I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 92

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Episode 92 Guild Experience (4)

Following Park Seong-jae’s guidance, they continued their experience by looking around the guild buildings.

As for Jaehyun, it was a place I had been to several times before, so I wasn’t very impressed.

Well, I decided to just hang out.

It was because the three people next to him reacted so violently.

“Wow crazy!”

“… … Is this the size of a real guild?”

“It’s really crazy.”

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo Ina-ya tend to get along so well, but this time, Ahn Ho-yeon, which is rare, did not hide his surprise.

‘I’m not surprised at all. It’s a chance to see the inside facilities of Korea’s No. 1 guild.’

This is the inside of Yeonhwa Guild, which is not open to the public.

Outsiders are prohibited from entering. A place where even a member of the National Assembly cannot step without permission.

The fact that he had come to such a place with his own skills was boosting the spirits of the three people to the fullest.

“This is the information desk. It’s a place where you can handle basic office work. Over there is a common facility where you can rent guild equipment, and if you go straight this way you will find a training ground.”

The guild experience process is not that complicated.

From viewing and experiencing basic guild facilities, to how guilds work. In addition, it tells how to deal with demons, earn profits, and settle settlements.

That was the superficial goal of this guild experience.

Of course, this event did not mean much to Jaehyun, who had already signed a contract first.

But for the other three it was completely different.

“wow! Look at that statue! Qual crazy!”

“There are also weapons and recovery items that are only given to guild members! All of this is free?!”

“… … pretty.”

Jaehyun’s head hurt.

After a while, I have to take these three to raid the dungeon.

Again, I thought that it was fortunate that Seo Ah-hyun was not here.

Even if it’s not, I’m out of my mind, but if that guy was there… … .

I didn’t even want to imagine.

Jaehyun sighed and thought about what was going to happen tonight.

When Ahn Ho-yeon first brought the news that the guild experience was going to explode, he said that on the first evening of the guild experience, Gu Ja-in was going to break the gate.

Now, at least a few hours left.

Jaehyun was calmly preparing for the next one without slowing down.

* * *

The <Kane> guild where the incident takes place is located about 30 minutes on foot from Yeonhwa.

The current time is 6:30 PM.

It was about two hours ago that we got the location where it happened and the names of the cadets.

Thanks to Instructor Jeong Yi-soo attached to Seo Ah-hyun, they succeeded in stealing confidential information from the academy, but the situation was not very good.

It was because the information was obtained on the same day, and the risk level could not be easily assessed as the incident occurred on the first day.

I asked the Yeonhwa Guild to find out the rough information about the Kane Guild.


A guild founded the year before last with the chairman of the board, Gu Jain, behind him.

It was built by Jang Seong-hyeop, one of Gu Ja-in’s henchmen, and has recently received full support from Milles.

Jaehyun looked back at the group and asked.

“It’s an obvious plate. It could be much more dangerous than you think. Are you still going?”

“of course. It’s kind of scary, but… … Still, you can’t let someone else die. If I did, I would be traumatized for the rest of my life.”

Kim Yoo-jung grumbled and answered.

Jaehyun looked at her for a while, and this time he asked the other two the same question.

“What about you?”

“… … huh. I know.”

“What am I? Because I was what Jaehyun asked you to do from the beginning.”

The two of them also said so with determination.

After arranging his thoughts for a while, Jaehyun nodded and looked at the group.

They all had a calm expression on their faces.

Jaehyun was genuinely amazed.

You may have to fight an enemy much stronger than yourself.

Your friends will know it too.

That if you do something wrong, you may die.

A dungeon is always a place where you have to go with such a risk.


Still, they firmly believed in themselves that they could do it.

It was an unbelievable mindset for a 17-year-old cadet.

… … Of course, Jaehyun had a slightly different idea from them.

‘The sealed magic book that was said to be given as a reward for the quest… … what kind of item is that? In the first place, I don’t know why the quest rank that was only about saving cadets was A.’

It was clearly suspicious.

No matter how high you look, C to B is the appropriate difficulty level for this quest.

Of course, Gu Jain must have prepared some variables, but it must be at the level of a cadet anyway.

But, why does the system say this quest is an A rank?

“Everyone, focus. depart. Don’t miss a moment of tension. got it?”

The three nodded at the same time.



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‘I have a hunch that this dungeon will probably be much more dangerous than I thought.’

A sudden chill.

However, Jaehyun had a faint smile on his face.

‘I can do it with the strength I have now.’

Jaehyun knew his strength best.

Also, this time, he will never lose to Gu Jain.

* * *

“Then follow me this way.”

Eight cadets followed behind him at the man’s dry tone.

This is the guild «Kane».

It is a newly created guild in which Ja-in Gu owns a stake, and according to Instructor Seok-ki Kim, it is quite promising.

The people walking behind are the bottom cadets who did poorly in this freshman hunt and basic physical fitness test.

They didn’t openly talk about it, but they were easy talkers who were silently ignored by the other cadets.

Nonetheless, they were able to come to <Kane> through the guild priority nomination.

A place where cadets are envious of, which was established with direct investment by Jain Gu.

Having received the first nomination for such a place, he came to the Kane Guild here.

One cadet, who was chasing the man at the front, began drawing his own blueprint with a happy face throughout.

Become a high-ranking radar, help others, earn money to support your family, find and marry a good-hearted girlfriend.

Such an ordinary daily life with two children and a happy life.

‘Kids… … Everyone dismissed me as having no talent, but Chairman Gu Jain knew! That I have the qualities to become a much greater raider with a little effort!’

The man’s name is Joo Seong-chan.

He was a martial arts cadet with an aptitude score of 31%.

Those who succeed are also cadets with less than 40 aptitude points and lacking in talent.

But all of them were as happy as the others for now.

A chance to experience the guild that Chairman Gu Ja-in helped from the establishment stage.

If there is a chance to stand out in such a guild, after graduation, a stepping stone to go to a bigger guild may be prepared at any time.

If things go well, it wouldn’t be bad to work as a direct member of this guild.

It is Chairman Gu Ja-in who is currently holding and shaking the Republic of Korea.

If only I could get a little more out of it… … .

“Seongchan-ah, wait.”

Suddenly, Joo Seong-chan stopped walking.

He heard a voice calling him from behind, and when he turned around, Ha Yeon-ju was calling him.

He is one of the members who came to the guild experience this time, but judging from the fact that he lowered his voice, it seemed that he was trying to say something important.

“what’s the matter. What’s going on?”

Joo Seong-chan replied in a generous voice. Anyway, the situation is not bad right now, and I feel good, so whatever happened was good.

However, Ha Yeon-joo’s reply was enough to pour cold water on his mood.

“… … Is this a real guild?”

“What are you talking about? This is Koo Ja-in, the chairman of the board… … .”

“It’s not like that, if it’s a raider guild, there should be a lot of facilities. But, rather than being inside the guild, something… … lungs? It seems to be close to a haunted house.”

“… … A haunted house?”

I had never thought of it like that, but it felt kind of creepy.

When I looked around myself, Ha Yeon-joo’s words were understandable.

It was strange.

If it was a facility inside a guild, there would be high-tech equipment equipped with a mana response system.

However, this place is just a floor lined with creaky wooden planks, curtains designed to block the view from outside, and walls piled up with stones.

I can’t immediately see what is at the end of the hallway.

The lights flickered from time to time, giving off an eerie atmosphere, and a gloomy aura leaked from every corner of the light-blocked room.

Joo Seong-chan immediately realized.

This disturbing aura that I feel right now is mana sensed from somewhere.

in a very unstable state.

Ominous mana that can explode like a bomb at any time.

Suddenly, anxiety began to spread to the six people in the back one by one.

The anxiety that spread like a torch did not subside. My heart was pounding and beating.

It’s a guild here.

How on earth can you feel this dark energy within the guild?

Hasn’t the minimum security system been established even though it has been two years since its establishment?

Suddenly, however, he had to stop thinking.

“This is our destination.”

while having a conversation.

The man who was in charge of the guide stopped walking and said.

But once again, the group was in a panic.

It was because the place he stopped was none other than the middle of the hallway.

Guild experience here?

Talking, teaching things about facility structure and contracts?


And it’s dangerous.

For a moment, the accident seemed to harden, but then I suddenly came to my senses.

Joo Seong-chan, Ha Yeon-joo, and the six in the back thought of that at the same time.

You must run away immediately.

All kinds of emotions run through my head.

Joo Seong-chan instinctively raised his head and checked the man’s face.

His pupils constricted unbelievably.

So did the others.

“Oh, how can it be!”

“Instructor Kim Seok-gi!?”

It was unbelievable.

Wasn’t the man in front of you a face you’d never seen before?

Why did the face suddenly change?

Besides, that person must be Instructor Kim Seok-gi.

One of the instructors in charge of classes at Milles Academy.

It was embarrassing, but the most confusing thing was the words that came out of his mouth.

“… … ah. I didn’t expect the skill effect to end so quickly… … . I can’t help it. Although it is a little early.”

“Kyo, Instructor… … ?”

Ha Yeon-ju mustered up the courage to ask, but there was no answer.

I instinctively felt it.

Instructor Kim Seok-ki in front of them put them into a trap.

By the time the cadets’ thoughts were organized, Kim Seok-gi clenched his fists with a fishy smile.

Vivid mana began to rise from his body like smoke, and soon began to envelop them.

“Goodbye here. Cadets.”

The moment he finishes talking, the fire starts to devour the cadets.

A white magic circle drawn on the floor instantly radiated light and devoured them.

I couldn’t even move my feet to escape.

It was because the magic circle swallowed them several times faster, and because of the restraint magic tool Instructor Kim Seok-gi used, he couldn’t move his body.

“Sah, save me!”

“Instructor Kim Seok-gi… … why!”

The voices of some cadets vomited in resentment could be heard, but Kim Seok-gi ignored them.

They no longer have utility value.

This is the policy of Milles Academy, so this is an inevitable choice.

Kim Seok-gi spoke calmly as he watched those who were swallowed up by the flames and sent to another place.

“everyone. This is my last class. always be alert. You never know. Will I survive that hell and come back?”

Kim Seok-gi said that while laughing.

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