Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1008

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Shadow of God (1)

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Arriving at the mountain, Amy found a special place with traces of battle.

‘ doesn’t exist.’

Maya was nowhere to be seen, and a thud erupted from the street beyond the mountain.

“It’s pretty fast.”

A light of tension passed through Amy’s eyes as she tried to cast space movement.

As I twisted my body, a man wearing a hood came close to me and punched me.


The moment I defended it with both arms, it seemed as if my stomach was on fire, and it pierced my back and escaped.


“Mr. Giyorgi is really… …

The man who had passed through Amy muttered as he tossed the hood behind his back.

“I’m obsessed with Yahweh, but I can’t let my colleagues go.”

In the meantime, Amy tore her collar from side to side, examining where the pain resided.

‘What’s this?’

There was a dark burn mark between her breasts, which gradually faded as time passed.

Amy turned around.

“What are you?”

It was a fire ant with red skin, erect ears, and antennae on its forehead.

“Gultan. An assassin specializing in sabotage. Actually, I don’t want to fight anyone but Yahweh… …

The selection criteria for Catacombs were those who were more than 6.8 times more effective in battle with Yahweh.

“Still, he’s the division commander.”

As Gultan approached with a large detour in the radius, Amy followed with her gaze. As she penetrated the thick trees, she realized why her previous defense had failed.

‘It penetrates matter.’

Gultan’s fist passed quickly in front of Amy’s eyes, who hurriedly threw her upper body back.


Gultan’s eyes widened.

“Your physical ability is also excellent.”

Through the war with the demons, Amy’s schema had reached a high level.


The fire giant that rose from his body spewed flames as if he was roaring at Gultan.

A radius of several tens of meters was burned, but laughter was heard from behind Amy.


At the same time, a hot energy hit his back.


Because he was hit from behind, all he could see was black smoke escaping through his chest.

‘There was no time to escape. What happened?’

material permeability.

“It is the land.”

“yes. Physical barriers don’t matter. By the way, this is my second.”

I had an ominous feeling.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I touched your heart twice. Oh, don’t worry. You will not die.”

Gultan’s ability is imagery.

It changes the body into a quantum, penetrates the target, and molds the target’s mind.

“My heart… … What’s up?”

“Craft is a delicate work. You have to touch it over and over again to get the shape you want.”

Amy was just listening.

“But if you are a skilled craftsman, you can roughly shape it with just a few touches. In other words, it is said that the rough frame is set with two touches.”


Gultan spread his arms and laughed.

“I bet you. After this battle, you will be madly in love with me.”

Also, that was the key tactic of the Catacombs to weaken Yahweh’s power.


The reason it was ominous was that after allowing the second blow, the hostility towards the Gultan had decreased.

‘These are no joke.’

They were the ones who meticulously analyzed Yahweh.

“I also know that you have the ability of red eyes. Investigating the target’s surroundings is the basis of assassination. But it’s no use. The heart I touch is much deeper than the mind.”

Amy was in denial.

‘No, it can’t be. You say I love a demon that looks like that fire ant?’

“That is such a disgusting reaction. I don’t particularly like you either. As for human women, it’s fun to bully them, but it’s not my taste.”

“… … Is it possible to return to the original state?” “In the first place, there is no fixed form in the mind. Time will change, but can you really get away with it? The third touch will be quite detailed.”


Amy’s eyes burned red.

“Do whatever you want. Because you will never touch me again.”

“I need to fix that heart first.”

Gultan seeping into the ground appeared behind Amy’s back and raised her fist.

‘Because I can never avoid it.’


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The reason why Amy allowed the blow earlier was not because her reflexes were lazy.


This was because time and distance were ignored while Gultan penetrated the material.

There are conditions and restrictions, but they were not a major issue in Amy’s current condition.

‘I’ll touch you, your heart.’

Just before his fist landed on Amy’s back.


Gul Tan stepped forward as her body dissipated into fire.

A voice was heard from behind.

“Spontaneous ignition.”

Gultan’s expression became serious when he saw Amy standing with a flame in one hand.

‘Fire teleportation? This is the first time.’ To confirm, Gultan attacked again, but all he could get was a remnant of heat.

‘ I get it.’

A fire started to form where she turned her head, and Amy shook like a haze.

‘The movement speed is not fast. Rather, the problem is the reaction speed.’

The wind pushed in by Gultan extinguished Amy’s fire like a candle.

‘And spark a new ember to ignite again. The speed of movement will be similar to that of convection, but… …

Nearly invincible while moving.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you going to mess with it?”

Amy wiggled his hands and Gultan gritted his teeth.

‘There must be a specific section corresponding to the movement of the air. Either moving very slowly after all… …

Is it fast enough to pierce the wind?

‘It’s impossible for me to stretch out my fist at speeds that exceed the speed of sound. Is it any consolation that she can’t ignite until I get my hands on it?’

I thought so.

“If you’re not going to attack, can I attack?”

Until I was reminded that Amy is a wizard.

“Red flames.”

The flames that climbed up his body condensed into a huge sphere high up in the sky.

Gultan, who had opened his mouth in a daze at the size that made the sense of distance disappear, hurriedly came to his senses.

“for a moment! Negotiate, let’s negotiate!”

Before I could hear an answer, a fireball reaching 6,000 degrees Celsius hit the top.

In an instant, the mountain burned.


It had the power to burn the person who cast the spell, but Amy was smiling.

“To put out the fire… …

The flames swirled down the ridge like a river and then pierced the sky in a huge whirlpool.

“That one?”

On the other side of the Taegeuk with Giyorgi, Sirone watched the pillar of fire rising from the mountain.

‘Amy’s complete combustion.’

It meant that if he was able to use the extremes of the fire world, the opponent was also a person of comparable skill.

‘Let’s not think. I just believe.’ Because that would be a comrade.

‘Rather… …

Among the numerous sounds heard in the Taegeuk area, there was one that was particularly disturbing.

The information that Ultima rearranged the syllables and Shirone analyzed in reverse is as follows.

‘They are watching you. don’t believe in anything Save yourself from the terrible truth.’

It was not the voice of the people.

‘It’s not even Gyorgi.’

So, who said this?

Sirone’s conclusion is that ‘no one in the city can say such a thing.’

‘Aren’t they from this world?’

If it is a combination of extracting specific signals, like making sentences by cutting out letters from newspapers.

‘A message to me.’

The fact that it was delivered when the law was broken gave strength to the hypothesis.

‘Okay, let’s think about it. First of all they are watching me. Who are they? Why don’t you tell me who you are?’

Is it some kind of censorship?

‘And don’t believe anything. If you mean that this world is fake, then it’s like Chi Sing’s philosophy.’ She thought she was the only human being.

‘No, I’m right. It’s real where the world throws its heart at whatever it is. This can never be denied… …

Suddenly, I got goosebumps.

‘Save yourself from the terrible truth.’

What the hell is the truth, why did the sender of the message use the expression “terrible”?

I don’t know.

The only thing I felt was that the current message was penetrating the deepest part of this world.

‘Such an insight.’

The Taegeuk space was encroaching on the vast land beyond the city.

Cayden, seriously injured, burst out screaming as he collapsed in the grass.

“Aww! stop!”

It was hell even to watch Miyo relentlessly harassing Maya.

“Ho-ho-ho! Why are you so stubborn?”


Maya’s eyes were unfocused, but she maintained her personality by maintaining her reason until the end.

“Run away. I am… … Because it’s okay


Caden, who was even more miserable at those words, threw his face to the ground and screamed.

‘in action! I mean move!’

As long as he can’t cut Maya out of his heart, he won’t be able to use any power.

‘It doesn’t matter if I die! No, I will give up Maya! give up! give up! Just give up!’

It’s okay if we don’t have to meet each other for the rest of our lives.

“Give up, give up… …

But the mind doesn’t move as you think, so it was just a struggle.

“damn! why not why… … no one can blame

“Knock-knock! are you really funny What can I do about a weak subject… …

Then, as the entire mountain on the other side burned, Miyo’s laughter disappeared in an instant.

‘ what?’

In an unexpected situation, Miyo finally came up with the idea to carry out the strategy of the catacombs.

“Okay, let me free you from the pain.”

Miyo opened Maya’s mouth wide and began to insert her hand into her mouth.

“Wook! Whoops!”

Looking at the suffering Maya, she said.

“However, I will have to take your voice away.” Because that’s how Yahweh will go crazy.

“No no!”

Cayden, who was in a state of fascination, came to his senses and shouted, but there was no way to stop it.

“I will tear off the uvula and give it to Yahweh as a gift.”

“Oooh! Whoops!”

Cayden hit the ground with both fists at the sight of Maya shedding tears.

“in action! I mean move!” There was nowhere to retreat now, but I couldn’t even imagine how to get my mind back.

Cayden pushed the ground with all his might, and red blood rose like a spider’s web in his eyes.

‘Give up! I mean give up!’

I can’t give up, Maya, I’d rather die, I have to save Maya, impossible, what I can do, damn fate, I love you, Maya, Maya, Maya die… … .

Miyo put her fist into Maya’s mouth and smiled broadly as she looked at Cayden.

“Come on, opening soon!”


My eyes were clouded by the maddening fear, and Miyo’s voice was vaguely distant.

“Ho Ho! This beautiful voice is my… …


A tearing sound echoed in Caden’s brain.


The next moment, Miyo looked at her condition with an incomprehensible expression.


The arm had been cut cleanly.

“ha. ha.”

Taking a deep breath, Caden recalled the situation from a while ago.

‘What happened?’

As I turned my tense face to the side, I saw the sword that cut Miyo’s arm.

‘I… … Did you cut it?’

It was obviously his arm and his senses were alive, but he was completely out of control of his brain.

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