I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 73

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Episode 73 Last Festival (2)

Aaaaaaaaaaa… … !!

The gate shakes wildly as if a natural disaster had occurred.

The roar coming from inside is already unusual.


A giant who guards Muspelheim, the land of fire giants in Norse mythology.

Even before Ymir, the first giant, was born, he was a being who had lived with the sole purpose of burning the entire world, and rivaled a god. Possibly a being with more power than that.

It is said that the sword of flame held in the hand is hot enough to burn the world in an instant.

Jaehyun is now in a situation where he has to fight against such an enemy.

‘shit. How could something like this happen… … !’

―The weak point of the giant «Surt’s Dust» is its heart.

It was the first time that the system’s advice was not as pleasant as it is now.

catch this? really?

Jaehyun lost his mind in an instant.

The opponent he has to fight now is Surtr, a giant from the beginning and end of Norse mythology.

It’s called dust, but to fight such an overwhelming monster?

‘There’s no way that’s possible!’

Jaehyun grabbed Seo Ahhyun’s wrist and quickly left the gate and ran towards her destination.

The destination Brunn told me was the merry-go-round located at the entrance of the amusement park.

If you run for about 40 minutes in a straight line here, you can reach it quickly.

“Oh, brother. That monster is Surt right? The fire giant from Norse mythology!”

“okay! Because that’s right. Please shut up and run fast. If you get caught, you will be killed!”

Seo Ah-hyun, too, didn’t even think about looking back, as if she was shocked, and ran as fast as she could.

It was fortunate that I had basic stamina, so I didn’t have to run on my back.

Even if it’s not, if you’ve been caught in an emergency situation like that… … .

‘I don’t even want to imagine!’

Goo gooo goo… … !

The ground starts to vibrate.

Judging from the heat rising, it seemed that Surt had appeared on the field.

Jaehyun glanced back.

Then, the overwhelming size and appearance of the fire giant came into view.

A giant whose entire body was covered in flames with a huge body that could easily exceed 30 meters.

I’m sure.

That guy can never win.

When the quest window pops up for the first time.

Jaehyun thought that Surt’s dust would be at most one of his minions.

But contrary to expectations.

Just now. The speck of Surt that appeared at the gate was modeled after him, and possessed phenomenal power.

Jaehyun and Seo Ahhyun are giants with enough power to blow them all away with a single touch.

‘You can never win with strength. But things weren’t all that bad. It’s a simple event where you just have to get to the base somehow.

After I look away, I can use Seo Ah-hyun to reach the base.’

Jaehyun immediately came to a conclusion and added magic to his running speed.

I put <Wind Boost> on myself and Seo Ah-hyun, and ran at full speed.

The magic effect was great.

The distance that seemed so far away came closer in an instant, and the merry-go-round, the destination, began to appear.

However, it is the first S-class or higher quest.

I couldn’t have given him such an easy task.

“shit… … .”

The enemy’s attack was faster than expected, and the speed at which they closed the distance was extraordinary.

Although it was only dust, the strongest power of the giants was more than I dared imagine.

“Huh… … Heo-eok… … .”

Seo Ah-hyun let out a heavy breath.

No matter how many buffs you apply, the difference in basic specs is too great.

Right now, since he is a fighter, he is easily following, but at this rate, he has no choice but to catch up 100%.

‘shit… … What should I do?’

Even while thinking, Surtur continued to pursue the two.

Every step he took was covered in flames and began to burn Neverland.

To make matters worse. The heat rising from the ground was robbing him of all the oxygen he needed to run, making it even more difficult to breathe.

If you have breathing problems, your running rhythm will break down, which in turn will ruin your posture and affect your speed.

It is a truly desperate situation.

Jaehyun quickly felt the need to organize his thoughts.

And in a short moment, after making a decision, he shouted at Seo Ah-hyun.

“Calm down and listen to me! From now on, they split in two and run. Got it?”

“ah… … four! Um, then oppa will be the bait?”

“Then I will use you as bait! Stop talking now and just run to the merry-go-round!”

After Seo Ah-hyun nodded, she quickly ran towards her destination.

According to Brunn’s words, the Last Festival is cleared even if only one person arrives at the destination.

Jaehyun slowed down as he had planned, then turned around and faced Surt directly.



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A giant of overwhelming size.

Its flame-bearing shape looks like it’s wearing shimmering red armor.

The high-pressure magic that constantly leaks from the sword in your hand.

Jaehyun swallowed his saliva and let out a small breath as he looked at the enemy.


With magical energy applied to her legs, she lightly kicked the ground and rose into the air.

Jae-hyun began to disturb Surt’s gaze by moving alternately between the tops of the amusement park’s equipment.

Is Surt simple, or are humans miraculous? He responded willingly to Jaehyun’s acrobatics.

He came swinging a sword containing deterioration and attacked while emitting flames.

While not forgetting to constantly press the reappearance with magical power.

Whoo! Aaaaaang!

So the skirmish continues.

By the time the fourth attack narrowly escapes Jaehyun’s torso.

Surt finally got tired of it, so he started pouring out stronger attacks.

After concentrating mana into his sword, he transforms it into a form of flame and shoots it.

He showed overwhelming force by swinging his fist and smashing the rides at once.

While walking that bloody tightrope, Jaehyun was constantly looking for his weaknesses.

Of course, as long as Seo Ah-hyun reached her destination quickly, there would be absolutely no reason to attack that monster. Things in the world don’t always work out the way you want them to.

… … like right now


Surtur’s eyes instantly flashed red.

The fire giant changed the target and accurately attacked Seo Ah-hyun’s destination, the merry-go-round.



To save her, Jaehyun wrapped her around her waist using the <Mana Chain>, then pulled her straight away using magic.


Seo Ah-hyun was able to escape with an ugly scream.

When I checked, there were no wounds other than a slight burn on my skin.

but… The problem was elsewhere.

“shit! base… … Broken?”

Jaehyun stared blankly at the merry-go-round on fire, as if he couldn’t believe his eyes.

This is unexpected.

Arriving there should be the requirement for the quest, but that thing is broken?

―The terminal station and base have been destroyed.

―Quest clearing, excluding hidden quests, will be changed to impossible.

Filled with rage, he lowered his head.

He slowly began to reflect on his situation once more.

Now there is only one way.

No choice but to kill Surt.

* * *

“… … I think it happened because of me… … Do I need some help?”

On top of a small orb of magical power floating in the air.

A cat perched in the air muttered, licking its front paws.

Its black body, shiny fur and charming purple and red odd eyes add to its mystery.

The cat is contemplating with its tail curled up and its gaze fixed on one spot.

Jaehyun Min.

Should I help that child?

Would it be right to leave it alone a little longer?

The cat decided to think about it a little more and lay down for a moment.

Originally, did you say that watching the fight and watching the fire was the most fun?

Now was an opportunity to see both at the same time, so I couldn’t miss it.


The cat meowed softly with an interesting face.

The cat’s gaze is directed toward Jaehyun.

* * *

Immediately after the stronghold was destroyed.

After Jae-hyeon instructs Seo Ah-hyun to evacuate to a safe place, he confronts Surt alone.

At most, it would stop at destroying his attack with «Absolute Calculation», but at the moment, there was no other way.

Jaehyun had just instructed Seo Ahhyun to find another way to defeat Surtur.

It was because he thought he could somehow find a way with his unique skill «Thought Acceleration».

At best, it would have been only a fractional probability, but there was no other way.

It’s an emergency situation where you can’t take your eyes off the enemy right in front of you.

At that time, the motes of Surtur screamed loudly.

[You fool. How dare you stand against this Surt with a human body!]

“So, do it in moderation and go in. Shall we go comfortably with each other?”

[Warriors do not turn their backs! No matter how insignificant you are, I will do my best!]

‘therefore. please come in… … .’

Jaehyun was in the middle of blocking his successive attacks without the strength to curse.

With a single attack, the surrounding area becomes a sea of ​​fire and the building collapses.

Is that really the power of a speck of dust?

“Everything really special is installed. The daylight was fierce.”

If Brune had counted the number of people straight from the start, this wouldn’t have happened.


you’re barking

No matter where you look, it’s only Seo Ah-hyun and yourself.

“The fact that you deliberately raised the difficulty level to screw me… … It won’t be.”

That thought is dismissal.

Before returning, Seo Ah-hyun cleared this dungeon alone.

That means that Brunn set the difficulty correctly.

However, it is also true that it is not immediately understood.

What the hell is this?

The opponent, whom I could never beat even by pretending to be, jumped out of my way thinking it was my level of difficulty.

Right now, he is in a hurry to run away, and it is difficult to block the attack.

Whoops! Roaring!

Surt’s flames that flew unexpectedly were blocked by Jaehyun.

Of course, it was a powerful attack that would have been unimaginable if it had not been for «Absolute Calculation».

After Jae-hyeon managed to block it, he looked around the ruined neighborhood.

Surt laughed out loud, with a happy face on his face.

[Human! That’s pretty great! Few have ever been able to block my attack! You might be a great opponent!]

‘therefore. what kind of bullshit is that It looks like everything is dead now.’

Even if it is not, there is almost no magic power left.

30 percent.

That’s the limit of mana that can be operated without falling into the mana rebound.

The mana accumulated in the dungeon had already been used up during the mock dungeon.

What to do with this?

Jaehyun caught his breath and calmly looked at the enemy in front of him.

The dust of Surt doesn’t seem to back down an inch.


It probably would have been, even if it was a reenactment.

There is a prey that has been caught in front of you, but there is no reason to let it live.

“under… … .”

when I sighed

“brother! I found it!”

“… … what?”

Jaehyun suddenly came to his senses at the sound of Seo Ahhyun’s voice coming from below.

you found it? I mean, what did you find?

Does that mean you’ve found a decent spot now?

However, contrary to Jae-hyun’s expectations, Seo Ah-hyun brought good news.

Hearing her words, Jaehyun’s face brightened as if he had been enlightened.

“… … You are a genius!”

Immediately after making a sharp turn, it sprinted northward at full speed.

When he suddenly turned his back and ran away, Surt started chasing Jaehyun like he was angry.

In mythology, giants were anciently wise beings, but… Surtur, a warrior, is a gatekeeper.

They were a race that loved blood, flesh, and battle.

[You fool! Are you running away? From this Surt?]

thud! thud! thud!

The giant’s footsteps are heard.

However, Jaehyun just kept running without looking back.

“Huh… .”

He did not forget to drink potions along the way to recover mana.

This is because the current method is the best way to aim for one shot.

However, I couldn’t help but slow down a little bit in the heat that was getting hotter.

Surtr came close to reappearance, and he broke out in a cold sweat.

‘shit… … got caught? how should… … .’

at that time.

“brother! Five steps to the left!”

As if he was possessed, Jaehyun took five steps as he heard the voice.



Surtur’s flame sword passed right next to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun ran and looked down at the sound.

It was Seo Ah-hyun’s help.

Jaehyun realized right away.

Right now, Seo Ah-hyun activated 《Thought Acceleration》 to read Surt’s movements in advance, and informed Jae-hyun of it.

A smile spread across Jaehyun’s lips.

‘Is this enough for me to try?’

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