Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1051

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The shock the demons received the moment they confirmed that Oris was protecting Sirone was beyond imagination.

“Uh, how could you… …

Despite his hatred for Yahweh, General 7 was the most respected demon in the city.

Oris’s eyes were filled with fear, as if it was a choice that even he could not bear.

‘I hate Yahweh too. I really hate it.’

But yuppie.

Even if I deceived myself, I loved that lie so much that I could laugh with Yahweh.

” go.”

Oris pushed Syrone away.

“Go anywhere. I’d rather fight and die than die here.”

The demons screamed evil.

“What are you doing, Oris! Do you know what you are doing!”

There will be no room for her to refute the common sense, system, and rightness that sustain this world… … .

“I will believe you.”

There are laws that cannot be explained.

“There must be something wrong with you.”

Even if you try your best to do well, there are times when everything goes awry.

“So please… … Just go.” damn world.

A way to make everyone happy doesn’t even exist in the human world.


Aren’t you ecstatic just imagining it?

The imagination was so beautiful and exhilarating that Sirone couldn’t give up.


A smile appeared on Oris’ lips, surprised for a moment.

And after a while, the light behind her lit up, and hellfire burned from her back.


The fire spread in an instant and her body perished without even having time to do anything.

He heard Lethe’s voice.

“It’s a shame, my child.”

Without even looking at her, Sirone reached out to the place where Oris’ memory remained.

Nothing caught.

For the first time, the golden smoke began to rise from Sirone’s body as she stood up slowly.

“Lethe, do you really have to go this far?”

“What are you talking about? Oris is what you killed after all. Doing nothing helps us.”

Lethe is the manager. Therefore, unlike other demons, they do not hold any special hatred towards Yahweh.

That made me even more angry.


The moment Sirone clenched her teeth, the demons around her blocked her path.

“Krr. Yahweh, how far are you going to corrupt us? How far do you look down on us?”

“I don’t want to fight with you guys.” That must have been what Oris left to Shirone even when he was prepared for her extinction.

“joy! gibberish. you always say that And they will annihilate us again.”

“Move. I want to talk to Lethe.” Sirone’s voice was begging, but the demons felt rather ignored.

After exchanging glances with each other for a moment, they rushed without saying who was first.

“Kuaaa! Kill Yahweh!”

All movements were clearly visible to Si Lorne, who was wrapped in the Miracle Stream.

‘Is this again?’

The mind did not move easily.

‘How long… …

If you kill, kill, kill again, it becomes a world where there is no object to refute anymore.

‘Is that victory?’

Is it really the fulfillment of beliefs?

In Sirone’s clear eyes, the faces of the demons shuddering in anger came to mind.

“I’m dying… …

The moment the leading Demon tribe raised a large ax over 2 meters and swung its arms.


The fireball that fell from the sky exploded and burned the surrounding demons.


As the demons whose limbs fell off in the shock wave screamed, Lethe frowned.

“… … is it you?”

A woman whose whole body was burning like a heated stone held red clubs in both hands.

Sirone tilted her head.

“Son Yu-jeong? Why are you?”

Burning to near-white light, she exclaimed, exposing the patient.

“You said to come! what are you doing now After memorizing Gingoju well, are you begging the demons?”

As Sirone slightly frowned, Son Yu-jeong, who came to her senses, shrugged.

“No, what… … Yes. In other words, my heart came out as it is, yes.”

“Haha! Mandible! Yoojung Son! I’m dying of heat!”


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Richera’s face gasped in pain at the waist, but the heat could not be dampened.

‘That’s real.’

Lethe was the opponent who was strong enough for Son Yoo-jung to hold on to Yeoui without realizing it.

‘The hair ghost (Ithaca) next to me is also quite good, but this woman is on a different level.’

I wanted to stick around.


As Son Yu-jeong showed her fangs and increased her firepower, Sirone spat out words.


Just the feeling of a long orphan gently strangling Son Yu-jeong raised her head in fright.


As the incarnation of the head weakened and the fire subsided, Richera exhaled.

“I have something to say to Lethe.”

“… … yes.”

When Son Yu-jeong withdrew without even the will to resist, Sirone approached Lete.


It was a desperate voice as if to soothe a child, but Lethe’s eyes did not waver at all.

“Don’t call me over and over again, and if you have something you want to say, say it. I’ll listen to you at least a word.”

“Let’s ask one thing.”

Sirone’s eyes were filled with strength, and the Miracle Stream that enveloped her body surged upside down as if ascending to heaven.


“Who am I?”

A pillar of light gradually increases its radius

Let’s start widening

The demons hesitantly retreated.


A completely different temperament from the Yahweh they imagined was overwhelming the entire city.

Ithaca raised her head vertically and looked up at the light that pierced the clouds of fire.

‘Was it this much?’

Like the other 7 generals, she gave up the idea of ​​fighting Yahweh at this moment.

“Answer me.”

All the demons’ eyes were focused on one place, and Lethe just kept her mouth shut.

Depending on the answer, Laviette City would be purified in an instant.

“Ultimately threatened… …


Sirone stopped talking.

“You asked who I am.” As the flow of ascending light became more violent, the demons felt a burning pain.


Lethe was the only one who could hold on, and the answer finally came out.


Knowing that this was not an accurate answer, she twisted the bridge of her nose and added.

“… … is.”


Residents as well as the 7 generals opened their eyes wide to see him using honorifics for Yahweh.

But it was natural.

“Buddha is no more. The balance of the world has fallen and Hell is now in my hands. It means that no matter how much you guys try to corrupt me, there is nothing to shake anymore.”

Lette got it right.

“The top manager has disappeared, so you have to take care of it. What do you want from me?”

“Purification of the Demon Realm.”

“Impossible. Kill all my children?”

“At least get rid of the Legion Commander’s Pandemonium. Then I won’t be provoking the behind world either.”

Lethe’s mission was to maintain Hell’s system, so it wasn’t a bad suggestion.

‘It’s a problem because it’s not even a good suggestion.’

Disabling the Demon Realm is not only a complicated task, but also a weakening of Satan’s power.

However, if he accepted it here, Sirone’s anger would shake hell.

Then I heard a pig picking voice.

“Honey. president?”

Lethe turned her head wildly at the sound that made her tantrum just by hearing it.

Monoras, who looked like a beggar, stood with the deputy chief Boyd.

“You child… … !”

As soon as he saw sparks fly in Lethe’s eyes, Boyd hurriedly lowered his head.

“sorry! Even though I said it was urgent business, I reluctantly went to the gambling city… …

With that alone, the whole situation was pictured in my head.


Monoras approached with an unfair expression.

“I got hit! damn! Those guys are all thugs! How can you break through a 2% chance and get that hand out when you bet all your possessions! Honey honey!”

As Lette stared at Monoras’ shameless figure, Boyd closed his eyes tightly.

“sorry! It should have ended there, but the chief secretary even staked a stake in the chemical company… …

Monoras continued, as if he had suddenly remembered.

“That’s right, my share! I lost all of my stock that I had accumulated through all sorts of corruption! Boss, please go and find me.”


Lethe approached slowly.

“yes. grunt.”

Lethe, who was staring at Monoras with a pale face, held out her hands. A palm touched his chest, and Lethe muttered, still dazed.

“I’ll find them all.”

“uh? really? grunt.”

“Then, I will find them all. I’m glad you came quickly. I’ll let you play to your heart’s content, so please do me one favor.”

“… … I don’t want to work.”

“I’ll let you enter the president’s office. You can come in anytime.”


Monoras’s eyes sparkled for the first time, but then they took on a sad expression.

“I won’t do it if it’s too troublesome.”

“Can you see Yahweh over there?”

Spinning from the waist, Monolas stared at Sirone, who was engulfed in light.

Lethe said.


Monoras’ eyes narrowed after not saying anything for a long time, and the corners of his mouth went up.

“Ah, I’m glad.”

Before the first thump was over, Monolas charged Sirone.

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo!

The entire city shook, and Shirone, feeling frightened, retreated at breakneck speed.

“Because it’s easy.”

At that moment, Son Yu-jeong, engulfed in flames, blocked the way and distorted her face.


not for anyone

It was a battle monkey’s instinct that had been activated without even having time to think rationally.

‘How strong are you?’

Receiving a distant feeling, Sohn Yu-jeong’s woman’s clothes came in full bloom like petals.


As Monoras struck his arm, the stone monkey’s incarnation cracked and cracked.


bang! bang! bang! bang!

When I briefly came back to my senses, I was flying like a ball for several kilometers.


If you have to compare it, it’s like that.

After bouncing Son Yoo-jeong, Monolas caught up with Sirone’s speed and threw out his fist.


The wind pressure was visible and the shape of a huge fist pushed through the space.

‘Hand of God!’

As the fists of light gathered in the sky received the wind pressure, a spherical shock wave was generated.


As half of the city was blown away, the screams of the demons came in faintly.


At the same time as experiencing unity, Shirone also had the same thoughts as Son Yu-jeong.

‘This Mir.’

But as Yahweh, let’s dig a little deeper.

‘The demon of Ymir.’

Just like reality, there are unrevealed mysteries in the underworld.

‘One of the biggest issues. Countless demons searched for Ymir’s demon, but in the end they couldn’t find it.’

Lethe had a monopoly.

“In the boss’s office… … In the boss’s room… … Monolas gurgled her nostrils and muttered, then her jaw snapped.

“I’m going in!”

At first glance, his low-level and impulsive personality made Sirone questionable.

‘Is this Ymir’s feelings?’ Giants cannot reproduce.

‘ no way?’

The moment Sirone realized it and opened his eyes wide, a second blow was struck.


A force ten times more powerful than the first shock wave swept across the vast field of hell.

One eyelid of Monolas went up.


The reason I was surprised was because I didn’t know if there were things that I couldn’t break with my fist.

“Sirone, are you okay?” Lian, who was blocking the way before he knew it, was blocking Monolas’ fist with his sword.

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