I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 84

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Episode 84: Unexpected Uninvited Guest (1)

Milles Academy Director’s Office.

A white mug of fragrant coffee reflects a man’s face.


The president of Miles sits cross-legged, immersed in thought.

“If this information is true… … I’m really looking forward to it.”

Gu Jain muttered and looked at the documents below for a moment.

[Cadet Min Jae-hyun Observation Diary]

Just now. It was a file handed over from the librarian who planted it in the library.

Gu Jain thought as he rubbed his chin.

‘If this is true, it means that Min Jae-hyun’s current radar grade is at least B.

… … I just can’t believe it.’

That he started learning the 4-star magician.

This meant that the current achievement of reproduction is at least B-class, and will soon reach A-class.

“I wouldn’t have believed it if it was another cadet’s observation diary… … .”

mock dungeon. Jaehyun defeated the mutant Kobold Lord there.

Made by borrowing the power of ‘him’.

He had defeated a B-class monster.

‘Even though I cooperated with Seo Ina… … It must have been Min Jae-hyeon who actually defeated the demon.’

Of course, Seo Eana is also a cadet with outstanding talent.

However, would she be of great help in dealing with B-class boss monsters?

It won’t be.

No matter how genius she is, Seo Eana is only outstanding at the cadet level.

However, Jaehyun was different.

He was already on the same track as the other cadets, unable to tie them together.

One corner of his mouth twisted and went up.

Gu Jain was sure.

Min Jae-hyun is hiding his power.

Of course, at the time, I thought that such a chance happened because I was just lucky.

‘If Min Jae-hyeon had been hiding his strength, and that’s why he succeeded in defeating the Kobold Lord, the story would be different.

Now his achievement is B… … No, there’s nothing strange about it even if it’s more than that.’

“It’s fun too.”

Gu Jain recalled the time Jaehyun rejected the exclusive contract with Milles Academy.

At that time, Jaehyun even resisted his unique skill, 《Brainwashing》.

How that was possible is still unknown. I’ve never heard of a mere cadet resisting a unique skill before or after.

However, one thing was certain.

Goo Ja-in wants Min Jae-hyun and will do anything to get him.

“I’ll break it somehow and put it in my hands.”

Greedy eyes flashed.

Gu Ja-in was confident.

He had already instructed Instructor Jeong Yi-soo, who was like his limbs, to bring in Jae-hyun.

Jaehyun will be his dog.

that too in the near future.

Gu Jain took a sip of coffee with a satisfied smile.

For some reason, I felt a little more bitter than usual.

* * *

On the way back to the hotel after class.

Jaehyun was faced with a completely unexpected situation.

The slight magic power felt from behind and the perceived hostility.

I felt the presence of many people in the thread of magical power that had spread for a while.

‘… … Someone’s following me.’

They were not stronger than themselves.

The mana felt from the back is at most B-class level. He wasn’t a threat to Jaehyun, who had just crossed the A-class wall.

No matter how many there are, the gap between B-class and A-class radar is heaven and earth.

Even if Jaehyun fought alone, he never lost.

However. Even so, Jaehyun had to suffer from an unknown sense of incongruity.

The reason was simple.

two groups.

Currently, two different groups are following Jae-hyun’s heels.

I’m not sure about one, but the intent of the other was clear.

‘You are showing hostility to me. … … I guess I’ll have to change places.’

It was a hassle, but I couldn’t help it.

I don’t know what their purpose is, but I can’t make a fuss here.

‘According to Milles’ policy, academy cadets fighting outside will face a minimum suspension up to and expulsion.’

Of course, cadets with excellent grades will cover their sins no matter what, but… … .

‘There’s no need to make a weakness.’

Jaehyun made up his mind and started walking towards the dark mountain path.

I walked out of the academy grounds and beyond the cadet housing quarters.



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About 30 minutes after walking towards a remote place.

We arrived at the thick forest behind the academy.

Jaehyun stopped walking and lightly clenched his fists.

‘I don’t know what the intention is, but I need to tell you one thing for sure.’

Touching yourself is not a very wise choice.

Jaehyun intended to teach this to those who stepped behind him.

Gyyyy… !

In an instant, Jaehyun explosively raised his mana.

It didn’t unlock all the power equivalent to Class A, but it was enough to give a considerable shock to the two groups behind it.

After turning around, he uses 《Magic Sensing》 to start reading his feelings.

The skills she had acquired along with obtaining <<Mistiltain>> were informing him of the enemy’s trend.

all three enemies.

Jaehyun smiled and said.

“Come over there. Or should I go?”

An obvious provocation.

At the same time, the sword of sharp magic felt from behind aimed at Jaehyun’s neck.

At least a B-class or higher fighter-type raider’s stab.

It was an attack fired from a group that showed hostility to him.

Jaehyun ducked to dodge the attack, then moved his gaze over the enemy’s neck.

The brow flinched and convulsed.

hockey mask.

I couldn’t see his face, but one thing was certain.

They were trying to kill themselves.

* * *


A sharp blade aimed at Jaehyun’s neck and flew.

A heavy and fast attack that can only be launched by at least B-class raiders.

Kang Yeon-ju, who was hiding in the bushes behind, felt embarrassed.

‘what? Who are those people who are attacking Min Jae-hyun?’

The lecturer is the head of the Curators Guild. She visited this place at Baek Ji-yeon’s direction.

It was because he had been given the task of recruiting Jae-hyun into the Curators Guild.

It is illegal to make prior contact with Jaehyun, who is still a cadet, so I was planning on secretly checking her trends and approaching her when the opportunity arises… … .

‘What kind of situation is this?’

The lecturer couldn’t keep up with what was happening at all.

It was strange even when a different faction was chasing after Jae-hyeon at first.

I don’t think I’ll ever attack.

‘Min Jae-hyun… … It seems that he was hated by other factions.’

A person who is at least B-class or above.

Of course, being filmed by such people.

At the same time as he tutted and clicked his tongue, a thought passed through the lecturer’s head.

‘wait for a sec! Isn’t this a good opportunity? What if I save Min Jae-hyun here? It’s hard to refuse the words of the person who saved your life… … .

Then, naturally, I might be able to recruit Min Jae-hyeon into the Curator Guild.’

Of course, the enemy facing Jaehyun is strong. However, the people he brought with him are also the curator’s elite raiders. All B-levels are those who pass lightly.

‘good. I’m saving Min Jae-hyeon!’

Right after the lecturer made a decision. He immediately tried to give orders to his men.

However, at that very moment.

Kang Yeon-ju’s eyes narrowed for a moment, and Jaehyun’s new model disappeared.

‘… … what happened… … .’

next moment.


The martial arts radar that attacked Jae-Hyun was stuck in a tree.

The lecturer’s face turned pale. Lips slowly tinged with astonishment.

‘It’s not enough to evade the B-class martial arts attack… … Did you fight back?’

My hands were sweaty.

In an instant, the lecturer had a hunch.

The fact that I had to destroy all the plans I had just made.

* * *

Jaehyun rotated his body to avoid the two blades aiming at his arms.

Although it was dark, the opponent’s movements were clearly visible thanks to the sense of magical power.

Thanks to.


Fighting back wasn’t difficult either.

In the first place, he was holding the S-class item 《TRP’s Thunder Walk》 in his hand.

This is an item that greatly corrects the agility stat. Even if the level of actual reproduction was A-level entry, he was stronger with the help of items.

A battle that continues at the foot of a gloomy mountain.

Fortunately, there were very few people around, so there were no major problems.

This is because this area is outside of Miles, and it is a dangerous area for demon beasts to appear.

‘At least no one else gets involved in a fight.’

After calming down, Jaehyun looked at the enemy’s movements.

‘Three people who use swords. One is a long sword, two are short swords.’

The people who swung their swords in close contact with him a moment ago are assassins using daggers.

The length of the sword was shorter and sharper, and the speed was very fast.

However, he was used to such martial attacks.

It’s not that difficult to avoid.

“Why did you follow me?”

Jaehyun asked. But no answer came back.

Jaehyun wasn’t asking the question expecting an answer either.


This time, the longsword-wielding attack flew smoothly.

A movement without mercy in the hands. However, Jaehyun didn’t care.

Enemy attacks were obviously slow.

As far as I can see with my own two eyes.


‘The training done with the AR combat system is effective.’

Jaehyun repeated breaking the seal at the AR system site to successfully amplify.

You defeated level 41 using only the «Magic Arrow». Even after using Gleipnir’s imitation to cut my stats, I fought endlessly.

Of course, now the imitation of Gleipnir has been released.

Jaehyun’s body felt light as if he was about to fly away, as if he had taken off a sandbag while running.

“I will ask you again. Who did you instruct?”

Jaehyun asked in a calm voice.

However, the enemy only evaded the answer with an attack.

Quick! Quick!


The swords of the three attacking people cut through the air, and the sound of hitting the ground was heard one after another.

Jaehyun easily dodged the attack this time as well.

‘It seems that they are heavy-mouthed.’

Tsut, Jaehyun clicked his tongue.

He didn’t want to take any more time.

Of course, it’s important to find out who attacked you.

‘That’s something that can be solved by killing one guy.’

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow.

‘Even if it wasn’t so, I needed a chance to use the newly learned magic. That’s good.’

Tsutsut… … !

The magical energy collided and began to whirl in Jaehyun’s hand.

“If you don’t tell me, I will kill you. Think carefully.”

Jaehyun smiled refreshingly at the enemy facing him.

“How can I live?”

―Active skill «Magic Arrow Lv 2».

Peeing! Peeing! Peeing!

Three «Magic Arrows», fired in succession, rushed towards the enemy’s vitals.

“What, what?”

“I didn’t hear that… … !”

“Dangerous! Everyone spread out!”

Only then did a voice burst from the mouth of the enemy.

It was an embarrassing and instinctive cry that seemed to sense danger.

Jaehyun was still smiling and smiling.

‘The idea of ​​sending the people here alive anyway. It didn’t exist from the beginning.’

those who tried to kill themselves.

Jaehyun wasn’t a saint enough to let such people live.

“I know. I should have done what I could afford.”

“f*ck! This is nonsense… … !”


Triggered three magic arrows hit the enemy’s neck and heart directly.

An explosion sounded at the same time.


Jaehyun’s expression was not good.

He frowned and quickly wrapped magic all over his body.


In an instant, a dizzying sensation passed through Jaehyun’s head.

Jaehyun released the maximum amount of mana and opened a defense force field.

The dust clears, and a man is seen standing tall from within.

A man who accurately blocks his attacks.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but shake his hands at the familiar face.

“… … How are you here?”

Jaehyun’s calm voice began to shake slightly for the first time.

My nerves are on edge and a cold sweat runs down my face.

The man in front was a person who could shake him that much.

It was none other than the one who blocked Jaehyun’s attack.

His father was Min Seong-oh.

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