I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 76

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Episode 76: The First Naming Conference (1)

The first time the world changed like a game and the Awoken appeared.

The legendary class that was first handed down by raiders.

Battle Mage.

Even though he is a wizard, he learns close combat magic and fights enemies in the vanguard. It is a job that paralyzes the enemy with various CC weapons and erases the opponent based on overwhelming force.

However, this was only in fantasy.

Gap between ideal and reality.

It was natural.

Stats were very valuable to Raider, and the higher the level, the more difficult it was to raise.

Battle Mage was treated as a mess by these people.

It was because Raider couldn’t easily tolerate the crazy act of increasing strength and magic at the same time.

If you give up one of the two, you can grow more on one side and see a higher level, but if both sides start distributing stats, you will lose that much.

This is a dungeon and field. And a dystopia in which witches are prevalent.

There was no reason to make a choice that would weaken oneself in this situation.

Thus, the Battle Mage became an illusion.

Theoretically, it could encompass both martial arts and magic and boast overwhelming strength. This would be impossible unless there were overflowing stats that could be distributed to the end.

However, as Jaehyun appeared. Its appearance began to change.

“So, does that mean that Min Jae-hyun is growing as a battle mage?”

“okay. Using the 《Stealth》 skill casually and killing 30 goblins lightly wasn’t enough, this time I cleared the themed dungeon. There is a possibility.”

At Song Ji-seok’s words, Park Kyung-hun shook his head in disbelief.

‘Min Jaehyun. He’s a guy with a lot of secrets.’

Song Ji-seok, with an interesting expression on his face, recalled Jae-hyun’s face a moment ago.

Jaehyun Min. He had no doubt that he would hear this name often in the future.

* * *

After clearing the dungeon. Jaehyun quickly left the entrance of Neverland.

After using «Stealth» to hide, she activated «Wind Boost» and fled far away.

‘Because it’ll be difficult if there’s even a tracking magic behind it.’

―With the effect of TRP’s Thunder Walk, the efficiency of «Wind Boost» increases dramatically!

Jaehyun looked at the floating system window and nodded his head with a satisfied face.

Fortunately, thanks to Thirpy’s Thunderous Walk, it did not go unnoticed by others.

‘As expected, it’s an S-class item. Just wearing it almost quadrupled my running speed. If you adapt a little more, ten times. No, wouldn’t it be more than 20 times possible?’

It was truly amazing.

Just by simply equipping an item, you can aim for such a rise in basic specs.

It was the moment when the reason why an S-class artifact was lightly priced in the hundreds of billions was proven.

‘by the way. I never thought there would be that many people. Well, it’s similar to the dungeon break. Since the theme dungeon was created in a place with a lot of floating population, reporters must have rushed to it.

Well, it’s going to be a lot of trouble just to deal with the radar management headquarters again.’

Jaehyun shook his head.

Radar Management Center. What are they doing?

It is to detect the occurrence of the dungeon in advance and minimize the damage.

By the way, in an amusement park with a lot of floating population. A themed dungeon that you can’t escape from has been created… .

Perhaps the jurisdictional headquarters was almost overturned.

“Although it is the association’s job to calm the people’s flames… .”

It was true that there was a corner that was unreasonable.

Most people blamed the association for all unexpected dungeons.

It’s the easiest, and fundamentally, it’s because you don’t know the principles of dungeons.

Recently, the national curriculum has improved a little with the introduction of a basic course called 《Demon Mathematics》, but still many people attribute the appearance of demon beasts to the fault of the state.

Ironically, the raider that hunts monsters is being praised.

“Well, it’s not important to me.”

Anyway, the goal of representation is not honor.

“You have to grow more. I definitely got it this time. I am weak.”

of course. If the cadets of the same academy heard it, it would be frightening.

However, Jaehyun was sincerely feeling his limitations.

The dust of Surt.

Faced with only dust, Jaehyun was definitely pushed back. no lost

He was able to win only thanks to my brain and Seo Ah-hyun’s help.

‘I need the power to lightly kill that much without using shallow water.’

You have to suppress your opponent and become an existence that cannot be touched.

Fortunately, Jaehyun is receiving God’s protection.

The ability of anti-Aesir forces, including Hel.

It wasn’t impossible if I received all of them and grew up carefully.

After taking a deep breath, Jaehyun made another promise.

“Talfi’s Thunderstrike is just the beginning. You must become stronger.”

Mother and Kim Yoo-jung. In order to protect yourself, you have to liquidate your weak self.

You have to move forward.

Jaehyun knew this better than anyone else.

* * *

“so. I don’t know anything about the incident at the time of the mock dungeon. Are you saying that?”

“yes. I understand that you called me to listen to the case. I am still in shock.”



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Right after the theme dungeon incident is over.

Jae-hyeon was called by Instructor Kim Ji-yeon to visit her lab.

She said that she had summoned Jaehyun to ask some questions about the mock dungeon incident.

The content of the question was simple.

Do you know anything about the mock dungeon incident?

what happened inside

However, not all of them could give an easy answer.

It has not yet been determined whether Instructor Kim Ji-yeon is from Gu Ja-in’s faction or not.

It was, he thought, that in many ways it would be far better to ignore it now.

‘It’s probably impossible to ask more.’

at last. Instructor Kim Ji-yeon couldn’t ask more, even though there was an awkward corner.

Unless you have entered the mock dungeon yourself, you cannot dispute his words.

After all, only the raid team can know what happened inside the dungeon.

“All right. Please contact me if you think of anything.”

Kim Ji-yeon quietly withdrew. Jaehyun also nodded.

“yes. Then let’s go. I’ll see you in class.”

After Jaehyun said hello, he left the lab while receiving Jiyeon Kim’s stinging gaze.

After a while.

What greeted Jaehyun back at the hotel was the alarm on his smartphone after turning off the dungeon mode. There are dozens of text messages received, and more than ten missed calls.

The senders were diverse.

Kim Yoo-jung and her mother Lee Seon-hwa. And unexpectedly, Seo In-na and Ahn Ho-yeon.

‘… … What is the life of an insider?’

Jaehyun smiled and turned on his computer, leaving his smartphone alone.

I put the corpse of Night Shade on it a while ago, but it was about to be sold.

When I went to the site, I was sure to hear good news.

[The registered item has been sold.]

“… … Par, sold!”

[Auction Status]


1. Nightshade’s corpse – 170 million won.

2. Night Shade’s Core – 315 million won.

3. Scythe of Lace × 31 – 3.1 million won

4. Draug’s Sword × 17 – 1.7 million won

“Although radar is dangerous, it makes good money.”

A whopping 480 million won in income.

At this rate, it is an amount that can be obtained enough for a small rental house in Seoul.

‘How can you earn so much money in one C-class dungeon… .’

Of course, this was only possible because Jaehyun attacked the dungeon alone.

Usually, 6 to 12 people are on the side of clearing the dungeon. As a result, it is common for profits to decrease as they become 1/N.

However, Jaehyun basically aims for solo play.

It’s because you can’t show your skills to others, and you have to be strong yourself to grow quickly.

… Well, even if he tried to form a party, there was no way he would accept him as a student.

“It’s a problem to take off 30 percent of commissions because of the black market, but… … Still, the income itself isn’t bad at all. You can avoid other people’s eyes.”

Instead of guaranteeing the identity of the seller, the black market takes 30 percent of the income as a brokerage fee. This is because it has its headquarters in Switzerland and is connected to the bank.

It is also a crucial reason why black markets cannot be traced in the country.

‘No matter how many countries it is, it is an oversight to search every bank overseas.

Well, I didn’t play a joke by borrowing an account to launder dirty money.’

Come to think of it, Jaesang Lee also sold his potions on the black market.

Of course, the profit did not come out as much as ant tears.

“I’ll send the money that’s not too big to my mom and use the rest for investments.”

Jaehyun was not in a hurry for money right away.

I already received 2% of Yeonhwa Guild’s stock, and I can renew the contract and receive a monthly salary of over 10 million won without working.

Apparently, Yeon-hwa’s side seemed to have decided that it would be more efficient to pay him 10 million won every month and keep him tied up rather than having him taken away elsewhere.

Of course, Jaehyun is never in the mood to take money and rest.

Jaehyun had work to do.

The most impressive dungeon in this themed dungeon. Flanders’ Mansion.

On the 4th floor there, Jae-hyeon saw a vision of Min Seong-oh.

father. How strong is Min Seong-oh?

If we fight right now, can we guarantee victory?

‘… … no. It’s still a long way off.’

Currently, Jaehyun’s rank is at the top of B-class.

It is an incredibly fast achievement for a freshman at Milles Academy.

However, the reality is that it is not even close to the level of an A-class, or even an S-class radar.

It was true that no matter how divinely favored he was, it was not enough for the powerful of the world.

“Of course, it’s not that there hasn’t been any achievements so far. I am growing fast.”

Seriously, Jaehyun thought so.

Rolling in the vanguard as a D-class martial arts raider for seven years, he learned a lot.

how to survive

What should I do to become stronger?

However, even though I knew it at the time, I couldn’t put it into practice.

After all, Raider’s growth stops when he turns 20.

Because I can’t move forward unless it’s a very special case.

I rationalized, sat down and spent the day.

but. Now the obscure fog has lifted and everything is clearly visible.

Growing as a radar.

It’s not just about leveling up and getting better gear.

To stand up and not back down.

That’s the nature of radar.

Jaehyun clearly realized this in this themed dungeon.

Jaehyun smiled and focused on the computer screen again.

“then. You have to make plans for the future.”

After a while. The window that Jaehyun opened on his monitor was a stock-related site.

“Shall we start soon?”

Jaehyun put a smile on his lips.

Isn’t this the privilege of the regressor? If you have a lot of money, you have to roll it with Jago to make it bigger.

Jaehyun immediately bought the stock of a company called 《Gottem Shop》 with all his money.

Now, it is a company that is going to ruin with such a rustic name, but after that, it will grow into the second most sad company in Korea, Flex.

Of course, we are currently going through a terrible recession, but it is an undeniable truth that one day we will grow.

past. I heard about his success story on TV every day.

‘Well, there are a lot of things like that. The clichéd story of starting out in an empty alcove, ruining a few businesses and succeeding again. This person is just the case.’

Lee Moon-hwan, the CEO of Flex, was a person with such a typical pattern.

‘After that, you must obtain only that item. By any means.’

This time, I realized it clearly while getting TRP’s Thunder Walk.

Each S-class item has enough performance to stagger the entire country.

One of the masterpieces that can double the strength of a raider.

That’s an S-class item.

And in the near future. An item that Jaehyun needs to get appears at an auction.

Also, because of that auction, <<Flex>> began to grow and move forward.

‘If you can buy an S-class item with money, it’s right to buy it unconditionally.

… Of course, if you have money.’

In fact, after clearing the theme dungeon, Jaehyun managed to obtain an S-class item.

However, what if you could get such a high-level item with money?

It was natural to invest, no matter how much.

What is needed for this is the purchase of this stock.

This is because in order to participate in the upcoming auction, you must have shares in the 《God Item Shop》, that is, Plex.

“after… … So the case seems to be settled. Shall we rest now?”

Even if it wasn’t so, his body was in tatters from raiding the dungeon.

I need to take a break now so that I can properly attend classes tomorrow.

At best, it is a theory, but it would be good to supplement even the lack of sleep.

That moment when Jaehyun was about to lie down on the bed after washing himself.

bang! bang! bang!

A knock was heard at the door.

‘What, what?!’

Jaehyun flinched for a moment when he thought of Alfred in Flanders Mansion, but soon went out to the front door to open the door.

As he opened the door, an unexpected person caught Jaehyun’s eyes.

Kim Yoo-jung, Seo Eana.

Kim Yoo-jung in front of the door narrowly opened her eyes and glared at Jae-hyun.

Soon, she raised her voice as she kicked Jaehyun in the shin.

“hey! you bitch… … Where the hell have you been wandering around!? Do you know how much I complained when you called me saying you couldn’t reach me?

and you! What happened to you that day? How much pain this good boy suffered… … .”

“… … okay because Can you please do just one?”

Jaehyun sighed and said that.

Maybe it’s wrong to rest comfortably today.

I felt like I was already exhausted from that thought.

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