I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 81

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Episode 81 Understanding Magic Calculation (3)

It was a perfect answer indeed.

Jeong Yi-soo couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by Jae-hyun’s answer.

Seventeen at most.

To see him, at a young age, show off his in-depth knowledge of the runes that make up magic.

‘… … I can not believe it.’

If it was just knowledge, I might have been able to answer easily.

However, Jaehyun had skills beyond knowledge.

open mind? Of course, it’s important, but it’s a concept that doesn’t work very well in dungeons.

Insignificant things like the history of magic or the derivation of swordsmanship.

Those things are of no help to the actual dungeon raid.

But what about representation?

The other day, when I heard from another professor, he said that he got a perfect score on the paper test related to the Witchbeast.

In the mana room test supervised by Instructor Kim Ji-yeon, he reached the 10th floor, and even in the mock dungeon, he fought against monsters that could never be defeated and won.

This time, even to the point of understanding and answering the fundamentals of magic and rune words.

“That’s really great. Cadet Min Jae-hyeon. That is the perfect answer.”

There was nothing she could do but say so.

How much knowledge does that child know?

According to what I heard from the librarian the other day, Jaehyun has been going to the library every day to borrow magic books.

that is,

It means that you have been studying diligently to complete this task perfectly.

‘Having such strong skills, you don’t want to miss even a single theory?’

can not believe it. No, any of the instructors would think so.

That child has already completely escaped the status of a cadet.

Even so, does he constantly grow and strive to develop?

There was silence for a while.

Soon the class ended with the sound of a bell, and Jeong Yi-soo cleared his throat and said.

“Today’s class has ended with this. Thank you all for your hard work.”

After that, the cadets left their seats one by one and began to leave the classroom.

Jung Yi-soo was also preparing to go out with his class materials.

But then.

A cadet approached him and held out a book of magic.

Instructor Jeong Yi-soo’s eyebrows narrowed.

Somehow she seemed to be able to tell who the cadet in front of her was without looking.

“Instructor Jeong Yi-soo. I came because I wanted to ask you something.”

Instructor Jeong Yi-soo looked up and saw the face of the cadet calling him.

As expected, the cadet standing in front of him was Min Jae-hyeon.

“I don’t understand a passage on this page.”

Jaehyun was seriously thinking and asking her questions.

‘This, this… !’

What was even more surprising was that the magic book that Jaehyun brought with him was 4 stars.

4 star magic book. This must be difficult for instructors to read… … .

‘If Cadet Min Jae-hyeon really understands the contents of this book.’

This meant that Jaehyun had already mastered all magic up to 3 stars, even though he was only a freshman.

* * *

“hey. But why don’t you go and sit here for a while? Are you waking up soon?”

Jaehyun asked while looking at Seo Ahhyun, who had taken up a seat on the sofa in the hideout.

This hideout is on the second floor of Lee Jae-sang’s potion shop, which opened last time.

This is the place where we gathered to name the shop the other day, where Lee Jae-sang’s former studio was rented.

Now, the Yeonhwa Guild has bought the building, and they have been given special permission to use this space freely.

Jae-hyeon, who had to prevent Gu Ja-in’s upcoming scheme, needed a safe space to hold a meeting with the party. This is the place I chose for that hideout.

‘If I had tried to carry out the plan alone, it would have taken at least a few more months.’

It could have been several years.

It is difficult for Jaehyun, who is originally a minor, to actively participate in the potion business.

If it hadn’t been for the help of Yeonhwa Guild in the middle, it would have been difficult.

‘This is why I have good connections.’

Jaehyun smiled and thought about it.

Anyway, thanks to that, there was a space where the party could gather like this to rest and chat.

After thinking for a while. Jae-hyun fixed her gaze on Seo Ah-hyun again.

She reads comic books and almost lives here.

From what I’ve heard, I’m such a genius that I don’t have to go to school every day or something.

The situation where all the other co-workers are away because they have classes.

Jaehyun sighed and sighed again.

“No, you can read it at your house. why are you fussing here? Aren’t you going home?”

At those words, Seo Ah-hyun murmured softly with a dark expression on her face.

“… … That’s what my mother… … .”


“You are invincible. Actually, I came out because I had a fight with my mother.”



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I knew it.

As the days go by, I feel Seo Ah-hyun’s lies grow.

Of course, it doesn’t matter because you can figure out the authenticity with any number of dependent skills.

Well, he seems to be enjoying it now, so he’s just leaving it alone.

Seo Ah-hyun kept her eyes on the comic book and continued to shout.

“So, please release this <<Subordination>> first. Are you keeping a secret?”

“What do I see and believe in you? Be patient for a moment. I will find a way.”

Contrary to what was said in the theme dungeon in the first place, the subordination could not be released immediately.

Jae-hyun was thinking of leaving only the confidentiality clause about himself to her, but in order to amend the contract, he had to cancel the subordination he had put on and cast the spell again.

Thanks to this, I couldn’t solve the clause, and I couldn’t do this or that.

‘If it were someone else, I would have freed the subordinates and given only moderate attention… … Seo Ah-hyun’s mouth is so reserved.

If you go around bragging about me in other places, things will become a hassle. Releasing the subordination is dismissal for now.’

When Jaehyun nodded his head, Seo Ahhyun grinned.

“What is the method? If you release the dependent skill for a while and then walk again to set the restriction… … .”

“What if you don’t agree then? Then I’m brand new. stupid Do you know how to be deceived?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Seo Ahyeon became dumb after eating honey.

It’s not easy after all, he has the face of a second-class villain.

Jaehyun sighed.

Of course, this place is spacious enough, and the facilities are good because it is a new building.

There is no problem with one more Seo Ah-hyun going out, and since she is subordinated, there is no need to worry about telling her secrets to the outside world.

In the first place, I made a hideout to use it for this purpose.

But it is also true that it is annoying.

Seo Ah-hyun’s skill is of course helpful, but it’s not necessary right away.

“You are still in middle school. It’s where the older sisters and brothers play, so get out of there yourself.”

“no way. With only one year difference. Don’t talk like that, uncle. Did you really have a big fight with your mom that morning? She just flew a frying pan around the house?”

“under. … … Okay, so stop and shut up. It’s crazy.”

After Jaehyun warned, he took out the magic book he had borrowed a while ago and started reading.

He briefly recalled the conversation with Instructor Jeong Yi-soo a moment ago.

[This book is for 4 adults… … Do you really understand the contents of this book?]

[This part will change like this if you partially transform and reorganize the equation… … .]

in class a little while ago. Jaehyun asked Instructor Jeong Isu a few questions about the formula.

This is because the difficulty of the books became exponentially more difficult starting from the magic books that dealt with magic that exceeded 4 stars.

For example, ‘creation’ that creates new magic.

Something like “destruction” that completely removes existing magic and returns it to nothing.

Something like ‘amplification’ that makes existing magic one level stronger.

Upon encountering such high-level knowledge, even if it was reproduced, there was no choice but to go through difficulties.

So he went to Jeong Yi-soo and asked about these things, and she gave a solid answer.

Of course, there is a possibility that she is Gu Jain’s henchman, but anyway, her current status is an instructor.

There shouldn’t be an instructor who doesn’t answer the cadet’s questions from ancient times.

“But what book is that?”

While I was reading the magic book, Seo Ah-hyun suddenly asked me.

Jaehyun tried to ignore it, but told me that it was obvious that if I left it as it was, it would become more annoying.

Seo Ah-hyun said, “Hmm,” and sighed softly.

“Madoseo… … I’m a martial artist, so I don’t care at all… great! Show me too! Just because the cover is good.”

“Arthur. Don’t be fooling around.”

Jae-hyun lightly ignored it, but Seo Ah-hyun persistently demanded to show him the book.

I had no choice but to show her the book, but suddenly her eyes stopped for a moment.

‘aha. I was thinking of doing that.’

Acceleration of Acceleration.

Apparently, Seo Ah-hyun thought that by using that skill, she would be able to grasp the contents of the magic book somehow.

‘Though it won’t be that simple.’

Jaehyun laughed.

Of course, Seo Ah-hyun’s 《Thought Acceleration》 is a very outstanding skill.

However, there is no special ability to read rune words.

This is the information I learned when Seo Ah-hyun was bragging about her skills before returning.

In the first place, there are things that martial arts can do as martial arts, and magic can do things like magic.

Invading each other’s territory is virtually impossible.

“Ah what is it? Is this really what it says? Can’t you see anything?”

“So you’re saying I was joking?”

When Jaehyun was dumbfounded and asked back, Seo Ahhyun did not back down and replied.

“I don’t know. The person who joked with the contract. What do I see and believe?”

“Yeah. You and I will never build trust. We distrust each other like this.”

“Who brought it on themselves?”

After Seo Ah-hyun laughed, she fixed her eyes on the comic book again.

Jaehyun sighed and closed the book.


“ah. Why~ I’m reading the funniest part right now.”

“I’ve been thinking about it. Probably dependent on you. I don’t think I’ll be able to release it for the rest of my life.”

“… … yes?! uh, what do you mean?! I was just looking for a way… … .”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Jaehyun smiled.

“Because it’s thick.”

Seo Ah-hyun opened her mouth wide and was shocked.

As if it was no big deal, Jaehyun started turning the pages again, and she dropped the comic book she was reading in shock.

* * *


a few more days after that.

Reading magic books was almost blocked at 4 stars.

Basic magic has already been mastered.

However, magic of intermediate or higher level required higher thinking and concentration.

Of course, Jaehyun had an advantage over the others because he had taken a lot of stamina in advance.

‘Apart from endurance, it feels like something is blocked by a wall. It’s probably because I’m still immature as a mage.

… I have to find a way.’

I thought about it, but the answer didn’t come right away.

‘If you only raise the level here without a fundamental understanding of magic… I have a hunch that I’m going to miss something very important.’

Jaehyun made up his mind.

‘A more fundamental approach is needed.’

After thinking for a while.

In the end, Jaehyun decided to choose the simplest method.

“I need to go see the teacher.”

When blocked by a wall, there was nothing like a good teacher.

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