I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 74

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Episode 74 Last Festival (3)

“Three steps to the left. Keep your head down!”

“Two steps to the right. Jump up!”

“This time slow down and accelerate again!”

Seo Ah-hyun’s instructions were very perfect.

As a result, Jaehyun did not hit even one of Surt’s attacks. It’s all just burnt on fire.

It was truly a remarkable achievement.

‘As expected, «Thought Acceleration» is a good skill. It’s a unique skill down performance.’

Seo Ah-hyun used her skills to perfectly analyze Surt’s battle patterns.

Where do you swing your sword and how many seconds does the preliminary action take? What kind of magic is used, and what exactly is the destructive power or spread range.

Everything was quickly identified and responded to.

An active skill that is different from <Magic Perception> and has a high fundamental combat utility.

That’s what 《Thought Acceleration》 is all about.

‘If I could copy it, I’d want to copy it right away.’

Jaehyun didn’t stop running even though he was laughing.

[dare! dare! Are you trying to scorn this Surt and run away!]

Surt started to run towards Jaehyun at a faster pace while shouting.

The heavy body makes a thump, thump, thump, creating a sense of fear.

However, Jaehyun was not afraid.

As long as he moved according to Seo Ah-hyun’s instructions, there was almost no risk of getting hit.

after a few minutes like that.

Jaehyun realized that his destination was near.

Seo Ah-hyun told herself. A place that must be used for operations.

He stopped in front of him, then turned around and looked at Surt.

After taking a deep breath, Jaehyun shouted at Surt.

“hey! What a giant you are! I don’t know if you’re such a great guy, but I heard you’re robbed by the Aesir gods?!

Why did you crawl out to the idiot who is still guarding the door in fear!”

[What, what… … ?! dare… … Did you call this Surt an idiot?]

Surtur clenched his flaming sword with a face closer to bewilderment than anger.

The ferocious fire rapidly fluctuated according to his emotions and emitted reddish-purple light.

Jaehyun almost fainted from the intense heat, but managed to survive and shouted again.

“okay. It’s like this dog! People like you should end up here!”

[…] … I guess I can’t hear it. you stupid human Did he faint after being frightened by this Surt!]

“It sucks.”

When Jaehyun laughed, Surt gave strength to the flame-filled sword.

A sword imbued with magical power opens its mouth and flies as if it will devour Jaehyun.

A smile spread across Jaehyun’s lips.

‘This is the time!’

Jaehyun, who quickly moved his body to avoid Surt’s attack, turned around.

Surtur’s sword narrowly missed Jaehyun and hit the water tank directly behind him.

Shoot Aaaaaa!

A huge amount of water gushed out from the water tank and hit Surt.

Surt started to walk backwards as if he was embarrassed by the turbulent water.

In an instant, the fire that covered his body subsided, and the flames faded.


Jaehyun quickly soared high into the sky. I injected mana into my legs and shot my body.

He had only one goal.

The heart of Surt whose flame has gone out.


With enthusiasm, he stabbed the mana blade he took out of his inventory into Surt’s heart.

The mana made a high-pressure cracking sound and lodged in the deepest part of his body.

[Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… … !!]

scream of a giant.

Hearing Surt’s scream, Jaehyun came down to the ground with his sword still in place.

Landing safely while stepping on the chain, he poured magic power into the sword that was far away.

―Transfer your mana to the Mana Blade!

At the same time, the giant’s high voice was heard.

[This, such a low number… … !!]

The sword stuck in Surt’s heart pours out more powerful magic power and consumes him.

A moment ago, the system said his weakness was the heart.

Perhaps that was the only way to defeat Surtur.

But that method was virtually impossible to realize.

The reason is simple.

It’s because it’s difficult to drive a sword through the fierce flames burning in the body and into the heart.

A spark so powerful that a normal person would melt just by getting close to it.

when I was thinking

Seo Ah-hyun informed Jae-hyun that there is a water tank at the northern end.

Jaehyun also remembered that the reason for the closure of Neverland was the theme dungeon and water tank incident.



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huge amount of water.

Even that would only give minor damage to the fiery giant Surt, but it was okay.

Because if Jaehyun could make at least one gap, he was confident that he wouldn’t make a mistake.

If only I could buy a moment, just a moment, to put out the flame.

If only given time to drive the sword through his heart.

Jaehyun said to Surt with a fishy laugh.

“So, when I tell you to go back, would it be nice if you went back?”

After a while. The dust of Surt gradually faded, and then it was erased little by little.

The flames that burned fiercely in the field gradually began to subside.

[Don’t be arrogant… … I Surtr… … Even though I saw you in the form of dust… … A body with true power would not be this easy.]

“Who said you would fight your body? You have to do as much as you can about bullshit.”

Jaehyun grumbled.

It was a word that came from the heart.

Even if it weren’t for that, he wouldn’t have been able to catch the dust of Surtur in a normal way.

A little while ago, I managed to beat Seo Ah-hyun and all sorts of small hair.

however. The guy who caught it so hard is not real, but a fake that is just dust.

But go catch the real thing?

No way, that’s like going to die.

Jaehyun was not a stupid raider who would enter a dungeon where he might die.

First of all, you can try and move forward with anything, whether it’s getting stronger if you live.

“under… … Anyway, it’s over for now.”

With Jaehyun’s words, the system window began praising his achievements.

―You have cleared 《Last Festival》, the last of 《BIG 5》.

―You have succeeded in clearing through the hidden route. Additional rewards will be settled.

―You have accomplished an indescribable feat.

―You have acquired the item 《Surt’s Undying Flame》.

* * *

“More, the magic field of the dungeon… … Almost unlocked!”

“that’s right! Someone inside is clearing the dungeon!”

“Does that make sense? Actually, this dungeon wasn’t a big deal!”

Near the outside of the themed dungeon Neverland.

Various opinions are coming and going with Goseong.

No wonder.

In the first place, clearing this place in Neverland was judged virtually impossible.

It was because the dungeon exploded so suddenly, and the people inside were too young.

Strangely enough, however, the dungeon quickly lost its magic.

This means that there is an insider who is clearing the dungeon.

“Kyunghoon. I think you’re right. The dungeon is being cleared.”

“yes. It seems that time is running out. It looks like it will be completely cleared before afternoon at the latest.”

“Huh, true. I can’t believe it even after seeing it with my own two eyes.”

“I was like that at first too. Senior, I know your heart well.”

Park Kyung-hoon said with a sly voice.

Song Ji-seok couldn’t help but look at his slim face.

Because what happened today was so shocking.

A cadet who was only seventeen.

It is said that he is from Milles Academy, where geniuses gather, but he is still a pit.

You cleared the theme dungeon on that subject?

This was gossip that deserved to be featured throughout the world.

“What kind of guy is he anyway?”

“Are you talking about Min Jaehyun?”

“okay. Who else is there other than him in this situation? say it. what kind of guy he is.”

Park Kyung-hoon, who was worried for a while at Song Ji-seok’s words, spoke with difficulty.

“First of all, he has a bold personality. And he’s someone who says exactly what he wants, and when he makes a deal, he knows exactly what the other person needs and makes an offer.”

“Kids these days are really scary.”

“Not only that, but he knows how to make concessions. At the time, he didn’t have a single penny from the sale of the goblins and gave it all to a friend next to him.

It turned out that it was because the circumstances of his friend’s family were not good.”

Of course, I kept it a secret that the friend was Ahn Ho-yeon.

It’s going to be annoying to explain, and there’s a risk that things will get bigger.

Fortunately, Song Ji-seok seemed not to care.

“her… … He’s a real thing. He’s going to be big.”

Song Ji-seok muttered in admiration.

Of course, being able to show such a performance to a young cadet is surprising, of course, but it is difficult even for an active raider to be considerate of colleagues while putting their own interests first.

No, it might be right to say that the incumbent radar is more difficult.

Recently, I heard that among those who aspire to become a radar, there are many third-generation bullying conglomerates.

They have money and back, so there is nothing to get hurt, and they want to take care of the world’s honor.

Otherwise, there are many cases where people choose a job called radar purely for money.

Song Ji-seok felt his heart suffocate whenever he saw such people.

Radar is a job that is recognized only after fighting monsters and winning.

Those who jumped into this job with such a feeling of complacency. Will you be able to grow enough to get what you want?


But what about Jaehyun, whom I heard about a while ago?

According to Park Kyung-hoon, he is all focused on becoming stronger.

That’s why he must have handed over all proceeds from the sale of the Demon Beast to his friend in difficult family circumstances.

Truly an amazing guy.

“Once the dungeon is cleared, make a spot where you can see that friend’s face.”

“I will do my best.”

At Song Ji-seok’s words, Park Kyung-hun bowed his head.

Even if it wasn’t so, I wanted to see the grown-up Jaehyun once again.

‘It’s only been a few months, but… … But I want to check it again.’

How much had he really grown?

* * *

[Special item]

Surt’s Unquenchable Flame

Part of the heart of Surt’s mote.

When used, it strengthens the weapon to the limit and gives it a flame property.

“As expected, gifts are best when received unexpectedly.”

A smile spread across Jaehyun’s lips.

The hidden route reward you received from defeating Surt earlier, «Surt’s Unquenchable Flame», had a wonderful effect.

It’s not enough to strengthen the weapon to the limit, but to give it the flame property.

These items were items that could not be found anywhere in the world.

‘I’ll have to carefully decide which weapon to use.’

Jaehyun twitched the corners of his mouth and thought so.

“Because just a moment ago, you whined that you would die fighting?”

Seo Ah-hyun gave a face mask from the side and said. But she didn’t look bad either.

Since he didn’t directly participate in the battle, he probably didn’t get the same item.

The relief that you probably lived. Or maybe it was because of the reward for clearing the themed dungeon.

“Somehow, [BIG 5] is all broken. themed dungeon… … I don’t want to come in again.”

“I agree too. If you come into a place like this a second time, you’ll really go crazy.”

Jaehyun looked around while agreeing with Seo Ahhyun’s words.

Because there are still things left to receive.

An item that was the decisive factor for him to set foot here in the first place.

“Here comes.”

Jaehyun smiled a little.

From a distance, Brunn can be seen running fast.

After waiting for a while, Brun quickly approached the two and bowed.

“I sincerely congratulate you for successfully enjoying this festival.”

At those words, swearing almost came out of Jaehyun’s mouth, but he barely held it in.

Now is the time to receive your reward.

Wouldn’t it be a loss if you didn’t give compensation after being angry?

‘That damned idiot who can’t even do arithmetic… … .’

Of course, on the inside, he cursed at me, but there was no problem because it didn’t show on the outside.

With a smile on his lips, Brunn finally started to say the words Jaehyun wanted.

“then. We will give rewards to the two of you who have cleared all of these 《BIG 5》.”

It was the moment when a smile bloomed on Jaehyun’s face.

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