I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 99

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Episode 99: King of the Dark Elves (2)

about an hour after that.

As they went deeper, the dark elves’ stronghold was revealed.

Jaehyun calmly erased his presence and took a step inside.

A space full of darkness. The miasma tickling the tip of his nose twisted his forehead.

‘Corrupted Mana… … I’m glad I didn’t bring the other kids.’

As expected of the enemy’s stronghold, the magic leaking out from inside was very sticky and ugly.

A mana with such a density that a mere cadet could never withstand it. If the party had come together, they might have been poisoned by mana and hindered.

Jaehyun sighed and moved further inside to avoid the enemy’s gaze.

After about 5 minutes like that.

In the pitch-black darkness, the voices of unknown people were heard.

Jaehyun quickly moved closer while activating the stealth skill of 《Shadow Armor》.

“Is the reconnaissance team returning yet? What the hell are those guys doing around?”

“So it is. It’s been a long time since my shift, but I’m really happy. I guess I’ll have to do a water change.”

‘… … Is it a sentry? Those scouts are probably the ones I killed earlier.’

Fortunately, the sentry didn’t notice at all that Jaehyun was hiding.

While Jaehyun looked for an opportunity to surprise them, he focused his attention not to miss their conversation. It was because there was a possibility of leaking useful information.

After a while.

When Jaehyun finally moved to about 5 meters away from the enemy. Their voices continued again.

“by the way. Those ‘outsiders’ who were summoned then.”

“Are you talking about the lower races of Midgard? … … Did you say human?”

“okay! that. Anyway, those guys were really good. Where else will you not fall?”

The sentry licked his lips and said.

Another sentry standing next to him crossed his arms and answered.

“Hey, you can’t always see it. I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to see such super products often. This time, somehow, they were lucky and the guys with a lot of mana rained down on them… … .”

Jaehyun’s face hardened coldly as he listened to the eerie story of the two dark elves.

He immediately realized the reason for the discomfort he had felt just a moment ago.

Right before the first encounter with the Dark Elves.

Jaehyun received the survivor’s feeling through 《Magic Detection》.

However, only six vital signs were detected at that time. Two people were not enough compared to the eight people who originally entered the dungeon.

Jaehyun finally realized why.

‘Two of them have already been eaten.’

Jaehyun chewed his lips and glared at the chattering Dark Elves.

‘The remaining people are gradually dying. There is no time to delay.’

Jaehyun immediately deployed his mana and shot it towards the guard post.

―Active skill «Flame Arrow Lv 3».


Eight arrows of intense fire ignited from the fingertips and began to smash the guard post.

The Dark Elves shouted as if they noticed something strange when they saw the arrows flying towards them.

“What is this!”

“Boo, it’s fire!!”

A panicked voice erupted from the witch’s mouth.

Jaehyun heard the sound from behind and stared blankly at the rest of the Dark Elves.

“An intruder has appeared! Everyone line up and annihilate the enemy!”

“I will say it again! An intruder appeared. Everyone line up and annihilate the enemy!”

The Dark Elves raised their magical powers, and materialized the weapons they were good at using their magical powers.

In the front line were two with spears, followed by four with staffs. In the back row, Dark Elves carrying crossbows and crossbows started running in formation.

The enemy raised their spirits and lined up on both sides of Jae-hyun, exuding intimidating mana.

A magical blue that has absolutely no effect poured out to blatantly scare the enemy.

However, Jaehyun just looked at them without being afraid at all.

The guy who was commanding the battle in the middle of the enemy camp took a step forward.

He was probably the leader of the guard post.

“To attack the Dark Elves in Svartal Fame. You’re a guy who has the guts to be human.”

“What, you guys have more guts.”

“What do you mean?”

“Is it not guts to not run away even in front of me and take up a weapon?”

“… … You are arrogant. human!”

The leader’s forehead narrowed as they exchanged words.

The leader laughed at Jaehyun’s words and said with a mischievous expression.

“Kill him.”

as soon as the words fall.

As if they had waited, the Dark Elves started attacking.

* * *

“… … Will Jaehyun be okay?”

Seo Ina looked at the party with a gloomy face and asked.

He was worried about Jaehyun, who went to the colony of Dark Elves a while ago.

The party, including Kim Yoo-jung, was also worried about Jae-hyun.

But there was no other way.



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Realistically, except for Park Seong-jae, Jae-hyun is the only person who can become a force here.

If Jae-hyun fails in this task, there is little chance that the rest of the party will return alive.

“It will be fine. Because Jaehyun is strong.”

“okay. It’s not someone else, it’s Jaehyun. Nothing will happen.”

Park Seong-jae and Ahn Ho-yeon said, but Seo In-na still had a dark face.

Kim Yoo-jung also did not look good. She had already been greatly surprised to learn that Jaehyun had died in a mock dungeon.

A little while ago, Jaehyun stubbornly said he would go, and I couldn’t stop him… … .

“It will be fine. maybe.”

Kim Yoo-jung smiled and said, trying to reassure Seo In-na.

Seo Eana, who is not good at interacting with others, would not be used to this kind of situation. But Kim Yoo-jung couldn’t stand the trembling of her body either.

“For now, let’s do what we can. We have to protect the sacrament and the performance.”

“… … huh.”

On the other hand, Park Seong-jae’s expression hardened in an instant as he watched it.

It was because the thick magic power pouring out from inside the dungeon was rapidly approaching the party.


Seongjae Park put his index finger to his mouth.

The voices of those who were talking stopped.

The sound of the wind soon began to be heard.

‘It’s an ominous magic. very subtle but… … It’s coming this way little by little.’

Park Seong-jae said in a calm voice.

“An enemy is coming! Everyone in their seats!”

Upon hearing the voice, everyone in the party lined up and observed the enemy’s movements.

But the situation wasn’t getting any better, it was only getting worse.


Park Seong-jae gritted it.

Magic that is different from what you can feel.

‘shit! It’s a completely different opponent than the ones I dealt with earlier.’

At the same time, an urgent voice erupted from Seongjae Park’s mouth.

“Everyone must evade… … !”

However. Park Seong-jae’s words were not yet finished.


Two terrifying sounds in succession.

In an instant, the group’s mouths were tightly shut.

After a while.

Unbelievable things were happening in front of those who came to their senses.


“Oh, how could this… … !”

Kim Yoo-jung and Ahn Ho-yeon muttered in dismay.

All eyes were focused on one spot.

At the end of the line of sight was the site of the real disaster.

Park Seong-jae fell forward while bleeding, and the red eyes felt behind him.

they saw

Six elite dark elf knights surround him. Park Seong-jae’s left arm was neatly cut.

* * *

Jaehyun caught his breath.

The first thing fired was the long-range magic of the guys with staffs.

coo cooo… … !

Ice fragments of freezing properties and dizzying lightning strikes rushed sharply toward the reappearance.

Even if you can’t do all of them, it’s an intermediate level or higher level C-class magic.


―Active skill 《Absolute Calculation》 nullifies the enemy’s magic.

―Active skill «Wind Boost».

It was a completely meaningless attack to Jaehyun.

After destroying all attacks, Jaehyun immediately kicked the ground and moved behind the wizards.

A mage’s most vulnerable moment is right after using magic, when she starts casting.

Jaehyun was well aware of that weakness.


Chains that became sharp like swords began to pierce the hearts of enemies.

All the Dark Elves holding the staff perished in the blink of an eye.

The leader saw it belatedly and realized that Jaehyun’s words were not lies.

Jaehyun was strong.

It was a fact that I realized without competing for a few sums.

However, even so, the leader had a fishy laugh.

No matter how strong the representation is, this is the Dark Elves’ outpost. The troops still have a long way to go.

Defeating them all would be impossible for a mere human.

“You will never return alive here.”

Along with the leader’s words, more reinforcements flocked from the rear.

As a kind of standing army, they were stationed in case there was a problem at the guard post.

The Dark Elves used magic while keeping their distance from Jaehyun as much as possible. The staff they are holding emits light, and it moves to Jaehyun.

Gyyyy… … .

The arithmetic formula was written in the air along with poisonous magic power, and it emitted light.

―Dark Elves use the active skill 《Mana Chain》.

―Dark Elves use the active skill Paralysis Spell.

―Dark Elves use the active skill 《Poisoning Spell》.

Status abnormal magic that comes in succession.

However, Jaehyun already knew that they would come out like that.

‘The scariest thing about Dark Elves is CC.’

This is a pattern often seen in intelligent witches.

After using CC to neutralize the enemy, eat it slowly.

However, Jaehyun had no reason to panic at all.

―The passive skill 《Hell’s Protection》 protects the user from abnormal status.

《Blessing of Hell》.

The power gained from the first trial drove away the status ailments.

Jaehyun laughed.

As long as you have this skill, you will never be affected by status abnormalities.

However, the Dark Elves, who were unaware of this, had no choice but to panic.

“Hey, how did this happen! You resisted magic?!”

“I don’t know about that.”

Jaehyun sent magic power through his body and took a step forward.

A cool smile spread across his lips.


Suddenly, he jumped up and grabbed the leader’s neck.

The other Dark Elves were already terrified and unable to move.

Jaehyun asked in a low voice.

“Answer the question.”

“dare… … On the human subject! Order the proud Dark Elves… … Kuck!”

Jaehyun tightened his grip and twisted his bones coldly.

“If you want to change your pride and your life, you can do whatever you want. Well, it doesn’t pay off, though.”

“Kuh… … No, I’ll tell you! So, let go now!”

“good. Then I will ask again.”

As I let go of the strength in my hands, the leader fell to the ground and grabbed my head.

Jaehyun stepped on the leader’s head with his foot and asked.

“There must be humans who fell here a few hours ago. Did you eat them?”

“… … Yes.”

The leader looked at Jaehyun’s face and added urgently.

“Ha, but I didn’t eat all of them! Some are still alive… … .”

“Where are they now?”

“Wow, to the king’s residence… … .”

‘As expected.’

Jaehyun was well aware of the habits of the dark elves.

Perhaps the surviving cadets are being treated like their toys.

Watching them struggle in pain by inflicting conditions such as poisoning or paralysis, or forcing them to eat poisonous meat.

The Dark Elves had been killing humans in a cruel and dirty way even before returning.

‘I can’t drag the time.’

Jaehyun raised his mana again and put it on his toes.

I got enough information.

Now this guy has no utility value.

Tsutsutsutsut… … !

The ripple sound of clashing magical powers.

The leader trembled and shouted in shock.

“Wait a minute! I will definitely save you… … .”

“I don’t remember making that promise.”

“That, like that!”

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow and whispered in a low voice.

“You didn’t think it would save you, did you?”

Jaehyun blew magical energy into the leg that stepped on the leader and then exploded it.


Stunned by that sight, the rest of the Dark Elves quietly backtracked.

However, Jaehyun intended to slaughter them without leaving a single one.

Killing a creature with intelligence means always taking the risk of revenge.

But it didn’t matter.

Jaehyun was thinking of telling the dark elves what to fear.

―Active skill 《Chain of Lightning》.

Jaehyun looked around at the dark elves and said.

“Don’t think that you will die gracefully. Because it is self-employed.”

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