I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 79

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Episode 79: Understanding Magic Calculation (1)

“f*ck! What kind of bullshit is this!”

Yu Seon-jae’s face, who was holding the TV remote control, turned red.

He was spitting nutmeg with an annoyed face.

A little while ago, a broadcast on TV was the cause.

[…] … So, the first place in this freshman hunt was a cadet named Min Jae-hyun, who surprised the world with overwhelming results.]

[This is the first time that a magician has achieved such a result.]

[That’s right. This splendid achievement will be a great opportunity to overturn the evaluation of the magic cadets, who were relatively weak in one-on-one battles… … .]


What do you mean?

Obviously, the face on the TV screen is Min Jae-hyun, not anyone else.

Not long ago, he was the guy he had ordered the men from the manpower station to kill half of them.

I’m sure they even got a report that they handled Min Jae-hyun well… Why was he able to participate in Milles Academy’s events without incident?

What’s there?

First place in the highly competitive Milles Academy freshman hunt?

At that moment, a disturbing thought passed through Yoo Seon-jae’s head.

“dare… … ! Take the money and do something like this!? Did you trick me!”

Yoo Seon-jae immediately picked up his smartphone and made a call.

It was the three men from the manpower station who had ordered to attack Min Jae-hyeon the other day.

The ringing tone continues. Yoo Seon-jae’s face gradually darkened.

The curse came out of his mouth again.

“These bastards… … !”

Unsurprisingly, none of them answered the phone.

On the smartphone, only a voice saying that the number does not exist is heard.

Yoo Seon-jae clenched his fists with a face full of anger.

In the TV screen, Min Jae-hyun is taking first place in the freshman hunt with his overwhelming skills.

How the hell could this happen?

I thought I was a cadet at best.

It is true that I left it to the manpower station and did not worry about it.

But now I had to admit it.

That Jaehyun is fundamentally quite different from ordinary cadets.

“Now I get it. Why did that person embrace him so much… … .”

It was only then that Yoo Seon-jae realized.

Why did my sister surround Min Jae-hyun like that?

The reason was simple.

Because I have such strong skills.


Yoo Seon-jae gritted his teeth and looked at Min Jae-hyun’s cynical face on TV.

It was as if he would tear it apart at any moment.

Then, suddenly, another thought passed through his mind.

‘… … for a moment. Even at that time, my sister did not die as Min Jae-hyun said. When I saw the doctors, I was told I had less than a few months left to do it.’

It was strange.

As Min Jae-hyun said, Yoo Seong-eun did not die when he should have fallen.

No, rather than dying, he said he became healthy enough to be more active in guild work.

Is this just a coincidence?

Soon after that guy intervened in the incident, all rumors about Yoo Sung-eun’s illness subsided.

He was sued for spreading false information and had to pay a considerable amount of compensation.

I was put in a situation where I couldn’t delay any more time with a lot of debt.

It’s really a slope.

After Min Jae-hyeon’s appearance, his plans began to crumble.

Yoo Seon-jae came to a conclusion.

This is no coincidence.

Min Jae-hyun is a dangerous guy who is hiding something.

It is an object that must be eliminated, possessing sufficient power to interfere with its plans in the future.

“That bastard… … I will kill you somehow No matter what you do!”

It didn’t matter how strong Min Jaehyun was.

He just smashed whatever stood in his way.

Yoo Seon-jae picked up his smartphone again, and this time started to make a call to a different place.

There was a ringing tone for a while, and a man answered the phone.

The man asked first.

[What’s going on? What I talked about before, was it handled properly?]

Yoo Seon-jae continued to speak in a rarely nervous voice.

“that is… … In fact, I think one little boy made things go wrong.”

[Tell me in detail.]

“Min Jaehyun. This is the guy who took first place in the event of Milles Academy. Because of that, the plan was twisted. It will take some more time to get rid of my sister.”

At Yoo Seon-jae’s words, the man’s speech over the receiver was cut off for a moment.

After a while. the man asked in a subdued voice.

[…] What do you want to say?]



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At those words, Yoo Seon-jae raised an eyebrow.

“Please support. at least B grade. No, you need a Class A radar.”

* * *

Jaehyun went around several C-class dungeons that Seongjae Park guided him through and leveled up.

The experience didn’t rise much, but it was the result of diligently hunting monsters. You have succeeded in reaching level 35.

At this level, no one among the cadets could follow, of course, and threatened the instructors.

Jaehyun nodded his head with a satisfied face as he listened to the class.

‘good. I also made quite a bit of money. The situation is not bad.’

The total revenue earned this time is a little over 100 million.

It’s not that much money compared to what he earned while catching Nightshade before, but since he’s already prepared the things he needs to grow, there’s no particular problem.

‘Money is no big deal anymore. Workshop Elixir will definitely be a box office success.’

From now on, Jaehyun wouldn’t have to go through a lot of hardships related to money.

The opening of Studio Elixir and the purchase of shares in 《Gottem Shop》 were particularly effective.

Now, as long as the money doesn’t come out at once, there is nothing to be tied up financially.

Even those who are looking after them are Yeonhwa, the best guild in Korea.

If you have a minor dispute or a situation that requires legal help, you can seek advice from the guild.

‘As long as I get good grades from the academy, there won’t be any big problems for at least a month.’

Now, what you need to worry about is studying for the academy’s regular exams.

‘If I ever get a bad grade, I have to stay and study on my own. There is also a retest. Failure should be avoided as much as possible. There is room for disruption to future plans and movements.’

because. He intended to make good use of the leisurely month ahead.

Fortunately, the theory class itself wasn’t too difficult for Jaehyun, who is naturally smart.

Well, I already knew most of it because I had time to roll on the front line as a raider.

It was because he had already studied low-level Mathematics and other common radar subjects several times in the past.

In the first place, since he monopolizes the knowledge of the future, there will be no future where others are ahead of Jaehyun.

However, such a reproduction was not without problems at all.

‘… … Subjects like <Mathematics> aren’t a big problem, but I have to worry about other things. In particular, it is correct to say that I am several years behind other people in the classes that I take exclusively in the magic world.’

It had been his concern lately.

Recently, he was too focused on hunting monsters and leveling up, so he had to study and learn magic-related subjects in advance, but he failed to do so.

Magic theory is fundamentally several times more difficult than martial arts classes.

To put it simply. You can’t become a great wizard if you don’t hammer various knowledge into your head, comparable to the amount of study that lawyers and doctors study.

Thanks to this, according to the announcement of the National Statistical Office, all the top-ranked wizards have high average IQs.

‘It’s a plate where everyone who has it eats it. Well, it’s not particularly important to me.’

Jaehyun crossed his arms and thought for a moment.

‘For now, it’ll work out somehow. Because the practical performance is so overwhelming.’

I nodded and looked ahead.

The new instructor’s voice resonated quietly on the podium.

“hello. Everyone, my name is Jeong Yi-soo. I am teaching 《Understanding Magical Operations I》, and we will do our best for you, so please follow along.”

Jeong Yi-soo was a young instructor still in his early twenties.

However, it is said that his skills are outstanding, and he is very good for his age. The reason why he took on the position of an instructor for Miles is to build up his specs and then move to a large guild.

Apparently, since this is a time when wizards are being looked down upon, it is not easy to enter a large guild even if you have skills.

Instructor Jeong I-soo continued by pointing to the equations written on the hologram floating on the podium.

“My class is a fundamental understanding of magic. And we will mainly deal with arithmetic expressions. How much do you cadets know about magic?”

“Magic is a supernatural phenomenon that is manifested by pouring mana based on an arithmetic formula.”

One of the cadets in front raised his hand and answered lightly.

Jung Yi-soo smiled and nodded.

“That’s right. Magic is the science of deriving a phenomenon from an arithmetic expression.”

Jaehyun nodded.

‘That’s right. Magic is an arithmetic formula. Kim Yoo-jung said that.’

The other day, when I was taking a theory class, Kim Yoo-jung said the same thing.

Magic is just a phenomenon.

And it is the arithmetic expression that derives the phenomenon.

However, Jaehyun did not have time to think deeply about it.

‘It might be more accurate to say that I didn’t have to worry about it.’

Thanks to Odin’s Lost Eye, Jaehyun can use magic without an arithmetic formula.

Because of this, it was possible to freely manipulate magic without considering the calculation formula.

As a wizard, this is an indescribably great advantage and weapon.

It is also true that now that I am in a hurry to become stronger, I did not have the energy to worry about the ceremony.

However, after taking the full-scale class, I became interested.

What is an alternative arithmetic expression that can lead to such a mysterious phenomenon?

“From now on, I will share one book with you.

This book is basic magic. In other words, it deals with the formula that can manifest D-class magic, and writes down the magic that can be applied later. learning all of these. This is the assignment for this semester.”

‘Simply put, it means memorizing a book month by month.’

I already had a feeling that it would not be easy.

Of course, Jaehyun is smart and is much better than the others, but right now it is more efficient to raise the level by one level rather than immersed in desk discussions.

Is it really possible to memorize the book perfectly?

After sighing, I received the book handed over from the front and examined it.

All of the cadets who received the book had faces full of complaints.

An embarrassed voice suddenly erupted from their mouths.

“What, what? Is there anything written outside?”

“Look at this! Neither is An!”

“… … Memorize something like this?”

“Isn’t it just a misprint?”

Jaehyun’s eyes twitched as he read the book.

There was a muffled noise, but he didn’t care at all and just smiled.

A book with nothing written on its red surface. However, Jaehyun clearly saw the inside.

Written in gold, oddly shaped letters that ordinary people cannot notice.


“… … That’s the correct answer. Cadet Min Jae-hyeon.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Instructor Jeong Isu’s face hardened for a moment, but soon returned to normal.

The book she gave to the cadets is not an ordinary book.

It contains magical power, so you have to decipher basic calculation formulas to see inside.

A magic book with a very special magic.

however. You deciphered it as soon as you received it?

‘I heard from Chairman Koo Ja-in and Instructor Kim Ji-yeon, but this… … .’

I’ve already heard enough of the rumors about Min Jae-hyun.

I also watched his performance in the freshman hunt with my own two eyes.

But this is out of the question.

The arithmetic formula is what is called a magic flower.

By eliciting and materializing phenomena. It is the framework that makes up a system.

Because it’s such an essential science, it’s notorious for being the most difficult in magic theory.

Instructor Jeong Yi-soo watched Jae-hyun with sharp eyes.

“Cadet Min Jae-hyeon. From what you’ve heard, it’s a great skill. Ordinary cadets could barely read the cover in four days. That’s amazing.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Jaehyun replied calmly.


His mind was filled only with thoughts of runes.

Why are these letters invisible to others clearly visible to you?

The answer to that question was simple.

The Lost Eye of Odin.

The ability to interpret rune words immediately upon wearing. This mythical item had an effect.

Thanks to this, Jaehyun can read the letters without studying the rune language.

As if it were the letters he used originally, comfortably.

“Then let me ask you one more question. Cadet Min Jae-hyeon.”

Instructor Jeong Yi-soo asked again in a low voice.

“The rune words written on the cover of the book. Do you know what that means?”

Jaehyun laughed.

Could this also be a prank of the Nornir system?

If not, does this magic mean that it is a science that cannot be discussed without mentioning that guy?

Jaehyun knows.

that it is magic.

And the arithmetic expression is a concept created by that lofty existence. Or it was discovered.

“The Life of Odin and the Basics of Runes.”

Jaehyun smiled again.

However, that smile was different from the one before, with a hint of fishiness.

Jaehyun raised his head and asked again.

“Am I wrong?”

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