Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1031

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The inside of the crater where Son Yoo-jung crashed was littered with the corpses of people whose flesh had burst.

“Hee, hee!”

Every time the blood-red club was swung, the severed arms and legs soared into the sky.

“What are these?”

Son Yu-jeong, who had defeated all the vicious criminals in hell, tilted her head and looked around.

“Ahh… … . please, please stop… …

Corpses, severely out of human form, were wriggling and crawling.

“Why aren’t you guys dying?”

Richera, whose face remained, screamed in despair for the rest of her life.

“I can’t die!”

Son Yoo-jung grabbed Richera’s hair and lifted it to the front of her gaze.

“Why can’t I die?”

I finally realized that Richera was talking to a person’s head calmly.

‘It’s not normal. Crazy.’

The most horrific situation for those who could not die was having their heads smashed.

Although this is not confirmed, rumor has it that in that case it would be the pain of being put in a coffin and buried in the ground.

“Please stop it. Just leave us alone and go. Please, please.”

“Then why aren’t you dying?” When Richera revealed all the facts she knew, Son Yu-jeong nodded her head.

“Hmm, purification.”

She wears it around her neck in the form of a broken ring.

I touched the stuffed long orphan.

I grabbed the end that rolled up like a cloud and pulled it, but it didn’t budge.

“Eh.], Mr.”

According to my experience, even if I destroyed my body, I wouldn’t be able to get rid of it.

‘Why did you do this to the yard falling into hell? There must be no Buddha here.’

If a person who has reached a high level of spirit chant a special spell, the number of orphans will decrease.

Its power was so strong that even Son Yu-jeong, the incarnation of the stone monkey, was left with no head left.

“I really hate it.”

It doesn’t seem like there would be a maknae in a place teeming with evil people in the world, but it was true.


Son Yoo-jung, who got out of her thoughts, found Richera looking into her body.

“What are you looking at?”

“No, that… … You are in good shape.”

Son Yoo-jeong laughed.

“Is that what you think even if only your neck remains? you are very funny Well, even where I lived, there was a monster with only a floating face floating around. That would have been you.”

Richera thought.

‘… … You made it like this.’ In any case, the thought of rolling over with only his neck remaining left his eyes dark.

‘I’d rather be purified than live like this.’ Just as I was thinking about it, the sound of a burning wind rushed in from the other side of the sky.


When Son Yu-jeong looked up, something lingered like black smoke was flying.

“Black, Black Victory!”

Criminals whose faces were still attached twisted their bodies at Richera’s words.

“It’s here! Stay here!”

If he was destined to crawl here for the rest of his life anyway, it was his duty to destroy Son Yu-jeong.

Richera shouted.

“you idiot! What if I call the Black Seung!”

“shut up! Do you think your life will change just because you liked her? Everyone gets f*cked together!”

The faces shouted at you too.

“You are finished too! Buried in the Wailing Wall and suffer forever! Ha ha ha… … Aaaaaa!”

At that moment, the black monks who entered the pit of the crater quickly collected their bodies.

“My body! my body!”

Richera burst into tears, but it was a blessing just to keep her face.

Three black monks floated in front of Son Yu-jeong, revealing a dark and shady energy.

“A birth god?”

The face caught in the black snake shouted.

“Hold that woman too! Incredibly fast! The saying catch it quickly before it runs away… … Gagging!”

As the black chain rattled, the restraining power grew stronger and even the consciousness was blocked.

At the thought that their appearance could have been himself, Richera mogol sighed.

“Here, let’s jump first. Those are really scary guys. I haven’t seen it myself, but… …

Even the seniors who were caught in madness were terrified when the word about the Black Seung came out.

Son Yu-jung’s eyes burned with a golden light.

“What are you guys?”

Even with the Hwaan Geumjeong, which penetrates the truth, they could not accurately confirm their true identity.

It must be because it is the truth.

“… … Buddha’s individual.” Black Seung, who found the orphan, realized why Son Yu-jeong did not have a karma chain.

“There must be a reason for sending you. I won’t ask.”

The difference between Yahweh and Buddha was also evident in the attitude of the black monk.


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“But what you hold in your hand is the property of hell. Hand it over to us.”

A terrified Richera screamed.

“Aaaaaa! Don’t fall for those guys! They treat people as objects!”

said the black monk.

“Most of the humans who entered this world

accepts the last and is not purified obediently. However, those who are addicted to pleasure cannot forget the taste and refuse to purify it.”

The worldly obsession was too strong.

“Because they’re like that anyway, even in your world, they’re ignoring the rules and living. A human being who goes against the will of the Buddha, it is a good thing to hand it over to us.”


What Heukseung didn’t know was that Son Yu-jeong’s tendency was close to chaos.

“I had this guy first. It’s a fun toy. I will not give it to you.”

Handling things was the same, but Richera nodded with all her might.

“… … I get it roughly.”

The black monk, guessing the Buddha’s ulterior motive, was released into smoke and filled the sky.

-Those who seek the truth in hell, no matter what you realize, you will not be able to accomplish the karma of saving sentient beings.

“You don’t think so?”

Son Yu-jeong struck back, but Black Seung turned into a black whirlpool and disappeared to the other side.

Richera shuddered at the miraculous situation.

“went. gone.”

According to the seniors, there has been no human who has ever been unharmed after being caught by the black monk.

“Then where… …

Richera’s vision snapped back.

“Now what do we do with this?”

The sight of the corners of the mouth raised with mischievous eyes once again made me afraid.

“Salvage, save me. No, at least throw it into the fires of hell. I want to end it now.”

“That is annoying. Rather, I want to get rid of this right now. Do you know anything?”

As Son Yoo-jung scratched the long orphan, Richera’s head spun at the highest speed ever.

“I-I don’t know what it is, but if I go to Raviette, I might be able to solve it.”


“They say there are many strange things in Hell. And most of it is said to be produced there. If you are an expert in that field… …

Confidence slowly faded.

“Can I get rid of it? maybe.”

“Hmm, then shall we go there first? If things go well with me, I will listen to your request.”

As he said that, he pulled out a strand of his hair and let it fly, causing a string of light phenomenon.

It was on the same level as Sirone’s material, but this was also a privilege of the lineage.

Richera blinked at Son Yoo-jung, who was quickly dressed.

“Is it magic?”

“It’s similar. It’s inconvenient to wear clothes, but it’s more annoying when you take them off.”

Seeing the blood dripping from Richera’s neck, Son Yu-jeong energized her left hand.

“You should decorate a little too.”

“yes? No, I… Before I could finish my words, my left hand, heated like lava, touched the severed part of his neck.

“Kuaaa! Aagh!”

Richera’s eyes grew bloody from the unexpected pain, and her chin hung open.

The smell of burning flesh lingered, and Yu-jeong removed her hand only before she was about to lose consciousness.

“It’s tidy now.”

“Huh! Whoa!”

Tears flowed at the horror of being turned into a whole with only one face.

“Because it’s cumbersome to carry around.”

She created a chain with a spiky stopper and thrust it into Richera’s neck.

“Keeeeeee! Keeeeee!”

The chain was then wrapped around the waist so that it clung to the lower side.

“complete! Now, shall we start? Which one is it?” In the landscape turned upside down, Richera questioned what she was guilty of in her previous life.

‘Let’s hold on until it is purified.’ Richera, recalling what she had heard from her seniors, said, rolling her eyes from side to side.

“If you can go to a higher place, you will know that this area is the remains of a giant. If you go all the way to the place where the head is placed, it is called Laviette.”


As Yoo-jung, who had bent her body vigorously, jumped up, the ground moved away in an instant.


In Richera’s field of vision, which was spinning around, she saw the remains spread all the way to the horizon.

The city of magic engineering, Laviette.

Lian couldn’t find anything in common with the demons roaming the streets.

“As human emotions are different, the forms of demons are also different. Of course, there are distinct species such as anglerfish and succubus, but the range of changes in form is quite large.” Sirone continued his explanation.

“Human beings based on genes consider even having an extra finger as a mutation. But demons don’t have mutations. If the races are separated according to the devil’s inclination, they are born randomly from then on. So, some demons are vicious… …


A demon with a monster’s face passed by and revealed her teeth to Sirone. “Some demons have a beauty that doesn’t seem to exist in reality.”

A beautiful woman walking from the other side looked at Sirone and closed one eye.

“Where are you messing around?”

The next moment, demons selling goods on the street knocked her over and stepped on her.

“Two! You seem crazy.”

Sensing the demon’s gaze from behind, Sirone smiled awkwardly and continued.

“It’s not necessarily popular.

hey. After all, is it a world in which shape is not so important?”

“… … Right.”

I couldn’t understand the language of the residents, but I could guess what kind of society it was.

“Sirone, I really have a question.” Lian looked at the many structures that made up this city, not the demons.

“How are you sane watching this?”

As I guessed from the gate, all structures were using humans in some way.


Sirone was calm.

“It would be a lie if I said it didn’t work. However, I have experienced countless times while accepting Omega.”

It was as long as the time the Guffin had been wandering.

“Hey, Yahweh!”

A voice came from a stall selling furniture.

“Why don’t you go buy some of these?” Something you might like just arrived.”

It was in the shape of a person lying face down, and the intestines were empty, as if fish had been sashimi.

“Haha! Haha!”

While watching the face attached to the side exhale, the Demon tribe tapped.

“It’s all right, all right. It means that the finished product was processed as it is. It doesn’t rot easily because it continues to breathe.”

In reality, it was not a prefabricated furniture, but an object made by cutting a log as it is.

“how is it? order one I’ll make it cheaper. ok’?”

The mouth was smiling, but the hostility in the demon’s eyes was as if it were dealing with an enemy.

That was enough for Ryan.

“I’ll make it quietly.”

As she turned to the merchant while clutching the handle of her great sword, Sirone stopped her.

“are you okay. You say that, but you won’t attack me. It’s just a provocation.”

The demon exhaled, exposing its fangs.

“f*ck away! Yahweh!”

As he spat and hissed, the veins in Lian’s neck stood up.

“I’m still pissed off.”

“Because I am the one the demons hate the most. You can’t stay in the city when you’re this excited.”

Rian, who wanted to let Sirone rest for a day, calmed down. Sirone pointed to the restaurant’s sign.

“Are you hungry anyway? Let’s eat something first. I need to hear where the Grand Duke lives.”

“I’m a bit hungry, but… … It was to the point of hunger.

“Haha, then let’s go to that restaurant. It’s my first time actually going in, but it’s still worth eating.”

Ryan looked up at the sign.

Something was written in the language of the demons, and a human arm was hanging and beckoning.

I hope so.”

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