I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 89

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Episode 89: Guild Experience (1)

‘no wonder. To hear who the cadet stood out that day was… … .’

Jaehyun let out a small sigh and recalled the past.

The other day, when they visited the Yeonhwa Guild to report the results of the freshman hunt, Yoo Sung-eun and Park Ha-na asked Jae-hyeon.

Was there a cadet who stood out in this freshman hunt?

Also, are they worthy of being scouted by Yeonhwa herself?

At that time, Jaehyun delivered the names of the four people while renewing the contract.

Ahn Ho-yeon, Kim Yoo-jung, Seo Eana, and Lee Jae-sang.

Except for Lee Jae-sang, a student, all of them were cadets of the same age as Jae-hyeon. The cadets who went through the freshman hunt together, and the geniuses who ranked 4th in the overall ranking.

The Yeonhwa Guild carefully observed the performance of these four cadets. Thanks to you, the situation like this happened now.

Jaehyun’s factions all received guild experience in Yeonhwa.

Exactly, I got that opportunity, but… …

Probably no one will refuse.

Korea’s strongest guild in name and reality.

Because Yeon-hwa’s reputation was truly enormous.

‘Perhaps Ahn Ho-yeon was also clearly pointed out. Aren’t you the type to miss even one person?’

Jaehyun tilted his chair back a little and sighed again.

The opportunity to see the structure and system of other guilds with their own eyes was blown away.

I couldn’t help but feel regret.

‘Well, if the teacher comes out like this, there’s no way for me.’

As a representation, it was inconceivable.

What a guild experience proposal of Yeonhwa Guild. It was clear that if he refused, it would be difficult to see Yoo Sung-eun’s face for a while.

Perhaps Yooseong knew this and secretly applied pressure.

“Your teacher is also a bit rude. How dare you use such a cowardly move.”

Well, if you look closely, it would be absurd for the magic teacher Yoo Sung-eun to send Jae-hyeon to another guild.

But I really didn’t know how to do this.

‘Anyway, please give me some words. I just recited the names of talented kids. I didn’t know you would use it like this.’

Jaehyun muttered, feeling a tingling sensation as if he had been hit in the back of the head.

“I can’t help it.”

It was a clear conclusion.

Of course, if they were forced to go to another guild, they could go.

However, with the recent opening of Studio Elixir, Yoo Sung-eun and Yeon-hwa received considerable help.

Not only that, but it hasn’t been long since the contract was renewed.

It was morally wrong to refuse the nomination in the first place.

“under… … .”

Jaehyun let out a sigh of relief.

In the meantime, the instructor continued to call his name.

“Then, cadet Lee Soo-hyuk. It is the first nomination in the 《Haishin》 guild.

Similarly, after filing the paperwork, please send the related materials by email by midnight.”

Lee Soo-hyeok went to the Haesin Guild he wanted to go to.

A cadet who had a conflict with Jaehyun in a physical fitness test the other day.

It must have been a bit of luck.


Jaehyun clicked his tongue briefly and then licked his chin.

“next… … .”

The instructor continued to make nominations.

The names of all promising cadets are called out.

Jaehyun was now able to hear the instructor’s voice.

“after… … .”

After letting out a short sigh, I came to my senses.

anyway that’s how it happened

Jaehyun decided to think as positively as possible.

‘okay. Needless to say, Yeonhwa Guild’s facilities are good anyway… … I wanted to go to the Haesin Guild, but getting entangled with Lee Soo-hyuk is another no-no.’

Bona Mana, if I go with Lee Soo-hyuk, I’m sure there will be another fight.

Unlike before returning, there shouldn’t be a big problem because he has the power, but it was better to be comfortable than to be swept away by troublesome things.

After a while.

When the instructor’s names were all finished, the bell rang.

Jaehyun sat down for a while, then got up after the people left.

As I turned around, I heard a familiar voice.

“Ah~ Min Jaehyun! Go with me!”

When I moved my gaze to where the voice came from, Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na were approaching.

Jaehyun thought for a moment while waiting for the two of them.

‘If I go to Yeonhwa Guild, at least my colleagues won’t die in this event.’

But that’s what it means.

It also meant that there were innocent students who would surely die in the guild experience.

and that evening.

An urgent call came from Ahn Ho-yeon to gather at the hideout.

It was a call that came close to midnight.



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* * *

a few hours ago.

around six o’clock in the afternoon. Miles Academy’s personal training ground.

An Ho-yeon, who finished swordsmanship training, muttered as she stretched.

“Ugh… … . Should the chancellor give my brother a potion to recover from fatigue? It seems that the reason why I feel sore lately is that my body has accumulated fatigue.”

Ahn Ho-yeon has been doing special training in swordsmanship after theory classes have been over lately.

A murderous schedule where only about six hours of time spent on swords per day are reached.

Thanks to that, my whole body was screaming, and I was so tired that I couldn’t move, especially now that I had just finished training.

‘Of course, thanks to hard work, I succeeded in acquiring new skills… … .’

The problem is that the newly learned skill is a skill that inflicts considerable damage on the body.

What an S-class skill.

It was a skill that would take at least several more years for Ahn Ho-yeon, who was still a cadet, to master.

‘Now, even if I try to the limit, I can only use it for about 6-7 minutes… … .’

But An Ho-yeon didn’t care.

“Let’s not be in a hurry. It’s not a skill I can handle properly yet.”

Still, it wasn’t without success.

Now he is able to handle The Extreme of Nothing perfectly.

As a freshman, he was able to freely use A-level skills.

However, Ahn Ho-yeon had no intention of being satisfied with this.

“Jaehyun is already at a much higher level. No matter how much time you have, it’s not enough to win the Milles School Festival.”

After thinking for a while, he shook his head and brushed off his thoughts.

Of course, it’s not without urgency.

However, the body collapses if it is not accompanied by proper rest.

Now is the time to rest.

Ahn Ho-yeon tries to pack his things to go back to the cadet dormitory. Suddenly, she raised her head in surprise at the voice calling her name.

The source was a speaker installed at the top of the training ground.

[iced coffee… … Cadet Ahn Ho-yeon. This is a call from Chairman Gu Ja-in.]

[Please come to the director’s office on the roof as soon as you hear it.]

Ahn Ho-yeon made a puzzled face and tilted his head.

“Why is the chairman looking for me?”

It was something I couldn’t understand at first.

Generally, the cadets of Miles Academy do not have many opportunities to talk with Gu Jain.

Gu Ja-in also tends to use handouts or messages rather than having a direct conversation.

There would be no reason to have a face-to-face conversation.

While thinking deeply.

Suddenly, a disturbing thought popped into my mind.

It was because he remembered what Jaehyun had said to him the other day.

It was during the freshman hunt.

[not a big deal. It happened because of the mind manipulation magic.]

[…] … Are you saying I attacked you because I was manipulated by magic? but… … .]

[Someone else intervened in the freshman hunt. The game is tampered with by a tycoon that the cadets don’t even dare to mess with. Well, I don’t know the exact purpose.]

[…] … what kind of person he is Why did he intervene in the freshman hunt? do you know?]


Recalling the conversation he had with Jaehyun, Ahn Hoyeon thought about it several times.

Who the hell, and for what purpose, intervened in the freshman hunt?

Why did he use mental manipulation on himself to fight Jaehyun?

After thinking about it, Ahn Ho-yeon was certain of one thing.

‘The incident during the freshman hunt is directly related to Gu Ja-in.’

Otherwise, it made no sense to bury the case so easily.

immediately after the incident.

Not a single word of what happened in subspace was on the news.

The same goes for what happened in the mock dungeon.

Even though it was obviously a dangerous incident, there was just a small happening in the newspaper-.

It was just described and passed on.

Could this be a coincidence?

The fact that the subspace field was built in the first place.

It is also Gu Jain who organizes all events including mock dungeons.

No need to think further, the answer is here.


He is causing events to put the cadets in extreme situations.

‘Of course, I don’t know why he did that, but… … .’

There was never a chance two coincidences would overlap.

Jain Gu is moving with a certain ‘purpose’.

Events are a cornerstone for him.

That was Ahn Ho-yeon’s idea.

“There is nothing wrong with being careful.”

Ahn Ho-yeon packed his things and put them in his inventory, then stood up.

There was no other way now.

Once they bump into each other, find out the purpose of Gu Jain calling him.

Right now, that’s the best.

After a while.

Ahn Ho-yeon climbed into the elevator to head to the chairman’s office.

I took a deep breath and looked at the mirror in front of me.

‘Something doesn’t feel right.’

After swallowing a gulp, I gathered my heart.

The signs were not good.

* * *

Koo Ja-in’s office.

Gu Jain’s voice can be heard from inside the room.

“yes. I’m trying to weed out all the trash that I don’t need this opportunity. It’s stupid to pour subsidies every year to people who can’t even aim for reawakening in the first place.”

[What do you plan to do with the support of high-ranking cadets?]

“Well, after maiming a bunch of the bottom worms, wouldn’t the top 1 percent have plenty of resources?

Well, it’s the noise you hear, Congressman Park will do a good job blocking it.”

Goo Ja-in met the other person’s stomach through the smartphone with a fishy smile.

Of course, only the way he speaks is polite, but his attitude is arrogant.

[But what are you going to do? a month ago. I made too big a deal in the mock dungeon.]

Rep. Park said in a worried tone.

[‘Radar Management Headquarters’. The guys will start moving slowly. It’s a situation where you don’t know if you’ve already planted a spy inside Miles.

Those guys don’t know anything else, but they’re the ones who can smell one smell.]

Gu Ja-in snorted at Congressman Park’s words and replied lightly.

“Anyway, it is just a dog that eats the rust of the country. and… … As for the preparations, we have already finished everything, so you don’t have to worry.”

[If ready?]

“The ‘guild experience’ in a few days. I intend to take advantage of that event.”

Gu Jain said that with a confident smile.

In fact, he runs the academy and has set up several events to test the cadets.

Gu Ja-in has so far bribed high-ranking political and business figures to block reports of the incident, and when even that is not possible, he uses his skills to brainwash citizens.

In order to block the noise coming to him and further solidify his power.

Gu Jain gave strength to his voice.

“This guild experience. We will artificially blow the gate there.”

[…] … Crab, the gate?! Is that possible?]

“Sure. How is it? If I do well, I can sweep away all the useless things without getting my hands dirty.”

[hmm… … Certainly if that’s the way… … .]

After a while. Congressman Park over the phone added as if he had made up his mind.

[Okay. Then, as I said before, let’s deliver the national subsidy to Miles.

From now on, I’d like to talk about some specific plans… … .]

“of course. Anything.”

Gu Ja-in and Congressman Park discussed the guild experience and the disposition of lower-ranking cadets to be abandoned for a long time.

Rep. Park over the phone couldn’t help but admire Gu Ja-in’s plan.

Gu Ja-in was thinking of carefully burying the lower rank cadets.

A floor where even reawakening cannot be expected.

To Rep. Park and Jain Gu, they are completely useless. It was just a mosquito sucking blood.

decided to dispose of it.

Killing them will enrich the resources that will go to the other high-ranking cadets.

Not only that, but in the middle stage, they might be able to properly fill their stomachs.

There was absolutely no problem with Gu Jain’s plan.

… … If it wasn’t for a boy listening to the story outside right now.

A boy with gray hair.

Ahn Ho-yeon heard all this from outside and was in great shock.

‘What the hell is this… … !’

Eavesdropping on the conversation was just a coincidence.

Instructor Kim Seok-gi, who was waiting outside the door, was away and was called by Ja-in Gu.

The moment I was about to knock, the phone call between Congressman Park and Jain Gu started.

and… … .

As a result of coincidence, Ahn Ho-yeon learned about Gu Ja-in’s shocking secret.

‘shit… … ! now i get it Who encroached on my sanity in the freshman hunt that day. Everyone who caused the simulated dungeon incident and watched it!’


Miles’ director was pushing the cadets to the brink of death.

To nurture better radars by urging cadets in the middle and lower ranks to reawaken.

The lowest ranking cadets, who can’t even expect that, to save money.

‘A disgusting human being… … !’

Ahn Ho-yeon gritted his teeth.

I wanted to open the door right away and go in and ask how that could be.

He wanted to expose Gu Ja-in’s evil deeds to the whole world.

However, by doing so. Can you bring that human down?

‘no. It’s dangerous to step out now.’

Ahn Ho-yeon is just a cadet, and this is Milles Academy.

Gu Jain is the most powerful person in the academy.

There is no chance of winning here.

‘I can’t rule out the possibility that there are other henchmen.’

In addition, Milles Academy is surrounded by powerful magic throughout the building, making it impossible to record.

As it is a military academy, the nominal reason was to exclude the risk of military-related secrets being exposed to the outside world.

Ahn Ho-yeon calmed down his rising anger and calmly faced the reality.

at the same time.

‘It must be stopped.’

Only one thought sticks in my mind.

My head was cold.

Ahn Ho-yeon had to make the best choice he could.

‘can do. I have to do it as calmly as possible to avoid suspicion.’

Ahn Ho-yeon made all his decisions.

After a while.

Perhaps the call with Congressman Park had ended, and no more voices could be heard from inside.

Ahn Ho-yeon exactly five minutes later.

Knocked on the door of the chairman’s office.

“… … Chairman. This is Ahn Ho-yeon.”

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