I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 70

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Episode 70: Flahndier Mansion (7)

[September 7, 1474]

I had a very terrible dream.

It was a dream in which Alfred died.

My heart beat just can’t stop.

It was scary.

It wasn’t the first time I’d dreamed of someone dying, but this time it was especially so.

Because it was none other than Sally who killed Alfred in the dream.

“… … .”

Goosebumps all over the body

The hideous secret of the Flanders Mansion.

The concealed incident was slowly unveiling and revealing the truth.

Jaehyun’s hand trembled a little as he reached for the next page.

[September 8, 1474]

Butler Alfred left the mansion without a word. I heard from Sally, but it seems that the next town has something he needs, so he went to buy it.

But I was worried.

What if he suddenly dies, like my parents did?

Sally said that I was thinking too much and that I didn’t have to worry about it, but I’m not sure.

Is it because I had a strange dream yesterday?

I just want him to come back safely.

[September 10, 1474]

Fortunately, Deacon Alfred has returned safely and is working.

But somehow, it feels like something has changed from before.

Should I call it a sense of insecurity?

Something must have happened outside.

[October 2, 1474]

Lately I feel like Sally is pulling away from me.

Alfred also seems to be closer to Sally than I am.

Of course, it’s good for the two of them to be close, but I feel increasingly alienated.

I had a sudden thought.


Is it really okay like this?

[November 9, 1474]

It’s a strange thing. Screams are constantly heard from outside the mansion.

Painful screams, as if someone was stabbing a person to death, were heard non-stop.

Selena, the hostess, and Mitchell, my maid, let out a tear-jerking scream.

Is this also a dream?

No, no.

This is an undeniable reality.

scary. scary.

What’s going on?

Soon after, Sally and Alfred started knocking on my door.

A fear that came out of nowhere seemed to oppress my whole body.

When I refuse to open the door, Alfred and Sally try to force it open and come inside.

Although the door was opened thanks to the chair blocking it, the two of them still couldn’t enter my room.

I think I should quickly hide the diary I’m writing now.

If I’m right, those two… …

They’re trying to kill me.


The diary ended there.

Jaehyun nervously covered the diary and spat out curse words.

‘… … I think I know now. Why were lilies planted in the hallway? What the date written there means.’

[For the most beautiful, stupidest girl―.


9 November 1474.

The day I remembered because it seemed to have meaning.

That day was the day the owner of this mansion, Flanders, died.

The lily in the hallway is to commemorate her death.

Flanders, the owner of the mansion, was a non-existent person from the start.

It was the work of a certain demonic beast who planned to steal the mansion from the beginning.

And that demon is probably… …

“A doppelganger.”

The answer came from an unexpected place. It was Seo Ah-hyun.

“I think it was the work of the doppelganger? Yes?”

When she said that, her eyes were pitch-black.

Are you shocked?

It just doesn’t seem that way.

Jaehyun nodded.



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and the very next moment.

thud! thud! thud!

There was a knock on the door from outside.

“Sir, you are not allowed to enter this room. You broke the rules of the mansion.”

―The first secret of the mansion, ‘Alfred’s identity’, has been completed.

―The dungeon clear reward is increased.

―The third secret of the mansion, ‘Flanders’ Diary’, has been completed.

―The dungeon clear reward is increased.

―You have succeeded in uncovering 60% of the secrets of the mansion.


The door collapsed with a roar.

No, to be precise, the entire wall surrounding them was demolished.

Jaehyun let out a small groan with his eyes wide open.

Outside, dozens of monsters that looked exactly like Alfred were glaring at him.

king king!

The dog on the floor barked wildly.

An eerie voice slowly escaped from Alfred’s mouth.

“The first rule of this mansion. Under no circumstances should you enter or leave the rooms on the fourth floor.”

“Then what about me now?”

Jaehyun quickly opened his magic and asked.

Alfred gave a small smile, distorting that hideous face even more grotesquely.

“Guests can’t leave here anymore. I mean alive.”

* * *

Jaehyun ran down the mansion with Seo Ahhyun holding the dog in his arms.

Dozens of Alfreds fiercely pursued them behind them, but they ignored them.

Now I know all the secrets of this mansion.

There was no provision to kill those guys in battle, so there was no need to overdo it.

“After all, that Alfred was fake.”

Seo Ah-hyun said that while running side by side. Jaehyun nodded his head.

“okay. That guy is your doppelganger. He killed him and was made in his image.”


The dog barked intently as if he were right.

Jaehyun quickly went down the stairs and headed for the hall with the central entrance.

It was the place where Seo Ah-hyun and Jae-hyun first met.

There should be a door in front of this.

“there is! Run over there!”

Jaehyun shouted loudly and activated 《Wind Boost》 to increase his speed.

“Now, wait a minute! let’s go together!”

Despite Seo Ah-hyun’s voice, Jae-hyun didn’t stop at all and just kept running.

However, the run had to be stopped eventually.

center of the hall.

It was because I saw the face of a person coming down the spiral staircase.

“Where are you going?”


Arriving at the door, Jaehyun quickly kicked the door, but the door remained firm.

The door could not be opened due to the surrounding magic.

‘It’s a kind of illusion magic like the one I saw at the restaurant back then. I’m getting annoyed… … .’

Jaehyun clicked his tongue briefly and then moved his gaze to the place where the voice came from.

There was Flanders, who perfectly matched the portrait.

No, there was a doppelganger.

* * *

The doppelganger in the form of Flanders looked at Jaehyun as if he was having fun.

In a way, it was only natural that no one in this mansion could handle it as smartly as he did.

However, Jaehyun was not at all happy with her ferocious gaze.

It was disgusting.

Kill Flanders who saved him, and kill Alfred the butler.

In the end, it was that doppelganger who took over this mansion.

“Just because you imitated that figure doesn’t mean you can become a Flanders.”

“oh. So who do you mean I am? Words I don’t understand… … .”


The doppelganger’s body stiffened at Jaehyun’s words, and soon he started laughing like a crazy person.

It was a terrifying scene that anyone would consider bizarre.

―You have succeeded in uncovering the fourth secret of the mansion, ‘Flanders’ identity’.

―The dungeon clear reward is increased.

“It’s been a while since I’ve heard that name. This guest is very interesting.”

Saying that, the doppelganger raised his head and spoke again with cold eyes.

“And I know too much.”

“Don’t be disgusting. You’re nothing but trash that killed the person who saved you and took your place.”

“Originally, humans are weak. I am especially weak when it comes to warmth.”

The doppelganger gave a small chuckle.

“Flanders. she’s already dead Now I am Flanders.”

“shut up.”

“I don’t understand. Originally, humans do anything to survive, right?”

“Are you trying to justify your actions?”

“It’s just that it wasn’t wrong from the start.”

Jaehyun clenched his fists as he watched his doppelganger spit out with a face young in madness.

this is a dungeon

It’s an illusion.

It may not have actually existed, and it may have been a play made up of everything.


“… … good. Then give it a try.”

“What do you mean?”

Jaehyun shook his head and his eyes poured out.

In an instant, his left eye burns golden and pours out intense mana.

“Struggling to survive. That’s a human specialty.”

At Jaehyun’s words, the corner of the doppelganger’s mouth also curved ferociously.

“You are arrogant. you.”

The doppelganger opened his magic without coming down from the top of the spiral staircase.

With a clanking sound, dozens of living armors came out and surrounded the two.

That wasn’t all.

People in the form of Alfred also appeared in the restaurant and on the stairs where they had just run away.

They are all doppelgangers.

It is a monster that imitates a human form.

Doppelgangers can eat other creatures and reproduce themselves.

It means that they are all fakes derived from one entity.

“You made a big mistake.”

“There are a lot of talkative people who are about to die.”

“no. It is you who will die.”

Jaehyun laughed at that. But it’s a bitter laugh.

It was a ferocious smile that despised them.

“I’m a bit old.”

The light from behind Jaehyun’s back began to dim, and soon transformed into a pillar.

―Active skill 《Judgment of Light》.

In an instant, an unbelievably huge wave began to reverberate through the land.

The mansion was in a situation where it was difficult to stand properly due to the sudden shaking.

Soon, the pillar of light that floated on the ceiling slowly released magic power and fell down.

Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah!

Its power is much stronger than when it faced Nightshade the other day.

It was proof that Jaehyun had become that much stronger.

“Oh, how can it be!”

Sally’s fine brow furrowed wildly.

A group of doppelgangers were swept away by dozens in a single beam of light.

In the next pillar, more than ten disappeared without a sound.

The next one, and the one after that.

Jaehyun put more effort into destroying all the remaining enemies.

‘Doppelganger and Living Armor are undead attributes. 《The Judgment of Light》 You can wipe it out with just one shot. all that’s left now That guy is the only one.’

Jaehyun stared blankly at the scene where all the enemies were being sorted out, then moved his gaze upward.

There, I saw the doppelganger shivering in anger.

However, Jaehyun started to climb the spiral staircase without feeling any sympathy.

Right then.

―The trap is triggered.

―I am trapped in 《Endless Illusion》!

The son-in-law suddenly becomes distant, and the view of the ruined cemetery begins to appear.

Jaehyun immediately grasped the phenomenon surrounding him and let out a breath.

‘This… … It’s magic.’

As a type of magic, it is a skill that traps a designated target in an illusion and makes it impossible to escape.

Just then, the doppelganger’s low laugh broke out.

“The second rule of the mansion. Do not be on your guard. That’s stupid. Falling into a trap to avenge a girl you’ve never seen!”


Jaehyun smiled as he looked at the swaying illusions surrounding him.

He lightly clenched his fists and released his mana.

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».

―Are you going to destroy the mind manipulation magic «Endless Illusion»?


As if a mirror is broken, the illusion is shattered and the scene of reality unfolds.

The mansion that came back is quite different from the scenery just before.

The illusion magic surrounding the entire mansion was also broken, leaving the ruins intact.

Now this is no longer a beautiful, antique mansion.

Like a ghost or something.

No, it became a demon cave from which the doppelganger popped out.

“Is that all you have?”

“Oh, how can it be!”

After jumping to the top of the stairs with a single leap, Jaehyun began pouring out his mana toward the enemy.

―Active skill 《Chain of Lightning》.


A chain containing high-pressure electricity flies toward the doppelganger.



A scream erupted from the mouth of the doppelganger with the face of Flanders.

Jaehyun didn’t hesitate and flew straight towards him.

It uses its fists loaded with magical energy to punch enemies directly into their faces.



A short scream heard.

With a scream, the doppelganger fell forward.

A cursed voice burst from the dying Sally’s mouth.

“… You are in this mansion… You won’t get out! still left… Single… kyu… Chick… .”

with those words. The enemy’s breath was completely cut off.

Seo Ah-hyun approached urgently and asked.

“Oh, are you okay? Are there any injuries?”

“are you okay.”

After Jaehyun spoke dryly, he looked at the puppy shaking on the floor.

It seemed that he was still fine, as if he had managed to escape somehow.

Jaehyun stood in front of the door leading outside with the puppy in his arms.

But the door still didn’t budge.

Seo Ah-hyun let out a sigh of relief and tilted her head as she stood in front of the last exit.

“This is strange… … I killed all the doppelgangers in the mansion, but the door won’t open.”

“well. that.”


Right then.

Jae-hyun stabbed Seo Ah-hyun’s heart with the mana blade he took out before he knew it.

It was an obvious surprise attack aimed at instant death.

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