I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 97

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Episode 97: Svartal Fame (4)

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».

Jaehyun accurately caught the spear shot at Seo Ina’s head.


The fragments of the broken window fell into pieces, and soon began to scatter in the form of magical power.

《The Magician’s Window》.

Originally, Jaehyun would never have thought of catching the enemy’s attack with his bare hands.

I don’t know if it’s a low-grade radar like Shin Jun-sang in the past, but the enemy in front of me is a dark elf. This is because they belong to the ruling class of this hellish Svartal Fame.

The estimated level of monsters is close to A, no matter how lowly you look at it.

They are difficult to defeat easily with the power of the party.

However, Jaehyun took the risk and grabbed the spear.

The reason was simple.

Because there was one clear certainty.

‘According to the words of the raiding party that attacked Svartal Fame in the past, all the weapons of the Dark Elves were made with magic. That means… … It means that it can be completely destroyed with <Absolute Operation>.’

Before returning, Jaehyun had plenty of opportunities to get information about the Dark Elves.

The nature and habits of the Dark Elves, how high their intelligence is, and so on. Only the amount organized as a thesis will exceed at least dozens of pages.

thanks he knew

What is the right way to deal with a situation like this?

And how to fight against the dark elves.

Jaehyun covered his entire body with a «Mana Weapon» and observed the enemy’s movements.

The pupils rotated rapidly to see through the foe swaying in the dark.

Jaehyun clicked his tongue.

‘I wish I had more time, but… … I’d better finish it soon.’

As for Jaehyun, it’s good to prolong the battle time for his own growth.

If you learn their patterns, use the magic you learn, and awaken your sense of battle, you’ll be able to fight more effectively when fighting other enemies in the future.

But now was not the time for such optimism.

It is currently unknown whether the cadets sent here are alive or dead.

In addition, the Dark Elf hurled a spear with the momentum to kill Seo Ina.

obvious hostility.

It was impossible to stand still.

‘… … fast, fast Did Jaehyun read the enemy’s attack in that short time… … .’

Park Seong-jae, who was confronting the enemy, shed a drop of cold sweat as if frightened.

He let out a deep sigh as he looked back and forth between Jaehyun and the Dark Elf.

‘Incredible reaction speed… … Are you really a cadet?’

That’s why Jaehyun’s appearance a little while ago was at a level that was difficult to understand.

The enemy’s attack came unexpectedly, and it was never at the level of a single cadet to stop it.

‘Basically, the agility stat is important in order to quickly read and notice enemy attacks.

From that point of view, Jaehyun’s current agility stat is at least 80 or higher. This is an area that even non-fighting radars can’t easily enter.’

Moreover, Park Seong-jae was the rare assassination type martial artist.

With agility as the number one stat, almost all stats were put into agility every time you leveled up.

Even so, his current agility stat is only 80 when added up.

However, Jaehyun reacted to the enemy’s movement faster than he did earlier.

That means that Jaehyun’s agility stat is higher than himself, a martial arts assassin.

‘Of course, he may have filled in the missing parts with skills or equipment. but… … .’

still only seventeen years of age.

No matter how much he was directly taught by Yoo Sung-eun, this was out of the question.

‘I’ll be sure to ask again later. of course… … If only I could return alive.’

“Everyone calm down and focus your nerves so you can read the enemy’s mood.”

Park Seong-jae, who suddenly came to his senses, took a deep breath as he comforted the nervous party.

At least Jaehyun won’t die here.

But others were different.

Even though they have a reputation as geniuses, they are still cadets.

difference in experience.

Perhaps that would lead to the death of all of them.

Here, the strength of one’s own experience and experience was essential.

But before that. It was necessary to first inform them of the current situation surrounding them.

“everyone. I am an assassin class. I can’t last long. So everyone has to fend for themselves.”

Those who were nervous at those words stiffened a little more.

I could feel the breath quivering between the bumps on my back.

‘It’s a bit cruel, but I can’t help it.’

Park Seong-jae had no other option than to say so.

In fact, the assassin class basically does not require much endurance stat.

Surprising the enemy and taking care of it unexpectedly is what they do.

Therefore, there was almost no situation to drag out a long battle, and he was not used to such a battle.

However, contrary to Park Seong-jae’s worries, the party immediately found calm.

In particular, it was none other than Kim Yoo-jung who showed the fastest adaptability in battle.

―Active skill «Mana Field».

―Increases the defense of allies within a 2-meter radius by 70%.



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Jae-hyun was also surprised by Kim Yoo-jung’s quick response and skill use.

‘I can’t believe I’ve already used the <Mana Field>. After all, his talent is crazy.’

The <Mana Field> used by Kim Yoo-jung was truly the ultimate support skill.

An extreme support skill that exponentially increases the defense of allies that enter the radius. Although it is true that the radius is narrow because the level is low because he has not mastered amplification yet.

‘This is enough.’

Jaehyun didn’t care at all.

Seo Ina and Ahn Hoyeon also stepped forward and began to develop their skills.

―Active skill 《Hast》.

―Active skill «Slow».

―Active skill «Alfheim’s Sword».

―Active skill 《The Extreme of Nothing》 is activated.

Through 《Hast》 and 《Slow》, Seo Ina increased the speed of allies and slowed down the enemy’s attack movement. Not only that, he quickly finished casting 《Alf Heim’s Sword》 and held his sword in his hand.

Ahn Ho-yeon also activated 《Extreme Justice of Nothing》 and raised his power to the fullest.

A power that I couldn’t handle properly before.

However, now it seems to be able to use it without difficulty.

‘I can’t fall behind either.’

Jaehyun, too, did not back down and began to raise a monstrous amount of mana that overwhelms the three of them.

“An enemy is coming.”

At the same time as Jaehyun’s words, three spears and a sword suddenly attacked the party.

The sound of weapons colliding and swords cutting through the air came one after another.

But even in the midst of that, Jaehyun did not lose his smile.

It was for a simple reason.

‘Even if it’s an A-class monster, it’s the opposite of me.’

Chains rising from the air are fired at the Witchbeast with a roaring noise.

―Active skill 《Chain of Lightning Lv 5》 is activated.

Jaehyun smiled.

The maximum level of an active skill is 5.

However, Jaehyun was about to hit the highest level of an A-class skill.

‘<<Chain of Lightning>> is a skill that I have been using as my main skill ever since I returned. I was able to level up quickly because of my high proficiency.’

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes and said.

“then… … Shall we start in earnest?”

* * *


The Dark Elves intuitively hid themselves from the magic of reappearance.

pitch-black darkness.

How did the dark elves become the dominant species in Svartalfheim?

The reason is simple.

It is because they have adapted to this darkness and survived.

They knew how to use the darkness, and were confident in deceiving their enemies.

The excellent movement speed based on magic was a bonus.


That also meant nothing to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun smiled and glared at the magic beasts hiding in the darkness.

‘Those damn bastards are just trash with nothing to do with anything other than magic. Furthermore, I have TRP’s thunderous walk. No matter how fast they are, they can’t catch up with me.’

TRP’s Thunder Walk is an item that corrects the agility stat by 150. Jaehyun’s ability to swiftly deal with enemy attacks comes from that.

In addition, thanks to the magic detection, the enemy’s movement can be clearly seen.

Of course, even so, he had no intention of prolonging the battle.

Others wouldn’t have the same agility stat as you.

It is true that Jaehyun has strong power, but fighting while protecting all of his allies from enemies was a burden.



The sound of swords clashing with spears, and the sound of swords cutting through the air, could be heard.

Jaehyun shouted at the struggling party.

“Everyone listen to me. Kim Yoo-jung and Ina only use flame magic.”

It was a sudden order, but the two immediately agreed.

“I don’t know what… … !”

“… … okay!”

Jaehyun saw Ahn Hoyeon and Park Seongjae this time.

“Hoyeoni, you too use the taunt skill to simplify the enemy’s movements. can you?”

“of course.”

“Manager Park Seong-jae, please cut down the dark elves who have slowed down their movements.”

“All right.”

Park Seong-jae was not at all displeased with Jae-hyeon’s orders, who were much younger than him.

‘Does Jaehyun know something about the Dark Elves… … !’

Surely, seeing him affirm this, he must know the secret of the dark elves.

At least he’s not the kind of person who would drive his colleagues to death. It was an evaluation of Jaehyun given by Seongjae Park.

Seongjae Park immediately opened his magic.

―Active skill 《Stealth Lv 5》 is activated.

―The user’s presence is completely erased.

Then several more spears flew towards the vital points of his comrades.

Kim Yoo-jung, Ahn Ho-yeon, and the spears fired at Seo In-na again.

However, Jaehyun lightly blocked them and hit one Dark Elf with his fist.


A roaring sound echoed through the interior of the dungeon.

But it didn’t end there.

―Active skill 《Fire Strike》.

The dungeon was filled with flames of dizzying temperature.

Heat rose up and ignited slowly at Jaehyun’s fingertips.

It was one of several new skills learned while learning the magic book.

《Fire Strike》.

It was a C-class attack type magic, and although its proficiency was still low, it was an attack aircraft with decent power.

Jaehyun was basically a necessary skill to fight based on 《Mana Weapon》.

This is because long-distance sniper magic such as Fireball is not suitable due to the nature of battle mages.


after a few minutes.

By the time the heat subsided, a refreshing voice pierced Jaehyun’s ears.

―You have defeated the Dark Elves.

“One at a time.”

As soon as Jaehyun finished speaking, Ahn Hoyeon blocked an attack from a guy who rushed next to him, and then Kim Yoojung and Seo Eana were all cast.

The two each attacked the enemy using «Fire Ball» and «Flame Arrow».

A Dark Elf shouted at the side of a decapitated fellow.

“Wait, how can humans take advantage of our weaknesses… … !”

Quaang! thud!

All of the consecutive attacks hit the enemy and poured out a roar.

Now, the enemies seem to have forgotten to hide their presence.

A Dark Elf, who had barely breathed, charged at me with poisonous eyes.



“… … uh?”

Park Seong-jae’s dagger, which was hiding, accurately cut his throat.

Along with the feeling that the darkness has lifted a little, the son-in-law expanded slightly.

Jaehyun had a satisfied face.

The party gradually began to adapt to the darkness and won the battle against the Dark Elves.

That wasn’t all.

“after. Did something happen?”

“that… … do you think?”

Kim Yoo-jung and Ahn Ho-yeon had a conversation and were wary of their surroundings.

Jaehyun passed the two of them and took a step towards the left side of the three fork in the road.

“Let’s move. Not all, but I think I found it.”

“… … huh? Is there a way to go there… … ”

Jaehyun nodded at Seo Ina’s words. He added with a slightly darker face.

“Not all, but the survivors are on this side.”

Jae-hyun succeeded in locating the survivors a little while ago through 《Magic Detection》.

There was a little delay due to the fight with the Dark Elves, but there was no big problem.

but. Even so, his expression darkened as he achieved his goal.

Kim Yoo-jung, who looked at Jae-hyun’s expression, asked in a worried tone.

“what’s the matter? if… … .”

“… … okay. Not yet. If it’s even a little late, I’ll die.”

There was calm anger in Jaehyun’s eyes.

He clenched his fists and looked back at his stunned colleague.

“Boss monster. We have to catch him and close the dungeon.”

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