … .”

The face was so disfigured and swollen that it was difficult to determine exactly what the ghost looked like.

But it was certain that it was a familiar face somewhere.

A ghost in the form of a young girl who still looks young.

However, the body is already too damaged to recall a specific existence.

The biggest problem among them was that her mouth was sewn up.

A face that has been sewn between the lips with a thread so that not a single word can be removed.

The grotesquely distorted jaw and broken collarbone add to the horror.

“… … just go Now is not the time to deal with ghosts.”

“I don’t think it’s a threat. Maybe something will help.”

“really! Then I will go alone!”


Jaehyun is not stupid enough to fall for such a stupid threat.

After examining the ghost’s appearance carefully, he opened his mouth.

“Why are you staying here? Is it some kind of Earthquake Spirit?”

dory dory.

“Then, do you have a grudge against this mansion?”

dory dory.

“then… … Do you know how the owner of this mansion and Alfred died?”

As for that question, the ghost gave no answer.

It was probably some kind of magic that the owner of the mansion kept his mouth shut.

Even before returning, Jaehyun often hunted this type of monster.

I just can’t fall for such a simple trick.

“good. Just two more questions. Ghost. Are you here to help me?”


A smile spread across Jaehyun’s lips.

“good. This is my last question. Where is Flanders’ room on the 4th floor?”

At that question, the ghost somehow made a sad face and pointed to the far left with his finger.

okay. It’s the left end room.

Jaehyun was able to realize the meaning of the action right away.

It was a useful ghost.

“okay. Then go. When the opportunity arises, I will definitely make you a Buddha, so wait.”

“… … .”

Seo Ah-hyun didn’t say anything the entire time.

Jaehyun didn’t care.

Because all puzzles are already in hand.

Now, all you have to do is roll the things you have in your hands and escape this dungeon.

* * *

“Me but… … Is it really okay to trust that ghost?”

Seo Ah-hyun, who hadn’t said anything the entire time, suddenly opened her mouth.

I had just passed the second floor and was standing in front of the stairs to the third floor.

Jae-hyun looked at her for a moment, but Seo Ah-hyun did not make eye contact.

“No, it is. Common sense makes it more strange to believe the words of that ghost.

My brother told me yesterday. This is a dungeon. But is it okay to believe the words of a stranger, no, a ghost?”

“well. Or just hit the other guys. what’s the problem?”

“no. My brother is ignorantly strong… … No, I know you are very strong.”


“Something is amiss.”

Jaehyun thought there was enough truth in Seo Ahhyun’s words.

However, the ghost from earlier is not a servant of the mansion.

If so, evidence of torture in the prison, and the appearance of the ghost.

All of that doesn’t connect.

It is more correct to regard the ghost as a victim of the mansion’s experiments and secrets.

Perhaps Seo Ah-hyun knows this in her heart. she is just insecure

“trust me. Anyway, I’m the leader. You wrote it in the contract earlier. I won’t let you die.”

“It is, but… … .”

king king!

The dog on his side barked ferociously at Seo Ah-hyun.

It seems that the two are not friendly.

The moment Jaehyun was just entering the 3rd floor, avoiding the sight of the others with a smile.

Chunk! Chunk! Chunk!

I felt three knights in heavy armor approaching Jaehyun and his party.

Living Armor.

It was a monster created by attaching someone else’s thoughts and soul to old armor.

An enemy that is difficult to deal with with normal blades.

Jaehyun quickly opened up his magic.

“Ah, you’re not going to dodge and fight?!”

“Now this is the shortest route. Don’t worry, I won’t.”

Jaehyun’s confidence was well-founded.

Living Armor is a C-class monster.

Now he has already developed the ability to cook lightly even if hundreds of monsters of that level flock to him.

I was able to finish the 3rd in no time.


At the same time as Jaehyun murmured softly, a transparent film began to spread all over the place.




Living Armor started pouring attacks towards Jaehyun first.

They moved quickly with red eyes in their eyes.


The sword flew and made a sound that tore the wind. However, Jaehyun ignored it.

That is a trivial swordsmanship with no reason to avoid it.

Trying to dodge and fight against enemies like that will only waste time.


The living armor’s sword touched Jaehyun’s body, but it couldn’t create a scratch.

To Jaehyun, who has become stronger with all his hard work, that level of skill is not even close to hitting with a spoon.

“Then is it my turn this time?”

After putting magical power on his fingertips, Jaehyun immediately dug in between the enemies.

Kicks the ground and lightly breaks the neck and joints, which are the weakest parts of the enemy’s body.

It was a weakness that I could understand because it was a living armor that I had often encountered during the martial arts era.

iron… … iron… … iron… … !

The three armors were quickly put together.

I didn’t even have to exert much force.

It’s just that Jaehyun is overwhelmingly strong.

“Are we finally on the 4th floor now?”

Shaking his hands, Jaehyun murmured softly. Seo Ah-hyun next to her lowered her head.

Jaehyun put the dog down on the floor for a while while fighting and put it back on his side.

Keeing… … .

“Hold on a little. I’ll take you out somehow.”

While saying that, Seo Ah-hyun’s face suddenly turned pale.

And finally the 4th floor came up.

Jaehyun had no choice but to face an unexpected situation.

“shit… … It’s nasty and disgusting.”

A man who tried to kill his mother, Lee Seon-hwa, and himself in front of him who spat out curse words.

My father, Min Seong-oh, was standing there.

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