Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1026

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Rotating world (3)

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The remaining five were instinctively aware of Chagall’s speedy killing technique.

“Get ready.”

Scattered around Etella, each of them took out their own weapons and revealed their will to live.

“They are like us.”


Chagall’s eyebrows twitched.

I don’t think I’m more noble than them, but there was a law that there was a class in killing skills.

“I don’t mix anywhere. Leave the goosebumps aside and only attack the dead.”

“At one time we thought so too.” A pot-bellied man with no pigtails approached, wrapping steel wire around his palm several times.

“I don’t know what era you’re from, but this is hell. A society where guys like us are law-abiding citizens. If you hold on with a small amount of pride, you will be baptized by fierce victors.”

“Black sorghum?”

The pot-bellied laughed.

“You don’t know anything either. I’ll slowly teach you the horrors of hell. Have you ever heard of Edron the Strangler?” Chagall’s expression was indifferent, but Ethella looked back at the man with a surprised expression.

‘Strangler Edron. A murderer who brutally strangled 109 humans 180 years ago.’

Edron pulled the steel wire tight.

“It doesn’t matter. If you can choke a living thing. Of course, humans are the most fun. That expression with a long tongue sticking out and eyes rolling around. The action of struggling to live is driving me crazy.”

According to Etela’s memory, he was in prison.

He committed suicide by hanging himself on the 44th day.

“Human Slicer Aberio.”

The serious bucktoothed man said while moving a large cutter like a pair of scissors.

“I killed 287 people. Deconstruction is a hobby. Dismantling a human into 3,287 parts in the smallest unit of engineering and biological function is the best record in life. Might break the record today. For your information… …

The corners of his mouth went up wickedly.

“You don’t die easily in Hell.” The two killers whom Chagall stabbed with the rapid-fire sword were still wriggling.

“… … I’m sure you need some information.” I didn’t want to help Etella, but I felt bad about being victimized by something I didn’t know.

“Give me a chance. Raise your hand if you want to live Just one person, I’ll leave one person who can give me information.”

“Hehe, I knew that.”

A weasel-like man crouched like a mouse, holding a chain scythe.

“I don’t know where he used to eat, but the treatment of his seniors is f*cking shit. Know as misfortune. I’ll cut off your limbs and put them in a box. He will never be able to meet the Black Seung.”


A haze shimmered around Chagall, and countless daggers fell like hailstones.

“Come on.” The killers were wary of unknown phenomena, but retreat from hell was an eternal fall.

“It’s joint work.”

The moment he finished speaking, the five killers kicked off the ground and charged Chagall.

The air trembled and dozens of rapid-fire swords moved as if they had life.

Before Ethella could even come forward, two killers fell with blades stuck in their bodies.

“Aaaaaa! Blood, blood!”

When all the blood in his body was pumped out, Chagall’s face was covered in blood again.

“I got it! Now!”

The dull Edron quickly rolled on the ground and hooked a steel wire around Chagall’s ankle.

Chagall didn’t even look up.

“Old fashioned.”

As he waved his wrist while holding the dagger, the shell of the rapid-fire sword pierced Edron’s back.

“100 million! 100 million! 100 million! 100 million!” Amidst the blood gushing out like a fountain, Averio rushed in with his cutter wide open.

“I’ll cut you off from there!”

The cutter that had approached the groin was gripped by the grip of the lever and closed with a clunk.

Aberio’s eyes flashed with doubt.

‘What makes it so hard?’

Chagall, who lowered his stance, was holding the fast-killing sword horizontally between the cutters.

“joy! Let’s see!”

Just as he was about to crush the iron, Chagall twisted his wrist 90 degrees and raised the dagger.

“Aww! My, my face!”

The blade hit his jaw, and Chagall hacked him to pieces with a deft hand.

With blades stuck in all vital points, Averio trembled without even falling down.

“uh? uh? Aaaaaa!”

Suddenly, his eyes widened and blood poured out in all directions like a balloon burst.

“senior? It’s just outdated style.”

As Chagall turned his bloodstained body around, the man with the scythe turned pale.

‘It’s a monster. What the hell is that?’

A murderer who terrorized a city would have his own skills.

‘That guy’s not on that level. A nationwide or kingdom-wide wanted man. perhaps… …

He may have been pursued by the whole world.

‘I don’t understand. Isn’t that kind of karma not another karma, but a chain of fate?’

Shouldn’t it be Blade Hell or Cauldron Hell for a murderer of that level?

‘Is that how important that woman is?’

As Chagall tried to approach, the man with the scythe aimed his weapon at Etella.

“stop! If it comes, it will kill the woman.” Chagall stopped her, but showed no concern for Ethella.

“Kill. If you can.”


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“I am not kidding! I will kill you for real! If this woman dies, you won’t be safe either!”

“So kill me. Because I don’t care.”

“this… … !”

At the same time as the man with the scythe quickly turned around, Ethella threw herself away.

“Cheer up!”

The yin and yang wave fist beat the man’s belly like a drum, and blood poured from his mouth.

“Turn it off!”

Chagall put his foot on the back of the man who was suffering, clutching his stomach.

“Now tell me everything you know. If you don’t want to end up like those seniors.”

“cadet… … aww… …

The man only nodded his head in succession.

“Hmm, it’s a brutal victory.”

Chagall and Ethella, who had obtained a lot of information from the man with the scythe, had serious expressions on their faces.

“To sum it up, this is it.”

Ethella said.

“There is an organization called the Hwa Resources Management Corporation that manages hell. Humans who fall here are purified by hell fire, and are reborn as new demons.”

Chagall gave the information he needed.

“A purified demon can be killed. But, like these guys, those who have not yet entered hell fire, that is, fugitives, are not killed even if they are killed.” Avery wriggling with a cracked jaw

Looking at Oh, it seemed that Jeong-hwa would have been better.

“yes. And the existence that catches and purifies the fugitive is the black monk (black chain). Wouldn’t it be something like the grim reaper?”

Chagall asked the man.

“Hey, you. Have you ever actually seen the Black Seung?”

The man, who had more scars than before, opened his mouth with a frightened expression.

“Ah yes. I’ve never been victimized, but I’ve seen fugitives get caught. They’re awesome guys. It is full of black and shady energy. We must move fast too. Black Victory might come.”

“What do you look like?”

“That’s why it’s dark and shady… …

As Chagall silently raised the rapid-fire sword, the man wept as if he felt unfair.

“Really. I don’t even dare to go near it, so how do you know what it looks like? Once the black monk appears, they turn around and run. Please trust me.”

“good. by the way… …

More important matters than the Black Victory remained.

“I mean the fireworker. Didn’t you say that the Karma Management Department was keeping an eye on us?”

“I heard that.”

“And if we ask how much time we have left to do our karma, they will respond?”

“yes. I saw that myself. Oh no, should I say I heard it? Anyway, let me tell you in advance, it’s better not to listen. What a great time. The one I saw was 1,200 years old. He was half insane, killing and running around, I don’t know what happened to him now. Well, it probably hasn’t been cleaned up yet. They say people with leftover karma can neither die nor live like us.”

Chagall looked back at Ethella.

“How about you try it? How much time do we have left to be together?”

It is the law of a regretful person to dig a well, so Ethella raised her head to the sky.


I hope it’s time a person can handle.

“Are you still watching? How long before our karma is finished?”

“The time left until purification… … A businesslike voice came from the sky.

“87 years, circa 2,875 3,241 trillion 644.2 billion 8.9 million 7,109 hours left.” While no one could speak, the man with the scythe muttered with a dazed expression.

“What, what? What time is it?”

It was a desperate time to the point of tears even though it wasn’t the karma he was carrying.

Ethella dropped to her knees.

“Nonsense. How can this time come? What the hell did I do?”

the informator said.

“For reference, the purification time of the two of you has been confirmed to be the seventh longest in the history of the Underworld.”

Number one was Lucifer.

“Thank you for your strong feelings, and I will use the karma you sent me for good. It was Riona, the informator of the Hwa Resources Management Corporation who always strives.”

Chagall shook his shoulders.

“Hey, that’s funny. Hey, take it easy and sleep. Aren’t you supposed to live with me for an eternity?”

While Ethella was stunned, the man with the scythe looked back at the two and asked.

“You… … What the hell have you done’?”

Tormia Royal Castle.

Sirone, who serves as the headquarters for the simultaneous incident, closed the book and rubbed his nose.

‘It’s the outside world.’

It was a particularly shocking event among many things happening all over the world.

‘Oparts exist in the form of matter. However, when ‘used’, even humans become objects. It’s not meant for people to use from the start.’

I could feel the high dimension of the outside world through my skin.

‘The problem is Ymir’s spirit. still not connecting I don’t know what’s going on.’

It was clear that the object <Butterfly of the Firstborn> combined Sirone’s information with signals from the outside world.

‘In other words, the realm has changed. If that’s the difference between Gyorgi’s Taegeuk and Maika Ruins… …

There was a high probability that Sirone, who was fighting in Ymir’s mind, had all the answers.

Then a knock was heard.


When I opened the door at the welcome voice, there was Zulu, whose complexion hadn’t returned yet.

“Zulu, is it okay if I move?” Mortally wounded by Ymir’s blow, she only regained her consciousness three days ago.

“It is getting better quickly. Although the battle is still too much. Rather, I want to hear the circumstances.”

“Yes, come in.”

Sirone, who handed over a cup of hot tea, sat down with Zulu and told them what had happened.

After calmly listening to many incidents, she raised her head at the word oparts.

“A super ancient civilization. Does that mean it might have something to do with the outside world?”

“yes. Not sure. The Mika ruins are completely scattered, and at least I realized something, because the quantum signals have changed and do not overlap.”


Zulu said after drinking the tea.

“Sirone, would you like to go somewhere with me?”

“yes? Oh, of course it’s possible for simultaneous events, but… … Your body hasn’t even recovered yet.”

“Let’s go to the Middle East, Paras.”

“Paras? Oh, are you going back to your hometown?”

Zulu, who put down the teacup, conveyed the exact meaning in Middle Eastern, as always.

“There is a super ancient civilization there.”

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