Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1022

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Electric Civilization (3)

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After the battle with the Jakra pirates, the refugee ships regrouped.

Thanks to the quick capture of Jakra, the Arachne sailboat was barely able to prevent capsizing.

“The treasure is unharmed.”

Cairns was the first to speak.

“You are in debt again. The Arachne Knights didn’t seem to be of much help.”

The reason why there are no political remarks is probably because he already grasped Sirone’s tendencies.

“Effect is the sum of all causes. I don’t think it’s a good idea to assign lessons by part.”

Sirone turned around.

“by the way… …

Jakra, tied to a rope, was on her knees with her mouth open in a daze.

Through the technology of the mind, confinement, Jakra’s ego was imprisoned deep in the brain.

“You’d better think carefully. From now on, I will live forever in the prison of the body.

It might make you sick.”

Jakra’s eyes shook in shock, but that was all she could react.

“It will be useless. Because the only person Jakra fears is his older brother, Carl T.”

The king of Dionas, called the Great Pirate.

“What kind of person are you?”

Kalt, whom Sirone remembers as an omega, was a combat soldier of the mid-level pirates until the age of twenty-four.

Even at that time, he had the heart of a snake, but compared to Jakra’s madness, he belonged to a rather ordinary axis.

“I would like to define you as a strange person. He calls himself a pioneer. He lives buried in his own doctrine. He is also the most demanding type diplomatically.”

“Hmm, a pioneer.”

Ancient civilizations, electrical technology, luminaries.

The fragments of the mystery took some form, but even that was just a huge question.

“Because the profit and loss calculation did not work, Arachne had a hard time as well. Maybe it was fortunate that he wanted Rangi. Of course, if it came out like this, the story would be different.”

Poine said.

“I don’t know why there is a blank in Messiah’s omega. Just to tell you what I know, Mika is a hypothetical continent that mankind calls a super-ancient civilization. It is said that it was somewhere in the South Pacific, in the 10 kingdoms of the archipelago, but the current theory is that it sank to the bottom of the sea.”

“It is a virtual continent. Are you saying we couldn’t verify it, even with the dragon’s abilities?”

“The omega, protected by Kara Torsa and the Mudeungryong, was delivered only to the Messiah. We cannot pinpoint transmission errors because we have not been able to view them. However, when there was a core, information could be exchanged between the 12 apostles.

yo. this. Based on that, some clues come to mind, but Chaios, the water dragon, should know more about it than I do.”

The reason why he passed on the words to Kaios even though he shared the same information was because of the subtle feeling that he couldn’t convey without directly checking it.

After resting and waiting, Kaios, who returned after blocking the tsunami, landed on the deck.

“Messiah, you have returned. Based on the analysis of continental plate motion, the next earthquake will be 48 hours later.”

“great job.”

Sirone talked about everything from fighting the pirates to Mika’s artifacts.

“It happened. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay by your side. If I had… …

“That’s all right. What I want to know is the Maika Ruins. If the continent had sunk, there’s no way it wouldn’t have been confirmed by you roaming the world’s oceans, right?”

Kaios opened his mouth heavily.

“To begin with, the Myka civilization is presumed to have existed.”


“yes. First of all, the ability of the Pirates that Messiah is curious about is probably the influence of Oparts. A timeless relic, the name is quite accurate. The chronology of the super-ancient civilizations I researched… …

Kaios’ expression became serious.

“It is at least 2 billion years old. In other words, it was an era when even the dragon race did not exist.”

Sirone blinked after checking Omega’s records.

“But why can’t I remember? No, the fact that Oparts existed before that means Mika actually existed, right?”

“That’s the problem. The accepted theory is that it sank in the South Pacific Ocean, but over time, the remains have been scattered all over the sea. There are over 70 of them just from what I’ve checked. However, the historic sites have common characteristics.”

“What about the characteristics?”

“There is no sign that humans or creatures have ever lived there.”

Silence passed.

“What are you talking about? Opartz said, “Yes, it is an artificial product. Things with skills such as space jumps and magnetic field shields can’t arise spontaneously. Traces of civilization remain even in the ruins. But no one was there.”

“It’s a really strange thing. Creating something is possible only when there is a subject. But Mika is the opposite. There are civilizations, grounds, and tools, but there is no subject.”

“It is outside of causality… …

Suddenly, the fish living in the aquarium came to mind.

‘A fish just swims in its own world. But if a human drops a ring in an aquarium… …

Wouldn’t the ring be regarded as an artificial artifact without a subject to the fish?

‘Then, even if the fish has the omega of the aquarium, you can’t know the ring.’

Kaios continued.

“The reason I lost interest in ultra-ancient civilizations is that in the end everything was what it looked like. Because there was no subject who enjoyed civilization, it was impossible to exercise any imagination.”

“What about oparts?”

“It’s hard to say anything about that. It must be a tool with obvious uses, but I couldn’t figure out how to use it. In a word, I can’t even get a sense of what it’s used for.”

Poine intervened.

“If the universe is the limit for the intelligence of living things, I think that concepts that do not exist in the universe should be incorporated. All 12 apostles tried, but ultimately failed.”

Sirone turned to Jakra.

“But did you use it? No, how were you so sure that space jumps were the function of the Oparts before that?”

“It’s electricity.”

said Caios.

“An object without a subject has no choice but to be interpreted as it is. The only conclusion I came to after acquiring Oparts was that a weak electricity was flowing.”

Sirone listened again.


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“It was amazing. An object that is more than 2 billion years old is still not discharged. So I tried to dig deep into that part… …

“I did?”

“It is gone.”

“what? Oparts?”

“I do not know. It could be the missing parts, but maybe it’s my memories.”

Poine’s eyes were locked in darkness.

“Messiah, we don’t know about oparts. We only know that it is a tool that uses electricity. If you try to go beyond that, we have confirmed that the Balaur’s mental network suffers serious damage.”

Kaios took the word.

“It is assumed to be a strong magnetic field. Of course, it could be that the oparts really disappeared, but the feeling at the time was very different. It is a phenomenon in which the brain rejects sensations as if they did not exist in the first place.” Poine said.

“When that happened repeatedly, Kara Torsa banned the investigation into the Oparts. Because it could damage the log of Omega that he protects, and relics from 2 billion years ago are not that important to the apostle of time who protects human history.”

Sirone asked.

“What do you look like? I mean oparts.”

“There are many types, but the shape itself is not special. There are things like cubes, and things like trays. Of course, the use will be completely different from what we thought.”

“Hmm, can I get one?”

“Why is that?”

“I couldn’t figure it out with the dragon’s intelligence, but I wonder if it would be different with human insight.”

And Sirone knew a man whose insight into form had reached the pinnacle of humanity.


Her menarche without prejudice penetrates the true meaning of the shape of all things.

‘I’m going to be exploring the archaeological site with Canis. I need to figure out the location first.’

Through a coincidence, Sirone asked Lampa where Canis was, and continued.

“Anyway, I actually used an opart called Zak. Even without knowing the function properly.”

Poine turned to Jakra.

“Then why not listen to it yourself? If you leave it to me, I will make you open your mouth in two hours.” Sirone put on a puzzled expression.

“Seeing that you don’t have the will to speak out, it seems like you really don’t know. Being in a state of confinement is a fear that humans cannot bear. I’ll be arriving in Dionas tomorrow anyway, so I think it’s quicker to ask Kalt.”

Poine smiled benevolently.

“You pretend to be cheated.”

That night.

“Aaaaaa! Aaaaaa!”

A piercing scream pierced the deck of the Arachne sailboat.

And when the promised two hours were almost over, for the first time I heard someone’s words that weren’t screaming.

“I don’t know! I really don’t know!”

Poine pulled Jakra’s head, which was sweating enough to cause dehydration.

“Hoho, yes. I don’t know. So, shall we start over from there? this time… …

Jakra burst into tears.

“I really don’t know! bro knows! Because it’s true! I don’t even remember!”

“Don’t belittle yourself too much. you are a smart person You will soon remember.”

“Really… … . put something My brother put something in me, in my head. I don’t remember after that. I just don’t know! Damn you!”

Poine’s gaze grew cold.

‘It seems to be true.’

If, as Sirone thinks, the magnetic field of Opatsu is the type that affects humans as well… … .

“Hold on for another two hours. If you can say the same thing then, I will believe you.”

“No, wait. Hey, this crazy… … Ughhh!” The screams heard throughout the evening disappeared, and it was dawn when everyone fell into a deep sleep.

Sirone went to the deck alone and looked up at the stars.

‘What is there?’

No, maybe the answer humanity needs to find is essentially different.

‘Why is it there?’

I felt popular.

When I turned my head, Rangi, still wet, approached me in a gown.

“Rangi-san, didn’t you sleep?”

“No, I woke up. I’m on my way to eat breakfast, exercise, and just wash up.”

I looked at the stars and it was 5 in the morning.

“You have something important, Dionas, eh? That’s why I’m trying to negotiate with the king.”

Sirone was speechless.

“I will go to Kalt. I had no choice but to go anyway, but I didn’t feel good. But it’s fine now. If it can at least be of some help to Mr. Sirone… …

Rangi frowned.

“What is that smile? I’m sincere. He said he would go for Mr. Sirone.”

“No need to worry. Nothing will happen to Mr. Rangi.”

Sirone looked at the dawning horizon.

‘It doesn’t matter what it is.’

Whatever lies across the sea, just do what you can at this moment.

‘Only that…’ …

Because it must be the reason we exist.

“Ah, over there.”

The golden land glittered brightly at the place where Rangi pointed with an ecstatic expression.

It was Dionas, the country of pirates.

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