I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 85

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Episode 85: Unexpected Uninvited Guest (2)


The heart beats vigorously over and over again.

Jaehyun’s pupils shook and his field of vision narrowed.

A gaze that stays in one place. At the end of it was his father Min Seong-oh.


Reproduction is after regression.

I was more agitated than ever.

A wicked man who took everything from himself, and a being who committed more evil than others in the name of his father.

The target of revenge, which had been the target all along, was right in front of his eyes.

Even Jaehyun, who was always calm, was bound to be shaken here.

Tsutsutsut… … !!

Magical power fluctuated unsteadily, and the force field went into incontinence. Jaehyun gritted it.

The chewed gums tasted like blood. I’m short of breath, and I’m starting to lose my mind.

However, despite Jae-hyun’s agitation, Min Seong-oh still had a calm face.

Soon, Min Seong-oh’s lips open, and emotionless sentences flow out of them.

“It’s been a while. son.”

The threshold of stimulation is raised at once to reach the critical point.

The expression he had been forced to hold crumpled, and Jaehyun’s emotions shattered.

At the same time, mana bursts out from the body to the limit.


Jaehyun shot the chain.

It was an almost instinctive move.

* * *

Fending off Jae-hyun’s continuous attacks, Min Seong-oh recalled the past a few days ago.

at that time. He received a call from Yoo Seon-jae asking him to kill a cadet.

Originally, it was intended to attach one or two suitable B-class radars.

Sending an A-class radar was a huge luxury for that idiot, and he couldn’t afford to hire someone for such a trivial task at a time when power was so scarce.

However, when I saw the name of the target to be killed, I changed my mind.

Jaehyun Min.

A person who was born with the fate of the ‘adversary’ that Asgard has occupied.

I wanted to kill him long ago, but the guy who was born with the power of prophecy did not die easily.

10,000 years ago.

A prophecy from the three Norn sisters. It was because the power of the prophecy was protecting the reappearance.

No matter how much he is a god, he cannot change the fate that has been decided.

That is the power of the divination prophecy, and it is natural.

Thanks to the Aesir throne. Even Odin couldn’t kill Jaehyun.

In order to change the decided prophecy, an enormous amount of divine power was required.

However, the throne of Aesir, who faced the first end, did not have enough divine power left to handle it.

‘But I don’t understand. No matter how much a child has the power of prophecy, he can’t become strong this fast. As long as he was born with a human body, his growth speed is bound to be limited.’

The power of prophecy is something that even the throne of Aesir cannot dare to control, but it is not omnipotent.

There is no effect of strengthening the body or having special powers.

Rather, it would be natural for that power to fade little by little with the passage of time.

Min Seong-oh thought for a moment.

The remaining time until the power of prophecy that guards the reappearance loses its effect is another 10 years.

The year he turns twenty-seven

After that, Jaehyun can be killed without consuming divine power.

That’s why I’ve been waiting around Jaehyun until now.

To aim for the timing to kill him without consuming divine power.


‘How on earth was Min Jae-hyun able to grow as fast as he is now?’

On the news on the TV that is turned on, there is a lot of noise every day about Jae-hyun’s freshman hunting performance.

A cadet who took first place in the magic world’s greatest Miles event.

A genius who incapacitated the students and led them to a 1v1 victory.

Other articles that make headlines.

‘This is probably not just a coincidence.’

Because of this, Min Seong-oh sent another B-class raider first to check Jae-hyun’s skills.

And now. he realized

Performance in Freshman Hunt.

Another appearance that overwhelms two B-class raiders.


It was Min Jae-hyeon who fed Yoo Seon-jae and revived the Yeonhwa Guild.


“I don’t know what’s wrong with the father coming to see his son.”

Min Seong-oh was convinced.

That Jaehyun had already begun to take over the power of the anti-Aesir faction as an adversary.

* * *

The guild members of 《Curator》 were hiding in the grass and watching the situation.



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All of them are watching the battle between the two beings with stunned faces.

‘That’s… … Does it make sense?’

Kang Yeon-joo bit his lip and saw a middle-aged man confronting Jae-hyun.

The mighty magic power that rises from it.

The fight between the two was already far beyond what they could handle.

Class A radar.

Of course, the level that Jaehyun, who was still only a cadet, had achieved was surprising, but the most shocking thing was, of course, the magic flowing from the middle-aged man who was confronting him.

A man who surpasses A-class and exudes magical power equivalent to that of S-class.

‘… … Who the hell is that person?’

It was a face I had never seen before in the media.

I had a question, but I didn’t have time to ponder it for long. If you don’t care, you might be eaten by this huge magical vortex.

Yeonju quickly used «Telepathy» toward the party.

[Listen, everyone. I’ll get out of here right now.]

There was no other way.

If you were swept away by the aftermath of their fight, you could lose all your guild members.

I have to back off now.

[everyone… … I hope I can return alive.]

* * *

“… … son? Stop teasing your dirty mouth and shut up. Because I never thought of you as a father.”

“It must be puberty.”

“Stop talking like a dog. I asked why are you here?”

The battle between the two entered a lull for a while.

Min Seong-oh shrugged and replied.

“That’s why I’m here… … .”

Min Seong-oh did not answer and just looked at Jae-hyun.

that disrespectful attitude.

A feeling of hostility that makes your skin tingle.

Even if you look at that alone, there is a high probability that Jaehyun already knows his identity.

Even if I don’t know exactly, I’m guessing at least vaguely.

‘I guess I’d better stop playing the father role here.’

Min Seong-oh looked at Jae-hyun with cold eyes.

As if Jaehyun couldn’t control his anger, he couldn’t capture the leaking magic power.

Pores cracked at the mana flowing out, and a tingling sensation ran up the spine.

“I… … Min Seong-oh Radar. We’ll be back then… … .”

Just now. The three people who were in a confrontation with Jaehyun asked nervously.

It’s probably because of his intuition that the atmosphere is going unusually.

However, Min Seong-oh put his hand on the pommel as if it was not worth listening to.


fleeting moment.

The three men’s throats were neatly cut and they fell to the floor.

Min Seong-oh spoke in a voice that did not feel high and low.

“Because I don’t really like hearing a lot.”

Jaehyun unknowingly let out a surprise.

‘… I couldn’t even see the sword drawn. how… … !’

My mind became complicated in an instant.

Min Seong-oh, who he remembers, was definitely an A-class raider.

I grew up listening to it since I was a child, and after returning, I ran with the goal of reaching A-class in order to kill him.

But, what is that look?

No matter how you look at it, Min Seong-oh’s power was not at the A-class level.

An existence with the same level of power as Min Sung-eun Yoo.

Jaehyun had goose bumps all over his body.

‘… … Wasn’t I the only one who hid the power?’

“I will ask you one thing.”

Min Seong-oh took a step closer to Jae-hyun and asked.

Jaehyun gritted it.

Can he beat Min Seong-oh now?

No, absolutely impossible.

That guy’s power is out of the norm no matter how you look at it.

Jaehyun quickly accelerated his thinking and saw the approaching enemy.

Min Seong-oh was spreading his life-like magic.

“Ban Aesir… … Did they contact you?”

“… … what?”

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes, thinking about what he had just heard.

half Aesir god.

Why does Min Seong-oh know about the anti-Aesir gods?

“Answer me.”

Min Seong-oh put his hand on the pommel again.

The nape of the neck gets chilly.

It feels like your brain is freezing cold.

‘His sword is dangerous.’

The long sword stretched out before Min Seong-oh’s hand.

The magic power contained in the white sword was incredibly refined.

That moment.


Jaehyun quickly twisted his body.

A sword bent at an unpredictable speed.


Jaehyun only managed to minimize the wounds on his body.

In a short time, the sword carved a sword on Jaehyun’s cheek and made a cut.

“You’ve gotten stronger.”

Min Seong-oh said that while looking into Jae-hyeon’s unshakable eyes.

Last seen. He was by no means as weak as he was years ago.

he thought for a moment

Here, he cannot kill Min Jae-hyeon due to the restrictions imposed by the power of the prophecy.

However, maiming is not against the restrictions and is not a bad option.

Of course, it would take a lot of energy, but it was worth it as it was a job to eliminate potential threats.

Min Seong-oh hardened his thoughts and fixed his sword again.

After cutting off both hands and feet, it makes it impossible to become a raider again.

prevent it from gaining more power.

That way, at least the elements that would be dangerous to the throne of Aesir would disappear.

Meanwhile. Jaehyun evened her breath and quickly spread her mana.

《Magic Sense》.

Once you make a gap, you have to get out of here.

Once inside the academy facility, it would be difficult for even Min Seong-oh to attack him.

‘I have to find a starting point somehow… … Gotta think of a way! hurry!’

Jaehyun pursed his lips to pass the time.

“Are you going to kill me?”

“Not now.”

“Then get off immediately.”

Min Seong-oh replied calmly to Jae-hyun’s harsh words.

“I will not kill you. However, I will have to take at least four limbs from here.”

Min Seong-oh’s blade seems to have been smelted from obsidian. It is overlaid with black sword steel.

A sharp forged sword that bursts out along with compressed magical power. A sword shot fired at speed flew towards Jaehyun.

A perfect sword that does not tolerate even an inch of error, aimed at the left arm.



For some reason, Min Seong-oh’s attack did not reach Jae-hyun.

The sword attack seemed to be blocked by an unknown curtain and escaped from itself.

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes and muttered.

“What the hell is this… … .”

An attack that even the person equipped with TRP’s Thunder Walk cannot see.

However, the existence that blocked his attack instead. was somewhere here

Min Seong-oh’s sullen face crumpled for the first time and his gaze turned to one place.

behind the reenactment. on top of a towering tree.

Min Seong-oh looked at the place and said in a small voice.

“Is the treaty between the Æsir and the Van Æsir throne broken? If not, did you dare to climb up to the great Odin?”

“well. I really don’t know what you mean.”

Jaehyun also looked up at the tree where the voice came from.

‘… … what? Did that cat just say something?’

Jaehyun’s pupils constricted.

Where the voice came from, there was only a small cat.

My head was confused as to what had happened in an instant.

Mana flowing from the cat.

This far surpassed Min Seong-oh, and had a truly transcendental status.

The cat floated up gently, landed down, and curled up its tail.

“hello. Jaehyun Min. nice to see you. I am Hel’s alter ego, Hella.”

Hella grinned.

“I am the observer of you, the opponent of the prophecy, and the guide of the five trials.”

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