I was Reincarnated While Trying to Climb the Mountain Novel – All Chapters

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Description: I lived in Moorim for 30 years. Now I wanted to return to modern times.
“But everything failed?”
All the magicians in the central plains shook their heads saying it was impossible. I couldn’t find a way even in the West Station, which was said to have everything.
The last remaining method is ‘Woohwadeungseon!’
The moment I was about to jump over Talma and reach the summit, I lost consciousness in the pain of my body being torn apart.
‘Where am I?’
When I woke up, I found myself in a world that was neither Korea nor Moorim.

Alternate Names: 등선하려다 환생했다

Genre: Fantasy, Murim

Author(s): 도덕생활

Status: 350 Episodes Completed

Original Publisher: Kakaopage

English Publisher: N/A

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