I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 82

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Episode 82 Understanding Magic Calculation (4)

“I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you that for sure.”

“… yes?”

Yeonhwa Guild’s battleground.

Yoo Sung-eun said that while looking at the face of the disciple who hadn’t come in a while.

Hearing the words, Jaehyun’s face was not good.

The paleness of her complexion was much more serious than when she had recently stayed up all night reading magic books.

‘I can’t tell you for sure. What do you mean by that?’

Jaehyun calmed down his perplexed mind and looked at Yoo Seongeun in front of him.

Yoo Seong-eun laughed at the face of the answer and continued again.

“It is literally. It means that the three concepts that appear in the 4-Star Magic Book cannot be learned by being taught by others.”

“You mean you have to get enlightened yourself?”

“okay. The stages after 4 stars are meaningless unless you learn them yourself. No matter how much other people explain it, it’s hard to understand because it’s a 4-star magician. Because of that, the difficulty jumps up from there.

… … Well, if you can pull off that, you’ll be on your way to becoming an A-class raider, so don’t think too badly.”

‘It’s an A-class radar… … .’

The first goal that Jaehyun engraved after returning was to become an A-class radar.

This is because the minimum level of strength required to kill his father Min Seong-oh and protect his comrades was A-class.

According to Yoo Seong-eun, the moment you learn the 4-star magic book, you can step into the entrance of the A-class radar.

Hearing those words made me even more anxious.

‘Somehow, I have to completely remove the 4-star magician and set foot on the A-class level.’

Jaehyun thought for a moment.

What does it mean to achieve self-realization?

Also, how to train properly in the future.

Suddenly, after thinking for a moment, Jaehyun asked.

“Well, by the way, how many castles can you read?”

“me? I’m 6 stars. Recently, I’m also researching 7-star magic books.”

It was a truly unbelievable story.

‘Is this because he is also the head of the Yeonhwa Guild… … teacher. After all, he’s a great person.’

As Jaehyun knows, all the magic books that exist in the world are divided into 9 grades.

1 to 9 stars.

The higher the number, the more difficult and difficult it is, and it is said that with modern magic, it is possible to interpret up to 6 magic books.

In other words, Yoo Sung-eun has reached the limits of modern wizards.

As Jaehyun pondered, Yooseong added with a small smile.

“Well, I’ll teach you the training method in particular.”

“How to train?”

“okay. It is a training method to realize the process of «amplification». How are you interested?”

“I will do my best.”

Jaehyun answered right away.

Yoosung put a smile on his lips.

This rambunctious disciple never made himself unhappy for a moment.

‘I’ll have to see if I can do well this time too?’

* * *

A week later.

Jaehyun got a perfect score in the paper test for 《Understanding Magical Operations I》.

It didn’t mean much.

From the beginning, he did not focus on class grades.

Magic, rune words, arithmetic formulas.

Uncovering their secrets was the ultimate goal of representation.

Until now, Jaehyun has not had a chance to show off his abilities because he was hidden in the shadow of the system.

However, in recent years, rather than relying on the system, it is growing on its own.

It lifts Jaehyun’s whole body to the fullest and helps him go to a better place.

‘I don’t know how long the system will be favorable to me or what the future will be like.’

Jaehyun sincerely thought so.

When monsters appeared and radar appeared in the world and moved to the center of life.

There is something Jaehyun felt the most.

What you don’t need is eventually thrown away.

whether it be a thing or a person.

The world where Yggdrasil sprung up now is more desolate than before.

Humanity was no longer patient, and did not trust each other so much.

Jaehyun was well aware that he had to rely on others to survive.

‘We have to collide more fiercely and grow.’

Right after the test, Jaehyun immediately headed to the AR combat system room.

It was because he decided to practice 《Amplification》 that Yoo Sung-eun taught him there.

―The information of 1st year cadet ‘Min Jae-hyeon’ has been confirmed.

―The right to use the facility has been transferred.

―You can use it until 20:00.

When I pushed myself into the AR system room and put on my student ID, a familiar voice came out.

Jaehyun took a deep breath after changing the public status of his grades to private.



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―The first wave starts.

After a while.

In front of Jaehyun’s eyes, chunks of data that imitated the beast’s appearance began to line up.

What took shape was none other than a group of skeleton soldiers and draugs.

It’s an infinitely familiar landscape, but now Jaehyun is nervous.

Because this time, I plan to fight while giving the monsters a little special advantage.

Aaaa… … !!

Several skeleton soldiers standing in the vanguard rush to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun lightly dodged the attack and figured out the number of enemies surrounding him.

ten in all.

The treatment itself is not a problem.

However, he still couldn’t help but be nervous.

―Active skill 《Magic Arrow》.

Arrows tinged with blue are placed neatly on either side of Jaehyun’s head.

“after… … .”


Enemy attacks in rapid succession.

A skeleton soldier holding a sword and a draug were relentlessly aiming at Jaehyun.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

There is only one reason.

It was thanks to the training methods and items Yoo Sung-eun taught me the other day.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Gleipnir (counterfeit)

Grade: B

An imitation of Gleipnir, the string that sealed Fenrir.

When bound to the target’s body, all stats decrease by 50%.

*However, if the tied string is loosened or torn. Abilities return to normal.

Although imitation, Gleipnir was a powerful restraining artifact.

An item that can reduce an enemy’s ability by as much as 50%.

This is a rare item that cannot be found anywhere in the auction house.

Of course, when dealing with an enemy, the problem is which gap to tie the string to, but… .

didn’t care much

The reason Jaehyun borrowed the item was not to use it against the enemy.

Jaehyun smiled lightly and recalled the conversation he had with Yoo Seongeun a week ago.

[So, to put it simply, you use only one type of magic over and over again.]

[yes? Just one thing?]

[okay. And keep analyzing the magic formula. That’s homework.]

[hmm… … Did amplification really have anything to do with that training?]

[of course. Instead, you’d better start with very low-level magic. Magic that is difficult from the start is hard to get amplification.

Let’s see, first… … okay. 《Magic Arrow》 would be appropriate.]

[All right. Since it’s what the teacher said, I’ll try it.]

[ah! Jaehyun, take this too. It will help.]

[This… … string?]

The string that Jaehyun received on his wrist right now. In other words, the imitation of Gleipnir was tied.

―The user’s stats are temporarily reduced by 50%.

Even without the system notifying him, Jaehyun noticed that his condition was different from usual.

My body was much heavier than before, and I felt like I would sink at any moment.

‘This isn’t as funny as you think… … ! Did I trust my body too much?’

An imitation of Gleipnir.

It would be different from the original made with the six materials that are said not to exist in the nine worlds, but this was enough for the current training of reproduction.

50% reduction in stats.

However, Jaehyun was not satisfied with this and took one more penalty.

Deal with the enemy using only the «Magic Arrow».

And in doing so, surpassing the 27th floor, his highest record.

* * *

Milles Academy Central Library.

Kim Yu-jung and Seo E-na. Two people are sitting side by side and reading a magic book.

It was just past eight o’clock in the evening.

Kim Yoo-jung, who had been reading for a while, yawned and covered the bookshelf.

“Haam… … It’s already eight o’clock. Aren’t you tired, Inaya?”

“… … I’m a little tired, but I’m still fine.”

“You are rather sincere. meanly.”

Kim Yoo-jung shook her head disapprovingly at Seo In-na’s answer.

Of course, even if you say this, the theoretical grades are much better for Kim Yoo-jung than Seo In-na. In the case of practical skills, it is the opposite, but the overall performance is at the level of overwhelming Kim Yoo-jung.

In hindsight, Kim Yoo-jung was doing some kind of deception (?).

Of course, I was completely unaware of it.

Kim Yoo-jung said while resting her chin.

“Anyway, Min Jaehyun is very busy these days. I only go to the AR room every day. Didn’t he really get hurt after doing that?”

“… … I know. She said she hadn’t been to the theme dungeon in a while. I’m afraid I’ll overdo it. I always get caught up in weird things.”

“Well, even when I originally wanted to be a martial artist, I didn’t mind and trained, but… … It seems to have gotten a little worse lately.”

At Kim Yu-jung’s words, Seo In-na’s expression darkened for a moment.

In fact, looking at Jaehyun’s recent moves, it seemed that he was overly frantic about becoming stronger.

Even though he must have been tired from going through all kinds of events, Jaehyun kept going straight without a sign of tiredness.

To the point where I’m worried that it might break down like that.

Seo In-na’s pupil, who was looking down at the magic book, got lost for a moment.

“… … I mean Jaehyun… … It seems like you are being chased somewhere.”

To Seo Eana’s words, Kim Yu-jeong meekly agreed.

“Certainly, I feel it too. But I don’t know what the reason is. Anyway. He doesn’t talk, so I don’t know.”

when the two were talking.

Suddenly a man’s voice interrupted.

“hey. Do you know where Min Jaehyun is?”

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo Ina moved their gaze toward the voice.

Soon, a familiar, thin face caught my eye. It was Lee Soo-hyuk.

“You must be training at the AR system site by now, right? But why all of a sudden?”

When Kim Yoo-jung shrugged and replied, Lee Soo-hyeok replied coldly.

“You don’t know.”

Lee Soo-hyeok immediately turned around and headed outside.

Kim Yoo-jung clicked her tongue as if she was dumbfounded.

“What kind of kid do you have? If you let me know, you don’t have to say thank you and go.”

In the middle of Kim Yu-jung’s spirit.

Seo Ina tilted her head as if she couldn’t understand the meaning.

“He… … What was your name?”

* * *

another week after that.

Jaehyun visited the AR combat system room after school every single day.

Killing enemies with one «Magic Arrow» every day would be terrifying if others saw it.

As a result. Now, Jaehyun has reached the 41st floor, surpassing the previous record of 27th floor.

It was a feat accomplished using only one E-class magician.

The top of the B-class, or the level of entry into the A-class radar.

Those who have broken through the 40th floor of the AR combat system at the academy are usually evaluated that way.

Of course, it’s a different problem depending on the skill or skill level, but it’s because the 40th floor has enemies that are strong enough to be called the devil’s wall.

The 41st floor of the AR combat system is a difficult grade even for an instructor.

But Jaehyun wasn’t happy.

Because the very next moment, something more delightful was waiting for him.

―Your understanding of arithmetic expressions will increase significantly!

―You have acquired the passive skill 《Understand Calculation Formula》.

―The efficiency of «Magic Arrow» increases rapidly, and the skill levels up.

―You have acquired 《Magic Arrow Lv 2》.

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